Gomoku Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Savy Soda
  • Updated: Mar, 26 2009
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 1.26 MB

Languages: Chinese, English

Seller: Savy Soda Pty Ltd

-= V1.3 =-
- Name update

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by SavySoda

★☆ SALE ☆★
was $3.99

A strategic board game that's simple to learn, fun to play, but difficult to master. The goal of the game is to connect 5 pieces in a row while stopping your opponent from achieving the same objective.

★ Single player campaign.
★ 2 Player battle.
★ 7 Difficulty Settings.
★ Beautiful Graphics.
★ Free updates.

The game is sometimes referred to as five in a row, gomoku, or gobang. (五子棋)

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Customer Reviews

  • The best time killer

    by Riceater1228

    It fun, but the levels 2 easy make the levels harder!!!

  • Online gomoku

    by Shuwei Owen Lin

    It'll be better if this app can connect to Internet in order to let us play with peoples on Internet. I wish this app can add Internet connection.

  • AI needs work

    by Hplahpla

    AI is too easy even on hardest. I'm not professional player and I was able to beat every AI on first try. Also, option buttons are made unnecessarily small. Why??? So inconvenient. I wish there is pinch to zoom instead of the auto camera move for every turn. The camera move is a bit distracting. Works on my iPad 2. Fun to play with friend.


    by abc...mno...xyz

    Works perfectly on iPad2. Works perfectly on iPod4.

  • Good, but a bit too easy

    by Zihuat

    Great game. 1st played this on a houseboat in Sausalito in1968. Nice conversion to iPhone, guys, but could you please make the upper level computer opponents smarter? They're embarassingly easy to defeat.

  • Connect 5

    by iMeMinePhone

    Worth the download. Lots of fun in 2-player mode. Computer is a bit easy but that's not such a bad thing while you practice and get good at the game.

  • Great!!!!!!

    by Impness

    Great way to kill time

  • Good game...

    by 10Stave20

    But the computers are way too easy. I'm only 13 years old and I managed to beat all the computers within 10 minutes... Change the diffuculty please. ^^

  • to easy

    by ituner85

    to easy

  • It's pretty good!

    by Tru3pnay7

    I like this game. The layout is simple but not bad. The App itself is not complicated. Easy to play. I thought that this will be an easy game but once you pass 1st stage...the difficulty level increases. Good game and it's FREE!

  • This app is good!!

    by Marlboro Man21

    If you like 'Five Stone' , just give it a try!!

  • Too easy.

    by Someone abc

    Need to hv more challenging level.

  • Paid version not good enough

    by Obiofulious

    I upgraded hoping for a challenge. The AI is far too stupid, making this a poor adaptation of go moku.

  • I like this app

    by Cyber P200

    I really like this app. I got bored of the free version so i bought the full one. But the full one full version did support the direction of my iPad like thr free one did. Please fix. Then ise gives teh five stars! xD

  • To easy

    by Nonboard

    To easy to beat in all the levels in less than 15 moves

  • Need updates

    by chikoki

    1. Too easy 2. Hate the auto center screen 3. Need an option for lock tilt. It's annoying when I tilt the phone and there goes the screen. 4. Should have a bigger board with option to Zoom in and out.

  • i love 5 in a row!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sung C

    omg finally! ive been looking in board games for so long for this game!!!!! i loved playing it wit my dad when i was younger, thanks! do u think u could make it wifi and the comps a bit harder???? but gee, ty to much!

  • regret paying for this app...

    by jjkim1556

    the ai is too easy to win even the highest level.

  • Won't Load

    by CCCee

    The game will not load on my iPad since the update. I did try resetting the device.

  • Too easy


    They need to make it much harder. Even challenging levels are still too easy.

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