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Seller: Philip Dhingra

Please update your reviews! This update brings more stability and polish to Nebulous Notes. I still believe that this is a great alternative for the built-in Notes app. New notes are automatically synced with DB and titles are generated based on the first line of your document.


- Fix for rare crash
- New note titles only use first line with content
- Update for TextExpander 2.1


- New notes are linked to Dropbox automatically

- TextExpander now has Form Field Support
- New App Icon (thanks Dan Calberg!)

Customer Ratings

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37 Ratings
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765 Ratings


Featured three times on Lifehacker as one of the best tools for getting things done! I get emails all the time from users who have placed this app on the docks of their iPhones and iPads.

(If you want to try-before-you-buy, check out "Nebulous Notes Lite.")

## ABOUT ##

Nebulous Notes is the text editor of choice for professionals. I get emails from correspondents at BBC, writers for the New Yorker, and businessmen trying to organize their thoughts. I'm also working on a 300+ page book myself, so I use my own app every day.

All notes in NN are backed up to Dropbox, because I care a lot about text files. Notes aren't stored in some vague format that is hard to export (think Google Drive or Evernote), but rather in plain-old text files that you can point to.

Nebulous Notes is also the ONLY iOS text editor that selectively edits and syncs text files in any Dropbox folder seamlessly. It took 3 years to make it this smooth, but it's crucial because not everybody has all their text files in one single application folder.


* Open and edit all plain-text files (.txt, .md, .c, etc.)
* Preview files in HTML, MarkDown, MultiMarkdown, Rich Text-RTF
* Supports saving and opening in all file encodings (useful for international users)
* VoiceOver hints
* Print documents using AirPrint


* Save in Evernote
* Open files from ANY Dropbox folder
* Tag Files
* Customizable themes
* Macro system lets you add frequently used keys to a toolbar (like { } [ ] = %, etc.).
* Macro system also has basic text-substitutions for convenient HTML tags
* Protect the app with a PIN
* Search full Dropbox or Search for text with a document
* Full-screen support for "Writeroom"-style editing
* "Insert Tab" key (multi-line tabbing and un-tabbing supported)
* One-click access to MarkDown/HTML previews
* Turn off word-wrapping


"Wow, I do so LOVE your app." - Merlin Mann, creator of 43 Folders

"This is quite possibly the best tool for any writer, blogger, or journalist that needs to get work done on-the-go" -

"If you feel really geeky about your note-taking, give Nebulous Notes a shot." -

## NOTE ##

Nebulous Notes is only for plain text editing, and cannot edit Word Documents or PDFs.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by MagicalRealism

    Wow, fantastic!

  • Awesome

    by Ricardo pgpr

    Nebulous Notes + TXTPUB = Pure Awesomeness. It's that simple!

  • Amazing little app

    by iLeopard

    I find that I am using this over pages any day. It syncs beautifully with my Dropbox and it does HTML, etc.

  • Excellent

    by Micknuddy

    I had a project I wanted to work on while flying, no access to Internet. Nebulous far exceeded my expectations, even with the steep price tag, it was so worth it. Top feature for me is definitely the off-line access. I have also used the macro feature, especially enjoyed creating A couple of shortcuts on my own. I have spent over 24 hours in this app already, And it's completely reliable. Love it

  • Great Writing App

    by mlwriter

    I'm a writer and this app is almost perfect for me. There's only one thing I don't like: you can't turn off spell check. Would really like to just focus on content without worrying about spelling and red underlined words. Please add an option to toggle off spellcheck!

  • An essential tool

    by ErieLookingProductions

    This app plus a bluetooth keyboard on my iPod make it a very useful PDA for writing on-the-run. This is worth the acquisition.

  • Best Enhanced iNotepad App Found

    by McSear

    REVIEW~ Nebulous has run smoothly for me for >6 weeks. It has ALL the important features I wanted, plus a few extra that I have come to think are essential now. My biggest pleasant surprise was that Dropbox (DB) cloud sync is extremely easy compared to many other note apps I labored with. Staying organized using folders is much helpful. This app opens any text note file I had already created with any note recording app previously tested. ~APP~HIGHLY~RECOMMENDED~ Runs well on my iPhone & iPad mini. NOTES: Deducting 1/2 star from rating ;^) for one shortcoming: app default folder location on Dropbox is "My Notes" not "Nebulous" (causes confusion). Discovered: newly created notes CAN be moved to another preferred Dropbox folder location. Key: you swipe the folder location field to reselect the Dropbox folder where you want the note located.

  • Note - outline taker

    by WonkoSane

    The customizable top row makes this indispensable for me as an outlining, note taking, fast entry app. Take the time to set up your top row, and it will pay you back.

  • Nebulous Notes

    by Pasgran

    Incredibly flexible—edit the shortcuts and avoid switching to the numerical keyboards as you work!

  • Nebulous note

    by Perfectoluna

    It is a great app but it could be better if you can highlite too.

  • Great editor and sync features!

    by Bob3rd

    I've tried a number of Dropbox-syncing text editors, and I think Nebulous Notes does the best overall job. I like being able to sync to any folder in the Dropbox hierarchy. Being able to open Word, PDF, & other non-plaintext docs from within the app (albeit read-only) is handy. The settings options are useful but not so complex as to be cumbersome. If I had to pick one thing I don't like about it, it's that the icon's blu-background puts it on the blue-icon bandwagon. However, in this case blue is probably logical for what goes behind a cloud, so I'll forgive it.

  • Always surprises me

    by Scholarist

    I had pretty much settled on Nebulous as my default editor on the iPad because of the way it handles Dropbox folders. Then, I found that I really needed custom CSS and the ability to email rendered html as an attachment (don't ask). It turns out that Nebulous is the only editor that does both of those things. Its like the editor was designed not just for my current needs, but my future needs as well...

  • My favorite text app

    by Chuck3232

    I'm pretty sure I've have all the 4 star and above text editor apps. This is my favorite among them all. I use a bluetooth keyboard. I appreciate the full screen option, plus the elegant design.

  • Best text editor for iOS, and I've tried many

    by DaveHein

    I keep trying other editors on the iPad and iPhone but always come back to Nebulous. Why? Good Dropbox sync (I can get to all my folders, not just one subtree), great Markdown support (love that I can supply CSS for markdown rendering!), TextExpander integration, macros, great keyboard features. I'll listen to a podcast and hear someone rave about the latest text editor. I'll try it and soon find it lacking, and I'm back in Nebulous Notes. Maybe next time I'll be able to resist the shiny new thing and save myself a few bucks. :-)

  • Outstanding

    by navamske

    10/13/13: Still, *still* the best. I remain desirous of having multiple documents open simultaneously, perhaps in a tabbed UI, but the absence of that feature is not a deal breaker for me. 07/15/11: Still the best. However, as of version 4.3.3 I seem to have lost the ability to set a passcode. Also, tapping the title of the document does *not* bring up the title of the previously open document; it shows me a command for "Hide Document" that when tapped displays the splash screen. Original review: This is the best of the iOS text editors as far as I am concerned. The ability to customize a keyboard row with user-defined macros, TextExpander support, use of any Dropbox folder or folders, and a pleasing UI make it stand head and shoulders above the others. I would like to see only two additional features -- the ability to have "Favorites" (for easy access to frequently used documents that may be in different folders) and the ability to have multiple documents open simultaneously, perhaps with a tabbed interface.

  • The best.

    by Splendorr

    Awesome writing/notes/text app. Responsive, active developer. Keeps getting better. Thanks!

  • Excellent. A Dropbox symbiosis

    by RedrumRedrum

    I use Nebulous daily to view and lightly edit Markdown documents. The built-in Markdown previewer is brilliant.

  • The BEST Editor

    by LRF10-4

    I have used Nebulous for nearly two years and it has handled everything I have wanted it to do without crashing once. I make and modify ever expanding notes that backup up easily with 'select all and paste' to a new note. It has many additional program and keyboard features that are very helpful. I constantly use the instant date and time stamp. If you are searching for a better text editor/note pad, try this one, you will like it.

  • One of the best available

    by Obis11

    It's hard to find better writing tools than nebulous notes,... certainly one of the best writing tools ever made for a mobile device.

  • No need for stock Notes app or any other

    by Shawn Jarrard

    This is the only text editor I need. Lots of power and flexibility, yet simple to use. Dropbox, Markdown, macros, themes, etc. Dev obviously cares about his product. I would like to see iCloud integration, but just because; with Dropbox, it's unnecessary. New icon feels iOS 7. Download today.

  • In need of an update.

    by Joe in NC

    Nebulous Notes not as intuitive as it could be, but it used to be one of the better note apps available. However, line spacing has been broken since iOS 7 arrived, and an update is long overdue. I used to recommend it, but not now.

  • Best in class

    by ABR3434

    Don't be fooled by the name - this app is good for more than just notes. I've tried a number of other writing apps, and after 5 minutes with this one I was ready to delete all the others. It's not perfect (what is?), but it combines the best features of multiple lesser apps: large document handling, dropbox, colors and themes, remembering your place in a document, navigation, extra keyboard row (customizable, no less), and more. In general everything is thought out and well done. UPDATE: New icon is a downgrade over the old one, but you can't win them all I guess.

  • Top class text editor

    by Cromwell

    Not only is the developer very active in adding improvements he's adding them to an already stellar app. And the improvements keep coming.

  • Powerful, imaginative text editor

    by goodtutor

    I've just started working with this app. Feature-rich, sophisticated, and flexible, it looks like the text editor of my dreams. It crashed a couple of times when I first linked it to Dropbox, but a reboot seems to have fixed the problem. I am hopeful that this will be where I go for text-wrangling from now on.

  • The best iOS notes app

    by W1ll14m

    Nebulous is easily the best iOS notes app. From macros to TextExpander support to cached copies for offline editing, Nebulous has it all. It's the most powerful and simple text editor I use on iOS. The developer has clearly thought through the needs of users and come up with innovative, easy-to-use solutions.

  • Disappointed

    by Tikal Mafouz

    I bought this in the hopes to have it replace Apple Notes. I was very disappointed when I discovered that Nebulous does not support RTF files. Just txt files. It can display RTF files but it cannot edit them. Nebulous Notes is therefore pretty useless for TextEdit notes (by default RTF) in Dropbox folders. The authors should really *not* feel good about recommending this as an Apple Notes replacement!

  • Good but...

    by Jarryrichard

    It's quite strange that my automatically linking to Dropbox isn't usable, it just can't work. Even when I tried to sync manually, it won't be done!

  • My Go-To Text Editor

    by DVD43

    Nebulous Notes is my go-to text editor on iOS. Its design is straightforward and efficient. The integral macro bar works far better than TextExpander, which is severely hampered by the required sandboxing. I use it primarily to access buried characters and enter BB Code for posting to online forums.

  • Invaluable for a Programmer

    by Awful123456789

    This has revolutionized my commute. I write Lua code on it, test it in iLuaBox and sync it with my dropbox. The macros are great and the keyboard accessibility features speed up development time ten fold. Thanks for this app!

  • The best

    by Ampersanderson

    A perfectly flexible notes app. Love it.

  • The Best

    by William Allen

    This app is the only one that I really need to make this useless iPad worth anything. All my notes and thoughts go into text files that are stored in Dropbox. The search feature brings me right to whatever I'm looking for with just a few key words. The Guys that develop the sorry apps that come stock with the iPad can learn something from these guys.

  • Flexible, simple, does the job.

    by the_real_seebs

    There are cheaper note apps, and ones with more features, and maybe even some with better UIs, but I don't know of any that can match Nebulous Notes for all three of those at once. Tried a lot, this is the one I still use.

  • Better and better

    by Jason2917

    Every update makes it better and better. And no other developer is as responsive as Phil.

  • I adore this app.

    by Austin Nowlin

    I love this app! It's even better after the latest update.

  • Best!

    by 4Diaxe

    The best notepad! Simply and useful! My first screen app!!!

  • As easy as can be asked for

    by Chupatribra

    I keep all my notes in txt files and store them in DropBox. This is my preferred editor on iOS whether I'm using my Bluetooth keyboard or the on-screen keyboard. With the latter, the extra keys (including arrows) make a huge contribution. It even has color themes so I can make the UI match my desktop text editor theme. It'll do what you want. Take my word for it.

  • My favorite iOS text editor

    by DanS23

    My favorite iOS text editor just got even better. Love the new automatic file sync (to any directory I choose)!

  • Wonderful!!!

    by iSyn79

    Update (Aug '13): Still my go to notes app! Thank you! --- App is solid and just what I need to get my notes on my desktop and organized. Developer was fast to respond to emails too!

  • Great app, seriously needs rich text editing.

    by Jack the Giant Killer

    I would give this app 5 stars, but I can't understand why it's unable to edit simple .rtf documents. When I am writing I often use italics and without this functionality the app is somewhat hobbled. I understand not including word docs or pdf, due to licensing, complexity, etc. but it seems like rich-text would be a no brainer.

  • Great Text Editor!

    by Retphys

    I use this text editor daily. It is easy to use and does everything I want. I love the Dropbox capability. It is nice to have all my files safely backed up and available on my computer & other devices. I constantly switch between all of these, and my text fIles are always up to date with each other with a quick synch. I also like to save my files in folders within folders in Dropbox, which I can do with this app. The keyboard is easy to use for typing. This app is simple to use and has never crashed on me. I have found nothing else out there that is as convenient to use. Text files are great for notes and saving information. They can always be almost universally read by any computer or device. You never have to fear losing all your data because some software company went out of business. Your files and data are safe forever, as long as they are safely backed up.

  • This is a smart app!

    by Couatl

    I'm loving it. I'm quite impressed. I keep thinking, "I wonder if it does this..." and I find the exact functions I'm looking for in the most intuitive places to look. If I were to sit down with an app writer and dream up exactly what I want a notes app to do, this is what is get. Worth a few bucks for a great service app. Thanks!

  • Great App

    by Okleba

    Simple yet elegant text editor, effective typing macros extension, customizable, intuitive integration with dropbox. The only thing i think needs to be improved is .... The iPad :) Oh and maybe redesign the logo? Does not look as elegant as the app itself to me....sorry...

  • Fantastic app!

    by otterman

    First... why in the world would someone give this app 3 stars because it doesn't edit spreadsheets?!?! Oh wait, I know why!

  • No Spreadsheet Editing?

    by Papa T 4s

    Most of what I do is spreadsheet oriented. Should have done more research before purchasing. Maybe in a future update, hopefully.

  • Good app

    by PGW001

    I would give it 5 stars if I could organize my files into folders on the device.

  • This continues to be a joy to work with!

    by Bobasaki

    Thank you for continuing to improve a fantastic tool. Love the integration with TextExpander and DropBox !! To the author: Keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!!

  • NOW it's the best!

    by JohnZeman

    I do not have internet access about 90% of the time when I use Nebulous Notes, so while it's easily the hands down best text editor app out there IMO, WriteRoom has been my default text editor because of the way it would sync files to Dropbox after being offline. Now with this latest update which vastly improves the Dropbox integration it looks like Nebulous Notes will be my default text editor from now on (YAYY!) Another huge plus for me is the new one button option to clear the cache. :) Before this latest update I could have only given Nebulous Notes 4 stars, now I'm happy to give it the highest rating possible.

  • Best text editor on the store!

    by Bob Montana

    it just works, and works great!

  • Impressive

    by TwentyH

    This is the most feature-complete and programmable via macro editor that I have seen in the App Store. It's also the best one I found to access my nvAlt notes thanks to its dropbox syncing. Even compared to a non mobile platform editor, it would be a top choice.

  • Recurring theme

    by Rick-designer-writer

    You may notice that many of the reviewers have tried (many) other editors but have always returned to Nebulous Notes. My experience is the same. The only thing missing is adjustable side margins. When the file list is hidden, the lines of text are too wide for easy reading. I guess that is why I keep looking. But, I keep coming back because NN provides everything else: adjustable line spacing, customizable keys, simple and obvious file handling, etc. Update: now has adjustable width margins and lots of other features. And it still has a straightforward, simple interface. Wow. Update. And again we get an update (April 2013). Take a look. You won't regret it

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