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Present your prezis anywhere with simple, intuitive multi-touch gestures. Drag to pan, and pinch to zoom in or out of topics, just like you do with any map app. Prezi for iPhone is the perfect companion for an even greater Prezi experience.

Customer Reviews

  • Aplicacion educativa

    by App no sirve para nada

    Excelente aplicación me gusto mucho ,la forma de ver los mapas mentales con una forma mas dinámica!!:)

  • Prezi

    by Btm101234

    Its aight

  • Prezi

    by  LostInTheStars

    It is ok, but it takes a long time to update the prezi, and you can't edit!!

  • Help

    by Iffygosling574

    It's ok to look at videos but how do u make them on a ipod

  • Ok

    by Plebius1966

    It needs editing

  • Okay

    by MayaLovesThisss<3

    It's okay

  • Very nice!!!

    by MiikaG

    Create a nice presentation on your iphone or ipad! I love it!!!

  • Woohoo

    by Surfin dude

    Great app for studying!!! I am the first review!!!!

  • Successfully Allows Prezis to be viewed

    by crazycblake

    This app does what it intended to do. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I had to create an account again, it would not let me login via LinkedIn (like online), therefore I do not have viewing ability on my Prezis from that account as easily as I do online (gotta search). Add Log-In w/ LinkedIn support like there is online and it'd 5 stars. Also, adding the ability to create/edit would be a cool addition; but that wasn't this app's intention, so that doesn't affect my review grade.

  • It's a good app but somes problems

    by Ha.tutos

    I have two main problems while im using it, first it goes back to the first page without finishing, and second I don't know how to get out of my prezis when it is conected to a projector. :/

  • Reviewers are Oblivious

    by mariyadiarrhea

    Do you guys not see the name of the App? It's called "Prezi Viewer". Not "Prezi Editor". Lol. The app does what it's supposed to. Try reading before judging so harshly!

  • Perfect for viewing!

    by heathermoy87

    This app is perfect for what it intends to do. VIEW APPS. People who complain about how it doesn't allow you to edit or create Prezis do not know how to read. I hate when people write reviews that have nothing to do with what the app intends to do. Would I love to have the ability to create and edit my Prezis? Yes. But, it's simply a Prezi viewer and works perfectly for me.

  • People cant read...

    by Jaylen Jay

    Oh come on people the app is called PREZI VIEWER! VIEWER! So you can watch presentations on the phone. There is another app for the iPad where you can make and edit a prezi... Its called PREZI. Anyways... I love this app! I use it to show my friends my presentations at school. Its perfect if you have both prezi and prezi viewer so you can do everything without being in front of a computer! Nice app!

  • On the go

    by Dannybbiz

    Worked perfectly for me. Going to be great for viewing my Prezis on the go.

  • Nice

    by MalikWebster

    Does exactly what is says. Views the prezi. That's all I needed.

  • Editing

    by Jdjsndixjsnakduf

    This app is awesome, but there are some flaws to it. Editing is very important. If I were to be able to edit my prezi anywhere I went on my phone that would be incredible !

  • Works Fine

    by Rmmeier999

    It does its job perfectly. I like to view my prezis right before I present a school project, etc. -I don't get all the people reviewing this 1 star just because you can't edit. You're not supposed to be able to edit! It says Prezi VIEWER. Either go back to 2nd grade or get some glasses.

  • No flaws just one bummer

    by Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg

    I love it except that u can only make a prezi on the I pad I have a iPod.I'd love to be able to make a prezi on the iPod touch 1,2,3,4,and 5 please then It would be the best app make an update pleeeeaaaaaaassssseee.

  • Can you pleasee?

    by Desicha

    Can you please make an editing one?? Its much needed in the Prezi community for on-the-go editing

  • Editing?

    by Homeboybob

    I realize this app is for viewing only and I understand that, but when will there be an editing app for prezi? It would help me a ton. Thanks.

  • Needs folders!

    by afrycl

    I am building up quite the collection of Prezi’s. Online I can put my Prezi’s into folders but I cannot on my iPhone (or the desktop app). It is becoming ridiculous to scan through a ton a Prezi’s to find the one I am looking for. Please allow for folders in the app (and desktop version).

  • Buggy

    by Paul Hart

    Keeps going back to the first frame; didn't load at all over cell connection; white screen with loading icon just sits there sometimes.

  • Bad

    by Reviewer 9999

    It needs to be updated to where you can make and edit your prezis

  • Poop___Butts Official Review

    by Poop___Butt


  • Ok

    by ZoE

    This app dose what it's supposed to do, but I wish you could edit your prezi

  • Problems

    by Decaudin

    I can't make or edit any of my prezis. This is irritating.

  • Bien

    by tauroni4

    Le falta que pueda sincronizar con la pc y pasar diapositivas desde el teléfono sería excelente

  • Prezi Viewer

    by Jmtz123

    This app is terrible on my Ipod! All that shows up is a white screen with an "x" in a circle. No matter what I do, I can't edit my Prezi!!!

  • Waste of time

    by Swagbunny44

    All though you cannot edit, it is to be expected since it says prezi viewer. This is a bummer but, at least they state it. Even so, as a prezi viewer you should be able to view other prezi's not just your own. If I wanted to view my own then I might as well be able to edit or else I'm just looking at mistakes I cannot fix

  • Disappointing

    by Plebius1966

    It says it views and it does. I wish you could edit your Prezis.

  • Almost perfect

    by Fullmetalrai

    Would be perfect if you could edit things and write.

  • Eh

    by Flipflopflipflop123

    Good website bad app, you can't edit your prezis and if you can its not easy to figure out how to do it

  • Review

    by sapien 

    I highly dislike this app. It's not really usable. Please add some features where we can edit or add new prezis

  • Bugs

    by  Moradpour

    1. Facebook SSO says I need to authorize and Facebook tells me I've already authorized. 2. When I go to Prezis website to view the demo, it tells me I have to download this app. I shouldn't need to authenticate to view other people's Prezis that are publicly available on the web. 3. Prezi just loads up and sits there when I am not authenticated. The only option I have is to cancel the Prezi.

  • Won't let me log in

    by Niggers

    This app is a piece of crap. I bet porch monkeys made it. #sorrynotsorry

  • Application not working

    by Aemamema

    I can't even open the prezi app on my device. It says "waiting." Waiting for what?

  • Heheh

    by Hahjcghhdhsjjdhdh

    I can't log into prezi:(

  • Editing

    by Pinkie pie loves the app

    Could you add editing to it that would be awesome

  • Has promise, but needs work

    by Rockywind14

    Good to cycle through presentations, but it doesn't let automated presentations play like you can on a computer.

  • Need a prezi account

    by pOtTs000 

    I was trying to view my instructor's prezi which I can do on my home computer without creating an account, yet this app requires you to make an account.

  • Disappointed.

    by Br111any

    You can only view the Prezis you have already created. I would like to use my phone or Surface to present remotely or edit my Prezis. Can you make another app with this capability or update this one?!

  • Editing and loading

    by Jox15

    Editing would be great- but it is very slow to load prezis

  • It could be better

    by Fili2217

    You should make it for you can make slide on it

  • Decent

    by rose8kitty

    The app works fine and I really think you should make a separate app to edit the Prezis because that I would use more. And I do realize this is Prezi VIEWER

  • Great app

    by CameronP18

    To everyone giving this app a one star: you're morons. It says Presi VIEWER! Do you know how hard it would be to make a Prezi on an iPod or iPhone? That's why it's only for an iPad. This app is great at viewing Prezi's, how ever it's a little laggy on my 4th gen iPod

  • Junk

    by Seth Trivitt

    Slow. Useless for presenting. No editing( and no other editing apps). And you can only view your own prezis. Maybe this is why hardly anyone uses this program. I'd rather make a painful power point which I can do through both Microsoft power point and keynote. And work BOTH from the computer AND my phone.

  • It's a good start but it needs more

    by IndianaDones

    This app is really good for reviewing before a presentation but you should be able to fix typos on it.

  • Come on people

    by John Bussey

    This is a great VIEWER. no it can't make prezis but I mean really. It's called "prezi viewer" for a reason. It cannot make or edit prezis and I wish it did but it is a great way to present your prezi. Great app overall.

  • Ehh.

    by Angelique D.

    It's good for viewing, I just wish that I could edit my projects.

  • Doesn't load correctly

    by Emperor Legend

    It doesn't go through the slides correctly. On some it focuses too close and you can't see all of the words. On others it's too far away or the text is in one long line instead of the box I put it in. Please fix this. It's pretty useless right now.

  • It works great

    by 8jy8

    It's awesome now I don't need my laptop to work on prezi :D

  • Se puede mejorar

    by Zacares

    El iphone debería funcionar como control remoto al autentificarse por ejemplo en una p.c. y en el movil y así poder pasar las diapositivas remotamente en una presentación

  • Please help

    by :-) smiley gamer

    Prezi please put the prezi app for iPad for iPhone and iPod too. I want to make slides not see them I think you should make this a separate app

  • Great app!

    by Faraz0098

    Great app!

  • Horrible

    by Angrybirdplayer46

    You can't do anything with this app

  • Attention!

    by Mabe282

    This is an awasome tool for students. But u guys should really add the option of create and edit prezi's from the iPhone. It'll be really helpful for every user.

  • EDIT

    by Hsmanaonwisns

    This app would be so much better if there was an edit option. It would really help with some last minute changes

  • still bugs

    by chana111

    I generally love the app, though the shared presentation can't display on iphone app

  • Uhh

    by Luvjay215

    You can't edit it and when I go on my iPod it just shows a blank white page?

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