Rehearsal 2 Productivity App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Sotto Voce FilmWorks, LLC

We have taken care of the bugs you've so thoughtfully sent our way (and we thank you!)

- we're now compatible with iOS 6 and 7 (if you now can't record, make sure to enable access to the Microphone via Settings >> Privacy)
- we're now compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c
- we're now compatible with the iPad Mini
- we've fixed the "my script is all fuzzy and unreadable after importing" bug - and that took a LONG time
- we've made placing and removing beat marks effortless
- we've cleaned up rotation on late model iPads
- we've made highlighting, scribbling and erasing more precise
- we fixed a redrawing bug when scripts are marked up
- we've completely re-engineered the way we handle the PDF format
- and a lot more.

We've been busy! And you've been so patient!

And we're working on all kinds of things for v 3. Thanks to all of you for making Rehearsal an industry standard! Special shout out to Julianna Margulies and Debra Messing for their lovely comments about Rehearsal.

David H. Lawrence XVII and the Rehearsal team

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Want to learn your lines? This is the app for that. Rehearsal 2, featured in USA TODAY, the NY Times, Fast Company, LA Magazine and BACKSTAGE, is the industry standard for cast and crew to organize their scripts for auditions and working on set. Battle tested in Hollywood and around the world by actors on shows like Heroes, LOST, Psych, Human Target, Castle, CSI, Dexter, Outlaw, Body of Proof and more.

"I love this app! Rehearsal lets me learn my lines in the car while I drive to work. It already saved my a** when I was thrown a major new dialogue scene 45 minutes before we started shooting it. I plugged the new scene into Rehearsal and I was off book by the time I got out of the make up chair." -Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Avengers, Desperate Housewives, New Adventures of Old Christine)

"I am very pleased with the results of using Rehearsal so far. It is a powerful tool in preparing for auditions, or for days of work, especially when I am pressed for time. It is easy to use and I have no doubt that as it evolves, it will be a part of my work process for a long time." -John Carroll Lynch (Shutter Island, Dexter, The Drew Carey Show, Body of Proof)

Rehearsal 2 is a brand new update that
- is extremely easy to use, solid and reliable
- is intuitive and obvious: it reminds you of what you do with physical scripts
- works with any iDevice
- NEW: costs one low price for unlimited usage - no more in-app purchases

Script management
- NEW: open your scripts directly from the mail message in which you receive them
- work with the same PDF and Word files you get on your computer
- easily break down your script into your scenes
- reading your script is a snap - just flick and scroll

Rehearse scenes and learn your lines
- highlight your lines and your scene partners' lines in vibrant colors
- record your lines and play them back, watching the script scroll by like a teleprompter
- NEW: quickly fast forward or rewind to pick up lines simply by scrolling the script
- record any number of versions of scenes, exploring your character and creating new reads
- automatically repeat your scene over and over until you know your lines cold
- play peekaboo to memorize - reveal your lines in blackout mode only when you need them
- quickly add beat marks to divide longer passages into manageable beats

Exploring your character
- easily create and review "notes in the margins" - text, audio, photo or video depending upon your device
- record different takes on lines, different looks for characters without forgetting them
- have all your strong choices at your fingertips for instant review before audition or performance

Everyone on the production team can use Rehearsal
- location scouts can create quick and easy reports
- makeup, wardrobe and set dressers can keep track of continuity and looks from scene to scene
- directors and cinematographers can plan shots and create on-the-fly storyboards

Special features just for voice talent
- audition for voiceover work from anywhere
- email in your auditions as MP3 files from anywhere to anyone

For actors from every walk of life and all areas of accomplishment
- works with short audition sides, to feature length scripts
- easily handles physical scripts by bursting and scanning to PDF
- for every actor at any skill level, student, amateur or professional
- for every actor in every arena, from community theater, commercial, industrial, stage, web, VO, television, and film
- get help with on-board demo videos that show you how to do nearly everything
- works flawlessly with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

Rehearsal 2 was created by a working Hollywood actor, David H. Lawrence XVII, best known as the creepy Eric Doyle, the Puppetmaster on NBC's Heroes. He and fellow working actors in Hollywood have been using Rehearsal for auditions, on-set work and personal skill building.


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