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Universal Binary - now works with iPhone and iPod Touch.

Minor graphics update.

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Budget Board was developed for small businesses, non-profits and innovative people that want to create simple extraordinary budgets better and faster than large teams of strategic consultants and administrative staff.

Budget Board combines a simple budgeting tool with a stylish presentation template and the ability to share the budget document instantly through a PDF email attachment. The app can be used to balance or track anything, such as personal finances, a special project, the local government's budget, or even the Federal deficit.

Share your budget with others by handing them your iPad or emailing a PDF document. With Budget Board, the iPad is the new glossy presentation folder.

Budget Board was created with the philosophy that effective decision-making requires information that is easy to understand and maintain, and contains less than ten items. Thus, Budget Board does not include distractions such as endless text entry fields, numerous buttons, multiple color-coding, and menu hierarchy systems. The results are clear, professional budget documents produced with back-of-the-envelope simplicity.

Balancing a budget is as simple as entering expenses on the left side and the revenue on the right side. A bar chart will show progress and let you know if the budget is over, under, or in-balance. Or, use Budget Board to track actual expenditures against the budgeted amounts. Save and quickly recall up to 5 budgets or 5 scenarios of the same budget. This harmonious system is an excellent way to develop a new budget or propose changes to something already in place.

• Export the budget template as a PDF, via the email composer.
• Choose from five stylish backgrounds.
• Save up to 5 budget scenarios or 5 different budgets.
• Balancing calculations and bar graph are automatically updated.
• Customizable titles and headers.

• Create a budget for a special project by entering expenses on the left and projected revenue on the right.
• Track a budget, for example, Trip Expenses, by updating actual spending on the left compared with the budget on the right.
• Develop a personal budget by entering monthly expenses on the left column and monthly income on the right column.
• Calculate US. Federal Deficit by entering the Federal Spending on the left and the Federal Receipts on the right. Then, from the Budget Board app, send the PDF to your congressmen!

Customer Reviews

  • I absolutely love this app

    by Vito Fiore

    I use this app everyday. I wish they had it for my desktop. I can quickly sort out cash flow for the week, monthly bills verse cash flow. Project quick profit margins to get a general idea of where I'm at. I am really surprised that more people aren't trying/using this app. I also use invoice robot...love that one too. Both apps us the KiSS concept (keep it simple stupid). Great Job - FioreBuilt Construction

  • Easy to use!

    by Stevieoats

    Simple and easy for home or small business use. Great app!

  • Nice layout

    by Nippahut

    It has a good layout that you can show off to people. I like to be able to send them the pdf version, too. It does what it says, and it's useful to me!

  • Grrrrrr

    by Atomwalk

    Yup, touch... Not.... whaddya call it... Not working.

  • Needs to have more features

    by kevin anderson

    This was an impulse buy of something that makes sense. Unfortunately, the program lacks anything more than a very basic budget list with a simple total feature.

  • Dosn't work

    by Reece C

    Pleas update this for iOS. I have an iPod touch 4 and all I get us a black screen. To all readers out there don't download it until an update is available. I will right a review telling if it works. The title will look like this...().

  • upset customer

    by Ngozi Iwu

    it says it's works with ipod touch but it just gives you a blank screen... please fix and quick

  • Can't Get It To Work

    by mardigan71

    This app doesn't seem to work with the iPod Touch. I am running the latest version of iOS, but when I start the app, I just get a black screen. Thankfully I only lost 99 cents. Had it cost more, I'd be pretty upset.

  • Not Enough Rows

    by PJG 1

    I am very disappointed in this app. There are not enough lines on the spending side to accommodate a monthly budget and no way to increase the number of rows in the spread sheet. If there were enough rows or a way to add rows the application would be perfect for monthly budgeting but the way it is I find it of no value and I am sorry I bought it.

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