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Seller: Vital Acts Inc.

Fixed issue on Background Play and minor changes.

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Cafe and Coffee Shop ($$) + Productivity ($$$$) + Creativity ($$$$$$) => Cafetivity ($). It's that simple! For the productive and creative kinds, Cafetivity is an attempt to bring the same sound ambiance of your favorite cafe and coffee shop!

We have found that our most unique ideas or most productive days are the ones when we just take our iPads or iPods or Laptops to a nearby cafe and coffee shop of our like and we come out feeling a LOT GOT DONE! If you feel the same, why don't you give a try to this app and see if this brings you the same impact while right inside your office OR at your home especially when you don't feel like going out to a cafe or coffee shop!

App costs probably 1/4th the cost of a 1 time coffee, so you really got nothing to loose by trying this one out! So just think no more and hit it!

Our App comes with loaded features and loaded sound ambiance of cafe and coffee shop. You can even get very creative by trying out your own mix and match of the cafe sounds.

Think no more get your productivity and creativity going anywhere, anytime with our Cafetivity App!

Our App is designed for you to enjoy our Musical Loops OR challenge you to get CREATIVE and define your own music that helps you with better PRODUCTIVITY and CREATIVITY ..

We have listed some of the key features below:

* 20+ Cafe and Coffee shop sounds in areas of American, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and lot more!
* Ability for you to MIX & Match Cafetivity Music
* Compose your own Cafetivity Music
* Save your own Cafetivity Music
* Create Cafetivity Play List
* Wake up Timer
* Night Timer

Cafetivity is very easy to use and we encourage you to take few minutes to go through our quick guide on how to use Cafetivity!

Customer Reviews

  • Simply Awesome!

    by sv_coolapp

    It's really awesome app. love the app and their concept!

  • Great app!

    by BrendaY63

    I totally love this app!


    by wyldbrnch

    This app is horrible! First, the French Coffee Shop Sounds and the Remote Location Sounds have a whining child in them and they both sound like they are from the same location. They are supposed to be two separate locations with two separate tracks. And who wants to hear a whining child in the background? Next, there are no instructions on how to use the app anywhere. What does the synchronization button do? Finally, the app crashes when trying to edit a playlist using the swipe and delete option. How do these apps get past Apple? I want my money back!

  • Not an improvement

    by Thestripequeen

    Now the coffee shop sounds do not play at all.

  • Unable to play in background???!!!

    by DrB99

    Ok it's a great start with the wide set of recordings and I was really looking forward to having this as a productivity and creativity booster until I discovered it doesn't run in the background. Seriously? That completely cripples the ability to get stuff done while experiencing the fundamental benefit of the app!

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