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Languages: English, Vietnamese

Seller: Quang Anh Do


- Cut/Copy crashes certain device models
- Changing line spacing doesn't work in iOS 7
- Up/Down arrows don't work when Bluetooth keyboard is used
- Various crashes in iOS 7

- Less creepy Preview icon (The "Eye")

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Writing Kit is for writers who want to do research and write documents/screenplays in Markdown or Fountain. You don't even need to know Markdown syntax to get started.

Writing Kit comes with Dropbox sync, TextExpander support, HTML export, researching tools among tons of well-thought out features.



"[Writing Kit] manages to combine a rather powerful set of features, and yet it remains very simple to use, with an uncluttered interface. If you write anything on that requires you to use source material, you should probably check out Writing Kit." — WIRED Gadget Lab

"It’s app as multitool, seeking to provide all the functions that a web-native author might want in their day-to-day work. What I find interesting about it is the way of thinking about how you carve the world up into tasks. From a user experience design standpoint, it’s a tuned set of tools for a particular kind of user working on a particular kind of job." — Fast Company's Co.Design

"I’m going to tell you about another one that makes those long writing sessions easier – Writing Kit. If you’re one to frequently use Markdown and do research while writing, then Writing Kit is definitely for you and worth the admission price." — AppAdvice

"This app has been this week’s revelation for me. I’ve been trying several note-taking apps in the past weeks, but as far as Markdown goes, Writing Kit is a winner." — MacStories

"Incredibly robust and full featured for what it is" — The Brooks Review



* Markdown

Use formatting tools to quickly insert headings, strong/emphasized text, links, images, code snippets and lists in Markdown syntax.

* Fountain

Write your screenplays in the new easy-to-read and easy-to-write plaintext format. Preview them the way they are meant to be.

* Dropbox Sync

Edit your documents on-the-go, then sync them back to Dropbox. And vice versa.

* CloudApp Integration

Upload images from your library to CloudApp. Or transfer those on other web pages to your account in a snap.

* Document Outline

Browse the list of headings, images and links in your document and jump to any of them in no time.

* Word and character count

Check your document stats anytime.

* Font Choices

Choose among 13 popular fonts to write your next great piece.

* Custom Themes

Pick your favorite theme out of 16 different color schemes.

* Quick Research

Get instant answers, word definitions, Wikipedia summaries, and related topics to any terms you wish. Lookup and replace words using Terminology.

* TextExpander

Use your favorite snippets anywhere in the app: in the editor or in the built-in web browser.

* Preview

See exactly how your Markdown-formatted document looks like in a gorgeous theme.

* Import

Bring your plaintext and Markdown-formatted documents in from other apps and your computer using iTunes File Sharing.

* Export

Export as Markdown, HTML source or PDF file. Send it directly to Evernote, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr and Twitter. Open in external apps like iA Writer, Elements, PlainText, Textastic, Phraseology, and Nebulous.

* Power Search

Quickly search more than 1300+ sites (Google, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, Ars Technica, Hacker News, etc). Ask questions, do conversions, find facts, and so on.

* Clutter-free Browsing Experience

Use built-in Ad blocker and Text mode.

* Bookmarks

Organize local bookmarks with tags. Browse online bookmarks on Pinboard. Access favorite sites anywhere.

* Quick Research

Learn about anything you come across within two taps.

* Reading Queue

Queue things you find interesting to view later.

* Instapaper/Readability

Send links to Instapaper and Readability. Access your unread items right from within the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Serious tool for competent users

    by cswaters

    This is the first time I've ever written a review for an app, I can't believe the low ratings we must be using different apps. Writing Kit is the swiss army knife of Markdown iOS text editors. Ignore the bad reviews, those people clearly don't read documentation (which is excellent) or mistake user-errors for app errors. I've used Writing Kit with Dropbox daily for close to two years now, never have an issue. I never have to leave the app when writing or doing research. It's the best Mathjax editor in the app store, it allows for the use of tables in MultiMarkdown, inline links and web references are super easy, the outlining feature helps with large documents, the web browser is awesome.

  • Better than writing on a Mac

    by David Chartier

    Great Dropbox editor with Markdown support and a built-in browser for doing research and citing quotes. The update with live word count, PDF export, and in-doc search makes it even better, though I wish we could organize our files and move them into different folders. Still, Writing Kit is a great app that literally unlocked the iPad for me as a writing device.

  • Great app until iOS7

    by fjpoblam

    On iOS7 with an iPad2, severe misbehavior. Hoping for an update or fix. "Copy" or "Cut" upon "Select all" locks the app. Period. No recourse except to restart the app.

  • The best.

    by Splendorr

    Love this app for text editing. Use Markdown headers, and jump to sections quickly. Also love the "scroll to bottom" button. It's a powerful app, but for me all the little touches make it great.

  • Loss of scroll feature

    by Goonman

    Writing Kit is an excellent program for writing and I use it all the time. The recent update though has changed one of the features I use most when editing. I use an Apple bluetooth keyboard and the scroll up/down key no-longer works. This means that in long articles I have to either touch the screen or move the cursor left/right to get to a desired location. Please Fix

  • Amazing Text Editor

    by NeXTLoop

    Phenomenal update! Writing Kit continues to be an outstanding text/Markdown editor. The new keyboard is a nice addition.

  • Excellent text editor

    by Timmyozone

    The many additional features along with the text editing make this my go-to app. Anytime I need to make a blog post or do any other writing I can do everything in this app. Plus the price isn't bad at all either.

  • Very robust writing app

    by 45magnum

    I've used writing kit to create some longer text including blog posts with images. I can't think of too many apps that come close to the power if writing kit. I use a bunch of different text apps such as drafts, note and share, etc and writing kit has the best markdown tools I've seen. The smart return easily allows lists to flow while the baked in markdown shortcuts save a lot of time. You can even indent lists just by swiping to the left or right which is an amazing feature I haven't seen in any other text app. The built in browser may seem like overkill at first, but its really useful whenever you want to create something like a blog post or an email with some images or research embedded in the document. You never have to use the browser of you don't want to, but knowing its there is great. Syncs with Dropbox which is great. Also exports to anything prettying including Evernote and tumblr. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I was hoping it would be able to sync directly with google drive just like Dropbox. Also, writing kit is a bit more cumbersome when creating a new document and exporting than I would like. You should be able to create a default setting for creating and exporting documents. I tried to use writing kit as my only text app, but it wasn't fast enough to get things in and out to be my quick text app as well. Like many others I've become a drafts user and often start writing in drafts then push it over to writing kit for more detailed work. There should be a way for drafts to create a Dropbox doc in writing kit but so far I an only get drafts to push into local storage. That said, writing kit is till an amazing app and I look forward to giving it 5 stars if they can make it faster to start and export a document like drafts.

  • Best editor for [Multi]Markdown

    by octosquid

    I've tried at least ten of the "best" MD editors for iPad/iPhone. None of them come close to WK. It's long list of features are simple to use. The author continues to improve it and add important features that make it stand out a lot from the others. My favorite features are support for MultiMarkdown, Dropbox, CloudApp, MathJax, Terminology, and TextExpander. This alone makes it more powerful than anything out there. Add onto this its Fountain support, font and theme choices, preview for MD and Fountain, import and export options, the excellent built-in browser and power search, bookmarks, Instapaper support, and great MD keyboard buttons. I also love the Inline link conversion for turning inline MD links into reference links. It even puts them at the bottom of the doc for you! Very well written. Highly recommended.

  • The only writing app for iOS worth criticizing.

    by bitbunch

    This is a terrific app for writing screenplays. To me it's a mini Scrivener for the iPad. There are a number of decent writing apps for the iPad and many that I like, but this is the only one I use on a regular basis. Not only does it have a great text editor, but being able to do research via the in app web browser makes this app the only one I use. This is a huge thing in iOS where it's only one app at a time. I don't like having to write in one app and switch out to another to do my research. The app allows me to work the way I like. The interface is excellent and overall the app well executed.

  • Most powerful Markdown editor around

    by mrflip

    I use Writing Kit for everything from quick notes to chapters of the book I'm writing. Dropbox Sync works quite well, and the ability to navigate the full Dropbox tree is very useful. Markdown support is sound. There are doodads to add markup, and WK is markdown-aware: for example, in a bulleted list hitting enter extends the list; in a paragraph it starts a new paragraph. Markdown preview is a new, fixed window -- there's no live-preview let alone live-editing of the composed document. The newest version does drop you into the place you're editing, which is nice. WK's best feature is its advanced keyboard and gestural support. Tapping the margins moves you letters left and right; two-finger moves by words. The keyboard has an extender row that puts useful shortcuts at your fingers. Little features: while there's no search-replace, but the search box supports Regular expressions; fast recent documents access; send-to evernote and other external apps; export to HTML, pdf and so forth. The writing experience is great, but outside of that its interface can feel a bit clunky -- the kind of clunky that you often have to accept for something as featureful as this app. The file menus in particular stack the essential, the occasional and the configurable together: it's all good, but it shouldn't all be *there*. If you want every last detail to flow, look at Daedalus; if you want to know that the thing you want to do is possible use WK. Wishes: * Customize the extended keyboard row. This is the biggest feature that I miss from other writing apps. * Name default document titles by date+time, not mash: "2013-04-01 Note.md" is much better than "Document_ab453f32.md". It's also not clear that the extension is added; I still often find I've saved foo.md.md in my Dropbox. * triple-backtick for extended code blocks * I'd pay for an in-app upgrade to other markups formats (asciidoc in particular) * Search+Replace * quickie scratch-pad space for a quick note. Otherwise it's files, navigate, plus sign, type, sync, think of how to title note to find later among others, which can be more work than the note was.

  • Yay

    by 3Cancer3

    They fixed my problem back to five stars ^_^ Thanks

  • Love it.

    by spainacc

    This is the perfect power app for the person just learning to write in Markdown. I have recommended this app to all my friends.

  • Awesome App

    by meathead70

    This app got a great mention in David Sparks and Eddie Smith's new book on Markdown. Awesome.

  • love it!

    by juleskb

    Writing Kit is what I use to post to my websites. It's so much easier than using my MacBook Pro. I tried other markdown apps but only use Writing Kit. Love this app!

  • Indespencible

    by mdwittenberg

    I use this app everyday. Simply the best Markdown editor for its flawless dropbox integration, subtle toolbar, and correct markdown implementation.

  • Excellent markdown app

    by jrosen76

    Excellent app. The improvements are great - especially remembering sort order.

  • I wish it had a fullscreen mode

    by beatmaker2

    Then it would be perfect.

  • Crashing

    by Fitz-p

    I would give five stars and agree with most praise on here, except since update, every 3rd time I try to open a new page/document, the app crashes and I have to delete and re-download the app. This causes me to lose all saved documents before the crash :(

  • Great Markup Writing Tool

    by GiantSteve

    Five stars all around. Great writing environment which interprets markdown code perfectly. The ability to integrate research snippets and images easily is fantastic. Dropbox sync works well. I have purchased many of the available markdown writing apps and this is now what's on my home screen.

  • Piece of Junk

    by Gronamox

    This garbage actionally cons you into believing you can start writing your novel immediately. It has nothing to do with writing but is a cheap component for a non existent word processing unit. I want my money back.

  • Well...

    by Joe in NC

    Writing Kit's combination of features and simplicity is about right, but... Either the Dropbox sync is buggy or I'm doing something wrong, because a five minute edit of an existing document results in 6 or 8 conflicted copies. Not good.

  • No good look for another app

    by rodmaljo

    I just bought this app and is no good. It freezes a lot and don't let me use my photos from my library. Don't waste your money!

  • Not a markdown outliner

    by mickmcq

    It may be my fault for misunderstanding the app description but it gave me the impression that the document outline would be useful as it is on Mac-based markdown editors. Even Listacular, a simple to-do list app, seems to have a more useful markdown outline view. I can not, for example, open one section for editing while leaving the others closed. It's strictly (a) hide the keyboard (b) look at headings (c) return to non outline mode. Similarly, there is no syntax highlighting of markdown. To see any indication of markdown, it's necessary to switch into a view-only mode. textastic is an example of an app that gives visual indicators of markdown while editing. I would return to this app only if it could do more with markdown.

  • Very Limited LaTeX Support

    by sam_morris81

    I purchased this app because I was looking for a mobile solution to getting a LaTeX document into Evernote. The MathJax used in the preview properly renders 'displayed' TeX, but the hooks to render 'inline' TeX do not work properly. Additionally, no matter how the document is shared to Evernote, it does not save the rendered TeX, it only saves the actual text of the Writing Kit file. If you were looking for a LaTeX and Evernote integration app, this is not a good solution.

  • Crap

    by canopy 5

    They said they fixed the crashes. They did not. Not even a little.

  • Crashes every time I try to open a new document.

    by Black guitars

    Ridiculous. How can I use this? Most buggy apps release updates. Not this one. Don't waste your money.

  • Still crashing

    by Patrick Byrne

    Can't link to Dropbox. Very limited regarding opening, editing, exporting, etc. documents. Please fix.

  • It was my first choice writing tool... then it began to constantly crash

    by Wodahs96

    Of all the other writing apps, Writing Kit looked to be about the best. But then it began to crash every time I attempted to launch it on my iPhone 5. I couldn't find any way to reach the developer except through Twitter, so I deleted the app.

  • Fake

    by slugworthy

    Don't listen to all these FAKE reviews. This app is garbage. It does nothing. Give your money to a homeless crackhead instead.

  • I hate Writing Kit b'coz I can't write on my Mac anymore!

    by cloneofsnake

    Before I came across Writing Kit, I mostly wrote on Google Docs and then copy & paste to wherever I need. After I got this app, I fell in love with its simple markdown helpers and cheat sheet, its built-in research tool where I could insert links w/o leaving my writing, its Dropbox sync (albeit a bit wonky sometimes) and its export and send to wherever options! Honestly! I can't write anywhere else anymore! And I wish I could have Writing Kit on Mac as well so I don't need to always write on my iPad :( YES!! IT'S THAT GOOD!!!

  • I am liking this app

    by Lwjpaw

    New Review: Dropbox is fully integrated into the app now! If you are working on something it is located in Dropbox. I wish every app would do this, it would make things so much simpler. Microsoft Office has its use but for a preliminary essay or paper I use this all the time along with using the markdown syntax. Can export in PDF now! It is my favorite writing app. Also the search function keeps you within the app instead of having to leave it- very good. Another thing that should be taken in consideration for buying this app is that the developers are constantly updating it. A huge proportion of my favorite apps the developer has taken a long vacation to who knows where, not so here. OLD REVIEW: PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED. I have been using this app for ten minutes. I would not put this down because there is a problem with Dropbox. This app has enough in it to make it well worth what I spent on it. I have sometimes given apps very critical reviews but I think this app has to be taken as a whole. This developer has put a lot of effort into this app and I am sure it's problems will be fixed. To me this app compared to other writing apps is far superior.

  • The best way to write on iOS

    by W1ll14m

    Writing Kit has hands-down the best writing experience on iOS. Each feature is carefully considered, and the research tools (w/ Instapaper support and a built-in browser) are top-notch. It has great Markdown support and plenty of preview/export options. It's never lost or corrupted a file. I do all my writing on iOS in Writing Kit.

  • Thank

    by Q8buy

    Great update fixed a lot of crashes.

  • First Class Writing App

    by Appeltize

    Very useable and well thought out app. Use it all the time.

  • About equations

    by Ian Leon

    I would love some mathematical equation input

  • Fountain support needs support.

    by Twisted View

    TL;DR - Fountain support is anemic, basically it adds a .fountain extension to Markdown documents. I downloaded Writing Kit primarily for its Fountain support, which is, as it turns out, is not spectacular. It's better than nothing, but it's got a long way to go before it can be used for serious screenwriting. "Write your screenplays in the new easy-to-read and easy-to-write plaintext format. Preview them the way they're meant to be." When I read that in the app description, I was stoked. That sounded great. Unfortunately, the first part means "here's a shortcut to bold and italicize text and a bunch of other buttons you'll never use" and the second part means "preview your screenplays like they're Markdown documents." So not like a screenplay at all, basically. There is a market for a great Fountain app. Writing Kit could fill it, but in its current state it is not that app.

  • Essential

    by robwest

    If you are a fan of optimizing workflows for writing, WK is fantastic. Plus: Markdown and Fountain support. One of my top 10 apps.

  • Great markdown writing and research app

    by loupdemar

    A favorite markdown writing app with requisite TextExpander DropBox sync, and integrated browser. Useful for writing, emailing formatted docs, and now exporting in PDFs. Reliable and always improving.

  • Reliability of Dropbox synchronization seems to have dropped

    by evolve75

    The actual editing functionality remains great, but the Dropbox sync seems to have issues. Every file I edited from Dropbox ended up with "Conflict Copies" or with upload errors.

  • Almost perfect

    by GeorgeVW

    A great tool for writing and research. The only thing that could make it better would be tabs in the internal browser. Yes, there are workarounds, but a set of tabs for a research project, for example, would be a good addition. Using Scrivener on the Mac and Writing Kit on the iPad is getting established as my workflow.

  • Great writing app

    by marktomas

    I love the PDF export option.

  • Don't!!!!!!

    by bbazio

    I went in the first time and it was fine. As soon as I went out and tried to go back in it crashed. Now it won't open. I paid $5 for this!!!!!!???

  • Where is iCloud support?

    by joe mommie

    Works fine, would like to see iCloud and Dropbox option much like the "Notesdeck" app.

  • Dropbox sync creates multiple "conflicted" copies

    by FergusBremner

    This would be a great writing tool were the Dropbox sync not completely broken. It takes forever to load a remote document and then, after even a few minutes editing, you'll find Writing Kit has generated as many iterations of your original document as edits and saves. Utter nightmare.

  • Crashes immediately

    by KH-NY

    Crashes immediately when I try to create a document in DropBox. Weeks with no fix. Complete waste of my money!

  • I try out nearly every writing app and this is the best and most unique.

    by Pythagorean Theorist

    I don't usually write reviews, but I was just so astonished that Writing Kit isn't the highest rated plain text writing app. It should be.. or at least very very close to highest rated. I love how this does things none of the other writing apps do. For one, it incorporates tools into your workflow that you don't need to leave the app for. There is a quick research option which lets you type a question and gives you back a simple answer like a division problem or a calendar question, but there is also a full browser option if you need to do some more research without leaving your writing environment and opening mobile safari or chrome. Another great feature is the way it works with the Terminology app within the app itself. I don't know how it makes its backdoor request, but it is really slick how it is just there for you to use without having to leave the app and copy and paste and all that. The final thing I'll mention is that it has the best and most advanced support for fountain. (one of the reviews I read knocked Writing Kit for making you type in plain text... that's what fountain is!) Even iA Writer, which seems to be the darling of the fountain community, doesn't have the same level of preview capabilities as Writing Kit. Writing Kit has a very nice preview option which takes your markdown and then renders it like a screenplay. Very very nice. In summary, as a professional writer that creates content on my iOS devices at least several times daily, I haven't found anything that any of the other plain text writing apps do that writing kit does not also do and do better. (If you are a programmer, there may be some of the customizable functions in Nebulous that would put it over the top for you, or if you really don't need anything as advanced as Writing Kit and just want pretty and simple, you might like iA Writer or Elements.. but other than that I don't understand why Writing Kit isn't the king of the plain text writing apps. I think maybe in the earlier versions some people had some dropbox sync problems. But that has all been re-written. Now Writing Kit is as rock-solid as any of the other guys and it does way more on top of that. For me, it is the iPad and iPhone little syncing buddy to Scrivener on my mac that is more and more becoming my favorite environment to write in on any platform.

  • Won't open

    by Reviewer918273645

    The program won't open. I have an iPad 3. I have recently rebooted with no change in behavior for this program.

  • Bombs

    by Eolnshurdlu

    I accessed a text file through dropbox and the first version document was Loren ipsum. The second attempt worked when accessing from dropbox but thereafter writing kit now bombs upon opening and is useless!

  • An app that won't open has no worth

    by Think2HonorChrist

    Downloaded and used for 10 minutes to get familiar with it. App closed by itself and I could not get it to stay open again. If it can't be used, it has no worth.

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