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- Fixed a bug that could cause 3Dskope to crash on launch on some devices.
- Fixed a bug that could occurr when loading textures with transparency.
- Fixed a bug where the "Play" panel's closebox could become unselectable
- Included a new demo scene that illustrates per-vertex colors and camera animation.

NOTE: you may need to restore your purchases from the 3Dskope In-App store after upgrading to version 1.1.2. Please contact 3Dskope support if you have questions regarding the restore.

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Browse RAR and ZIP archives and view 3D content from a variety of popular data formats right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. View 3D data attached to E-mail messages, download from websites or online cloud storage or transfer via iTunes document exchange.

3Dskope natively supports 3DS, ASE, OBJ, PLY, RAR, STL, and ZIP files. 3Dskope also handles some bitmap formats not supported by iOS (e.g. DDS, TIFF, TGA). Other document types usually contained in a RAR or ZIP archive (e.g. PDF's, photos, movies, office doc's, etc...) are passed to iOS for preview generation.

Thus, 3Dskope is your advanced, high quality 3D viewer with additional general-purpose content viewing capabilities.

3Dskope lets you play animations embedded in 3DS or ASE files (mono- or stereoscopic), lets you toggle light sources and gives you an overview of the elements that comprise the scene (cameras, lights, materials, meshes, groups).

In addition to polygonal mesh geometry 3Dskope can import untrimmed NURBS curves and surfaces from OBJ files.

3Dskope features the Magic Crosshair™ which lets you measure coordinates, distances, areas and volumes. In addition you can use the clip tool to display and animate cross-sectional views.

You can customize the UI for left-hand or right-hand operation. Also, you can select from a number of background patterns, gradients and color schemes or define your own.

For a detailed app description view the 3Dskope Quick Start Guide on our website. There are also some short tutorial videos on YouTube. Just search for "3Dskope".

Feel free to contact Seselmo Support if you have questions about 3Dskope or if you want to give us your feedback. If you like 3Dskope, please rate the app or take a few moments to write a review.

NOTE that this app may display ad banners. Ad-free Professional mode is available via In-App Purchase. Professional mode lets you turn off ad banners, lets you load scene textures (diffuse color maps), provides extended visualization modes, and lets you render your scene in high resolution with transparent background.

3D datasets used in iPhone screenshots:
- Motorbike: www.gonzo-3d.com (included)
- Turbine Blade: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- Stanford Bunny: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- Apollo Spaceship: www.deespona.com
- Ka27 Helicopter: www.deespona.com
3D datasets used in iPad screenshots:
- Turbo Sonic: www.squir.com (included)
- Dental Mould: www.3d3solutions.com
- Turbine Blade: www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models
- Egg Chair: www.fritzhansen.com
- Ka27 Helicopter: www.deespona.com

3Dskope Professional is required to re-create the "Motorbike" and "Turbo Sonic" screenshots. Unless otherwise noted 3D datasets are NOT included with the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Believe me this is the next big thing

    by Utoqstudio

    I truly believe this app is the next big thing ( I beta tested Rhino,SketchUp and Revit when they where unknown). Had some glitches with my IPad mini but it works fine on my Iphone5 Their costumer service was excellent. Any designer out there should Try it you can clip, save views, and animate the clipping within the app of your OBJ file. I will give it a 5 star when I finally fix my IPad mini problem. Needs a better logo.

  • This just crashes

    by Zapperwadawada


  • Truly annoying ad presence

    by GKBeer

    Nuff said


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