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Print email attachments, files from the Cloud, Handwritten Notes, Web Pages, and more from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch! Or easily share your documents with any device with our Print To QR sharing system!

With ActivePrint on your iPad or iPhone all you need is an internet connection, something to print, and the free ActivePrint System app (available for free at the URL below) which will run on any Windows PC. With ActivePrint, you can print to your printer from anywhere in the world with our Cloud Printing Technology!

Or share your documents and photos with any device with our Print To QR system! With Print To QR you can share your documents with a unique QR code that can be read by any other smartphone with a compatible app like Red Laser.

- Share documents with anyone using Print To QR
- Print Files from DropBox,, and Microsoft SkyDrive
- Print Email Attachments
- Print Handwritten Notes
- Print Notes from the Notes App
- Print Photos from your photo album or your device's camera
- Print text and images from other apps using your device's clipboard
- Print multiple contacts from your address book
- Print web pages and files from the web
- Print to ANY Windows Compatible printer
- Print to AirPrint compatible printers
- Support for multiple copies, portrait/landscape printing, different quality of printing, and color or black & white printing

Download the ActivePrint System App for free at:

Customer Reviews

  • Must-have app!!!

    by Gregory Rice

    Great product and easy to use!


    by BSabio

    I have been successfully using ActivePrint for some time now with success and recently upgraded it to v10. The website claims to have an support a desktop app for Mac OS X, but it does not. ALSO, I have TRIED in the past to get support but they never address ANY SUPPORT REQUESTS …. so WARNING TO ALL: if you buy it and it works …. great, it really is a great program IF YOU CAN GET IT TO WORK …. but if you buy it and it does not work and you need support, FORGET IT …. you are on your own.

  • Like

    by Winnie212

    I like using this app to print from Dropbox using my iPad. Setup was extremely easy. It just require you to download the app to a desktop, follow the install instructions and then enter the code assigned to active print on the iPad. I would recommend this app.

  • Active print

    by Barnardp

    Was able to print my first page from my ipad to my old HP printer 3 in one ,connected to my laptop via happy. Give it a go what can you loose ?

  • Good for basics

    by bt

    Reliable for the most part. Some prints are low quality based on source. Overall a useful app.

  • ActivePrint

    by SaraiBW

    I am thrilled to finally be able to print to my HP printer from the iPad, but I would be happier if I can choose what pages I would like to print and to be able to print pictures that are part of an email. This is good for straightforward printing.

  • Review

    by Osuolale

    This is a very good app for me and extremely usefull

  • Love it!

    by Carolrachel

    Love it! Im able to print from Texas and my documents are waiting on me back in Georgia when I get home!

  • Not so good

    by Astrotk

    New version won't let me print without upgrading to the Pro version.

  • Awesome!

    by Obf29

    This application is awesome. I downloaded several applications but only activeprint app recognized my printer. It found my printer very quickly.

  • Handy

    by Michael Lucente

    Great app, wish I had purchased it sooner

  • It works!

    by Mom of 2 hapa girls

    It took for a while to figure out, but it works great!

  • Excellent !

    by mariosyl

    Great app it works very smoothly. I like it a lot.

  • Complaint

    by 19linda50

    I always have to re start my printer every time I want to print ! The printer is one month old , it works wireless with my desk top computer But I have to shut it off and turn it back on to get it to print!

  • Why

    by Whycantihehsjdhnk

    Why cant i click remind me later or no thanks :/

  • Why?????


    Why am I being forced to write a review on this app after I declined on the dialog box? Why do I keep losing printers and have to reinstall them? Why isn't there way t print directly from my browser? Why isn't there an easier way to print from other apps? Why is every nick-name I choose taken?

  • Nice!!!

    by Nat34_77

    I enjoy this app so far! It prints well!!

  • Waste of time

    by Lcpika1210

    I jumped all the hoops, all in the end for it to not work at all. Couldn't even add the printer or print a test page....let me guess, that costs something too??. Pretty shiesty if you ask me....

  • no reponse

    by willmake

    the previous version was better the new version has no way to connect to your PC or Mac and they donor provide help or support you are on your own.

  • No Support

    by ErikRealtor

    I tried support 3X to get a question answered. Every times the case was closed without even a response! A support person, Charles W. Teel, is assigned the case and then the case is closed.

  • No trial period !

    by Gkeen

    Everything works but you can't do anything with it except print a test page unless you buy the service. It would have been nice to know that first. The test page is nice and all but how do I know activeprint will format my documents or spreadsheets correctly?

  • Purchase an Air Print Subscription?

    by Melvin Lewis

    Don't waste your time.

  • Bad app

    by Daceret

    I bought this app about 4 months ago used it a couple of times to make sure it worked for future purposes and bang I try it now and it opens then closes immediately. Did update and guess what it says I need to pay for 1 year subscription. Bad, bad app, somebody is getting rich.

  • Product OK but Support is Non-Existent!

    by GadgetGuy39

    I have owned this App for several years, and while I don't use it often, when I do it is handy and seems to do everything I desire. HOWEVER, if my personal experience is any indication, you are in BIG trouble if you ever need technical support! My 8 attempts over 2 weeks, still have never been answered! I feel that is an unacceptable support level. I have submitted 6 requests of the last 10 days, and prompy get a (computer) response indicating my ticket has been received and I should get an answer in 24 hours. Yah. Sure! Its been over 264 hours since my first help request and I'M STILL WAITING! Hello. Earth to Mars. Please come in.

  • App crashes on startup

    by Hawk audio

    Loaded app it crashed on startup. Removed the app and installed it again. Same problem.

  • Problems started with install.

    by Charles D Chur

    This app on your windows desktop requires Adobe Reader and MS Framework 3.5 SP1. Even though I have Framework 3.5 SP1 and Nitro Reader (which, in my opinion is a way better application than Adobe). My first mistake was to allow adobe to be installed, second mistake was to continue the install! I now have a desktop full of white Adobe document icons w Adobe launching at random times. Letting the install continue, other problems occurred namely a pop up asking if I really wanted to exit setup. That should have told me something, but it took two tries before I quit. I am removing this software until hearing from Pocket Watch support. That is another questionable area. From looking at their support section of the site, support is very slow to respond, if at all. Use this app only after much study with real users...

  • Keeps Asking For Subscription


    I have iTunes invoice proof for at least two ActivePrint Basic subscriptions. Yet my iPhone denies that and repeatedly asks for another $9.99 sign up.

  • It never works

    by DreamsInCali

    I paid for this before ITUNES... I can't access this and it wants me to pay for it again. Half the time the thing never works. Buy a printer that supports the email cloud like HP it will end your frustrations.

  • A scam

    by Jzpan

    Should avoid

  • You broke it!!!

    by Bahston Rob

    Can you fix the fix you offered us! Has been "installing" longer than most current relationships!

  • No longer working!!!

    by Zippie1969

    Purchased the 3.99 upgrade in the lite app- Worked fine so it seemed- was handy to have something that worked from home but now disgusted it no longer works. ???? A ploy to buy the 9.99????? Very very Confusing trying to figure out this .99 upgrade/subscription- can ya make any more clearer than mud!?

  • Does not update

    by Taipei Taipei

    My phone has been trying to update the new version for days. Will not update, though lots of other updates have come and gone without any trouble. irritating. Will someone please fix this?

  • Either another print app or buy the 3.99 app.

    by XYZabc123!!

    This app does not provide a free trial nor does it print from iPhone. Please proceed to another app.

  • Bad

    by Urg14

    All I want is to print a page. This app wants me to set up accounts and sign up for stuff, download apps.... Jeez!

  • Scam

    by Arcoms

    This is a scam, you cannot print, you must pay to print anything. Worthless

  • No good

    by Another bomb!!!

    Makes you have to purchase upgrade to print. Don't waste your time.

  • Unable to actually print

    by NuuKeM

    Unless you purchase the upgrade.

  • What a joke

    by Ronniecvt

    Does not work

  • Don't download

    by AshF87

    I downloaded this app to be able to print. In order to do anything you have to upgrade.

  • Does not work with wifi printer

    by pamboy

    It tricks you in paying when it catches the web page but it does not do it if. I wonder if I can have my money back

  • Don't download!

    by 27sillyme

    It took forever to install and very difficult. They have you all over doing many unclear tasks. Then when u finally figure it out they make u pay for it to continue! Liars! It is not FREE!

  • Ipad1 support done?

    by App rvw

    Upgrade will not download to ipad1. Are users done with upgrades for this iPad? Requires ios6

  • Not good it's a scheme to see this app

    by saegje

    Also I have to give 1 star for nothing!! This app is made for the old Amish printers made from wood & horse tails.

  • Doesn't work

    by Cubs12345678990

    The program doesn't work at all, I was able to print like one thing in the beginning and now it won't connect to my printer

  • Deleted.

    by Ryanlrussell

    It is horrible!i have to upgrade to pro before I can print?!?!

  • Vee

    by 100vee

    Very nice app, but it does not allow me to print from the lite version as specified. I do not know whether or not it is a glitch.

  • Nothing works without the PRO version

    by ChadInGR

    There's a disclaimer that this Lite version only works for notepad copy/pastes into their "Clipboard" but even THAT prompts for a upgrade. SCAM. This app does NOTHING but serve as a way to pitch the Pro version. I admit that it's still a good deal at $3.99, but this "Free" Lite version isn't an app at all, just a glorified ad for their paid version.

  • Air print

    by DrMAWMAW

    Has not worked yet

  • Active print

    by Raymond Groeper

    Having trouble getting it to quit making me write reviews

  • Concerned

    by Guam dude

    I'm writing right now because the app won't let me click "no thanks" or "remind me later" tab. Wth!

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