Atomic Web Browser - Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & Dropbox Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Richard Trautvetter

✔ Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5
✔ Cleaned up themes.
✔ Moved progress bar inside the address bar
✔ Added dashboard.
-To edit items added to the dash board, long press the image
✔ New option to bring up the search bar when opening a new tab
- can be found in settings->tab options
✔ Option to place the quick scroll bar on the left side of the screen for left handed users
- can be found in settings->quick scroll options
✔ Performance Improvements
✔ Added DuckDuckGo search engine by popular request
✔ Many bug fixes

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3883 Ratings
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Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, Downloads, and much more.

Press Coverage:
✪"Best alternate browser"― Macworld
✪"Atomic Web: A Better iPad Browser" ― PCWorld
✪"The Best Web Browser For iPhone" ― Lifehacker
✪"It has the best user interface, the best feature set, and the best speed of the browsers tested. " - Appadvice

● Highlights ●

Use the entire screen to display a webpage. You can add buttons for 30 different functions and also change the transparency.

Hold down a link or image to download the file or image in background. Multiple downloads can run at the same time and you can suspend and resume them at any time.

- Dropbox
- iTunes Document Sharing
- E-mail

The user can choose between desktop style tabs or a list view. Atomic Web Browser supports unlimited tabs. Hold down a link to open it in a new tab or a new background tab.

Tabs load and render simultaneously to save time.

✔ IDENTIFY AS: Safari Desktop, IE, Firefox
Atomic Web Browser has the ability to spoof the UserAgent string to trick web sites into thinking the browser comes from a desktop computer. TIP: Set Identify Browser to Desktop Safari to avoid mobile versions of websites

✔ AD BLOCK: [OFF by default]
Atomic Web Browser can block most ad banners through URL filters. To enable Ad Block, goto Settings->Ad Block Settings and set Ad Block Filter to on.

Video out to display web pages on TV or projector. (iPad, iPhone4)

The iPad version can adjust the screen brightness for night time viewing.

8 multi touch gestures are supported.

Default Values:
-2 finger swipe left: Switch to Previous Tab
-2 finger swipe right: Switch to Next Tab
-2 finger swipe up: Load homepage
-2 finger swipe down: close current tab
-2 finger tap top: Scroll up one page
-2 finger tap middle: enable/disable quick scroll bar
-2 finger tap bottom: Scroll down one page
-3 finger tap: Enters / Exits full screen mode

Each gesture is configurable with 36 functions to choose from.

Save pages with images for offline viewing

Save and fill out forms with the press of a button

Use this feature to find a word within a web page.

- Ability to Import / Export bookmarks from your desktop browser
- Open bookmark in new tab
- Open All Bookmarks in a folder in tabs
- Bookmark Bar (iPad only)

Additional search engines can be installed in 2 clicks. You can also manually add custom search engines in settings.

Atomic Web Browsers allows the font to be increased or decreased. Modified fonts can be stored for sub domains.

✔ PRIVATE MODE: [OFF by default]
Enabling private mode will stop the browser from remembering history and will clear all cookies on exit.

✔ PASSCODE LOCK: [OFF by default]
When passcode lock is enabled, a passcode will be required when the browser is launched

Share a link through Facebook, Twitter, Pinboard, Instapaper, Read it Later, or E-mail.

Enable this feature to lock the current screen orientation.

You can setup Atomic Web Browser to launch all previously open tabs, the last viewed page or your home page.

This browser has a view source option to help web developers on the go.




A lite version is also available for those who would like to try it first.

Customer Reviews

  • Very flex-able browser

    by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

    I use it most frequently when a mobile website limits me. It allows me to identify as various versions of desktop browsers. It's well worth it if you know what you need and want a good browser.

  • Couldn't be better! Except...

    by Tiz I iz

    This is the best browser for the money. But I'd like to see an update for newer devices such as the ones with 64 bit.

  • Great for iPhone!

    by M-R-James

    I hate most websites designed for mobile phone use. I want to go on eBay and have it function and look like it does on my PC. The mobile versions of most websites are only partially functional. Atomic Browser lets me work the I want. The other browsers keep switching over to the mobile versions without even asking what I prefer. So I prefer NOT to use them! Atomic Browser easily gets 5 stars from me!

  • It is great and it works!

    by Mailtoilet

    For it to work correctly, you must go into SETTINGS and properly set IDENTIFY BROWSER AS something like INTERNET EXPLORER 9 like I did. It will then give a PC like display of data for sites like eBay and FaceBook! That's why I searched for and now use it! It does work! :). A bargain at twice the price, for sure!

  • Great Browser - But Needs Stability Improvements

    by BP407

    This is a great browser, but it seems as though it doesn't play well with iOS 7. I frequently find that web pages lock up and/or the application crashes. I hope that the developers solve these issues so that it will once again be a 5 star app.

  • Love it

    by The Agapetus

    Wish it was available for my MacBook Pro

  • loves the app until iOS7 came along

    by RyanAndrews

    please update!

  • Great Browser

    by CNDS

    The Atomic browser is great! I use it on all of my devices. I wish I had found it sooner. Smitty

  • Has developed some problems...

    by ttosbt

    I've used this browser for a couple of years now, but I can no longer save pictures and the search function doesn't work. If I want to search or save pictures, I have to open safari. I keep looking for an update, but it never happens. This could be a wonderful app again with a couple of fixes.

  • My only browser

    by randcraw

    For a couple of years now I've used only Atomic, no other browser. It filters ads, uses my iPad's and iPhone's screen space efficiently, and it's reliable. What's not to like?

  • I can customize to my heart's content.

    by Cramelot

    I've got various settings for browsing with only one hand or two, I easily share websites, and as my eyes get older, I can adjust text size until I can read. But I miss seeing the URL for a link before I click on it. The menu to open in a new tab etc is gone.

  • Save Photos. EDIT

    by Aten97

    I'm unable to save photos to either my photos app, or the in-app library. EDIT: It's been months since iOS 7 has released. I wrote this review whenever I got iOS 7, due to the fact that this app does not support iOS 7, and a lot of bugs are now present. I've emailed the devs and written reviews. There has not been a single update, and it's very frustrating. This used to be the best browser ever. But now, there's so many bugs, that I stay away from this app.

  • Great browser

    by Airplane user

    Does as advertised. Saves passwords as should as well.

  • Used to be better

    by Bullsfan

    This used to be a great browser until the iOS update. Now, it won't open new tabs like it used to. I wish they'd fix that. Then, it would be 5 stars.

  • Really slow compared to Safari

    by Borabora7373

    I like the browser, but it's just too slow compared to Safari.

  • Almost perfect

    by Mikekoobs

    Super fast, great quality, limited only by 1 flaw

  • Great app!

    by 2p3p4p

    Great Browser......

  • Great!

    by m-cali

    I wish I could make it my default browser.

  • Best browser for iOS

    by buglxvii

    Desperately needs to be updated for iOS 7. Still the best web browser for iOS that I've tried.

  • Excellent browser

    by jarea1050

    Far superior to Safari - killer browser - I love it!

  • Once great app now deeply flawed

    by CoyBoy515

    I've been using Atomic for a couple of years. Then with one of the updates list two important functions: 1) ability to save an image to phone from a web page (used to be able to hold down finger over image till it asked if I wanted to save; 2) no longer able to open another tab by holding finger down on a web page. ALSO : The app is very buggy in that when you press onto a hyperlink there is either a huge delay or several of the same page open up, or nothing happens. I have contacted customer support three times with queries about these problems but received NO REPLY. I suggest you pass on this app due to many bugs PLUS very poor customer support. Too bad -- USED to be a great app!

  • Once great app now deeply flawed

    by CoyBoy515

    I've been using Atomic for a couple of years. Then with one of the updates list two important functions: 1) ability to save an image to phone from a web page (used to be able to hold down finger over image till it asked if I wanted to save; 2) no longer able to open another tab by holding finger down on a web page. ALSO : The app is very buggy in that when you press onto a hyperlink there is either a huge delay or several of the same page open up, or nothing happens. I have contacted customer support three times with queries about these problems but received NO REPLY. I suggest you pass on this app due to many bugs PLUS very poor customer support. Too bad -- USED to be a great app!

  • Does NOT work with iOS 7

    by Moonboy242

    Used to be the best Safari replacement. Hasn't been updated in a long time, and long press menu features do not work in iOS 7. User agents haven't been updated in years, ad-blocking only partially works. Plugins gone. Developer is unresponsive... just disappointing. This app is now zombieware: it's still in the app store but the brains and support behind it are dead.

  • Crashes, Unstable Since iOS7

    by Honesty Speaking

    Used to be great but is now terrible..... Why hasn't the developer updated??? 100% Annoying

  • Long click broken in iOS7.

    by Robthereef

    Can no longer download images or open new tabs. Makes the app almost useless. Might as well just use Safari.

  • Buggy & No Response fm Support

    by SailTrueBlue

    This used to be one of my favorite apps - they had many features that didn't come to Safari until recently. It now has some annoying bugs and some features no longer work. No response to 2 emails to the company. I can no longer recommend.

  • Use this app the most but update!

    by wncapt2007

    Update 2-2:always crashes Update 1-4:still crashing, it's my only app that always does it, please update! Update 12-19:scrolling through a news article, and suddenly it becomes a blank tab with no other tab open and the back button has no previous page to reload. So I must reload the domain and re-find the article. Happens sometimes, my swipe gestures are set to off. Update 12-13: no consistency on tabs; sometimes opens in new tab but mostly within same tab, used to be able to choose between the two upon tap+hold on a link. Not since ios 7. Update 12-12: It's developing a mind of its own, new tabs randomly opening and sporadically zooming/scrolling; even with my multi-touch gestures all turned off. Update 12-1: slow, unstable, still crashing please update!! Update 11-17:crashes every time. Oct 13': Tired of all the bugs and crashing, happens too often, is it accurate that it hasn't even updated since October 2012? I thought it was because my iphone 4 as old, but I have the 5c now and still it crashes all the time. Will look for new options.

  • Good app

    by لعب غبي

    it's keep crashing

  • Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    by Bpxyzzyx

    I bought Atomic to replace Mercury, which was giving me fits with its instability. I should have stuck with Mercury. Atomic is far less stable. It crashes almost every time I try to use it. It isn't even worth being called a joke. POS. Follow up: It seems that it crashes every time somebody tries to post a liberal comment. Apparently, the developer is a conservative who selectively censors liberal comments.

  • Update

    by Gabrix 94

    Its been a long while since the last update (10 October)of atomic, when is it going to be updated to iOS 7?

  • Not iOS7 compatible

    by Sig7686

    No updates since October 2012. Functions no longer work in iOS 7.

  • Better than some, doesn't do what it claims

    by mis understood

    I have private mode enabled, clear cookies on exit, etc. every single time I reopen the app, be it hours or days later, the cookies and everything from previous searches and visited websites are always there- NEVER CLEARED OUT. If you use the red clear all button, it still doesn't clear them out! You have to go through view cookies and clear them out with the button in the right hand corner manually. The app doesn't do what it claims, it doesn't clear them out upon close. Good thing I don't do Facebook or Dropbox or any of that other stuff...

  • Abandonware?

    by craizin

    Is this app still being developed? It's badly in need of an update.

  • Deleted it

    by Stevehami

    I was a true believer and paid for and used this app for almost a year. It always seemed to work fairly well but it had a few ticks. I HATE THE QUICK SCROLL FUNCTION, and even after you repeatively turn it off, it turns itself back on. MOST ANNOYING APP EVER!!! Ive deleted it because there are too many other good browsers out there. Also it crashes constantly. It should be renamed to "Automic Crash Browser". Geez guys, fix this thing will you?

  • Great browser, poor design.

    by Andrew Paulus

    This app is in a desperate stage for a new look. It does not appeal to me, and it makes me want to go back to Safari or Chrome. Please send out a MAJOR iOS 7 update!!

  • What the hell happened?

    by Dishesareus

    Why doesn't the app let me hold click into a new tab? It doesn't make sense.

  • Where's the sound?

    by anjunabeats2012

    This browser is fast, no doubt. But when watching web-integrated videos, I hear no sound. There are no settings for sound adjustment. What am I supposed to do with a browser that can't play any sound?

  • The app description says 'Dropbox', but you can't use Dropbox with it?

    by vespa6

    I'm running on iOS 7 on an iPad Air. I bought this browser specifically to avoid using Safari so I can just download stuff from hyperlinks directly to Dropbox. But when you try to sync your Dropbox to this app, it says that the Dropbox API is outdated. Wait, what? And within 10 minutes, the browser crashed twice. It's not much, but I hope Apple refunds me my money. Take OFF 'Dropbox' from the title description please. Totally misleading.

  • It is a pity

    by Bebelier

    Just did not worked for me; I have tried more than 2 months, it crashes many times, takes for ever to open a page, it reloads your tabs every time you consult several at the same moment. No practical. It is a paid app it should work better. I will delete it.

  • Could be better, especially since it's a paid version

    by Rgambrel

    I got this to use for Facebook since the Facebook app & safari doesn't give me all of the options a computer does. I hate that anytime I switch between profiles it keeps crashing on me. Atomic web has has crash issues since I got it but I really think they are getting worse.

  • Almost great...

    by Laser99x

    Please add readability option. Add Closed tabs list with an option to restore a closed tab. Option to save font size save should be for the entire domain, not just a page. Needs a minimum font size setting for all web pages instead of having to set the font size for every page. Add a URL shortener option to email & post to twitter option.

  • Excellent

    by Shaqha

    Really like the option to emulate different browsers

  • This App saved my life

    by Sukichookie

    It's been a lifesaver!

  • No

    by billyblueshoes

    Do not buy this app. The long tap does not work so all the features are not there. It also seems to have been abandoned by its developer as well. I have wasted my money. Don't waste yours.

  • Excellent

    by KPayne68

    Great little gem.

  • Top notch

    by AlbertoCattan

    Excellent app

  • Used to be great

    by GSwarthout

    Hasn't been updated for iOS 7 and some functions no longer work.

  • Seriously needs update

    by PerturbedTyler

    Needs updated for iOS7, holding a link never brings up a context menu, making this browser practically useless now.

  • Good app

    by Bmfgern

    Like the title says

  • Great App

    by Lexn8rae

    Like it, does all I want it to.

  • Used to be my fav browser

    by ninasis

    This used to be my favorite iPad browser but lately the bugs have me running to Chrome. If you have multiple tabs open and switch to another app, when you come back all of the tabs relied so you lose your place. And half the time tabs will be missing. I'll go from having 7 active tabs, go check Facebook or Twitter, come back to Atomic and only 3 tabs are there and all of the reload. Beyond annoying!

  • Used to be good

    by Rej133

    Can't delete the Quick Links and support will not get back to you.


    by Gadafi Ali

    Come on!!

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