Battery Themes From Photo Library Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Vignesh Badrinarayanan

Version 4.0:

* Major changes to customization
* Charge calculator feature
* Minor bug fixes

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Current Version:
623 Ratings
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7738 Ratings


★ Never seen Innovative Charge Calculator
★ Full Charge sound Alert
★ Themes from Photo Library
★ Multiple Charge alerts for better battery health
★ Accurate remaining times for each


Choose your battery theme from photo library and along with a full charge alert sound that will indicate you even if you are not near the device.

Your battery your app and your theme. Don't limit your creativity. Isn't it nice to have your fav car, dog, sweetheart, football team or just about anything as your battery theme instead of boring themes.

Ever wondered why other apps remaining time are not accurate?

Simple, they don't test different devices as we did and we backed all the data with hours and hours of testing in our labs. We tracked the major scenarios that affect the remaining time and we have added those scenarios in this app.

By downloading this app you will be able to manage your battery usage in a really better way and be proud of the few that never lets their battery die.

Customer Reviews:

My Favorite Battery App! - ★★★★★

by Ewonguyen - Version 2.1 - 27 March 2010

I've tried so many battery apps, but this is, by far, the best! Giving the battery your own personalized theme is just awesome! I put fav pictures. Oh, and thanks for clarifying that the button on the bottom is a flashlight. Great idea! I recommend this app to everyone!

Very useful - ★★★★

by Jelly-Lover 1234 - Version 2.1 - 18 May 2010

I was going on a trip and, at the last minute, I decided to bring my iPod. My little brother had been playing for a while, and it did not have much battery left. Thankfully, I had this app. It told me exactly how much juice I had left so i would know whether or not I had enough to bring my iPod along. Thanks, Vignesh!

Better than most battery boost and battery doctor apps.

Customer Reviews

  • It's cool

    by Julio2178

    Cool a little

  • Theme

    by Beastie boys rock

    The lock screen should have the theme on it not the batterie on the app it's self

  • Battery themes from photo library

    by Evill2323

    It's Perfect and I love it allot because I can but my Boyfrind pitcher

  • Love it

    by Natalie_garibaldi

    Love this because I have me on it and I can see my #of%

  • Pretty good

    by Kapaz de la


  • Awesome

    by Jibs5


  • Awesome.!

    by 5 star hi

    I have an iPod so it's hard to tell when it's on 100% so I got to this app and I know.(:

  • Great

    by Shayyemacc


  • Review

    by Taimya

    This app is awesome

  • Cool

    by angrybirdblack

    It's a really cool app! I like it a lot because I have an iPod so it doesn't say the percentage without the app. I do wish that you could set it to show up on your home screen when you're charging your device though, I don't know of there's any way to do that. Other than that, I love it!

  • Love it

    by Aaron Parker

    It's soooooo coooooool

  • Mr

    by Djzombiekiller

    This is beast for me

  • Decent app

    by XxFLOYDxX

    I wish the theme of the battery could automatically default as your battery on the lock screen. It would give me more of a liking to check my charge status.

  • Battery app

    by ZaynmalikloverXxX

    I called my SGTM™ logo battery I give 5 stars

  • Awesome!

    by CandyBaby21

    Love it!

  • On the top

    by B@b!! D3€

    I like it to be honest

  • The Dr

    by Jacques906


  • Best APP!!$$$

    by Willangel040600

    U can place a pic on the battery and it also tells u how much battery u have remaining!

  • Battery App

    by Drizzydra

    Cool app I just wished when its on y lockscreen it shows the same image I have for my battery

  • Awesome it!!!!

    by renee_alberts

    It's soooooo awesome!!!!

  • Heat

    by Kylehsgyh

    Cool and good looking

  • Like it

    by Learn4good

    To beast

  • Quote lover

    by MayMayMorris

    These quote really help my day go by very good. I like these quotes. :)

  • Review

    by Bellacullen1985

    Not great

  • Some mistakes

    by Bonnie8309

    It's useful I think it helps you know exactly how much batterie you have. The one thing I don't like is how it stretches out the picture you choose.

  • Cools

    by Ali700asa

    I love it you need to download it

  • Harmless

    by Willie Bill Law

    It gives you some perspective but doesn't really help or harm anything. I guess those that love it are looking for something else to do.

  • Battery app

    by CrazyJ08

    I enjoy the battery app for sure

  • Cool

    by breannac


  • Thanks & Suggestion

    by Bluerasp13

    Thanks for everything!! I appreciate it, but I would really like this app more if you had more features and more themes though.

  • Nice

    by L.hina

    Love it.

  • Nice

    by Missing-blue

    I like

  • Best Battery App Ever!

    by Kei Kei S.

    Its Nice , I Love It :-)

  • Best so far

    by TwistedDollface

    I love it. It works great and looks good.

  • Good

    by Zombies rule so dos this game

    Can't complain

  • Love it!!!

    by Jumplover936

    It's an amazing app, but it ten the photos sideways I hate that.

  • Rate

    by Okzhsdud

    Great app

  • Disappointed

    by Rkente

    I was disappointed that this app only changed the battery graphics while the app was running.

  • Idk

    by Brookbest@evrytang

    Idk how to change the battery photo

  • If you ask me

    by Sailor #1

    I like how it shows you how much time you have to use the: internet, 3-d games, regular games and videos pretty cool if you ask me.

  • Great!

    by Pilotpointmama

    Pretty cool app

  • Good

    by Tttt456


  • Pretty awesome app

    by Tuba-awesome

    This apps helps me know if I would be able to take it with me or if it would die. I like it!!!

  • Not bad.

    by Rex Libris

    Free is good.

  • Cool but lame

    by Cupcakez <3 :D

    It's fun but u can't do much.

  • I like it.

    by Mz. Informed

  • Pretty pointless

    by DaveW63

    Pointless. I do not see the purpose of this app. Deleted.

  • Battery

    by Bigdave141


  • Rated ;)

    by Spider Lo

    Great work :D

  • Battery Library

    by Bananas56

    When ever I'm at the store or a restaurant, and don't have my charger, I use battery library to see my present left!:)

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