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Families is designed to operate in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree, the leading Windows-based genealogy software from Millennia Corp. Your Legacy family files can be easily transferred to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are. Families supports the following functionality:

- Multiple family files
- New family files can be created from scratch
- Family View, Pedigree View, Descendant View and Timeline
- Index, searchable by Given Name, Surname or RIN
- Relationships
- Events
- To Do Lists
- Master and Detail Sources
- Locations and Addresses, with geolocation via Google Maps
- Alternate Names
- Master Lists
- Pictures, including the ability to add pictures from camera or photo album
- Documents
- Audio files
- Portrait and Landscape mode on all views
- Full screen support on the iPad

Families uses a highly efficient database implementation, allowing very large family files to be supported. Users have successfully displayed and edited files containing over 300,000 individuals on an iPhone.

Families requires access to a Wi-Fi network or use of iTunes via a USB connection in order to transfer family files between your device and your PC. USB transfer uses iTunes File Sharing which requires your device to be running iOS 3.2 or above.

Families requires a companion program running on the PC to transfer family files to and from the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. This program, Families Sync, can be downloaded free of charge from www.telgen.co.uk/families.

A sample family file is included.

Support and exchange of information with other users is available via the user forum at www.telgen.co.uk/families/forum.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Families App User

    An App that does what it claims! Very fictional! I can't say enough about how much I like it.

  • So far so good

    by Momimee

    Downloaded the app and the computer end software, synced over wifi and had my tree, photos, notes and such in a matter of minutes. (About 10,000 ancestors)

  • Well worth it

    by The Nicholsons

    Now I can finally calculate relationships on the fly! Easy to use.

  • Disappointed - Doesn't really sync (but there is a workaround)

    by Markithaca

    Doesn't really sync like Evernote, calendar, notes, nook and others do, automatically reflecting changes made on one platform on the other - just transfers files that might as well be gedcom to and from free genealogy app, as some reviewers suggest. I suspect some reviews are by the reprogrammer, who charges too much for this app. From a Legacy webinar I learned that Legacy has an Intellishare feature that can be used to merge two files that use the same identifier for each record. In particular these can be the Legacy file and a file of a different name transferred back from the phone. I don't know how automatic the merge is, though, and it certainly is not as straight forward as with the other apps I mentioned above. However it does offer a way to cope with the deficiency I mentioned. It would be great if a true sync could be added, perhaps using Intellishare as a basis.

  • Excellent App

    by Bernfrin

    Families is an excellent app. It is well worth every penny. I have a copy on my iPad2 and my iPhone4. It is great to be able to carry my entire Legacy database with me on research trips or just family gatherings. Two way syncing has been flawless for me. I have never understood folks who purchase an app, then because they may be having issues with the app (usually user error or misunderstanding how a function works) they feel it necessary to write a negative Apps Store review. As has often been stated, a developer can't respond to you and assist you with any problems if you just choose to write a negative review, but make no effort to contact the developer to correct and/or assist you with your issue. If you have problems, contact TelGen. You will find their support to be outstanding. Disclaimer: I am not associated with Families (TelGen) or Legacy Family Tree (Millennia). I am just a very happy and satisfied customer of both.

  • Fabulous app!!

    by 61 Stars

    I have 75,000 names in my file and my previous attempt to make my data available on my iPhone through Ancestry.com was cumbersome since it had to load that huge file every time I wanted to access it. But Families works very well. I sync with my desktop Legacy file via a USB connection and iTunes. I haven't had occasion to add data on the iPhone but I use it constantly while at the library doing research. Very handy. Just what I have been wanting. And worth every penny.

  • Great App

    by Harry Hadaway

    I installed this app on my IPAD. It took several attempts to complete the first sync from my computer to the IPAD but once completed the app works great. I have about 14,000 names in Legacy Family Tree with thousands of pictures, documents and notes and all of it transfered. I was amazed at how little memory this used on my IPAD. It is so convenient to bring my IPAD in a genealogy library and have this information at my finger tips. I highly recommend the app.

  • Very good support

    by dennis_49

    I've used this app for a few months. The app worked great until the iOS 5.1 update last Thursday. A fix was available today and the program is once again working!

  • After iPhone Software Crashes

    by sueskay

    Update: Thanks for the quick response with an update fix. Program is working again just fine. Haven't had a problem at all with this program until I updated my iPhone software today. Now as soon as I select the file I want to open the program crashes. Really don't want to lose my data!

  • Families

    by Cpomac

    Very good program, Have not had any problems with it, would recommend to all.

  • Nice first effort!

    by Datagatherer

    Thank you. Now when I go to families gatherings, I can immediately enter information into our Legacy database and transfer it to my computer. The transfer from my computer to my iPad went smoothly. Directions are clear and the actual transfer of information for over 1700 individuals and more than 200 families took a nanosecond. I'm sure there will be many updates to this program in the future, but for now it serves my purposes perfectly.

  • Great product

    by Mtc65

    Product loaded a 7500 person legacy file with no problems including pictures. I highly recommend the product.

  • Glad I bought....

    by Genhnt

    Wonderful application! You have to be patient when the doing the download and transfer...but all my records appear correctly. Glad I bought it even though it is expensive!

  • Wonderful

    by Karebearr59

    This is a great program, now if the add new data bug was fixed it'd be even more great. It shuts down when I add new content but when I go back to enter it again it will let me enter it. Hope this problem is fixed soon.

  • Great

    by MBStever

    Worked flawlessly installing and syncing on my iPad 2 off of a Win7 machine.

  • Transferred One Million Name database!!!

    by K9LEG

    This is a great app. I've got a huge genealogy database that transferred perfectly to my iPad - everything seems to be there: events, notes etc I'm delighted. If you use Legacy software, you need this app (and NO I'm not affiliated with either developer)

  • Great app

    by Kerrielo

    I added this app looking for something to use with my legacy program on my pc so I could be more more mobile. This is the perfect app. For any genealogist using Legacy and an Ipad this is perfect. It is well worth the money. There was a problem initially but that has been fixed. Love It

  • Outstanding App

    by NW7474

    As a genealogist with over 40 years experience, I am in seventh heaven with this app! All my information that is on my laptop in legacy is now on my ipod and it is so easy to navigate through the files. I could not believe how wonderful a job it did and it even included my pictures and all my notes. I have used pocket genealogist in the past on my pocket pc, but this app definitely surpasses it with ease of syncing and navigating within the file. I have found it to run very smooth and fast on my ipod. FIVE STARS plus to the developer. I highly recommend it. I purchased it the first day and I have been happy from day one. Thanks so much!!!

  • Love this App

    by Ladeebrd

    I purchased it the first day it came out. I have the iPhone, it installed very easy and quickly. In my parents family I have 4235 individuals and 2200 pictures. Really amazing! JeanE

  • Worth the wait!!

    by Cynbadc

    This app is fantastic! I have been waiting for an app where I could have ALL of my genealogy info with me on a research trip. The ability to have all of your attached media and sources with you is my favorite feature. Other apps that import gedcoms are good, but they don't always import all of your info. This is like having Legacy with me all the time. Definitely worth the price! Thank you! Can't wait to use it on a research trip!

  • Does not work with Legacy 8

    by Croznest27

    I have given this app 2 stars because it seems to have nice features. Unfortunately, even though it claims to, it does not yet work with Legacy 8. Maybe there will be an update soon.

  • Families

    by Locked In Time

    This is a very good idea. Unfortunately I can't get it to work. I once got my data transferred from my PC to my iPad, but then the application got hung up. I tried to get support. I was told to delete the program and start over. I've never been able to get the data transferred since and support is no help. The application has been a great waste of time for me and a waste of money. I would not recommend it.

  • To much for to little

    by Chiefblindtech

    Costs to much for what it does. $15 for not much more than a viewer. I expected much more. Very disappointed.

  • Sad

    by Anna Canon

    I am a die-hard iPad user and i really want this app to work. I don't know yet because every time I try to open it it just flashes back to the main screen. I am on the go researching and I can't utilize this great technology. I hope it is fixed soon as this app has so much potential.

  • Crashes every time

    by Thanai

    Crashes every time I try to open my Legacy file.

  • Waste of Money


    This is the most disappointing app I've ever purchased (as wel as the most expensive). It will not even sync with the data on my Legacy desktop program. I have given up--I converted my Legacy files to GEDCOM and switched over to ancestry.com on both the desktop and the iPad.

  • CCCrrrraaaassssshhhhhhh

    by dp smith

    On both the ipad and iphone, if I click on a person, the program crashes. I took the ipad on a research trip just to discover the program isn't working. Thank you.

  • Multiple crashes

    by Bituminous

    Crashes when a picture is selected from the camera roll. Crashed several times when attempting to place the cursor into a text field. Difficult to put cursor into text fields; you must click the field several times with your finger, and about a third of the time this will cause a crash. I'm running this app on an iPad II. Highly disappointing, very frustrating. I'm concerned that my effort will be lost in a crash.

  • Useless!

    by aRedneck Angel

    After 2 different tries taking several hours each, I still haven't been able to get the files generated by Gentel from my delux version of Legacy to move onto my iPhone. A MUCH easier (& cheaper) alternative is to convert you Legacy file(s) to a GED format, upload to Ancestry.com (FREE), download the Ancestry iPhone app (also FREE) & install it on your iPhone, connect & bingo--the tree(s) appear on your phone including any picture you had.

  • Serching duz not wrk

    by B-Donrlz

    $15.00 is insane

  • crashes

    by mema62

    for $15, I expect MUCH better. very disappointed

  • Interesting App but limited in scope

    by Countrygirl2of6

    I was disappointed when I downloaded Families App because there is so little information on each person. Just the basics. Need more space for data/sources. But I appreciate the condensed data as it uses little room on my iPod. Catch 22. It's okay for carrying names about if that is what you need.

  • One less item

    by Rochelle C-R

    I purchased the day it first came out. Once the RIN issue was fixed for the most part it's been smooth writing. This is the most I've spent for any app and it was worth it. I love the fact that I can sync my work directly with Legacy...two great additions would be bookmarks and a generic report.

  • Great portability

    by hpeterjr

    As an experienced genealogist with a very large integrated database and also a Legacy Beta Tester I can do nothing but praise this app. The features contain enough information to do many of Legacy's bells and whistles. I am looking forward to doing cemetery research and directly input GPS locations into burial events. In all respects this app is great....it gives the average Legacy user portability without having to purchase another expensive device and then have also carry an extra device.

  • Families

    by Hwedhlor

    As a genealogist with over 40 years of experience, and an enthusiastic iPhone advocate, I can say that Families has provided me with a first rate, portable version of my Legacy Family Tree databases. Families frees me from carrying anything more than my iPhone 3Gs on research trips, and provides outstanding detailed information in an easily viewed format. Editing data on the iPhone is straight forward, and syncs both to, and from my PC have been flawless. The help screens are well thought out, and prompts are clear and to the point. TelGen Limited has been helpful and responsive to questions. I can recommend Families for Legacy users with either iPhones or iPads without reservation, and look forward to future enhancements.

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