Cyberspace - Web browser optimized for reading and sharing Productivity App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, Vietnamese

Seller: Quang Anh Do

- Retina graphics for the new iPad
- Optimization and bug fixes

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Cyberspace is a universal web browser for the iPhone and iPad, optimized specifically for the purpose of discovering, reading and sharing.


✔ DuckDuckGo-powered DuckBar™
Google Suggestions, access to 750+ site-specific search engines, and tons of other goodies

✔ Zero visual distractions
Ad blocking, Text-only mode, Readability bookmarklet and shutup.css integration

✔ Fits in your workflow
Integrates with TextExpander, Pastebot, Delibar, and OmniFocus. Supports Markdown syntax

✔ Instapaper integration
Access to your Unread items right at your finger tip

✔ Share to your heart's content
Send links, images or text to Instapaper, Read It Later, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Delicious, Pinboard, Zootool, Evernote, and Google Reader

✔ Local & Online bookmarks
Access to local bookmarks with tagging and extensive bookmarklet support. Rapidly import thousands of bookmarks into Cyberspace using iTunes File Sharing
Online bookmarks saved on Delicious, Pinboard, and Zootool are all available from the same pane

✔ Zero-click info from DuckDuckGo
Learn about anything you come across within two taps. You don't even have to leave the current page

✔ Gestures, gestures, gestures
Quicker access to frequently used features

✔ External-URL-aware
Detect link from other apps in clipboard. Launch Cyberspace right from another browser by prefixing any link with the letter 'c'

✔ No data lock-in
Any data you put into Cyberspace can be exported whenever you want

✔ Reading queue
Find something interesting. Queue it. Finish reading the current page before moving to the next item in queue
Works perfectly with Wikipedia, reddit, Hacker News, Tumblr Dashboard, top-1000-something blog posts and the like

✔ Scratchpad
Quickly jot down ideas and store random information you found on the web for your own purpose. Support both TextExpander and Markdown syntax


"[Cyberspace] packs so many features that $2 is worth the time you’d save trying to set up mobile Safari to emulate even half of its functionality. If you do a lot of reading on the web, or even just a lot of mobile browsing and sharing via social networks, then Cyberspace is an absolute must-buy." — The Apple Blog

"[Cyberspace] is jam packed with useful and thought-out features not found in Safari." — Shawn Blanc

"If you're looking for a really powerful browsing experience on your iPhone or iPad, look no further than Cyberspace" — Life Hacker

"Cyberspace isn't so much about adding new features as it is about changing the way the user approaches the browser. [...] It’s a different workflow, but with these limitations works flawlessly." - Smoking Apples

"This time, more features mean less clutter and easier ways to read and share online." — iPhone App Storm

"A great example of how to improve an app not by adding stupid features but removing stuff." — Michael from MoApp Software Manufactory


Feel free to contact me at @cyberspaceapp or for all the issues you have.

Customer Reviews

  • Pinboard, anyone!?

    by Crumpled User

    No other iPad browser has this kind of pinboard integration! may i have support for Readability, please?

  • Great for reading

    by jg6464

    The iPad doesn't have a big enough brain to support a browser that will do everything well. For me, this one is optimized for reading--newspaper articles, longer blog posts, magazines, etc. For example: I go to the first page of the New York Times and add a dozen articles to the "queue". Then I turn on Readability mode and work through them. They load automatically without all the busy sidebar stuff, and in single page format! The app also handles well everything I'd like to do after reading: write notes, bookmark locally or in the cloud, send the article to another service... Finally, since other apps open URLs in Safari, it's easy to switch back to Cyberspace, either by simply copying and pasting the URL or by just adding a "c" in front of it. Great!!

  • Missing basic features.

    by OnTheEast

    A full-featured app that is missing the basics. No history list, for example. No way that I could see to create local bookmarks. Either this is incompletely implemented or hard to figure out. Needs more work.

  • Remarkably innovative app

    by ro921

    Cyberspace completely reinvents the concept of a browser on a handheld device. By casting itself free of the concept of tabs which many competing browsers attempt to force on the iPhone's small screen, Cyberspace remarkably streamlines both web browsing for information and pleasure. Cyberspace allows you to easily switch to viewing a text-only version of a page, which is a necessity for a handheld device. The reading queue feature solves the problem of coming across a link in a page which you want to follow- yet doing so would interrupt finishing reading the current page. Cyberspace isn't perfect, but it is already more usable than any other browser I've tried on the iPhone (atomic web, perfect browser, 360, portal, iCab). It tightly integrates with Instapaper - I prefer read it later, and would like to see the same level of integration with RIL in the future. In addition, the readability integration isn't readability - it is Instapaper mobilizer, a far cry from the readability bookmarklet. I would like to see that replace Instapaper mobilizer. Overall, highly recommended.

  • Very nice

    by npath

    ***Update*** Crashes frequently with change of orientation. Please fix this. ***Original Review*** I really like the relative simplicity of this browser. The text mode is clean. The ability to export to Evernote is very nice and unique among browser apps. Please allow the ability to use TextExpander for internet searching and not just for the scratchpad. Thanks.

  • Almost there...

    by squishybot

    Love the Pinboard integration, but needs tabs or windows or something... The queue doesn't replace multiple windows for me.

  • Browser for nerds

    by Tuan Anh Tran

    Use this if - you are a regular instapaper user. - you use social bookmarking service like Pinboard. - you want to combine instapaper feature right in your web browser - you want built-in ads blocking right in your browser - you want to use another search engine other than Google

  • Only way to mobile surf.

    by G3funk

    This gem of a browser is the coke for your productivity obsession. The ease of gathering links as you read a site that is strait text is genius. Moreover a strong integration with Pinboard and Instapaper tops off a list of amazing. Now I just wish they would bake it all together and make a native Mac app.

  • nice browser...

    by 0zzwood

    when it isn't crashing. I am a really big fan of the scratchpad and the queue for sites I want to look @ later. Those are things that Safari just doesn't have.

  • Text mode is great

    by Porkrind

    It's really nice to be able to filter out the crust on non-mobile sites and just focus on the content.

  • Good start

    by Roger Dash

    I enjoy all the shortcuts and social media sites that you can share with. However, it does crash often. But! Still the best in mobile browsing.

  • Very promising!

    by Nghia Nguyen

    It has a simple UI and really unique icon - really sticks out in the bunch of cliche-looking apps in the App Store nowadays. Every function is pretty much self-explanatory. The app is intuitive, simple, and useful. If you like the simplicity of Instapaper, you will love this app. The feature "Add to Queue" itself probably will change the way you surf webs forever.

  • No tabs == lame

    by buggsy2

    What it does, it seems to do well enough. But no tabs? Isn't that like 1990? Also the forward/backward arrows don't seem to work, no bookmark bar, etc etc. The last update was months ago. I think the one-man developer may be overwhelmed...or got a girlfriend and lost interest in this. Anyway I'm switching back to Atomic Web.

  • Would be good if it had tabs or windows and true ReadItLaterList integration.

    by ByteMastr

    This would be a complete drop-in replacement for Safari if it provided multiple windows or tabs to have many webpages open at once. I wish I would have read the reviews closer so that I could have realized this before forking over the $3.00. Also, it appears like if you're a ReadItLaterList user vs. an Instapaper user, the browser functionality changes considerably. With Instapaper, the little filing cabinet in the bottom left shows you articles in your Instapaper queue. If you go to settings and switch from Instapaper to Read It Later, you only get to view the Local Queue; Nothing like being a 2nd class citizen. What's the big deal on ReadItLaterList vs. Instapaper? Instapaper says you need a subscription (presently $1/mo.) to get their functionality integrated seamlessly into this browser. Come on Quang Anh Do, give is multiple tabs, windows, (or both), and do a better ReadItLaterList integration, like what you have for Instapaper!

  • Time to move on

    by pdxmph

    I've been using this app daily for many months, but with the update to iOS 5 it has become very crashy. The support email address is bouncing, and the developer's Twitter account has been silent for months. Now that Safari has Reading List, which provides the same sort of functionality this app's queue does, and the Reader button, I've taken this out of my dock. It's a real shame because there are great ideas here, and with a few more iterations and some polish this app could have been the gold standard for browsers on tablets. Best to avoid it now, though. Other alternatives with active developers are out there, and Safari is improving.

  • Really like it, but...

    by Jersey-j

    For the iPad version at least, I need the ability to change the user agent. I want to view full Internet pages on my iPad, yet this and safari will only load mobile versions of certain sites. Please add this function, I'll update my review when/if this function is added.

  • Abandonware

    by pendolino

    I should learn to stay away from developers that start with a great idea but lose interest and abandon the product soon after or at launch. Don't waste your money on this and be very wary of unproven developers that don't provide any trial/free apps.

  • Textexpander combatibility? Where?

    by pbnlzen

    I find the feature set of this browser to be underwhelming. If a feature is there, I don't want to spend a lot of time searching for the clever nonstandard way it was implemented. Like a history list. Still can't find one, if it even exists. Not good. I've been using Atomic Web Browser which I find fantastic, feature-loaded and easy to use and figure out. The one thing it currently does not have is an interface to TextExpander. I saw that Cyberspace had that feature which is the only reason I got it. Well after an hour of unsuccessfully looking around trying to find how to access TextExpander, as I have with other apps I own, I give up. So no TextExpander, no need for Cyberspace. I'll stick with Atomic Web Browser.

  • Forward and Back Arrows???

    by Mikeb92

    I liked the concept of this app, but it misses the target. The biggest problem is that the forward and back arrows don't work! you can't go back to the previous page you where viewing.

  • Frustrated

    by Ericg51

    I must assume that it's me, but I can't locate the settings on this app. As someone who has worked as a high level database developer and even an occasional programmer, I find this app opaque. Yes, it renders web pages as text, but the rendering is often chaotic and, itself, difficult to navigate. The app really need DETAILED instructions or, at the very least, a comprehensive support page. It lacks both. I would like a refund for this app, but will not pursue it.

  • Feature-incomplete

    by xfrosch

    Can't clear cache or edit history. Deleting.

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