Haiku Home Automation for HAI Productivity App Review (iOS, $49.99)


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Seller: Nullriver, Inc.

- Improved weather data reliability
- Fixed a rare crash caused by weather data being invalid
- Tweaks to improve TTS reliability

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New: Check out HaikuHelper on the Mac App Store! You can now receive push notifications, control your home from your web browser, script your controller in JavaScript, graph climate stats and much more!

Experience the ultimate in home automation control with Nullriver's Haiku for HAI automation controllers. Haiku combines HAI's proven home automation controllers with iOS's unbeatable user interface experience and versatility. This leverage brings the consumer a solid, user-friendly and convenient home automation interface that is as usable from anywhere in the world as it is from the comfort of your couch.

Haiku takes advantage of iOS's excellent touch interface and makes home automation easy and fun. Anything from changing the thermostat setting to controlling lights or the security system is only a few taps away. The interface is customizable using a "Favorites" tab, where any controller object can be added for quick access.

The "Status" tab gives you a quick overview of the system's status including the security status for each area, the thermostat statuses, auxiliary sensor statuses, as well as any unacknowledged messages or insecure zones. You can tap any object in any section to quickly interact with it using an instant pop-over.

The "Security" tab, conveniently organized by area allows you to view all zone statuses, bypass zones or arm/disarm the system (or set the mode for Lumina systems). The "Security" icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of any insecure or bypassed zones.

The "Climate" tab provides a list of all configured thermostats and any auxiliary sensors, displaying their status, temperature and humidity levels. Tapping any thermostat allows you to have full control over its functionality including temperature and humidity setpoints, mode, fan and hold.

The "Control" tab allows you to control all of the configured lighting units in your home. Organizable by "Rooms", "All Units" or only "Lit Units", it is easy to locate and control a specific unit. Each room can be controlled as a group: Letting you turn its units on or off, set a scene or tap an individual unit to control it independently. Units can also be dimmed to any level or left on for a specified amount of time using a timer setting. The "Control" icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of lit units, helping you save energy.

The "Audio" tab (displayed only on panels with an audio interface connected) allows control of all defined audio zones and sources.

The "Buttons" tab allows you to execute any macro button defined on your controller with ease.

The "Messages" tab provides a list of all system messages and allows you to display or acknowledge any message. The "Messages" icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of unacknowledged messages to get your attention.

The "Settings" tab lets you have full control over the User Settings defined on your HAI controller. Set custom temperature, humidity, date, time, number, duration, level and days of week values with ease using the familiar iPad interface controls.

The "Cameras" tab allows viewing of an unlimited number of MJPEG cameras and has PTZ support for Panasonic, Foscam, Axis, Trendnet, Sony and Toshiba cameras.

The "Events" tab provides a list of all recent and older system events.

Haiku includes a "Keypad Mode" which is used for permanent installations of Haiku (in-wall mounts, etc.). This adds entry/exit and local alarm/disarm screen handling.

New: multiple controller support, push notifications, location-based proximity detection, Text To Speech, weather forecast display, energy cost display, HLC scene programming and automatic camera popups!

Hardware Requirements: Haiku supports all recent Ethernet-enabled HAI home automation and security controllers, including: Lumina, Lumina Pro, OmniPro II, Omni IIe and Omni LTe. Controller firmware 3.0 or later is required.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Hands down, best HAI app!

    by This is Shwin

    No PC software needed, simple setup and connection way more reliable then snaplink or weblink. It just works!

  • Convenience!

    by Keypper

    Extremely useful app, allowing the user to check on house status while away (did I turn off the lights?), turn on lights and hear just before arriving home to save energy, and adjust controls to fit changing conditions.

  • amazing customer service

    by emck8

    this app has amazing customer service I sent several email about a problem I was having and got answers in minutes.

  • Haiku review

    by Eyeguychicago

    This app allows you to do everything that you can do from a touchscreen. So much easier to navigate than a keypad. This is a must have.

  • HaiKu

    by The HAI Guy

    This product raises my HAI work to a whole new level! Fantastic value adder...for the end user. I would highly recommend this App for your system! HAI Guy!

  • The best HAI app out there.

    by Graveen Family

    I have tried several HAI apps including HAI's own app an this bar none is the best one out there. Never had a crash or any problem for that matter.

  • Why would you pay >$1,000.00 for a console

    by jeemster

    Why wold you pay for one of HAI's consoles when this on a iPad with WiFi is better?

  • Great HAI App

    by Zen1701

    Simply buy this. It works great!

  • Very good

    by Madburg

    The developer is very responsive. I appreciate all his hard work, thank you Maksim! App keeps getting better & better. Hope to see a password lock for the app soon (should be optional to turn on).

  • The only app for your HAI Home!

    by UberTechGuy

    There is no other choice for an app to control your HAI home. Blows the doors off of the lackluster app produced by HAI. The support is responsive and the developer is very open to ideas for improvement. We love it. Thanks so much to Maksim for making a top notch app.

  • Very Good App

    by Richard Cole

    This app meets all of my needs when interfacing with my HAL panel to include ease of use for my wife.

  • Controller setting lock and app password missing

    by Sue5066

    9 Dec 12: Weather outlook still not working. Version 3.80 created errors on my IPhone 5 due to the txt to speech upgrade. Lady voice is worst than Siri. Still waiting for the app password. 10Aug12: Lost my weather outlook with this version. Still waiting for the app password. Flags now can be incremented. However, app password still not implemented. Need a lock on settings; I have lost my controller setting 3 or 4 times when my iPhone is on and keys are activated inside my pocket while Haiku is active. 30 Apr 12: Still waiting for App password.

  • Premiere app for HAI remote control

    by EddyGeez!

    Definitely the best choice for controlling an HAI Omni-class system from your iOS devices! Combined with the Mac helper app, it is the ultimate combo for not only controlling your system but also getting real-time push notifications from anywhere in the world.

  • Great app

    by Oneadam1223

    Works really good

  • Cameras not configurable

    by Beer_zaygy

    Can't change camera settings with new version

  • Continually improves

    by ddb7

    I started using this app over the HAI app quite a while ago. It has great functionality and has gotten faster and better with each revision.

  • It does the job!!!

    by wcasado

    I was looking for a second option to control my HAI system with an Omnipro II, and when I found Haiku it quickly became my first option to run/check the system, from outside the premises or from the local wi-fi. It works great anyway.

  • Simple

    by Mp1023

    Easy to use and convenient

  • Good app, but small text

    by X Vault X

    This is a good app. Better then HAI's own app. Gives you much more info about your system then others. BUT, the text is SO small, only people with strong vision can use this app. My parents have to use HAI's app because they can't see this one. Make the text larger and the app would be more user friendly.

  • Great Control

    by Sabre_Rob

    Great control app for HAI Omni systems. App is constantly updated with new features. Questions to tech support are answered within an hour!! They pride themselves on great customer service. Fantastic app!

  • Temps don't work

    by njRUNNER

    This app is constantly displaying wrong temps and heating/cooling status'. This can be particularly troublesome when contacting the app remotely and two of your zones are reporting temps of 32 degrees with the heat running, when in reality it's over 80 degrees outside. This problem has been consistent through all versions.

  • Just ok, for $50

    by InfectedDread

    I have to say, there are a whole ton of bugs in this program. I just sent them half a dozen after only spending a little bit playing with the program. Crashes every time you try to use multitasking while adding an hai device. That's just the beginning. The favorites page is all messed up and items show up duplicated and in the totally wrong category. Aside from all those issues, this has a ton of potential. It does what I want, but is missing some key features. It does more than the hai app, for sure. With a bit of work, I think this app could compete with the omnitouch 5.7e, which is a thousand dollars! I'm hoping to use this on my old iPad as a primary keypad for the hai system. So far, it's not quite ready, but close. Maybe in a couple versions. After 6 months, only two updates that didn't fix much. Disappointing.

  • Great App!!

    by LukeSGregory

    Gives you 100% functionality with your HAI panel no matter where you are. Great GUI, easy to use. Keep the improvements coming!!

  • App is great, but...

    by Pword and Audio

    Haiku is well laid out and the best option for iPad until HAI has its SnapLink for iPad completed. Having a password to login would be more secure. Also, support for the Menu button on NuVo audio controls so we can interface with iPod features like play lists.

  • Great product. I love it.

    by Gurma2000

    Easy to use. Controls my Omni Pro II and security cameras too. Well worth the price. Feature upgrades have been very good too.

  • Haiku updates rock

    by Franco4z

    Although I was initially skeptical due to the relatively high price, over the past 4 months I've been very impressed with the quality and frequency of updates. The authors are paying attention, following the new features of the omni pro II (rooms) and have a great product. It quickly and reliably takes the updates from the controller. I use Haiku every day - find it quicker and more reliable than the 2 year old built in panels and would install an iPod touch or iPad 1 as my next panel without hesitation. The system controls 100% of the lighting, hvac and shortly the swimming pool. Thus the waterproof life case for iPhone to use it as a remote control in the spa is the next addition.

  • Impressive

    by LacunaRanch

    Installed and in control of my Omni II in 3 minutes! I've been an HAI user for five years and have used a variety of PC based interfaces (snaplink, WL3, etc) but this app bests them all with more features and functionality, in my pocket no less. Works equally well on iPad. High quality app. Good investment.

  • Great app for HAI OMNIPRO II. Highly recommend!!

    by Spike6196

    Rock solid ipad2 app provides fast ,simple , and troublefree integration with hai controllers. Developer puts out frequent updates and enhancements. Great interface and Extremely reasonably priced considering functionality. highly recommend!!

  • ok...

    by aplusr

    this is definitely the better solution compared to HAI's own app. It crashed about 5 times while i tried to set up the controller (which was pretty annoying because i kept having to reset up controller each time. After the painful setup however, it seems to be working great. It is somewhat hard to quickly tell if my home is armed or disarmed. I wish there was a front screen that was just said "Armed/Disarmed" for easy access. There is a favorites section but i couldn't find a way to add the "arm home" button from in there. I am most disappointed however that after shelling out $50 for this app, they are charging another $20 to download the Mac app to enable push notifications. That seems like a pretty fundamental feature in the iPhone app and i would have at least thought they would give a discount for free to whoever just shelled out $50 for the iPhone app. That is getting pretty pricey. Especially when i already expected to receive this feature in the app to begin with.

  • Excellent

    by Jon Power

    I rarely write reviews, this is an excellent app .. Performs exactly as advertised. I'm waiting in anticipation for the Mac "helper"

  • Great App

    by Nathan Stratton

    So much better the the HAI app. Worth far more then $50!!!

  • Freakin' Great HAI App

    by Markstubb

    This has got to be the best supported app I've ever dealt with. Not only is the support great, but the app itself is stellar. It always works great, constantly has improvements, and is a great bang for the buck. I have other HAI branded software and find that it doesn't get updated very often and the feature sets don't get changed much. Very happy with my purchase and can't wait for every update. There's also a great thread on cocoontech where the app author checks in quite often.

  • I love this App!!

    by Angiodan

    This app is exactly what I was looking for, a way to control my Omnipro II with the iphone. I did have to upgrade my firmware with a new chip (my system was installed in 2004 before the flash upgradeable chips were available) in order to use the app, but it was well worth it. I am not a super user, but it does all the basic functions I would ever need. And if you are a super user, I can see that it is set up to handle it. If you have a HAI system, this app is a no brainer. And I love the idea from one reviewer, use iPads with this app instead of Hai touchscreens in your home. It would be cheaper and look fantastic.

  • Great!

    by 91741

    Great app! It doesn't always connect well on 3G. It works very well when connected to wifi!

  • Works well for me...

    by MMolnar

    Works reliably inside and outside my home. I would like to see a common refresh button on every page so I know I'm getting current data from my controller. I think Haiku could do more with the interface on the iPad. There's a lot of room on the screen, don't need buttons to extend across the entire screen. How about more color to differentiate between certain functions? Great app, though! Looking forward to future versions.

  • Excellent app.

    by LoriCoble

    After using this app my big regret is I didn't install $499 iPad's in my walls running this application instead of the more expensive HAI touch screens which have a lousy interface. Keep the updates coming. Great experience with this app, worth every penny.

  • Well done!

    by TonyNoOne

    As a professional in the industry, I have seen just about every interface you can think of. Haiku is hands down the winner in the low cost and iOS native categories. Intuitive layout, feature rich, fast and reliable. This is my new go to recommendation for budget minded clients. Personally, I think it is worth double the price. Thanks!

  • Does everything it describes.

    by iphone1gwith8gig

    We can finally access our HAI system and manage it though a usable interface. Seems reliable and stable in it's function. It would be nice to have the ability to select remote and local profiles like the snap link software has. Otherwise you have to manually change the IP address depending on where you access the system from, which is a pain. A very useful app, worth the price.

  • Works Great

    by ZZUBB

    I have installed several HAI systems from large to small and used this app for local and remote control of the systems. It works and looks great on both the iPhone and the iPad and updates often. Keep up the good work!

  • The best HAI app

    by krjtx

    The latest version of this app has resolved all the bugs of which I was aware. So if you read some of the earlier reviews you will find those issues fixed. It does still need the ability to have multiple accounts set-up. Overall this is a great looking app, UI is easy to use and intuitive. HAI should be embarrassed by their own when compared to this product. Please keep the updates coming.

  • Good start poor customer service

    by rfd1234

    Installed on iPad and iPhone. Good start but hangs often and unable to create two user profiles. I connect thru. Dns but find if internet is down in the house I am dead. Need to create a local wifi setup in order to access without the use of a dns Also found flaws when multitasking with repeated ole message. The only way to make it stop is click ok 9 times or exit the app and restart There is virtually no support No help boards other than a handful of Q/A which don't address the above inadequacies. Not even an email addy I have $100 worth of apps but still resort sometimes to old reliable digital dan app 6/16/2011 since i originally wrote this review the app just about a year ago, it has been updated many times and my initial review has gone from a 3 to a 5. the previous issues were addressed and no longer a problem - with 125 switches in the house and about 25 buttons and 30 security zones sometimes app updates take longer to effect if the app hasnt been used for a while - but this can be overcome by running the app more times in the forefront than in the background

  • Worth twice the price!

    by Jonginear

    If you are familiar with HAI PC Access software and programming then you probably know that there is a lot you can do with it. The amount of programming necessary to interface a different platform with HAI is ridiculous. This $50 app is amazing and worth every penny! I can't speak to earlier versions but in it's current state this app is a solid, clean interface that allows you hand held portable control of your HAI system. I would also like to point out that the developer is extremely responsive to support questions. I had a problem with Haiku recognizing my thermostats and I had a simple solution within a few hours of sending a request. This is the best app I've purchased.

  • Great app

    by Zimbawan

    Does everything I need and have had zero problems with it.

  • Haiku

    by RainMan155

    It's far better then the HAI app

  • Awesome App!

    by Will McQ

    Loving this application to control my HAI security system. iPad on order and can't wait to try the iPad version.

  • Overall a really good app.

    by ThisAppReview

    Really like the app. Seems stable and easy to use. Wish it supported notifications (pop up notices like a text message) so I get notified when specific events occur.

  • Good app

    by Sevein

    It sinks well with the controller on the houses wifi network. Easy set up. I can not get it to work away from the house though. Also, it does not control my hi-fi 2 system. Does not give option for audio zones. Over all, good first try on the app. Needs some tweaking though.

  • Good app but needs customer support for troubleshooting.

    by Jonturbo

    After working initially, it stopped. Problem was different address for dydns server when using app externally. Had to figure this out. As such app could use better-- or some! -- instructions or better info on website or, even better, technical support number with promise of a specific turnaround time. Otherwise, once working, it's quite good and fast.

  • Great start for an awesome app

    by jetcrash

    Entered configuration data and it worked! Seems to be stable and fast. Impressed by how fast manual lighting changes are updated to display. Hopefully this is an interim release for a full featured version that would include such useful functions as display/set Flags and control of Lighting Scenes.

  • Best of the current bunch

    by armckinn

    Definitely the best of the current HAI apps out there. Could have more eye-candy, but otherwise I am very happy with its operation.

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