Documents by Readdle - free file manager, media player, photo album and document viewer Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Readdle
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2010
  • Version: 4.4.1
  • Size: 42.05 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Igor Zhadanov

- new Box v2 API — previous versions of Documents will stop working with Box on Dec 13
- fixed bug with mailing one page PDF file on iOS 7

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1561 Ratings
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Read, Listen, View, Download, Annotate almost anything you want on your iPad. Files, documents, music, videos, books, any content is at home in Documents by Readdle.

App Store Editors' Choice in 70+ countries

"It's a tool that will help you stay better organized." - The Verge

"Documents combines a fast document viewer with a media player and file manager." - TUAW

"The app is super quick, it looks good and options are easy to locate and use." - The Next Web

"A surprising versatile app for consumers and businesses alike." - USA Today

Amazing attention to details, unmatched stability and design differs Documents from any app you have on the iPhone or iPad. You will use it constantly, at home, office, university or on the road, every single day.

Documents is the most capable application on your iOS device. It replaces a document viewer, pdf reader, download manager, music player, "read it later" and bunch of other applications as the one elegant app.

Just have a look at the short list of things that Documents allows you to do. It's an app that makes your iPad worth the price!

- View Office Documents
- Read and Annotate PDF files
- Search Inside Documents
- Edit Text Files
- Read Books and Articles

- View Photos from your Trip
- Watch Movies while on a plane
- Listen to Your Favorite Music

- Manage your files
- Copy Documents from Mac or PC
- Sync with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and other Services
- Share Files with Your Friends
- Protect Everything with a Password

- Store Email Attachments
- Download Documents from the Web
- Save Web Pages to Read them Later

Documents is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad!

Customer Reviews

  • Roman

    by Noxbc

    Documents is the best app I've ever used for working with PDF docs. Handy outlines, bookmarks, highlites and whole app interface is great and useful. Add Dropbox sync and downloader — isn't it great? Live long and prosper!

  • Love it!

    by  10oclockbuddy

    One place for all my stuff. Can't beat it!

  • Great app for my documents

    by PAPAVAN

    I have been using Documents for about three months and find it to be an excellent tool for storing documents, creating a PDF file of web page image, sharing files between my iPad and iPhone over a wi-fi network, zipping files, emailing documents. I have recommended it to everyone in our iPad Shared Interest Group.

  • Great once I figured out what it is

    by Money Badger

    Documents is a document manager storage application. It can pull documents from a lot of clouds service but doesn't really synchronize.

  • Excellent Dic organizer and reader

    by Belinda Crichlow

    I use this more than I use ibooks. This is my reader for pdfs because it allows me to make notes and in most cases highlight, underline, define, etc. It connects to online storage of which my fav is google drive. It does not render epubs efficiently. I got it mainly to read pdfs I created. I am quite pleased with the results.

  • Good app

    by Bacchus67


  • Almost perfect

    by aeeroO

    Very light, useful, works like a charm on 5s, 4 stars only, because it shows old ios6-style keyboard(fix that and ill give u 5)

  • Great app!!!

    by pwiggle

    This is a great app for those who use Dropbox as you can set up multiple Dropbox accounts in this one app!!

  • Better than the rest

    by HomeGrown landscapes


  • Best app

    by Romeo-i

    This app is perfect...

  • Best file manager available

    by jmchambers

    I've tested nearly all of them. This is the keeper.

  • Keeper!

    by Pyrsart

    Useful. Nice features. Well-thought-out app. This link to my Dropbox and iCloud is all that I need to store and organize my docs and downloads.

  • Must have!!!

    by Zhigiroff

    This application must be installed on each iPad!!!

  • Perfect for going paperless

    by Lavanjava

    I am attempting to go paperless in my life, and this app is just what I needed! I bought a Fujitsu Scansnap (fabulous, worth every penny), to scan all papers. This app allows me to organize all the files and easily search for files, as well as upload to Dropbox and/or iCloud to keep in the cloud forever. I would give the app a five star, but am having some issues with filing and organizing photos. Could be me, though...

  • Thumbs up!

    by alfrncki

    One of the most useful apps I have ever had. All the features that I needed are all here. Totally a must-have. Cheers!

  • great app

    by Diana_yuan

    very useful.

  • Love it!

    by RegJones20

    Would be 5 stars if you could add text or sign documents. Great for seamless organization of files.

  • awesome

    by kim mymin

    very good app!

  • Most Versatile app

    by Seegru

    To me, this is the most versatile app I have ever seen on ios. I read books, watch videos, manage my files and do so many other tasks so easily. I love it and recommend it 100% to everyone. I bet you wont regret.

  • Great but add background music play

    by TomasHalienka

    great app!! you can choose browser user agent. but please add option to listen music in background while i am reading pdf or browsing internet :)

  • Able to replace Goodreader

    by Brfesuen

    Fairly good doc app, all kinds of doc supporting. But seems have problems when open mobi book...

  • Best app I've purchased

    by The Dukke

    This app allows my iPad mini to function like a conventional computer where you save, edit and access files.

  • Favorite Go-To App

    by hgatekeeper

    It's a great app that allows you to save pretty much anything into a PDF format!!

  • Very good

    by B BARATZ

    Works great for me.

  • Awesome

    by Shibalagu

    I like this app can sync file with windows through Dropbox

  • Solid & Intuitive

    by luryqioruyoqi3yu

    Good Job! Must have for IOS devices

  • It's a Winner

    by brandchick

    This app lets me use my iPad conveniently and quickly. All my docs are in one place and portable. Nice!


    by illvince

    Great app!

  • Best file manager

    by Cesar2199

    I have this on my iphone and ipad mini and keeping the files synced up together works beautifully. Very great and useful app.

  • Buena herramienta

    by Antonioaran

    Me ha ayudado mucho en mis labores.

  • Thumbs up!!

    by Hoddiah

    I like this app. It is very easy to use and allows for grouping documents. I like the fact that I can save a file in docx format which is great when emailing documents. No problems, it does what it says and that's what you want from any app.

  • It's need to update keyboard

    by Fazswagger

    It is a very useful app but need some ios7 update.

  • The best

    by ces331

    This is the best I do like very much, is very good have everything in one place, thank you very much

  • Documents

    by Yova1010


  • Going paperless

    by zcbeach

    This app is the most useful I have found yet to help me on my goal of needing to carry nothing but my iPad. No more back problems from all that paper and all those textbooks. All digital. Documents is the app. Connects to all the cloud apps I use, stores files for use off-line, can open many different files types. Highly recommended.

  • Great app

    by Sethspill

    This app is priceless! I haven't been using it long but so far just the fact that I can use the app and go to my schools website, download and save my teachers power points so I can study them at any time without any internet hassle is incredible. Highly recommend!

  • Organizer made easy

    by Sherwood5030

    This App made filing everything simple, have been using for weeks with no issues. Having one place for documents is Great!

  • Very useful

    by Poothicote

    This is a very good app. It helps me to convert all my stuff and save it in my iPad. C George

  • Useful...

    by Mark T from Charleston

    I store many docs and it's great to be able to divide my docs by APP instead of by sub-folder and then drilling down! Try it.

  • Simple& convenient

    by Kj974513


  • Great app

    by Magicelbow

    This app is great if you accumulate lots of random documents from random places. iBooks doesn't guarantee to save these things if you need to transfer data to a new device. This will sync via iCloud so your stuff is available on multiple devices, and saved for sure.

  • Best

    by Pitelo

    Can not live without

  • Sara

    by SaDoyle

    AWESOME! Does everything you need to do with your documents and more!

  • Like this app

    by E Learner

    Like this app, use it a lot, really good!

  • Very good

    by lilsmilin

    I like having all my documents/PDF's in one place and easy to find amd this app does that.

  • Nice app

    by Heyjude2222

    The browser works well on my ipad. I also like the ability to manage my downloaded files, creating folders and sub-folders as needed. Also like the ability to open files in other apps.

  • 2 thumbs up

    by Lovebugnb

    Awesome app!

  • Very well

    by nimakht

    Very well

  • Very awesome app

    by DbnuttZ

    Very useful especially when trying to keep docs and email regarding particular subjects all together in one spot. Great app!!!

  • Great app

    by Cedrik_z4

    Really nice app. No crashes, really easy to use.

  • Almost perfect except SMB not working

    by Clpua

    Almost perfect tool. The only outstanding issue is SMB connection does not work. If SMB works, then will give the 5th star

  • 支持一下。五星好评,感谢开发者。

    by lin zhiming


  • One of the best

    by bawl7

    It does everything it says it does and it's well designed and smooth. 5 stars.

  • Very useful

    by Bluegladiolas

    This app is very useful to keep all your documents in one place. I love the cloud feature and also that I can access google docs as well. It was a little difficult to figure out at first though.

  • Lagging when opening large file

    by Jeancois

    Good file management compared to other apps but the rendering of large PDF files have been lagging have caused my ipad air to freeze mostly every time when I try to open large PDF files. Still searching for the best PDF reader that can render large file with out much lag so I can use it to read my medical text books.

  • Good app

    by Nabil1973

    Good App

  • Cool reader (file manager)

    by Coolly.

    Easy to use , very helpful for studings , i m satisfied )

  • One of the best

    by Jas & Judah

    Very Useful for review and maintaining integrity of doc. Other than using another app to edit the actual document... Or if you have 30 plus documents with dozen or so folders it becomes difficult to move a recent doc to a folder that is not in current display.

  • Just about perfect

    by McQueenSD

    I set up an scp account on my NAS and I browse all my docs using this app, works perfectly! The only thing missing would be samba support, but that's hard to find so no stars off.

  • Solid & Intuitive

    by luryqioruyoqi3yu

    Good Job!

  • Very useful!

    by Sarasota38

    I am currently using this app on an Ipad and it has definitely kept me very organize. I have recently started with school and this app allows me to store PDFs and word documents into specific folders of my choice, it also allows me to do subcategory folders and best of all I can take them on the go without the need of having to carry a laptop. I think it's worth it.

  • Great document management App

    by House hunters123

    Great Document Management App

  • Best doc app for ipad

    by Vertuals

    Finally an app do everything

  • Love it. So useful!

    by ThBarr

    Um dos melhores app que baixei. Muito bom, de fácil entendimento, com ferramentas tão simples que deveriam ser nativas do ios.

  • Awesome organizer!!

    by Brockels

    This is a great organizing tool!

  • Great App

    by iphonelover/addict

    Best PDF viewer by far. I like the organization that this app allows.

  • Awesome!!'

    by Ex-almost user

    Use it to transfer files between phone and computer without having to go through a nightmare process with the Apple's method.

  • Excelente

    by João Botelho

    Sem dúvidas, o melhor app gratuito para leitura de livros.

  • Funtional

    by Phnark

    It gets the job done. I use this app a lot for school and work related reference documents, a must have for anyone who needs a file browser on Apple.

  • Excellent for viewing documents on a mobile device!

    by PotatoPPP

    I use it to view documents in all sorts of format on a mobile, works great!

  • Perfect so far.

    by ReadsTooLittle

    Great interface, easy file upload/download from Linux and Windows, reads all the docs I need it to and then some; I use this for videos now! Works so much better for organizing than iTunes. Perfect!

  • iOS 7

    by mrsafraz

    Documents is one of the best productivity apps ever. Thanks for making it compatible with iOS 7. But, it would be great if it had the iOS 7 look and feel. Hopefully waiting for an update. Thanks.

  • Great features.

    by ScottCPA

    Allows me to do so much more with my iOS devices.

  • very satisfactory

    by iftekher.islam

    I am very satisfied by using this app.. fantastic

  • Music player

    by DotPdf

    Consider updating the music player to look more like the iOS 7 music player.

  • Amazind App

    by Doncarlos13

    Great App and very useful

  • Great

    by Unknown2111


  • Great app

    by R. Fisher

    I use it every day for work. I recently discovered that it can also save webpages in pdf format, so it replaced another app I have been using for this purpose. I would be ready to pay for this app in exchange for additional productivity features such as editing a word document.

  • Zak

    by Jblck

    Incredible app. One suggestion: Support .chm

  • Great!

    by willwest

    Can't say enough good things about this app. It has great features, is very stable, and integrates Dropbox support better than any other app I've used. By far the best document management app.

  • Great file manager

    by bquin

    and word processor. Works great with Dropbox. It has become my exclusive text editor for all kinds of documents. Can be used to open PDFs and JPEG's as well. Lots of good features.

  • Pro Sauce

    by Andrewcs77

    Epic app.

  • Great App

    by $@Q18

    I have been using it for a while and found to be a great app especially with cloud services. The developer can make it even better with more support and features

  • Great app

    by Pmthokku

    My one app solution for maintaining sync between the pdf docs on my mac and ipad. I mainly use it for grad school.

  • This is a great App.

    by Kidxzy

    I find this to be a very flexible App with many great feature.

  • i can say nothing

    by chen hao

    except Excellent

  • Suggestion

    by Naoufalel

    Nice app but the browser is so weak and can not handle ads please fix it by adding multiple tabs , and show the name of songs when they play , in the lock screen !!

  • I like this program

    by Ostapml

    It helps me to pass a lot of exams. Thank lol

  • Great

    by Carlosgsp

    Great app

  • There. I wrote a review.

    by scott c

    There. I wrote a review.

  • Great app

    by Jjsadrien

    I use it for work daily

  • A must for ipad owners

    by erdgjt

    Great app. Opens all types of documents from all types of sources. It's been a lifesaver for retrieving work documents. I also use it for storing .pdfs from the web to read later when internet isn't available.

  • One of the best apps I ever had

    by Zaco13

    Documents helps me a lot in PDF files....certain word documents and it's integration is sublime! Overall it's a must app for working people!!!

  • Reseña de Documents

    by Bazvie

    Excelente aplicación, me encanta. La recomiendo cien por ciento.

  • Brilliant app

    by Akag9

    I use this for home/hobbies related PDFs and use PDF Expert (same company) for work (medicine). Sync with dropbox. Works great.

  • iOS 7

    by MK

    I really like this app but please update to iOS 7 interface

  • One of the Best ever

    by Al-Hossain

    It's one of the best apps ever and it's a must-have app for all iphone and iPad users ... The only one missing thing is the multi-tab browser , I think Readdle should add it in the next versions .. Totally great .. Thanks Readdle ..

  • Amazing file manager

    by Grupaco

    This app is one amazing file manager and more, the one place for all your file needs!

  • Best application for view documents

    by ENC%%%

    I got this for reding manuals in PDF format. I found not only the best reader among all I tested, but the best overall to organize my documents. Excellent app.

  • 很好用

    by liuweihe


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