calc12 Sci Productivity App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Kim Hansen

Bug Fix: COS(pi) and COS(0) corrected.

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FAMILIAR: calc12 Sci is an RPN calculator you pull from your pocket when you need that quick answer. Direct and to the point; don't hunt for common functions, it's a tool. One that you know how to use. Oh--numbers are display according to your device's regional preferences so decimal "points" take care of themselves.

CAPABLE: 4 deep stack with LastX, 20 memory registers, ten support direct arithmetic. FIX, SCI and ENG display modes, date arithmetic, 1 or 2 variable statistics, linear regression, common conversions and a backspace key. The stack registers are always displayed and so is the last operation performed (just in case there's an accidental button push).

***Before buying, please see the support website! All known issues should be corrected... it's those pesky unknown ones that will be posted at the support site.


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