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Affirmations for Forgiveness by Louise L. Hay is a deck of 24 affirmations to help you create forgiveness in your everyday life!

Forgiveness means releasing regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, and sometimes even the desire for revenge. How do you start? By being willing to let go of the past. Be willing to release your emotional attachment to your memories of yesterday. The past is over and this is a new day.

One of the cards, for example, says, “I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.”

You can set yourself free by changing your thinking. The more you forgive, the more love you will have to express. It is no fun being a victim. Refuse to be helpless anymore. Claim your own power!

Choose a card each morning, and it will be your positive message for the day.

With the Affirmations for Forgiveness app you can:
- Experience 24 affirmation cards by Louise L. Hay
- Swipe between cards or shuffle them
- View all cards “face up” for “face down” while choosing
- E-mail inspiring cards to friends
- Save cards to your Photo Library and use as wallpaper

About the Author –
Louise L. Hay, the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide. For more than 25 years, Louise has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing. Louise is the founder and chairman of Hay House, Inc., which disseminates books, CDs, DVDs, and other products that contribute to the healing of the planet.

Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App:®

Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful app

    by Marilynn Dirksen

    Very nice and worthy

  • Daily Reminder

    by YogaSwimRun

    This app is great to meditate on one thought/card per day, or for a couple days.

  • Wonderful way to start my day!

    by Ponypinup

    This forgiveness app is such a lovely way to just touch base with that part of myself every morning. I refer to it as watering my positive plant.

  • Like it

    by NamasteDog

    I appreciate the words of wisdom and the artwork. The cards contain gentle prods to let go of past hurts.

  • Great App

    by Billybobit

    Okay GREAT APP ! It would be great if maybe in future updates add send (animated) to a friend.

  • Forgiveness cards

    by Xoxo aa

    I love the cards! Each one contains a profound message that invites or forces me to take inventory of myself and behavior. Very uplifting and inspiring. More often than not is forgiving easier and healing than carrying and displaying anger towards another human being. Forgive yourself and others to live in peace and harmony with nature and ....yourself

  • Let go the old and move into the new

    by Sevenelevelin

    Love this app! In order to move on and improve ones's life is to forgive yourself and others.

  • Soothing

    by Soulchild1220

    These cards are a gentle reminder to be soft with oneself & to remind you that you are deserving of peace.

  • Great app!

    by Bran1984

    Great place to find quick and helpful affirmations! More please!

  • Big Hit!

    by JT214

    This is my favorite Louise Hay App yet!

  • Forgiveness

    by kindra328

    This app has helped me better myself, be able to forgive, and move on with a fuller richer life.

  • The cards are helping me move on!

    by M Rouge

    You can't move on in life, if you have anger towards anyone. These cards have been helping me forgive myself and others.

  • Deb

    by Qdeb

    I am working on forgiveness and these cards allow me to have encouragement with me all the time.

  • Affirmation for forgivenesses

    by Carol Ellinger-Porter

    This app by Louis Hay is great and a godsend to have on my iPad

  • Great App!!

    by juskimmi

    Like it a lot. This app has been a true blessing to me.

  • Ms.

    by SJayneG

    So nice to have this information with you at all times! So grateful for this app!

  • Peace in your soul

    by Meme112233

    I found this app very helpful for my soul. When we need to forgive anyone or even ourselves, the affirmations in this app guide you in a beautiful way. I love the art work too. Thank u all the people involved in making this wonderful material available for all of us!!

  • Brilliant!

    by rcalonkey

    Great app. Wonderful tool to have!

  • Affirmation cards

    by Angelspaghetti

    Sweet,simple and honest cards that pull on your heartstrings. Great for pulling me out of an emotional rut!

  • Use it everyday

    by DBC7

    Deceptively simple messages give me a boost.

  • Just ok

    by Bella-pup

    Not many & no way to obtain more, so I don't see these as a great resource.

  • Meh

    by SoCalGal92673

    Nothing great. Just 24 affirmations. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Great app

    by Nutmegzmama

    Well done! Inspiring

  • Very healing

    by BabiBrazil

    I've been using these affirmations for 2 weeks and already feel a huge difference inside of me. It really brought healing into my life.

  • Great app

    by Elizabeth Trujillo

    I wish there was more cards for your money, that's the only thing I didn't like so much more more cards would be great!

  • Nice

    by Patricia33

    I love it

  • Thank you

    by Agtg;)

    Forgiveness heals me and the cards help me get there:)

  • Forgiveness Cards

    by LHJ14

    Great app as a quick reminder to stay "in spirit" or as a mood changer.

  • Nice

    by *foofoo*

    These are nice, positive affirmations and the artwork is lovely, but I was just a bit disappointed that these cards aren't specifically on forgiveness. They're pretty generic, but still nice, positive thoughts. Maybe moving toward a more positive state of mind will get me to the forgiveness I am trying muster up.

  • Wonderful!

    by A_Law68

    Absolutely wonderful. I almost bought these cards until I saw Tht u could download them on iTunes for much cheaper. I read one card a day. Great for inspiration. Lovely

  • Forgiveness Cards

    by Mosey6

    I love these... It's easy and puts you in a better place

  • Forgiveness App

    by lindat68

    I love this and the other Apps by Louise Hay. I have been following her for 20 + years. Being simple allows me to focus.

  • Wonderful!

    by Ageespeace

    I look forward to each new card.

  • Forgiveness is the way to peace!

    by Namastesong

    Wow! This app is so very important to health, peace and joy! Another winner Louise!

  • Forgiveness cards

    by Missmichelle1013

    I love this app it's an easy gentle reminder if a gift we need to give ourselves. I'm a HUGE fan of Louise Hays' she's amazing.

  • Great App!

    by Howard Qchord

    I have 6 of Loise's "Affirmations for..." apps on my iPhone and I love them all!

  • Beautiful Cards!

    by Caroll88

    These are beautiful cards! Love the affirmations!

  • Fabulous

    by Macie S

    Puts your mind at ease:)

  • Good

    by lawrencito

    It's ok. I like the thoughts and I would love to have some reflexion to every thought to make it a 5 stars.

  • Ok, but expected more

    by iHappy iPhone User

    The thoughts are short and sweet...mostly one-liners. The artwork is nice and simple. But I feel the messages lack substance and are a little too simplified for me. I was hoping for something that would promote a little more thought. This is more like a reminder to forgive rather than insights that might help someone who wants to but is struggling to forgive.

  • I love Louise Hay but...

    by lvsbigbears

    Reading these cards was nice but it lasted about 20 seconds then I deleted it. :(

  • Love in my grasp

    by mamimorena1

    I turn to this app when I'm upset. Whether the forgiveness is for myself or someone I love the message appropriate. This an easy, portable reminder to chose love.

  • Awesome apps

    by Jeajud

    I use this apps every day. Use the card to meditate and to move from a anger stage to peace and forgiveness. It is short and concise just wish it had more cards for the price.

  • Forgiveness

    by Smilesome

    Often gives me the little boost I need while going through a tough time

  • Positive

    by Open Window

    Very healing and I'm grateful to have them.

  • Very Thankful

    by Kimnegrete

    I look through these cards daily and continue to heal.

  • Helps To Start The Day

    by RubyTN

    I read this every day. It helps me start the day in a positive mood.

  • <3

    by Sophia Violet

    So helpful and I use them every day

  • Very good

    by Taralynskis

    All the Louise hay apps are good; this one is an essential.

  • Its a must have!!!

    by VirgieG

    If it wasn't for Louise and all her tools, like this one, I would be a mental mess. I've scanned this app several times so far today and it's helping keep on my path to forgiveness.

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