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Languages: English, Italian

Seller: Roberto Sonzogni

fixed issue with iOS7 and device shaken to start scan

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What this app will do for me ?
It will scan barcodes (read "other info" for list of formats supported) and send scanned codes by email, or save them for later use, or paste/copy codes into other apps, or search on the web.
It will not check for prices.

Also, with iTunes file sharing, you can export the list of scanned codes (and photo taken) to your PC (for use in Excel etc.)

Great for small stores, library, and also at home !

- over 2.000.000 download
- TOP APP in his category in the italian store (may 2011)
- TOP 25 APP in his category in many national stores
- Suggested by iTunes

How does this app works ?
To start the scan, tap on the "TAP TO START SCAN" button (or shake te device), and the camera will start, ready to scan a code.
Now make the camera look at a barcode.
Please make sure your camera is correctly aligned with the barcode to scan (vertical or horizontal, not oblique).
Please make sure that the code is well ligthed and on focus (move the device to get well the code).
When the barcode is detected, it will be surrounded by a green square and it will be decoded and written in the "CODES SCANNED" list.

If you have problems to get the code scanned, when the camera is on, tap the info button to get help on how get a successful scan.

With your codes scanned, you can save them for later use, or mail them, of search for them on the web, or paste into other apps (last scanned code is copied into the pasteboard), or copy them (and photo taken) to your PC for use in your apps with iTunes file sharing. Tap on "DO SOMETHING WITH SCANNED BARCODES" to select what you want to do with the scanned codes.
You can also save the photos taken in your Camera Roll.

Other info
Supports EAN-8, UPC-E, ISBN-10, UPC-A, EAN-13, ISBN-13, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, QR Code, Code 128, Code 93, Farmacode, GS1 DataBar, GS1 DataBar Expanded, GS1 2-digit add-on, GS1 5-digit add-on, EAN/UPC composite formats, Codabar and DataBar.

Suggested devices: iPhone 3GS or greater (NO 3G OR OLD IPOD OR IPAD OR iPAD2, so please note that not all codes will be decoded on those devices).

To dismiss the keyboard, tap anywhere on the background
We can develop special version of this app if you like.
May contain ads.

Customer Reviews

  • Feature Request for the 5th Star

    by TheSolarDale

    The app satisfies my needs, but I'd like to see two features added: 1. Direct file transfer to a computer via iTunes or WiFi 2. A third operating mode extending "continuous" to allow the user to select which code to capture by touching the screen. I get unpredicable results two codes are on camera at the same time.

  • Excellent!!!

    by kkish96

    Excellent App! Exactly what I needed... A barcode reader where I can store the codes I scan and send them via email!

  • I like it!

    by Septembersrain

    Very useful app.

  • Very good

    by Aluiza

    I wish I could save like a folder in the app with the bar-codes list. Other than that is pretty good. I used to transfer some products of my store to some other place and double check if everything got there!! Thumbs up

  • Broadband tech

    by Woodiez1

    This is the only bar-code scanner that I could get that would work for everything that I requested. I scan multiple things daily and have never had a problem with it reading a bar-code or sending them through email.

  • Good, but disable flash?

    by lbl50e0101

    It does everything I need but I can't seem to figure out how to disable the flash.

  • Scans employee badges

    by Gordon Arkell

    Great. Works very well and easy to use.

  • Woo

    by Nickleuuop


  • Excellent Scan App!

    by Eclipse75048

    I typically don't rate apps, but I made an exception for this one. Is it the BEST barcode scanner? Beats me--but so far it's been the best for me. I needed something quickly to scan serial # barcodes off of IT equipment & be able to use the data. This works perfectly. I can scan a list of codes & email it to my work address. Copy/paste into Excel & I'm good to go. This literally cut my admin tracking time in half for 60 something monitors that I needed to send out.

  • Barcode

    by Labs

    Like it, sometimes doesn't work easily the first few tries.

  • Love it!

    by pixelbell

    Ive tried several and this is my favorite barcode scanner. It's fast, easy, and doesn't slow me down with shopping apps or signing into websites.

  • Love this app

    by JoeJoeNgo

    Just scans emails barcode. Perfect

  • Field Tech

    by Marman77

    Awesome for taking quick inventory list

  • Barcode


    Great I love it it works for everything.

  • Great for simple inventory of serial numbers!

    by A11iOop

    All I needed was something to scan SN barcodes and put into a form. I tried at least six other apps that just couldn't scan the barcodes accurately. This did it fast and I could email to myself then copy and paste the numbers into our surplus form. Much faster and more accurate than typing numbers and letters individually. THANK YOU!

  • Great

    by Eric A. A.

    Just what I needed an App that outputs scanned codes in numbers, thank you.

  • Great

    by DHoberer

    I like this simple app and use it all the time.

  • YES!

    by quickthyme

    This portable barcode scanner is exactly what I was looking for. It literally saved me countless hours while scanning in MAC addresses for a large-scale VoIP project. With this app, I was able to freely move around the warehouse while scanning bar codes with my iPhone. (Rather than having to bring packages to a scanning station with a wired barcode reader, or using an expensive portable wireless reader.) Once I was finished, I was able to send all of the codes that I scanned to myself via email. Imported the list into our DHCP server, configured the address range, and now all of our VoIP handsets auto-configure right out of the box. No further preparation required for the installer to perform, thanks to Bar-Code!

  • Solved a problem at work!

    by kzoRusty

    I used this app to detect the kind of bar code on labels that an instrument was not reading. By showing this program could read the labels, and that the code was a format the instrument reads, we were able to determine the problem was insufficient "Quiet Zone" space on the labels. Well worth $0.99 to remove adds - thank you!

  • Fast and reliable scans

    by BrianBit

    Great app to pick up a few barcode. Only one more feature I'd like to see is control of order of the list, currently it's last to first, I'd like to have the list in first to last.

  • Scan ?

    by Notalltaken

    Simply will not scan anything I place under the camera of my pad. The scan bars bounce around depending on distance from camera scan bar is to small to cover the code from edge to edge.

  • ……

    by 16243894


  • Useless

    by Mach1inMS

    Does not show prices.Scans & stores barcode. Why? Go to Shop Savvy. May not be best, but does compare most prices. You can update the program for others or your future purchase if you find better or worse prices.

  • Better ones out there

    by Pimp slaps

    Tried this and deleted. Unable to scan smaller codes since the camera is not able to zoom in any closer.

  • It didn't work

    by Renato_ms

    I tried to scan a bar code and wasn't able to. Tried different distances and still nothing.

  • Worth

    by e69c

    Worthless app don't wast your time

  • It works

    by Alaa noor

    Nice and clean and can also scan fom the LCD monitor

  • Can't figure it out

    by Susan8569

    Downloaded, barely figured out to make the app scan and then can't figure out how to make it look up the scan. Deleting.

  • Bar code reader

    by Lauri2011

    Crappy app

  • Nice App, but...

    by ChrisT264

    It is a nice App but Datamatrix und PDF support would be nice.

  • Does just what it says!

    by disgruntled app downloader

    Good app, I need an app for scanning multiple bar codes at work. Clean and simple, stores them, then emails the report. Only thing is it needs to vibrate when it scans, 5 stars once they fix that aspect.

  • Bar-Code

    by Automator1

    This app is great! I needed a simple scanner for capturing barcodes when I am out in the warehouse. This app does the trick. I email the list to my desktop and the I can paste them into Word, Excel, etc.

  • Not really convenient.

    by Yewantme


  • Junk

    by Cody Merkel

    Wouldn't read bar code

  • Great simple app

    by RobotsFearMe

    This is a great app if you're looking for something simple that just scans bar codes to a list.

  • Weak

    by Merlos28

    I don't like like it

  • Best app for reading barcodes

    by Smartest dumb guy

    This app reads barcodes and stores them in an file that you can save or email. Simple and effective.

  • Negative reviews misguided?

    by macxpert81

    I used this successfully on a Code 128 barcode and a few EAN-13 codes (one on 'wavy' cardboard, another dirty from the outside of a shipping carton, and a third on a slightly reflective curved bottle) all fast and without issue. Have not tried with 2d codes like QR, but I am happy with this app for standard 1d barcodes for sure.

  • This is lame

    by Need a. Barcode

    This never scans barcodes and i need one so DONT GET IT

  • Useless

    by Oceaneyes382

    Useless, deleted it immediately.

  • Useless App

    by AMartinico

    I tried this app, but found it to be totally useless. All I wanted it to do is scan QR codes and take me to the URL address or site. It would scan the codes, and provide a URL,address, but it would never open up the web site......always received some message about the site was no longer available. Seemed odd to I found another app and it works with no problems. I have deleted this app because it's useless!!!

  • Awful

    by UberNinjaKool

    Read other negative reviews, nuff said.

  • Trash

    by Julianzh001

    You can't even open the barcode on the browser.

  • Met my need

    by Raulfverine

    After many barcode scanner apps, i prefer this one since it is very simple and it allows to access the text for logging.

  • Can turn off the flash

    by nelol

    Turns on the flash and I can't turn off. Trying to scan a code on a shiny surface reflects the flash back into the camera and can't read.

  • Best bar code scanner

    by iisir

    You have to know what this app is for. I also paid to rove adds. I use this app to scan shipping codes and paste them into my tracking app since the FedEx app is unable to scan their own labels properly. Again , this is the best app for accurately scanning bar codes.

  • Junk! It does NOTHING

    by tc101900

    Stupid app. It doesn't scan at all

  • Excellent - reads barcodes flawlessly!

    by JK0705

    *NOTE* - this app does NOT look up prices on the web - plenty of other do that - what this app is AWESOME at is reading as many codes as you wish - automatically inserting carriage returns between each :) - so you have a clean list to email yourself and copy/paste to Excel!!! Also you can add free form text anywhere as you scan to organize your data (think type desk location then scan assets at desk) - very thoughtful. Highly recommend!

  • Great for construction/warehouse

    by Leftyleverett

    Easy to scan and email serial numbers from damaged equipment in the field - saves my folks so much time writing numbers on little pieces of paper and then typing them in! Thanks!

  • Uninstall

    by Santaaa


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