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How many times have you returned from a store only to realize you've forgotten something? This beautifully designed app allows you to make lists and sync them with your family so they can add items on the go.

** A new Buy Me a Pie! specially designed for iOS 7 is also available on the App Store at:!-grocery-shopping/id725418306 **

Why you need this app:

- Save Time: With the list to hand you spend less time shopping
- Save Money: With the shopping list prepared in advance you only buy what you need
- Stop Aggravation: Avoid double purchases in your family Never forget to buy grocery items due to bad memory anymore
- Save the Environment: Reduce paper usage by using our app

Top features:

- Automatic synchronization: Keep your lists in sync with those of your family or friends
- Multi-platform: Use it on iPhone, iPad and just about any device by going to Buymeapiecom website
- Simplicity: Our app is used by both children and seniors We constantly work hard to make every part of the app as simple to use as possible
- Smart grouping: Simply assign a color to the items belonging to the same group (eg store aisle) and the app will then group the items in the list automatically
- Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter
- Word prompter: The app will automatically suggest a word upon entering a few letters so you can quickly add items to a list
- Up-to-date lists: See every change to your lists in real-time Also get push notification about changes
- Set up synchronization among all of your devices with a single BUMP gesture
- Change language of the dictionary in the app settings
- Create and manage multiple lists
- Use the app the way you like, portrait or landscape
- Send your lists via text message or email
- Easily duplicate your lists
- Pull up the list to clear all checked items
- Use 'pinch' to navigate your lists
- Tap the time bar to scroll up the list
- Turn off the auto screen lock option in the app settings

What others say:

Featured by Apple App Store in Food & Drink and Productivity categories, was selected as App of The Weeks.

appPicker: "This is what I’d like to think of as a grocery list app done right! Buy Me a Pie! makes it easier than you could ever imagine to quickly create grocery lists, and with color-coding, predictive text, and a vast database of common food and lifestyle items, you’ll be able to save time and paper on your next trip to the supermarket."

The Washington Post - "Buy Me a Pie! lets users see their lists and update in real time."

by JDP - "I've tried several similar apps, and this is by far the easiest and the best!!"

Download this app now to improve your shopping experience, save time and money.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by breaknclay4142

    Performs as advertised. Very useful.

  • Elegant and dependable

    by Ziger

    Simple. Elegant. Dependable. And very shareable. This has revolutionized shopping and other list based activities we share.

  • The Best Helper EVER!!

    by JBArthol

    I just love this. I used to lose my grocery list and totally forget what I came to the grocery store to buy. This is the best ever. THANK YOU!!

  • Really helpful application! Easy to use, with nice interface - I use it every day

    by Maks Brrr.

    Recommend it, I use it every day

  • Needs just a bit more

    by Brian cooper 100

    This is a great app... Synchronizing with other family members lists. As soon as you are out of something, it remembers it for you and saves time. I wish there were a way to sort the list manually, since the lists are automatically sorted alphabetically. Overall a great app, and worth the $3 cost.

  • Easy to use

    by Idatew

    Use it all the time - replaced pen and paper! Like how it pops up previously entered items.

  • Very useful Apps

    by iiLilyii

    Great shopping list app!

  • Useful App!

    by Amy Hartsough

    I find this app to be wonderful and so useful! I like very much how I have multiple lists for different stores, and how I know exactly what my food staples are. Thank you, and keep it going!

  • Great

    by Lnbeeson

    Love this app. It works great for people with more than one list. And you never forget it at home!

  • Awesome App

    by Stos46

    I use this app almost every day. I especially like the ability to set up multiple stores, as well as the ability to color code items which I add to the list. Wish there were a way to indicate that I have a coupon for a particular item.

  • Buena app

    by Guillerr

    Muy intuitiva, fácil de usar. Sincronización entre dispositivos. Separación por categorías para hacer las compras por departamentos. Inclusive se puede separar por tiendas. Muy útil.

  • Wonderful app

    by The Charity Lady

    Simple to use and keeps me on track in stores. Use it often.

  • Grocery List, I want a pie!

    by Terriex

    This is the best grocery list maker I have ever used. I've had it for couple weeks and I would hate to be without it.

  • Great listing app for syncing with multiple devices

    by kuyahill

    My wife and I have been using this app for some time now and we both love it and have recommended it to anyone that would listen. Worth the money.

  • Really helpful application! Easy to use, with nice interface - I use it every day

    by Maks Brrr.

    Recommend it

  • Great App!

    by Ghocket

    Love the features to easily add items. Still can use tweaking on a few things though.

  • Ads even tho I paid for app

    by JennCaCo

    I don't understand. I previously paid for the app so I wouldn't see add. And now I see ads. What gives?!

  • Very useful and easy

    by Eliz12341234

    I use this all the time

  • Love it!

    by Jenietal

    This is a great app! Very easy to use, easy to set up an account and sync with your partner or roommate, easy to separate things by store, just all around easy. Loads fast for when you quickly need to add something. I am very happy with this app. The only thing I would change would be the ability to change the order of the groceries.

  • Handy

    by Just Pam

    I love this app. I keep a running list on my phone so I always know what I need when I make an impromptu stop at the store. I love that it's customizable. This is one of the most useful apps on my phone.

  • Greedy company....

    by Redeemed1296

    I've been using this app for a while, though I do get frustrated (if the phone gets turned for example) at how easily an item will get deleted while I'm shopping and then I have no idea what it was that was deleted. But now I get a pop up that says in order to get the new updates I have to BUY THE APP AGAIN!!??!! Very greedy company, you'd do well to go with another app.

  • Rip off!

    by Daphne2

    I find this app very slow and cumbersome, moving between lists is particularly awkward. But the idea is great and I was ok with paying $6 for me and my husband to use it. But I totally thought they would be continuously updating and improving the app as most others seem to do. But then to come out with a newer version and expect us to pay $6 again is totally out of order. I would not recommend this app or anything by this company!

  • Bait and switch SCAM

    by Ropecutta2341

    I enjoyed this app and used it often. After paying full price, now they come out with a "new" app for ios7... Any other decent company would have just upgraded the current app to support their current customers. This is just a way to hide subscription fees. Slimy business...STAY AWAY!

  • Was a good app, but now it's annoying.

    by Pheebers

    Update: I've downgraded my rating. It's pretty slimy for a company to punish customers who previously paid for an app by telling them they'll have to pay again to get the updated version. I've been buying apps for many years, and I have no problem paying for a worthwhile app (see my previous review below) but this is the first time I've been asked to buy one twice. Also, now there are ads reminding me of this every time I open the app. Yuck. -------------------------- Previous review: To people who think you can't change existing lists -- press and hold any item on any list, and you'll have the option to edit the spelling, change the category and/or amount, etc. To delete an item (not just checking it off) swipe rather than tapping. What I love: Syncing between phones. I no longer have to say to my husband "text me if you think of anything else you want at the store." It just magically appears while I'm shopping. Also, the grouping colors make sense. White for dairy, green for produce, etc. Also, lists update when items have been checked off, so you can follow someone's progress through the store if you are curious and wondering when they'll be home (or have a lot of time on your hands) :) What it needs: The option to pick which lists sync. I could use this as a To Do list if I had a bit of privacy -- my husband doesn't need to know when I check things off some lists, and constant notifications are annoying to him. He could choose to turn off all push notifications, but he needs to know when I add something to the grocery list. Consequently, I only can use this for groceries. Also, more colors to pick from! I'd make more categories if I could. Overall though, I highly recommend. I don't regret purchasing it.

  • This is bullsh*t

    by Puddums314

    I own this app and now I'm getting all sorts of messages that it's "updated" with new and improved stuff. But oh wait NO It's not an upgrade but you have to spend $3 for a whole new app. That's bull I like this app but I guess I'm stuck with old and out dated bc of your greedy company

  • Full of annoyances promoting newer version.

    by dm8w

    Was pretty useful until the new version came out. Now it posts notifications telling me to buy the new Buy Me a Pie, pops dialogs over my lists, etc.

  • Excellent App

    by DRTraveler

    Extremely useful! I use it for all my shopping needs. My wife uses the same account so she can let me know what to buy. Highly recommend !

  • Great little app!

    by orange.words

    I really like this app! I use it with my sister to plan our groceries for the week.... and sometimes to write short messages back and forth.

  • Neat application. I like it.

    by D_or 2000

    Thanks. Don't change anything. It is perfect as it is.

  • Great!

    by 11kat_su11

    very easy to use

  • Very useful

    by Roboant

    I love how I can share lists on different devices!

  • Bought it last year, now I have to buy a new app. Shouldn't this be upgraded?

    by Gaby SSS

    I bought this app last year. Now there is a new version that if you want, you have to buy. I don't understand the differences between both apps. They are called the same and I get a message of buying the new version? Not sure I understand. If there were changes to previous purchased versions, shouldn't this be an upgrade?

  • Was great until ads came in

    by Leahmarin

    Do not appreciate seeing ads pop up that interfere with my list. The ads only try to get me buy a new version of the app I already paid for.

  • Great

    by ibaida

    Great shopping list with shared access and synchronization

  • Amazing!

    by LittleCam

    Helps so much just to even type something in when you realize you're out. No one remembers that list on the fridge!

  • Muy práctica.

    by Rchaconch

    Siempre la uso para realizar mis compras familiares.

  • Use to love until 12-18 update :o(

    by tkjjz

    Since I did the update on 12-18-13, I am unable to open it. I do not have access to all my Christmas list, grocery list and reminders. I contacted them and did what they asked...but have not heard back from them since none of their suggestions worked :o/. This was my post prior to update: Love it! My kids even use it :o). Very easy to use. Makes shopping easier :o) And it eliminates having list all over. I use it for: grocery list, to do list, errands, and need to do list next month...etc.

  • Awesome!

    by Ambersbug

    Love this app for its color coding, ease of use in the store, and that I can make separate Event shopping lists that don't mess up my everyday lists

  • Great app

    by The Wonder kitty

    This is a great app... Esp for the price! I love that it is organized & color coded and you can add your own items to the base list. Wish you could delete from the "base" of entries. I keep hoping that will be included in one of the updates.

  • Seriously?

    by Justin Paul

    Pretty good app. I enjoy it and it works well. I'm giving a lower rating cause now they made a new app that's the same thing but for ios 7 and I have to pay for it all over again? It makes me angry

  • good

    by abdullah-m


  • The Best

    by Edwardstx

    I love this list app. It's great for keeping track of things I need to pick up. Buy it!

  • Misleading, remove this app.

    by Messianni

    Someone recommended this app to me and I bought it. But then you have a version set up for iOS 7 and charge for it again?? You know full well you can keep versions available for older versions of iOS. Pathetic.

  • Best shopping list app we've found!

    by CCRoanoke

    After trying several apps to share lists we found and have loved Buy Me A Pie. Sharing between 2 iPhones and an iPad has been easy and very helpful.

  • Don't charge for the iOS7 update

    by treefern

    Another longtime user irritated that the developer is charging for a cosmetic update. No thanks!

  • Great!!

    by S.E. CinD

    It's great!! I love it!! Although with the new update, syncing devices takes longer to sync than used to!! Over all it's awesome!!

  • Eadie

    by Eadie fig newton

    Like it a lot.

  • Great shareable app

    by Ksizzaer

    I like the function of being able to change the list on one app and it changing on all my devices.

  • Not so good after the update

    by Tobasco504

    I used the App frequently before the update. Now the app will not sync between my iPad and iPhone. A feature that was very useful. I gave the previous version of the App 5 stars. The update is horrible. Do not waste $9 for the upgrade.

  • Very useful

    by GOTObsessed

    This app is great! Simple, functional, very easy to use, and pleasing to the eye. I never go grocery shopping without it.

  • Very useful

    by GOTObsessed

    This app is great! Simple, functional, very easy to use, and pleasing to the eye. I never go grocery shopping without it.

  • Недоволен поведением разработчиков!!!

    by Alexandr Yefimov

    Один раз программа уже куплена и теперь для того, чтобы воспользоваться дополнительным функционалом и новым дизайном необходимо покупать новую программу?

  • Awesome

    by Erica Rose

    Helps me remember

  • Steffy Butts

    by Steffy B art1

    I love this app

  • I love it!

    by Pintrist-tastic

    I love how simple this is. I haven't been asked to pay any extra. I've had the app for about a year. It is genuinely a grocery shopping app. I tries several other apps before this one, they were too complicated for shopping. This does 1 job, and does it well. Thank-you!

  • Great app - and a shame, too

    by Uuweanolwion

    I really enjoy this app, as is, with adaptable functionality and multiple lists. I will continue to use it as long as it works. But the issue being raised in other reviews is vexing - in order to "upgrade," I need to purchase this app - again. It's an obvious raw deal for the consumer and one I would not want to continue, hence my one-star rating for a functionally great app. I will eschew this developer entirely for one who rewards customer loyalty with support and respect.

  • Good app

    by 35pdxguy

    It's a good app. It does what I need it to do. I wish it had a quantity button and a way to add costs of items for grocery budgeting purposes.

  • Appreciate this app! Very Helpful!

    by Bodwelljk

    Only suggestion is that it link to google as errands too.

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