DOCUMENTS 2 Productivity App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

Seller: Savy Soda Pty Ltd

-= v7.3 =-
- Fixed minor UI glitches

-= v7.2 =-
- Fixed issue exiting scanning mode

-= v7.1 =-
- Fixed a issue crash on launch when large pdf files exist
- Fixed a UI display issue
- Fixed Save As Logic

-= v7.0 =-
- iOS 7 Update
- Improved performance
- Improved rich text file support
- Improved support for attachments
- Refreshed UI and transitions
- New file transfer options
- New tutorial screens
- Fixed a rare crash issue on saving

-= v6.4 =-
- Fixed a slowdown/crash issue on directory screen

-= v6.3 =-
- Added support for new video codecs
- Fixed a rare launch crash bug

-= v6.2 =-
- Fixed open with bug
- Fixed default print margins

-= v6.1 =-
- Added Automatic Document Scanning Option
- Added Enhanced Data Protection
- Added export to photos feature
- Added export to pdf feature
- Enhanced media playback support
- UI Improvements
- Improved rendering speed

-= v5.9 =-
- fixed orientation rotation issues.
- fixed multiple email attachment issues.
- added document search functionality.

-= v5.8 =-
- Improved handling of currency and percentages in iSpreadsheet

-= v5.7 =-
- Updated UI.
- Improved editing for paint documents.
- Improved moving documents.
- Improved support for online files.
- Bugfixes.

-= v5.6 =-
- Fixed issue with copying of empty spreadsheet cells
- Fixed a crash issue
- Fixed issue with Dropbox file modifications

-= v5.5 =-
- Added workflow feature. Open any stored documents with other Apps!
- Fixed issue with printing RTF Files.
- Fixed localization support for Spreadsheets.
- Improved UI for exporting files

-= v5.2 =-
- iPhone 5 full screen support
- New Feature Update
- Easily import attachments from mail and safari
- Move, copy, email, zip, upload multiple files at the same time
- Additional Dropbox functionality
- Improved user interface
- Fixed memory related crash issue

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28 Ratings
All Versions:
2587 Ratings


Documents 2 lets you create, store, manage, print or share all your documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and recordings on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad! The user interface is finder & Microsoft explorer like. You can view, edit, email, airprint, and transfer files via google, usb, wifi, ftp dropbox. Files can be automatically backed up and synchronized across all your devices using iCloud!

••• Take your Documents Anywhere •••
••• Over 5,000,000 iOS Users •••

••• ON SALE! 3.99 TODAY •••

Built on top of the acclaimed documents iPhone suite. Documents 2 is a simple to use mobile office suite and file management system for iOS.


...............D2...|..D1..|.OFFICE 2.|.QOffice.|.Docs2Go
txt edit....•.....|..•...|.....•........|.....•......|.....•.....
spr edit...•.....|...•...|.....•........|.....•......|.....•.....
doc view..•.....|...•...|.....•........|.....•......|.....•.....
doc edit...◦ .....|...◦ ...|.....•........|.....•......|.....•.....
photos....•.....|...•...|......◦ ........|.....◦ ......|.....◦ ......

The ultimate All-In-One Mobile Office Suite for the
iPhone. 8 Premium Apps in One. Most essential productivity and business apps in one easy to use, high quality package. Transfer documents to/from your iPhone via FTP, WiFi, Google, Dropbox or Email. Edit and View many types of documents on the fly. A powerful, top value, must have app for any iPhone.

• Latest iSpreadsheet (mobile spreadsheet app)
• Integrated FTP Server & WiFi HD (mobile hard drive)
• Rich Text Editor (Easy to use text pad)
• Google Sync (Upload and Download directly to Google)
• Photo Album (Photo manager)
• Direct Email (Email any documents to anyone)
• Sound Recorder (High Quality)
• Integrated Preview (Preview any known document)
• AirPrint (Print to Any AirPrint printer with one touch)
• USB, FTP, WiFi, Email and Google Transfer!
• Dropbox integration

• Transfer Files between iPhone, iPod, Mac, PC, or any network device with a Browser
• Easy to use, no additional software necessary

Google Docs Connection
• Upload and Download directly to your google docs account

Direct Email
• Email multiple files as attachments to anyone
• Import attachments from Mail directly

• Full CSV support
• Formatting
• Formulas

File Preview:
• Microsoft Word: .doc
• Microsoft Excel: .xls
• Microsoft PowerPoint: .ppt
• Apple iWork: Pages, Number, Keynote
• Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .gif, .svg
• Adobe Acrobat: .pdf
• Web Pages: .htm, .html
• Web Archive: .mht
• Audio: .mp3, .wav

Sound Recorder:
• 44.1khz high quality recording
• Scrolling
• Playback

Text Editor
• Wide screen or normal view text editing

Photo Album
•Take photos
• Resize, Zoom
• iPhoto style panning Slide Show

Direct Email
• Email documents to anyone
• Access to address book

More flexible than AirSharing and more features than QuickOffice!

One app, one friendly price, enable the full power of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

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Customer Reviews

  • App crash while click image

    by Unreal Hshh

    While I click image, app crash.

  • Documents 2

    by Fullmagilla

    Recently I'm getting an error message when I save a spreadsheet about 1 of 2 saves. Otherwise a great app. I use the spreadsheets about 10 times per day.

  • Spreadsheet

    by The VLA's

    I love what I've used so far, but this would be far better if financial functions were included, for example, various payments under varying loan scenarios. Thank you for what you have done!

  • Easy and reliable.

    by Garlandobloom

    I use this app everyday for work and for school.

  • Nice but.....

    by Jhjgjuhggggdfgn

    Super Nice app but need to be updated! It crashes now with the new IOS. Please update the app.

  • Great app

    by Jolissa62

    This app is easy to use, I have documents emailed to me, this app allows me to easily download and view these files. I upgraded, that's not something I do very often.

  • Word

    by akpoowee

    I love it!

  • Nice

    by Maabedini77

    Nice app

  • Great app

    by BlackSheep6

    Just what I was needing to quickly get .pdf review and file.

  • New version crashes instantaneously

    by iApple Man

    Can't handle JPeGs any more!

  • New version crashes instantaneously

    by iApple Man

    Can't handle JPeGs any more!

  • Great app!

    by DuckyTon

    I just started using this App and I really like it. It is easier than I thought it was. I just saved some documents sent through email. Really easy. I cannot wait to use the presentation part. Great App!

  • Great app

    by justwatching58

    I use it a lot to move files I download from Facebook.

  • RhiannonOstara

    by RhiannonOstara

    This app just cut my workload by 2/3's! I love it! Thank you!

  • Nice

    by somen shrestha

    I like it

  • Awesome!

    by Fullmoonnancy

    This app has been great. Updates keep adding useful options. I have had this app a long time

  • Document 2

    by Bherres


  • Best ever

    by Jakeeimer

    Love this app. Keeps all my docs secure and accessible.

  • Great App

    by Schmitty319

    I've been using this app (upgraded to Docs 2 now) for 2 yrs and it's great. Has all features I need for business use as well as personal. Had a problem where app crashed, thoughts some very import ants docs were lost, contacted customer svc and Vivian (hope that is right name and I apologize if it's not) contacted me promptly and helped to resolve issue and helped to restore my docs! She was great, very helpful and provided excellent customer svc. THANK U! I certainly recommend this app.

  • Hi

    by Fawnzey

    I like ut

  • Can't edit existing documents

    by tntdever

    The app advertises itself as being able to edit documents. I've tried to edit documents to no avail. Don't waste your money...

  • Can't edit word files

    by matt mcgill

    Maybe I should have read the description better ... But I read it again and still am unclear...

  • Waste of time and money

    by Saaasnbbbba

    Will only create documents in .rtf format. Will not create or edit documents in popular and commonly used .doc, .docx, .xls or .xlsx formats. Has bugs in latest ios.

  • Can't edit

    by SunstoneOne

    I can't edit a text document that I opened in this app. What do I need to do?

  • No good

    by ballsacknoodle0

    I can't share files. This app is trash

  • A total waste of money and time

    by Coachtmc

    Not worth buying. Thought I would be able to print from paid version but can't without downloading drop box.

  • So far, so good

    by old beaver

    Just bought D2. All the applications have worked fine so far. Haven't tried sending anything but anticipate success. I think I will be pleased with the software.

  • Excellent

    by lvlisanthropy

    Very well featured app capable of most anything. Can do pdfs, excel, text docs. Can read from and save to lots of sites. Only issue i have is downloading from google drive- might stick to dropbox.

  • Decent

    by Booklover.ccb

    Very basic functionality but works

  • Great

    by Who_?_?


  • Simple, straightforward

    by Fakest name

    I use it primarily to save .pdf files for later use. Easy peasy

  • Needs an update-badly

    by DadlyEdly

    I loved this app before I updated to iOs 7. Since then scrolling through text documents is a dodgy proposition at best, with the document randomly scrolling back up a page or so as you scroll. Fix the broken bits and it becomes a must-have app again, otherwise skip it.

  • New user

    by Glebe Momma

    So far, so good. It's working for me.

  • Works wonderfully for me

    by Kitluvr

    I love it, because I can create a document on my iPad and then access it from my iPhone.

  • Can't Read Blue Options

    by Jurij m

    Don't people look at their work? Cannot read the tiny blue against black. Too bad!

  • Very simple

    by Youssef Olama

    It could be better. It's too simple. Almost like a text note. Missing many features.

  • Exceptional

    by disbeyotch

    Great app, does what it promises and then some.

  • Broken

    by Sir Humphrey Appleby

    Google sign in not working

  • Nice app - works well - most of the time

    by Skyking1943

    I like the app and it generally works very well. However, since the upgrade tithe new iOS, I'm having trouble with it on iCloud. Losing files and unable to sync files. Can't find the iCloud instructions any more either.

  • Ok but needs work

    by Roguesparten117

    I use this app a lot for my classes, but when I try to underline or bold words it crashes and won't stop till the underlined or bolded word is undone.

  • Great

    by Dogster1711

    Listen to reggae music and get this app!! Incredible works with iCloud wireless word, google drive, gmail, anything

  • Not work

    by Jclua

    This app is just simple trash

  • Great handy app

    by MeroTheOne

    The best app to create quick sheets and documents. Thanks Savy Soda

  • Almost perfect

    by whatever it takes!!!

    csv files open as a spreadsheet - nice. I like having the ability of entering formulas in the spreadsheets. The word document portion has some nice features like the ability to change the color of the text. Draw is nice except it would be nice to have an eraser. You can import MS Word and Excel files but not edit them - that's a feature in many of the document apps so it's no big deal. Being able to set up a passcode is nice.

  • !! Warning !!

    by bcandg

    I downloaded and opened this app, and this app may have a trojan! I have been flooded with "failed email delivery" notices since opening this app!!

  • Crashes at start

    by LIcali

    Does not start successfully.

  • Very handy

    by tgnels

    Very handy way to get to all my cloud storage. Plus, very quick and easy to create new basic documents and files. Worth having on my iPad.

  • PDF option crashes app...

    by apostle

    When I select the PDF feature from the bottom right "+" button the app crashes. All the time. iPad 1, iOS 5.1.1. Otherwise it has a lot of other nice options. Looking forward to exploring more.

  • Good, needs work!!!

    by Lauralithia

    Sideways typing's window for viewing text is too small, and frustrating. Needs an Undo button for in case of accidental deletions of documents and a trashcan IN APP that way you can retrieve a document that was accidentally deleted. Would greatly appreciate it. Update: 11/20/13: Something else that would be nice, is if it would automatically save every few minutes or so, or if it would ask you before you leave or close the app, if you want to save. That way NOTHING is lost. Because I write a lot and when the things I write are erased, or are not saved, it makes me really upset! PLEASE fix this!! And thank you; I know you guys work hard on this! <:)

  • Ukr

    by Kyrychok

    Good app!!!!

  • Decent app

    by Vergil_cz

    Pretty handy office app!

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