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- FamilySearch issue displaying parents in the comparison view fixed

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MobileFamilyTree 7 is perfect for anyone wanting to get into mobile digital genealogy. MobileFamilyTree is the first mobile genealogy application ever and brings MacFamilyTree 7's awesome features to your iPhone or iPad.

There is no need for a computer - MobileFamilyTree 7 is a comprehensive and modern genealogy app fully independent of Mac and PC! Use our powerful app to do your genealogy on the go! Create or edit your family tree with the help of an intuitive graphical interface or use a number of convenient charts and reports to record every little family history detail.

Take photos or videos of your relatives directly from within the app. You can synchronize your tree via iCloud or exchange GEDCOM files with almost any Mac or PC based genealogy app out there. Or try FamilySearch, the world's largest genealogy archive - it's absolutely free; there are no hidden fees or additional costs!

MobileFamilyTree 7 Overview:

Online Features

- New: Synchronize your data using iCloud
- New: FamilySearch. Browse the world's largest genealogy archive at no extra cost or subscription fee!


- The first comprehensive genealogy app for iOS - Can be used independently. You don't need to own MacFamilyTree to run MobileFamilyTree on your mobile device. - Full support of GEDCOM export and import
- Contains almost all of MacFamilyTree’s awesome features
- New: Widely redesigned user interface


- Choose between the graphical interface, the research assistant or the table view to enter your data
- Take pictures or record videos directly via MobileFamilyTree 7
- Use the To Do feature to keep an overview of your project
- Powerful media browser and places administration, inspired by MacFamilyTree


- All MacFamilyTree charts are available for MobileFamilyTree 7. Available charts: Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics Chart, Fan Chart, Relationship Chart, Genogram Chart, Map View and Name Distribution Chart
- Print your charts right from your mobile device - Share your charts via email
- Follow your ancestors around the world using the map view


- All MacFamilyTree reports are available for MobileFamilyTree 7.
- Available reports: Persons Report, Family Report, Relationships Report, Narrative Report, Places Report, Events Report, Distinctive Persons Report, List of Birthdays Report, Marriage List Report and Plausibility Report. - Print your reports right from your mobile device - Share your reports via email

Customer Reviews

  • awesome program

    by LB6872

    Love using this program to do my genealogy. I can do everything I want for genealogy in a single program!

  • Problem with Family Search interface.

    by WMichaelPidwerbecki

    I have loved the opportunity to download and upload data with FS for the last month. Today being 8 NOV 2013, children started to display in the partner box. Used to be able to delete erroneous data in FS but not now. I am loosing confidence quickly! Let's geter fixed people!

  • Great Application

    by Paul-R

    Excellent App. Works seamless with the Mac version. Easy to use.

  • one of my favorite apps

    by Roger Long

    use this when i am away from my macbook air. MacFamilyTree was the reason I switched from a PC to a Mac, and this app for the Ipad is a great plus. The integration is fantastic!

  • Perfect companion to desktop app

    by Brady L

    I do a lot of work with MacFamilyTree (over 20 generations of data), and this is the perfect companion to make notes or small changes while I'm away from my computer. Very powerful mobile app. ***Below has been fixed on 9/13/13*** After updating to 7.0.10 on 9/12/13, my family tree in iCloud is no longer visible. I have tried moving my MacFamilyTree database to my computer and back to iCloud, but MobileFamilyTree won’t see it. I’ve also tried deleting/reinstalling the app. No dice. Loved this app before this update. As of now, without my extensive tree available, it’s useless.

  • Great App and keeps getting better and better

    by Taff1001

    I have been using Mobile Family Tree for a few years now and I am really impressed with all its functions and capabilities. It works seamlessly with Mac Family Tree 7 and iCloud. What is also impressive it the way the developers are continually working on enhancements. This week I ran into my first issue. I contacted the developers and within hours I had a response explaining the issue and when they expected the issue to be resolved (which was hours not days). Anyone who is looking for a great tool for building their family tree should seriously consider purchasing this app.

  • Problem with this version on iPad

    by Dave in DC

    It doesn't retrieve trees saved in iCloud. Not good! Has been wonderful in past but this glitch needs to be fixed.

  • Mobile Family Tree 7

    by EMerv

    I like the interactive interface. I have entered persons manually and by down loading from family search. Is very intuitive. I have also down loaded and uploaded GEDCOM files. I have run into some items I do not yet under stand. They are as follows: 1. I down loaded persons from family search and selected them for use in interactive tree interface which worked just fine. I opened a new family tree for a pioneer ancestor out of the family tree I just entered. The persons entered previously were not available in the new interactive family. I downloaded names needed from family search and entered them in the new interactive family. I closed out and when re opened, all but one person was gone. 2. I have entered names manually in interactive family and they show in interactive family but only one name shows in fan view. When I close out and re open in interactive family view all but one name is gone. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. It is frustrating to enter names and have them disappear. I have tried it several times with same result. 3. If I enter names in interactive family view and then export to GEDCOM file and then Import the GEDCOM file back all names are in interactive family view. 4. Instructions do not clear up problem I am having.

  • Genealogy is FUN again!!!

    by MeTooForYou

    While there are a few minor problems with crashing (understandable with my database of over 11,000 names and all the associated data), the interface with New Family Search is amazing. The ability to see up to 20 generations at a glance makes searching EOL's a breeze. All the display and report options really makes genealogy fun again! I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in genealogy.

  • Adding pictures?

    by MeSoMad!700000000!

    Thank you for another 'fix' ! I now am able to load pictures! I save to the cloud same as before so hoping the people I add will not disappear. Adding only a couple more to see. I rerated the app in good faith that you created such an awesome app that you'll keep on till it's one of the best out there. Giving you 4 stars.

  • Need Nationality Report

    by bgokes

    Great App but thought it would be nice to have a nationality report feature. Being American it would be nice to see a diagram of the percentages of nationalities in bloodline.

  • Polished and professional genealogy app!

    by -cenzo

    Really well thought-out and designed interface. Amazing how much power is packed into the app. It's not just a simple tree generator but there are numerous ways of interacting with and reporting the family history data, including several different media formats for sources. Yes, it can take a fair bit of data entry time if you're starting from scratch, but that's the nature of the beast. The integration with iCloud is a great feature and reduces backup anxiety. This one app has reinvigorated my interest in genealogy - working hard on my family history in my in-between time, on the train, etc. Great job!

  • Update

    by Faron71

    Yey thanks for yhe update.

  • So Far, So Good

    by Mazz2011

    Went out on a limb for this one, which I usually don't do, but so far, so good. Jumped right in without any problems, started entering data, and before you know it, you've got tons of information. I like the fact that you can pull in multiple images, news clippings, etc. for each person (record). It offers many reports to view your inputted data. I can't say that I've used other Family Tree programs, but what I see of this one, I me , well worth the $7.99 cost with all it does. On the down side, haven't seen any indication that I can print from the App...not a huge problem, but that function would be a nice addition...overall, very satisfied.

  • Most disappointing...

    by SD Bruce

    After raving about Mac FT and Mobile FT for the few years, all can say is not fit for prime time! The upgraded versions cost me a months worth of lost research and the iPad seems unable to ever open the iCloud saved tree. What next? I'm terrified of losing all my records with these apps! Hope they can work out the bugs, but in the meantime, save your money!

  • iTunes/GEDCOM flop

    by Old_Scot

    After spending 3 hours getting iTunes (ver on my PC, it only got worse from there. I poked around on the iTunes (which I know NOTHING about) and couldn't find anyway to view a device or anything remotely associated with one. Everything was about songs, movies, etc. from the very sketchy instructions on MobileFamilyTree about how to download a GEDCOM file, I came away discouraged and dismayed. It looks like a great program, but if I have to retype all 3,000+ names (& dates, places, etc.)from part of my genealogy files it's a total bust for me. Is there a way to give minus stars?! I probably need to sign up for a college course on iTunes and spend 20 hours a week for 6 weeks figuring it out - why can't it just be easy!?!?! My guess is this review won't get posted.

  • The Good and the Bad

    by BeantownBones

    The application itself seems pretty robust--lots of features and appears to be fairly intuitive. Unfortunately, I've hardly gotten to use it because it's connected to the worst online genealogy research site I've ever seen. There's no record of my family or me having ever existed. If you already know everything about your family's history, this app might be a good way to organize and visually see it all, but if you're trying to find some of that information, this app may not provide the necessary resources to help you do that. Additional websites and research sources will probably be required. At least, they were for me.

  • Yet another paid update

    by zaled

    I bought MobileFamilyTree and then they pulled it from the store and replaced it with MobileFamilyTree Pro. Now they ask for another $8! I would have been fine paying for v6 to v7, but that "Pro" in-between and dropping support for the non-Pro version still has me irked. If they pull that stunt again with v7, I'll stop using it. Also, mobile version doesn't sync with Dropbox. Their website doesn't mention that Dropbox as a sync option for MacFamilyTree doesn't sync with the mobile version.

  • Crashes

    by Daniel Keck

    Keep trying to import a gedcom file and it crashes every single time less than half way through. I have too much information to upload one at a time, that was the whole point behind this app reading gedcom files. What a waste of money.

  • For mormons-only

    by Daddytotwo

    As an app this is fine, especially if you don't mind typing in all the information. But if you want to import records from, you are out of luck if you are not Mormon. (Their non-Mormon records are extremely limited.) What data one can find on the site does not import into the iPad app easily. Worst $8 I've ever spent in the App Store.

  • So much potential, So disappointed

    by allnicknamesalreadytaken

    I CANNOT log into FamilySearch through the apps. I can log into FamilySearch directly through their site, but the whole reason I chose this app was to be able to do the search within the app and no monthly fee. Please, Please fix this issue!

  • Dr

    by doldson

    Ap looked when i opened it. Was easy to input data, but when i syncd with family search, the ap crashed after about twelve or so names downloaded. I had thought that it was a great ap up until then. After less than 24 hours of use, ap crashed, and will not reload, even after reinstalling the ap. Not worth the money. No response from the developers after i provided feed back. Dont waste your money!

  • Buggy

    by BossoNova63

    Keeps crashing and dumping data. I can't enter more than 37 persons. Great potential.

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