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- The app has a fresh new look and feel
- Music files in one folder act as a playlist. You can now use Shuffle and Repeat modes
- Bug fixes

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4shared is a fantastic place for your photos, videos and other media. Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, your media travel with you. Plus, 4shared provides you with a never-ending experience of inspiration discovery. This social-rich platform boasts an impressive media file database, full of current and soon-to-be favorite music, videos and pictures for you. To make things more interesting, there is a great public search mode, which makes finding content a breeze. Whatever media you fancy, collect it to your 4shared account and enjoy! By the way, if you want to get your photos noticed, you can easily share them with family, or the whole world. Let’s ooh and ahh, laugh and cry together!

Install 4shared mobile and you’ll be able to manage your folders, browse photos, listen to music, and download all necessary files to your 4shared account with your iPhone and iPad. You can create your own playlists and access all your music wherever you are. Never be forced to choose which single album or track to enjoy, have everything that matters on the go!


- Full integration with 4shared cloud storage.
- Easily manage files and folders.
- Sharing links to files and folders both via e-mail and in social networks.
- Stream music and videos that you have in your 4shared account without actually downloading them to your device.
- Upload photos and videos.
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Customer Reviews


    by state Feis


  • Missing files

    by Mockingbirdcg

    Lots of music that I have uploaded to my 4shared isn't showing up. I know for a fact I had all of my music before the update, and the missing files are showing up on safari, just not the app.

  • Loved it

    by Ravignon

    Loved it!!!!! Nice version


    by Juliez funky


  • WHAT A SHOCK !!! '' open in plug in ''

    by Dr. Hamdy

    I was really shocked to find the open in plugin was not used anymore in the applications that I used to upload too 4shared from , hope there's an update soon

  • Es muy bueno

    by Lectorlibro

    Me parece una APP muy buena, y muy útil, quisiera que se pudiera buscar las canciones para descargarlas desde la apliación y no tener que buscar las canciones en la pag de internet, pero de resto muy buena.

  • Great app

    by Blessing be The Lord

    I love I have all my favor songs and I listing all the time any were ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It's ok

    by Shonshon02

    Would like to search from app. I have to go to site search and then sync. Too time consuming.

  • Thanks

    by Esau25

    Nice is the best for downloads

  • Fix it plz

    by Baltimorepride

    I've had this app for a long time and ever since this update things have changes a lot some bad, some good

  • Bugs not fixed!

    by McKenzieMac

    This app usually works great. Ever since the new update, I can't open the app cause it force closes the second I open it! Fix please!

  • Love it

    by jorge91803

    I love this app....the best App ever!!!!!

  • Not bad, but not perfect

    by TriforceOfCourage

    I like that you can actually make playlists with a repeat mode. With other versions you could sort songs into separate folders, but you couldn't play only those songs. I also like the shuffle option. I would like an option to replay a song without needing to put it in it's own folder. When I put different songs into folders after saving them to favorites (which is how you play songs offline) they'll often download again without me having removed them from the favorites list. Also, when I try to jump to a different song without finishing the current song playing (and occasionally, even when I do) either the app will skip over the next song, or it won't play it, as if I had pressed the pause button. Oh, and it'd be nice if I could do other things within the app (like organize my music) while still listening to music. Also, I would like to be able to organize the order in which the songs are played without having to name them alphabetically. And it would be really cool if I didn't have to choose between having the songs on separate playlists and having all of the songs on one long list. I'd like to have both if possible.

  • Last was better

    by Gabsters21

    Idk if it's just my phone and wifi, but I went to the website and added songs and it said that it was successfully added but then I went on the app and it's not on the list. Other than that it's pretty good. In the old version I was always frustrated that some songs weren't in the playlist and it's could be put on shuffle. The playlist idea is very good.

  • You don't need Wifi

    by NahhamyN7

    EVERYBODY!! You don't need Wifi to listen to your songs, you just need to click the favourite button (the star) and then go to favourites and you'll see them getting downloaded there. However I do have another issue, almost half of my songs aren't appearing. I went online to see my account and all the songs are there but they won't appear in the app? Please anyone help, thank you :)

  • Ehh

    by MarvelBitch

    New update is really laggy. Like, "My god, I can't get move the screen for more than a second" sort of lag. It constantly freezes, and honestly the only reason I updated it was because of the new shuffle and repeat options. I like the older version better, but it can't be helped now. Nevertheless, I still love 4shared completely, and I will always support it the best I can. So, four stars.

  • by Jujuihu

    I LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!! I love this app so much :D


    by Vlamm


  • Love it.

    by Usatidfied

    The new interface is nice just waiting for them to fix the bugs

  • Love it !!!

    by Pika98

    Nice update! I can listen to all my favorite songs! For those who think you need wifi, you favorite your songs and they will automatically upload so you can listen to them without wifi! Love this app:)

  • Latest update crashes :(

    by natnatalie

    It was working fine--updated it and now can't open it. I try to login and it crashes every time. Really? -__-

  • :(

    by Mia:$

    It won't let me open the app. Please fix soon!!

  • Sad

    by Cobiinnn

    But true, useless app

  • Good Concept, Terrible Update

    by Dashing Handsome Knight

    The features don't Work and Most of The Playlist is Gone. Change it back to Previous Version

  • Cant show my documents !!

    by mosaab kn

    After the new update I cant show my documents that is stored in 4shared I need to email it to my self And open it in other App!! Thats really annoying I used to read and study from this App But now i think i'm going to look for an alternative app for this Thank you for making this 4shared worse

  • Bring back old version!

    by Megan Domenech

    What happened to the capability to share files with iTunes?? Downloading is also way slower, not happy with this update


    by Its ME^^*

    Pls, Bring back Version 1.8.0 and just add shuffle and repeat mode . That is five stars. Sincerely, Thanks.

  • Please update the app and fix it

    by Jowy360

    The desing is good but the oldest version was much better and worked better than this version. This version is slower and have to much problems when play songs.

  • by Please do us the favor

    The new look is amazing BUT! I don't like how we have to press favorite for the music to download! And when the song finishes it stops if you don't have one of the songs favorited. It will be nice if you guys headed it just like it was before.

  • ?????

    by ADavid15

    I use to be able to download songs on another app (mp3 downloaded app) and transfer it over to this app but can't anymore, is that a bug...my only complaint

  • Terrible

    by Bich Dang

    Half of my song are missing. Fix it!


    by Kathleen Deguzman

    Bring back the old version.

  • It needs improvement

    by oscarmadrigal

    I frankly don't like the new version because when I try to download (favorite) songs, they re-download and when I want to go online it won't play any music. Before the update, everything was good. Sure some minor big fixes but better than this one

  • I'm a new user.

    by GamerReviewer101

    Yeah. That's right. I gave it 1 star. BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEND THE STINKING EMAIL.

  • last was better

    by Piratetelly

    I login in first account and it only showed about 20 of my songs, I had 506 songs. I made a new one n it shows all my songs I've re added. but every time I want to download a song it re downloads all my songs -.- therefore I HATE THIS NEW VERSION!

  • Can't export my music!

    by Mayiz_wrongsir

    Please fix! I have an iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4 and i want to export a song from app Dj2 to this app but it want work anymore! That's really big problem for me. Please fix it as fast as you can... Looking forward for the next update I hope you fixed it.

  • KD minhas músicas???

    by Cintia Braga

    Minhas musicas sumiram, mas quando entro do pc. elas estão lá... Ou seja, o app não está carregando todas as minhas informações...

  • Fix this pls!!

    by ------------►á§H∟ε¥◄----------

    Ive had plenty of songs before i updated the app and when i did update it almost all of the songs that was on my playlist was GONE!

  • NO!!

    by D. Dixon

    Don't update or get this app, wifi needed

  • Why?!

    by HybridMC

    Why is there no search button?! Plz fix that!!!!!

  • Dislike

    by <3 dogpoodle101 <3

    I not only hate the wifi problem and yada yada yada (what everyone else said) but also now I can't close the app and still be able to play the songs like before. Go back to the original before this current version please!!

  • Poor update

    by Dallen257

    With this new update half my pictures were lost as well as videos. It takes a longtime to scroll through photos.

  • Review

    by WantThisAppToWork!

    I hate that when you put a song in favorites it has to re-download all the songs and when I go to 4shared.com to download stuff it doesn't download to my account but I like that it has a repeat mode and a shuffle button I just wish It wouldn't have so many problems


    by Aby4300

    Well, I honestly like the other version better bcuz I didn't need wifi to listen to music. So now I have to put my music into favorites so that I can listen to it offline. But now when I want to add a new song into my files, it makes me download ALL my music (that was already in my favorites) AGAIN! I'm really disappointed that I have to download again just bcuz I added ONE new song. I really hope they fix this! :\

  • Old version was 100% much better!!!

    by Carte93

    Not all the music I have in my account appears on the app, I do not know why you fixed it when was not broken :(

  • Update why ..?

    by Abbey-gal

    I loved this app ! I used it all the time , now I can't , what ?! I have to have wifi to listen to music , that's stupid . I miss the old version . this needs to be fixed so I can listen going to school and such .

  • Bad Update

    by raspberry_panda

    I was super excited to see that the newest update would include options to shuffle, repeat and playlist. But after getting it updated, I can't even open my app anymore. It crashes almost immediately after I click on it. I hope it will be fixed because this app is practically my only place for music.

  • Not working

    by moneyMike1414

    It won't let me log on it says not enough parameters need authorization.

  • Used to love this app

    by DiosSignalT

    I would use this app for all of my songs. That was until this update. At first, I really liked the new design. But when I tried to play the music that had already been downloaded from when I had the previous update, the song needed the internet to play. I really do hope that they change back to when the song were instantly downloaded on your phone. For now, I honestly don't find any use for this app anymore.

  • Nope, no, nope

    by MarvelBitch

    I am completely disappointed in this new update. IT IS SO SO HARD TO WORK WITH NOW. It always crashes, always freezes, and is way more complicated than before. I am so so angry, and now I have nothing to listen to my music on now. Please change it!!

  • Plz fix this new app

    by Plz fix this new app


  • Offline loss: Terrible!

    by THOODTheNiggard

    I can no longer play stored music offline. An internet connection is needed now apparently. Please recant the news for internet , it's really getting in the way. A 4 star app reduced to 2 - 1 star quality

  • Why did you update? It wasn't needed

    by Ms.pleased

    There's multiple things wrong with this. I don't like that I need internet access to use the app. It uses up cellular data now for no reason. I don't like that I can't browse my other folders while listening to music. Now you can't start from any point in the song, you have to start from the beginning and you can't fast forward or rewind. Y'all messed up a good app with this update.

  • The worst update

    by Kimmy43779

    I can't listen to music offline. When I updated half of my songs where missing. I hope they change it back :(

  • You need wifi?!?!?

    by Luketindol96

    This new interface is beautiful but you need wifi to listen to music this is an outrage bring back the new reason or make in this version so you can listen to all of your favorite tunes on the go.

  • Katy

    by Katy122705

    I dont like this version... I can't download music... I loved this version until last version sorry

  • No me gusta

    by Nannio1969

    The update is crap. My music won't show up... Even though it's actually there... PLEASE GIVE US THE OLD VERSION BACK... It was way better than this.

  • The older version was better

    by ShytessaSails

    The older version was better, I could import music from another app into 4shared & then download it to my phone. Now I can't. :( & the fact I need wifi to play music makes me angry, I tried to play music today without wifi on the app and I wasn't allowed to.

  • Why?

    by D. Dixon

    Like the other review said don't fix something if it isn't broken, this app was perfectly fine. Now all of a sudden i need wifi. DONT UPDATE, luckily since I'm jailbroke i can change the app ver.

  • Horrible

    by Wanda Burrow

    Bring back the old one!

  • Now I have to use WiFi? NO

    by SwiftyGigi

    I used to love this app. The improvement/update LOOKS better, but it is not actually better. I hate how I now have to use WiFi to play my music. It's completely ridiculous and I hate it.

  • Very bad

    by Vasa rad

    I cant access to my account Since last update .

  • Nope

    by Your Best Friend's Girlfriend

    Not all of my songs are saved and I know that they should be there because where I look online they're there. And what is up with the need for Internet when I play music? And why does it stop when I press back? Come on guys. You could do better.

  • Cannot listen music without wifi!

    by Siapaaja18765181

    This ver remove the ability to listen music offline!! Dont update..

  • Good Concept, Terrible Update

    by Dashing Handsome Knight

    The features don't Work and Most of The Playlist is Gone.

  • Go back to the old vercion

    by Laker0492

    I can't lisent my music anymore this app its crap now am gonna delet it....

  • Bad really bad

    by Bad chico

    Please back the old version because i don't have all songs.... I like the old version

  • Bring back the old one!

    by Nycherie

    I don't like the changes. I really loved this app before the update!

  • :( crashing like crazy

    by Muffins42000

    Updated and now it won't stop crashing Please fix I love this app

  • No me gusta

    by Nest00

    Lo malo es que la nueva actualización no te permite descargar y que te permita guardar las canciones Deberían arreglar ese concepto por el wifi :(

  • :(

    by KaroBetweenDiamonds

    It was soooo awesome before this update so,e of the songs skip and don't play idk why

  • Terrible

    by Doña Flor

    The new version freezes on me. I can't listen to music without wifi. The old version had been crashing on me. Instead of updating and fixing it. It only got worse!!

  • Don't fix something if it isn't broken.

    by Marshasays

    This was honestly my go-to for music. It WAS brilliant and so easy to use. This new update is the worst thing ever. It crashes every time I open and now I'm learning from other reviews that I need WIFI to play my music? You gotta be kidding me. You have already lots of one star reviews. What does this tell you? Either go back or revise quickly with another update to fix all these terrible mistakes you've all made. Whoever thought to update this should be fired. I'm serious.

  • Please go back to the old one!!

    by LilliumLuna

    I like the update but what's the deal with needing wifi to play the music? Also some of my music won't show up. I miss the old version. Please bring it back or at least fix this update.

  • Music Search

    by jayjayokay

    One good thing with this updated version is the interface..earlier versions got better functions though...particularly the first one...They removed the Search Button from previous ipod/iphone versions and in the process taking out the downloading capability of this app...making this app practically useless...still hoping they'd bring it back though...

  • Mad!

    by Foreverasone

    After I updated, I logged in and then the app crashed! I pressed on the app again and it still crash...Does it crash because I'm using a 4th Generation iPod?

  • Crashes!!!

    by Beware of this

    This version crashes upon opening on my iPad. Please fix...

  • iTunes

    by JSingh23

    Won't let me sync

  • u have to read this

    by Ddjjjgg

    This version drives me crazy bc listening to music only works where wifi exists. so if i want to listen to it in my car and my car doesn't have wifi so i won't be able to listen to it... thats not good my point is like how it was for last version how i download and keep listening anywhere is much beter

  • Not loafing

    by Lublub23

    None of the songs are loading with this new version!!! Fix ASAP!!!!

  • Can not understand!

    by Leonardo Pironti

    Can't I download music? I just use 4shared to listen to music in the car and with this new version I can't do it because I have an iPod so I don't have an internet connection unless I find a WIFI. I just want to be able to download my music like in the last version.

  • Bing it back

    by Skulls105

    I hate the new version of 4shared please bring the old one back

  • Can you fix it

    by Celome

    Is was working ok until the last update. Now is not working.

  • Go back to the previous version

    by Prokillzor1177245

    Please go back to the previous version. In this new update it said that I have to have internet just to listen to my music. Why not go back to the old version

  • Should've Kept Last Version

    by curove

    I hate that I updated to this latest version today. After numerous attempts to open it, the app just keeps force-closing. SO DISAPPOINTED...PLEASE FIX!

  • Unable to listen offline

    by 2769984

    Can't listen to music offline anymore :( please change this

  • Good

    by jason the great

    Useful so far and it's very well organized. Hopefully I can move ROMs from the app to gba4ios

  • Amazing

    by Splitlane

    I love the new update, especially the playlist feature. My omly complaint, is that when you hit the back arrow to browse other songs, it stops your song. Overall, 5 stars, no doubt. And, first! Haha

  • by Brendan Taylor

    App is awesome and easy to use

  • Crashing

    by Gammer143

    After update app asked me to login after login crashed and now I can't even open the app total waste

  • iPod

    by Elmo40

    It won't let me download files on iPod. I transferred the file but it won't download.

  • La porquería mas grande del mundo

    by Porqueriita

    No funciona para nada aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Error

    by Cute~Girl

    I can't not upload my file or photo

  • A good app

    by Cyem

    Not impressive, but ok.

  • 4shared

    by Señor Noisey

    This app is nice for file storage. I like how I'm able to use the files I get on the 4shared website and I'm able to use them whenever I want once I download them online. It gets the job done and its easy to use. I likey...

  • Fix plz

    by Jjones203

    This app does not work in my iphone5

  • Best service for iOS!

    by Mefisto82

    One of the best!

  • Recomendada

    by Jals3333

    Muy buena app para descargar cualquier tipo de archivo en especial música de 50 canciones que busques solo no te encuentra 5

  • 4 share

    by Lilbeast 616

    4 share the best

  • Excellent for music movies

    by Ak snow racer

    Works every time never failed me yet

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