Printer Pro Lite Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Readdle
  • Updated: Oct, 29 2010
  • Version: 5.0.5
  • Size: 20.94 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Igor Zhadanov

The redesigned version has iOS 7 look! It supports more printers. You can now print test pages with various options!

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◆ Printer Pro prints attachments, documents, web pages and more right from the iPad/iPhone

PLEASE NOTE: Printer Pro Lite is aimed to check compatibility with your printer setup. If it works fine with your printer, get the full version of Printer Pro to print your documents.

Printer Pro is the application that lets you wirelessly print from the iPhone or iPad. It can print directly to many Wi-Fi printers and to any printer attached to your Mac or PC via helper application installed on your computer.

Once installed, Printer Pro appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you print documents from Mail, Safari, Documents and many other applications on your device that supports this function.

Using "Open In..." approach you can print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox and Google Drive. It just a matter of several taps to download your file via free Dropbox or Google Drive application and send it to printer.

To print a web page, just change "http" to "phttp" in the address bar in Safari and tap Go. The page will immediately be opened in the Printer Pro with print button right above your finger. You can print web based documents as well using this approach.

With Printer Pro you can print:
- Email Attachments
- iWork documents
- Web pages
- Files from other applications
- Clipboard content
- Photos
- Documents on Dropbox and GoogleDocs
- Contacts

◆ Printer Pro Desktop
Get free helper application for your computer to print more types of documents and with better quality. You can download it at

◆ List of supported document formats
PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, Safari webarchive.

Feel free to contact us If you have any suggestions, questions or issues at

Customer Reviews

  • Don't Forget the Desktop Helper

    by lie2me

    For those of us still using wired LAN printers, don't forget to install the other part - the software application for your desktop computer. There is a windows version and a mac version. This lite version is to test your printer to see if it will properly function. If so, you then can purchase the pro version for a couple of bucks. Apple should have thought ahead and included something like this in the IOS and their own MAC OSX. My new iPad Air is able to print to my printers on my network.

  • Works as advertised

    by Planethrottle12

    It isn't a phony app folks, it does the job , connects to Bonjour printers as well.

  • Cool

    by Swimmergirl1010

    This app is really organized and I need to be able to print from my ipad so it's perfect! I'll probably get the full version!

  • Fantastic

    by vgreen50

    Am buying the full version. I'm impressed!

  • AWESOME - old printer too!

    by Citywildcat

    The test worked just fine and I have a REALLY old printer..... As the LITE application says, this is just a test. It is NOT designed to print but only designed to see IF your printer is compatible with their full version tells me that the full version application would work so I bought it!

  • Can't access after paying

    by Jeessie17

    I upgraded this by paying on my iPad and wanted to use it for the new 5s I got. All I can get is the life version. Where does the pro appear in my apps after I already paid??? Very very upset! Please give me the app I paid for!!!!!!!

  • So Great!

    by Woo Hoo!!

    This is a wonderful app! Just keep in mind, it's only to find out if your printer will work with the paid app. Really great! I'm so excited that my printer will work with the paid app! Thanks!

  • Didn't you all learn how to read??

    by OkieGirl813

    Or is it you are all just greedy and want a good product for nothing? It says that the "lite" version is to TEST ONLY if your printer is capable to operate the full version!! Seriously, think about how much more dumb you would have felt if you went ahead and purchased the full version just to find out it doesn't work. Then you all would be on here whining about that and leaving bad reviews over what is basically your own stupidity!! I love the printer pro app and I did everything it said, so therefore I am happy to leave a positive review!!!

  • Hmmm...

    by Tomb88

    The reviews of this app read like a social commentary. Some people get it, some people don't. The developer clearly states that this app is a compatibility tester.

  • A tad convoluted, but it works

    by Justask411

    Needed something that would work with my older HP office jet 6500 and it does. Glad they have the lite version to do a test run!


    by Kapafirefirever

    So I wanted to print a funny drawing o my air printer and it worked IGNORE THE NEGATIVE COMMETS

  • Works great

    by Horse Dad

    Developer is up front that this is to test your printer before buying the full app, and I am happy they have this app as my printer setup did not work. My money is still in my pocket where it should be. Thanks.

  • Read the details

    by rb gallium

    Don't know why people rip on this and say bad things about the creators, they tell you up front that its main purpose is to see if it works BEFORE you buy it. I think that is commendable...

  • Great.

    by Fruee

    Don't be fooled by the negative reviews. This will determine if you can print from your iPad and the $1.99 for the pro version is well worth it. Great app, very happy to be able to print from my iPad.

  • i printed wit dis

    by Captain SPACE

    i thnx u printor pro thx

  • Read the description!

    by Fnnshuyrdvhf

    I downloaded this app & it did exactly what the description says it does: verified that I can print on my HP printer from my iPad if I buy the $6.99 version. The whiners who are angry because it doesn't do anything else should have READ THE DESCRIPTION before they downloaded it. Sure, it would be nice to have a good, full-featured printing app for the iPad at no cost. Good luck finding one.

  • Demo only

    by Cetunc

    Only bother with this if you are considering shelling out for the full version. This will only print demo sheets

  • Questionable....

    by BuddhaBear48

    If this app can do a "test" page without the computer, why does it need one with the paid version?

  • Lite version is not for printing

    by naturephotog

    I had hoped this app would permit me to understand how the Printer Pro app works. Unfortunately, it only seemed to tell me that my printer was compatible and that I would need to purchase the full app to try it out.

  • Doesn't work

    by Akofish

    Sees wifi printer, but won't print to Canon MX882. Deleted.

  • Pos

    by Jetman59

    Don't want to waste your time

  • cannot detect my Canon D1150 network printer

    by X9999xxx

    This iPad app cannot detect my Canon D1150 ethernet network printer. My Macbook Pro w/OSX Lion can print wirelessly to my Canon D1150. Apple is a frustrating company.

  • Didn't find my canon printer.

    by Lilbit8286

    I have been trying to find a printing app that will let me connect my iPad to my canon pixma mp620. I read that this one will work for it, but it didn't do anything. Hoping I can find one soon.

  • cp900

    by art33767

    app wont print test page, pdf wont upload to see if printer is available, did through ip, but wont do test print, dont want to pay and get stock with app, thsts why we give one star rating

  • Dell V310 series - does not print

    by Christina Thomas

    This app didn't work with my Dell V310 Series wifi printer.

  • Doesn't work

    by Rick real estate

    Don't download doesn't work.

  • Disappointing

    by eririk

    Doesn't work from safari or mail directly as it says. Pull down doesn't show this printing app. It does't say anything how to upload, but may need to upload the documents or website first to the printing software. So this is nothing different from other printing apps.

  • Terrible

    by Corrief

    Cannot test, all they want is for you to buy.... Rip-off....

  • Cannot fully test

    by William Schmaling

    Won't let me print own pics or docs to test with

  • Scam

    by Oldscout

    The lite version is just a come on the the pro version . It wouldn't recognize my Newish HP printer. The new sony laptop had no problem and neither did my iPhone 4S or iPad mini.

  • Simply did not work for any printer

    by JipJoe

    Using the same printers, a laser, and and all-in-one, which worked great on a Nexus tablet, this app for my ipad4 did not print a thing. It found the printers, just would not print and returned an error for both.

  • Printer Amateur

    by Oregonforestfan

    Terrible app. Only works for programs that have the "open in" menu. The test worked great but then could not print from Safari, Docs to Go, or Outlook. That doesn't leave much else

  • Didn't work for me

    by Susan Stoner

    I have a Lexmark e260d connected to an Airport Express. I can print from my MacBook Air just fine. Though I love this little laser printer, it's not AirPrint compatible, so I was looking at Printer Pro for $4.99. Glad I tried Printer Pro Lite before wasting the money. I followed the instructions, but it wouldn't print a test page from my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. As instructed, I downloaded the desktop app to my MacBook Air, installed it, and tried again to print a test page. Still heard no action from the printer. I went in the other room to check. The printer light indicated something was amiss. I pressed the button, and the e260d proceeded to projectile vomit 24 pages of garbage with no end in sight before I could find the power button (I never need to turn it off). I'm pretty annoyed at all the wasted paper. Instructions indicated the next step was to contact customer service. No thanks. At least I didn't waste 24 sheets of paper AND $4.99, so there's that. Now, Irene Chernyavska, please stop spamming my iCloud account. I don't know how I got on your mailing list, but I should have known better than trying a product from a spammer. I had a need and Printer Pro had good reviews, so I violated my own policy on that one. Live and learn.

  • No actual print function. Only tests print capability.

    by Corgal123

    This app doesn't actually offer any printing functions. It only tests to see if your this app works with your printer. If it tests positive then you have to buy the upgraded version

  • Terrible

    by Gamer160

    One star is one star to many

  • Worst

    by Yiassou

    Bad bad shame on u downloaded another and connected with my printer yours did not and wanted me to upgrade haha what a piece of crap

  • Doesn't work

    by Piano Music Lover

    It recognizes my printer but I can't print anything. There are no instructions....

  • Junk

    by Tponn

    Doesn't print to either wifi printer...just tells me to install another app and print thru one of my computers. Real junk!

  • Wow

    by Stonexxx01

    Wow, what a disappointment. I can't believe this app is available on the App Store. Don't waste your time, there are so many other options out there. I would be embarrassed if I were involved in its development.

  • It doesn't even deserve one star

    by Sheevahdiva

    Thank you for wasting my ink and time just to tell me to buy the full version

  • Worthless!!!

    by Ataclabo

    Yep pretty much worthless app that only tells you if another app might work - then $6.99 - not $1.99 - to get the actual app - not buying this one since there are others....

  • Pointless!

    by Jesca92

    This app just checks to see if you can print with it. You have to buy the whole version to be able to print. But because of this, I'm not gonna buy the app now.

  • Printer Pro Lite

    by RodPres

    Can't get it to download an update. Shows needed update number on App Store icon, but just installs forever. Wish I could get rid of it.

  • Should be against the law

    by Kingofsiam

    Apps like this should be banned. You take your time to install it and then they say you have to buy it. Why does Apple allow such trash?

  • Won't print to Canon

    by wsbowlesky

    Recognizes my Canon printer on the network, but won't print to it.

  • Don't waste your time

    by it_throbs

    With this app it is just a way to point you to the Pro $$$ version. These types of up sell apps are such a waste of time.

  • Horrible, does not work

    by Jennistar1183

    It seemed like it was going to work great, it detected my printer right away. But after printing the test page and selecting "Looks bad," it began printing random icons across over a dozen pages.

  • Does not print

    by Jeffsbaker

    I have a brother network printer which the program detected but it did not print anything

  • Does not support Canon MX860

    by jmchez

    Does not suit my purposes.

  • Not worth the time

    by Bxx122

    Connected with my printer using IP but still couldn't print without installing software on my PC. If I wanted to use my PC to print I would be using my PC to print and not need to transfer files from my phone. Still searching for an app that works.

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