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Seller: Matteo Lallone

- Fixed an issue preventing some original premium users to unlock the Power pack for free.

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Boxie is a brand new Dropbox client for iPhone, which enhances and prettifies your whole Dropbox experience.

We are already working to make Boxie a universal app, to allow you a great Dropbox experience on your iPad, too.

Features overview:

• navigate quickly across folders;
• drag and drop to move an item in a folder;
• use contextual options to share, copy, delete, rename, move, paste items, with undoable actions;
• save bookmarks: fast shortcuts for files and folders which can be accessed from a dedicated section;
• store offline files to access them even when your internet connection is not available;
• see a list of revisions for files and restore previous versions;
• thanks to new iOS 7 background features, you can receive in-app and background notifications for file system events: additions, modifications, deletions;
• see the list of deleted files in a folder, and restore them;
• upload files to Dropbox by sending them to Boxie from other apps;
• transfer files and folders to other Boxie users using a sharable custom URL scheme link;
• view images in an enhanced image gallery with animated GIF support;
• listen to audio files and watch videos using a beautifully crafted audio and video player.

Customer Reviews

  • Makes Dropbox amazing on iPhone!

    by monochrome1

    Clean interface, easily understandable layout, love it!

  • Awesome !

    by Richard Alvira

    Now I Can Trust My Documents,Vídeos, My Pictures To Boxie And Drop Box It's Because is Very Secure,Useful.


    by mrskwrl

    This is everything the official app isn't and should be. Absolutely love it.

  • Love the app, hate the sorting

    by Blackjack O'Hare

    For the Dropbox power user. Includes most of the features available on Dropbox's website. I would like to see a truly alphabetical sort option that doesn't group folders together at the top of the list.

  • Great App!

    by IPLAY2WIN!

    So easy to use !!!

  • by Vnin_


  • Clean & simple

    by Romal Singh

    Looks way better than the original Dropbox app. Visual GUI is a nice touch one of many reasons I bought this app.

  • Better.

    by MarcosAMonroyL

    Way better than the official "Dropbox" app! Give it a try! Perfect for managing your documents in a nice interface!

  • Great Dropbox companion

    by David Levine

    Boxie allows you to do a lot of things that the official Dropbox app won't. The only thing missing is Camera Upload, which I think is a limitation of the Dropbox API and nothing the developer can help.

  • please add multiple file checkbox for selection

    by Zheng-Yu YANG

    Hi there I really like your app. But one thing makes the app not effective is that it is lack of the function to let users to check multiple files or folders. I paid for a very ugly app called dropbox manager which has this function. Please also allow us to select ALL files or folders in a folder like the left button in the bottom of the Avplayer. Thanks. Happy new year. ©2014 Tapwings. Boxie v1.2.1 Device model: iPhone5,1 Sent from my iPhone

  • Beautiful but…

    by othercat

    Nice UI but one big issue is lacking in audio background playing. When back to Home screen or lock my iOS device, the playing will be paused. The official Dropbox app does well on this hand.

  • Best DB client/Incredible support

    by 2wheelcowboy

    I use DB daily for my business. This is the app that I've been waiting on, to make the service top notch on iOS.if you use DB, this IS your app. Period. Originally I rated this 4 stars. It's hard for me to find a 5 star app. They have to wow me. This is now a 5 star app for me due to the support that I've received from the Dev. Very fast and responsive. Even on a holiday week.

  • Desk in my Pocket

    by UX-er

    As someone who works away from my desk a lot, Boxie has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. Best new app of 2013, hands down.

  • Great App

    by #SUEDE

    I use it all the time I do have one thing to say when you use the app switcher it show the last photo you were looking at despite having a passcode lock please fix this...

  • Worth buying

    by bstar76

    I like this app a lot. In fact everything is better than the standard db app except for the PDF viewer. This PDF viewer is great as well, I just wish it defaulted to a full screen span like the standard app has.

  • A dream for power users

    by bradleychambers28

    This app is awesome. It’s so much better than the official client!!

  • Please make bold font

    by scorp2510


  • Simple. Beautiful. Fun.

    by GizFit

    Simple. Beautiful. Fun.

  • Like it a lot

    by Olcorral

    Just add a lock screen and iPad app and it's near perfect.

  • Better than Dropbox!

    by Kockalone

    Amazing app, grazie!


    by maatayim

    Honestly I don't even know if it's good or bad -- I downloaded it and never used it and Apple won't let me delete it. So - CRAPPY CRAP.

  • Text files! Wors than the dropbox app

    by Prefect

    Opens textfiles with wrong encoding and does not save the correct encoding if I select it from the menu. Yes, there is a menu to select encoding!! Are you serious? You cannot select and copy text in a textfile!! Come one! Even the dropbox app can do this. I was really assuming that this app would be better than the original app, but you cant edit textfiles or add new textfiles. Disappointing.. What's the point of this app??

  • Multiple accounts please

    by Andysmooth

    All it's missing is multiple accounts. Great app otherwise

  • Boxie has a Beautiful UI

    by JCREW005005

    I like boxie better than dropbox

  • Better than official app

    by JTMaustin

    I like the interface. The app has more features, looks better and works better than the official app. It handles deletions, revisions, moves files and handles PDF files better.

  • Sweet app

    by detroitquattro

    This is such a great app!

  • Don't blindly listen to the negative reviews

    by Bad-x

    I'm using this app with my 5S and it works fine. It is a beautiful app. It balances the flat iOS7 with a more matte look without being overpowering

  • Works for me

    by Atomatica

    Mine is working like normal on an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4. Just wish it were a bit faster

  • Horrible

    by Irbaz.Ismail

    App Does Not Even Open!

  • Do not update

    by DrRedBrown

    Version 1.2.0 doesn't launch on iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.4) and it seems I'm not the only one. It's not recommended to download it until they fix the problem. I used the previous version everyday - it was one of the most frequently used app on iPhone so hopefully they find the solution sooner than later.

  • Impressed.

    by dsolares

    I'm rarely impressed by an app, especially one that seeks to replace an official app. This does just that. Extremely well. It includes functions that dropbox neglected to include and manages to do so beautifully.

  • the beauty of simplicity

    by dj@nd®e

    love the design, pass protection and possibilities it gives.

  • Not working on 5S

    by TheRVAlien

    Keeps giving me network error.

  • No offline sync or search

    by TwoMetreBill

    I don't live in an internet cave, hence I need access to my text files (about 2,000) when no connection is available. Marking one file at a time in the Dropbox application is impracticable. Not being able to perform simple text searches against both the file names and their contents further reduces any usefulness this app might possess for me.

  • Update not working

    by Peter Garcia

    Love the app but doesn't open anymore after the new update. Gets stuck in the white opening screen then it force closes itself. Please fix.

  • Sweet

    by b33zu

    Everything about this app is cool.

  • Fantastic

    by rkleim

    I wondered just how much better something could be than the stock dropbox app. But this little app is so useful so well-written and so fast that it is certainly worth every penny I paid. You owe it to yourself to check it out, you won't go wrong. After just two days of using it, I don't think I can go back to the original dropbox app.

  • The only option for Dropbox on iOS

    by Jafish

    Ok, so that's not 100% true. But this is the only one that allows you to do the stuff you should be able to do with files. Can't wait for an iPad version.

  • By Far Better Than Original Client

    by miguelmsu

    Dropbox needs to acquire this company and make it the native client. Well done.

  • Excellent app; easily the best Dropbox client

    by hkdesai

    If you're on the fence, just buy it. Anyone who uses DB frequently will love Boxie. I did have a few suggestions/issues: • when viewing a photo, the 'x' in the top left isn't very sensitive or easy to tap. Increasing the hitbox or adding a gesture to go back to the folder structure would be great. • is there any way to batch modify files? I can't find any way to select multiple objects at once and perform operations (move/delete) other than modifying entire folders. Nonetheless, excellent app!

  • Needs improving

    by Raplaza4

    I miss the thumbnail photos in the original Dropbox app, and also automatic uploads I hope it improves

  • Good

    by kvnhe

    Needs an icon redesign for iOS 7. Other than that, Boxie has replaced Dropbox's official app on my home screen.

  • Brilliant!

    by localfruitandveg

    Clean, crisp version of Dropbox that makes managing your files a pleasure. Thanks so much for this!

  • Beautiful, far better than Dropbox app

    by hessianmercenary

    Can't speak with enough enthusiasm for the beauty (including sounds) of this Dropbox app. Makes a huge difference for reasons I have trouble explaining. Also really like the bookmarks pane and wish that there was a setting to make it the default view.

  • Amazing

    by skapoor89

    Amazing client for Dropbox. Ipad version would be even more amazing :).

  • Great.

    by Poobaaaaa

    Awesome app.

  • Incredible app!

    by Lucas Foss

    You guys did a phenomenal job... This app has rekindled my love for Dropbox! Suggestion: Left-to-right swipe invoking Back instead of menu pullout? Cheers!

  • Incredible.

    by amiquilena

    Simply put, what the official client should be, and more. Beautiful design and overall experience. Highly recommend it. Only thing missing is automatic camera upload, and then it would be perfection.

  • Can't open some file types

    by TheCloakSentMe

    It's a great app and I've loved the time that I've spent with it, but I can't open some file types like .psd files. Which is one of the reasons I chose Dropbox over drive. My co-worker doesn't have photoshop or a Mac and so the Dropbox app is the only place he could see .psd file, I want to recommend this app to him but can't at this time.

  • Dropbox could learn a thing or two from Boxie.

    by JRufer

    Boxie is a one of those rare and beautiful apps that strikes the perfect balance of powerful features and ease of use. Boxie provides all the functionality of Dropbox's own app but also allows access to powerful features like versioning, file renaming, All this power doesn't get in the way though. Bixie is even easier to use than Dropbox's app. Moving files and folders isn't som complex menu driven process, you just drag the file where you want it. Boxie even separates offline files from bookmarked ones. This makes it much easier to keep a list of your frequent folders as well as manage the files you need online or off. If you use shared folders in Dropbox, there is even better. Using iOS 7 background refersh, Boxie keeps a list of all the changes that happend to your files while you were gone. You can see that someone updated a file or deleted a directory. You can even show deleted folders so you can resore them. Also, in Boxie's side bar, you will see a graph showing how much of your storage is used… but it also shows how much is used by shared folders. This makes it much easier to see if one of your shares is getting bloated. I can't praise this app enough. It makes me feel just as in control of my Dropbox folder, on the go, as I do at my desk. It even saves me time on the common tasks I do with Dropbox.

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