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This is the most significant update to Incident Command Table ever! In version 2.0 you can subscribe for a small monthly fee to be a Table Command Elite member. Table Command Elite subscribers can:
* Share events in real-time with other Table Command Elite subscribers!
* Event logs with username and timestamps... Convert to logged chat when sharing event with other Table Command Elite subscribers.
* Gain immediate access to all tactical icons from all Tactical Table Command apps!
* Cloud backup for all saved events!

Additionally, all users will enjoy the following new features:
* Updated to support iOS 7.0 with new visual style.
* New setting to change the grid to white for dark background images.
* View map terrain in addition to satellite and vector imagery.

Finally, we've fixed the following issues:
* Fixed an issue where map wasn't zooming down when finding your location.
* Fixed playback issue where map wasn't zooming and panning around to the correct location.
* Changed the default map type (hybrid satellite view).
* New setting to lock the map or background image from moving around during playback. Default is locked.

We hope you find these updates useful. As always, email with questions, comments, or issues. Join us on Facebook and Twitter as well by searching for "Incident Command Table".

Stay safe!

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Incident Command Table is THE must-have tool for Incident Commanders be they in law enforcement or emergency management. With Incident Command Table you can draw up training scenarios, conduct after action reviews (AARs), and share it with your team, ultra fast. Drop dozens of tactical icons on satellite maps, draw tactical plans on your own images, playback pause and rewind every drawing and icon placement in your event, and quickly share your event with other Incident Command Table, Tactical Police Table, Tactical Fire Table, and Tactical EMS Table users via email.

Table Command Elite subscribers can even share events in real-time and open time-logged chats with other members. Look at what our users have to say:

~~~"A standard drawing or magnetic command board isn’t nearly as dynamic or easy to use..."

True incident command experience can never be replaced, but can be hard to come by. Practicing decision making and communication can be invaluable tools should situations like this arise. The United States Military uses an age-old tool called a sand table to quickly plan missions before deployment. Sand tables are proven effective training and planning tools used on a daily basis.

Built with sand tabling in mind, Incident Command Table gives law enforcement these features:

+ Draw your tactical plan and capture an event directly on an image or map
+ Playback any captured event after drawing (play, fastforward, rewind, etc)
+ Video output on iPhone and iPad (collaborative mission planning)
+ Load your own maps (from photo library or iPhone camera)
+ Satellite, street, and terrain imagery
+ Quickly email saved events or screenshots
+ Dozens of tactical icons (identify structures, units, vehicles, hazards, etc)
+ Personalize tactical icon names
+ Streamlined interface for ultra-fast scenario development
+ Unlimited Undo/Redo!
+ Settings and options for detailed tactical planning
+ Describe weather for outdoor situations

+++ Now with a Table Command Elite subscription for only $4.99 per month, Tactical Police Table users can share events in real time with other members, get automated cloud backup of events, open time-logged chats, and gain immediate access to all tactical icons from all tactical Table Command apps!


Incident Command Table is a digital command board for mission planning, after action reviews, accountability in your command. It is the combination of three extremely popular emergency management and planning apps: Tactical Police Table, Tactical Fire Table, and Tactical EMS Table. ALL features of these three apps have been combined for indicent commanders and responders. These three apps have provided Police Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Management personnel with tactical icons, drawing facilities, and playback functionality necessary for mission planning and after action reviews... now they are one!

Buy Incident Command Table today, share it with your team, and be sure to send feedback to enhance this app to be the best tool in your toolkit!

Check out the ‘Whats New’ section below to see all the latest updates!

Note from author: Thank you for your service. Your work is critical to keeping our people safe and secure.

Use the "Send Feedback" button on the splash page to send your comments/ideas our way. We are committed to making Incident Command Table the best, and need your help!

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