BarCodeExHD Productivity App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Sparks Technology Company

Fix the bugs on FTP



Barcode ExHD (Exclusive) is good for the warehouse, stock-taking (counting), logistics, asset management or data management business. Without re-purchasing the bar-code scanner, you can easily pick up the most 1-dimensional bar-code, EAN/UPC and QR-Code, store in CSV file and export via email. Another function covered the action on stock transfer to different location. In the advance version, it support FTP transfer.
The data picking via locations with multi items; no matters fixed assets or non fixed assets, then shown up in review.
CSV files' fields listed by following order: Location ID, Item ID, QTY, {2 dedicated fields}, TimeStamp
This file can be handled by Excel or import for the use of asset management system.
The Exclusive (Ex) edition enhanced with 2 Dedicated Fields (selectable to switch on/off), which can save (/backup) on the FTP server and share (/restore) with other devices installed with this app.

Compare with Versions:
Standard (BarcodeHD+) - Support Email Only
Advance (BarcodeAdvHD) - Support Email & FTP
Exclusive (BarcodeExHD) - Support Email & FTP, plus dedicated fields (backup inclusive)


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