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Languages: English

Seller: Mostafa Ashour

- iOS 7 ready
- Fixed a minor bug that affected resume font color in iOS 7

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The most advanced resume builder on the app store!

Check out samples of the produced resumes at:

◉ No.1 Productivity App in the US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand and 12 other countries ◉

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"I found that Resume Designer was extremely easy to use and it did allow me to create professional resumes that I could update in seconds." --

Produce elegant professional looking resumes/cvs in a matter of minutes! Just enter your resume details once and then Resume Designer enables you to choose from multiple professional looking resume styles. You can then email your resume to your prospective employer or you can you print it out directly from the app.

- Export to PDF
- Choose from 16 professional resume designs
- 3 sample resumes
- Share via eMail
- iCloud support. Edit your resume on any of your devices
- Add a personal photo to your resume
- Integration with DropBox, G-Drive, iBook and other apps
- Print directly from your device
- Build multiple resumes with different styles
- Duplicate already existing resumes and target different employers with different resumes
- Distinguish your resume from others by adding a cover letter
- Quick start by choosing from a set of predefined resumes
- In-app tips that provide you with the best resume writing practices

Customer Reviews

  • Great with potential for amazing!

    by NenaLinda82pr

    I love this app! It's easy to use and there are some great resume layouts. I also love that you can export the resume with or without the cover letter. I really wish, however, that I could customize the colors in some of the templates. Black and orange? Lime green? Even the grey letters would look better in black in another template. Please keep in mind that we (& the employer) have to print these at some point. An all black layout, for example, is not optimal.

  • Great!

    by Tyty1243

    I was able to make a very attractive resume without dealing with the difficulty of hassling with the terrible templates on Microsoft word. It was easy and only took a few minutes. I strongly recommend this app!

  • Beautiful...but

    by rosedesert

    Design background only cover inside margins. You are always left with a white border. Not impressive at all even though the design is nice.

  • Helpful

    by The High Evolutionary


  • Not very intuitive

    by Diq

    Imputing information is a little cumbersome. I had to delete this app because it just felt too clunky putting my work history in.

  • Amazing!!! Classy!! Easy!!!

    by Katelyn Trotta

    This resume app is definitely worth the money; It beats out any resume templates that I have ever tried (Including all MS Office, MS Publisher & Wordperfect) The reason I loved this app so much is because it is so EASY TO USE! I usually go crazy cutting and pasting, reformatting and then losing all my information that I worked so hard to cut & paste & copy ;) Thanks! Barb

  • Absolutely worth it!

    by Vontael

    Amazing quality and design of the application provides a superb foundation to build a resume for any field.

  • Great App!

    by Rayrayrayrayrayrayraylt

    I thought this was a very helpful app for building a resume. A lot of reviews are saying that it only comes with 3 templates, which is false. There are a lot more, they just aren't on the home page. One comment also said you cannot start your own resume just edit the three existing ones. This is also false. If you scroll past those three you will see an option for new resume. Overall I found this app amazing! Totally take the overwhelmingness away in creating your resume. You can totally customize it to your needs. I loved it.

  • New icon?

    by iTeddyBear27

    Needs a new icon and maybe more features?

  • A great app

    by Rico Wu

    I think it's a great app but still has room to improve, such as can't adjust font size, no bold, no bullets. Wish these features could be added soon. Thanks again for the developing team!

  • Resume

    by Tomuchfor

    Helpful with style and proficient of needs


    by Snearrrryyyy

    Worth every dime! I stressed and stressed about resumes and this app saved my life ! One I don't have a computer right now and two it was so much easier then word!!! Buyyyy this

  • Fantastic!

    by 281639

    Goodbye MS Word! This app takes the headaches out of resume-building with word processor programs and lets you focus on the important things!

  • love it

    by loveandpeacee

    very nice app and friendly use ❤️

  • What a great app


    I think it's the best app in the App store for writing a resume. Thumbs up for you

  • Simple ,powerful and professional

    by Zenzehar

    Very simple UI to create a professional CV , many templates and pre-made examples to choose from. 5 stars with no doubt

  • Love it

    by Leo T

    It's a great app for making resumes. Only feature I wish they added was to upload your resume and then tweak it.

  • Absolutely Productive!

    by Awesome Exclamation Point!


  • Lovely app

    by Badfishy420

    Great UI! The templates are smooth looking and work great. I would use almost any of the templates to apply for jobs.

  • Wow!

    by Heyo breda

    Very usefull,love it!

  • Need business samples

    by Veetsagain

    They should show you the three samples on their description so that you can decide for yourself if you want to buy it. The samples are: waitress résumé, consultant physician résumé and student résumé. I have been working in corporate America so they should offer a sample for business résumé. I don't think this app is directed towards business people. The New Resume feature doesn't work and there are no instructions to use the app. Also, I don't see where I can select the themes so maybe that's how you can edit the three samples? By the way, it is advertised as having 16 themes but I only counted 10. Were 6 removed? It wasn't a lot of money but I don't think I can use this. It seems the samples are limited to some levels of careers but does not encompass other careers. If you are out of college then this might work for you but it doesn't apply to people like me who work in Corporate America.

  • New résumé

    by Jinxbreaker

    Can't scroll past the example resume that is on this. Using IPad and looks like I need to type over everything? No instructions or am I missing something. Thanks

  • Update

    by (CVG)

    Please update this app. I am using the resume where you can place a picture on the top left corner of resume which I love because I'm an actor and adding picture to resume is a plus. Here are my complaints: 1.) when I go to print resume there's a weird border that is not same color as the rest of resume background. I have to cut the resume shorter to make up for this which leaves the resume smaller than 8x10. 2.) the columns do not line up perfectly when I add my work experience, etc. Makes this look very unprofessional.

  • Only PDF Output?

    by Cayce Pollard

    Seriously? A brief scan of any employment advice article, even on LinkedIn, would tell you hiring managers almost always request a DOC format. At least give the option to export as RTF or markdown.

  • keeps crashing on iphone4S 6.1.2

    by ViStoon

    it worked for a few days and then non-stop crashing..whyyyy?

  • Love this app.....but need HELP!!

    by Linzyp

    I think this app is amazing especially since resumes for bartending jobs in LA usually require a headshot to even be considered. The only problem I'm having is finding how to add a bullet point!!! Can someone please tell me how this is done thanks.

  • Love it!!!:)

    by ravl007

    Makes life so much easier!! Literally

  • Useless

    by My commentary

    Who writes their resume on their iPhone? Templates are very very few (3). If this is the pro version I'd hate to see what the lite version is. Don't waste your time. Go online and visit credible and reputable job sites fir resume tips.

  • Great Product!

    by justupgradedtoIOS7user

    Thank you for creating, likely, the best resumé app on the market. I especially like the ability to try different styles with existing resume data created by me with your app. Similarly, I have found the 'Copy' function very useful to create unique resumes for different skill sets. I don't think many of the reviewers realize the flexibility of this app and its abilities. They should take more time to learn it, which is quite easy. Well done! Having said that: I recommend, if you have the ability, time or inclination, develop a PC & Mac app (I personally use a PC) that can import/export the Resume Designer and sell it; don't give it away. Your efforts to create that are worth supporting. Thank you.

  • 16 Templates

    by Anonymousturkey

    This app is the best resume app I have come across. For those who think that your only getting 3 templates, you are looking at the sample resumes. Under those you will see "new resume" when you click that, it will give you the option to select one of the 16 templates advertised. Hope this helps. To the developers, great job.

  • Poca M


    Me encanta la interface y la empezare a usar desde hoy !!!

  • Great app

    by tittawella

    Very useful .

  • Please read all the reviews then read this one!

    by s.pillow

    I think there may have been some confusion from the first few poorly-rated reviews. The app comes with three sample templates, but 16 themes that you can apply to your resume (or apply to those samples to see what the outcome looks like.) Also, the app is defaulted to allowing a photo to be present on your resume, which in some cultures, niche markets, and social atmospheres may be acceptable - but in mainstream corporate America; it has a stigma of being faux pas. This is not a BAD thing, just an option. This app is truly worth the time and money, the only option I would like to see is the possibly to export the data into a spreadsheet or some kind of editable format so you can change it on a PC/Mac and import it back in.

  • Three templates instead of sixteen

    by Packmule02

    Apps gratis user. Nice layout but getting only 3 of the 16 led to this 2 star rating. If an update gets others maybe I could re-rate this app.

  • Uninstalled

    by Andreas Pleschutznig

    Either I am stupid or the user interface of this app is not as easy as it purports to be. you can edit the sample, but if you want to start a new resume you are out of luck. In addition, exporting to PDF is not enough. Most employers these days want your resume in a word format. PDF is good to start, but without the function of creating a word version and the fact that you cannot just create a new resume from scratch this app is worthless.

  • Great App but misleading

    by FollowNASCAR

    The app itself is great, but, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER PUT YOUR PICTURE ON A RESUME!!! Ask any resume writing professional and even go ask companies. That is a BIG NO NO. The way NOT to get a job. You should not be leading people to put their picture on a resume or cover letter.

  • Don't Waste Your Time!

    by RichBoston

    Dishonest developer advertises 16 templates. Actually comes with only 3! Student, waitress and doctor versions. Sell what you advertise!!!

  • Interesting, and looks nice.

    by eagleman1101

    Looks nice, and designed well, but almost all of these templates have pictures. I personally don't like resumes with pictures, nor do I think they have a place in a professional atmosphere.

  • Great app -Could use minor tweaks

    by Itsmimitime

    Beautiful and simplistic design. Lots of wonderful resume designs. I just wish I could edit my resume from my macbook as it’s difficult to type up a whole resume on the iPhone. I’ll be using this for my next job interview. Thanks

  • Awesomeness

    by Aelfante

    Great app was able to build my resume in less than 15mins! Thanks

  • Good

    by XKris33x

    So far so good. Haven't found any problems yet. Nice useful app.

  • Where are the templates?

    by Chesed54

    Only received 3 of the 16 templates advertised. App looks good, works fine, but not happy about missing templates.

  • Nice app

    by Libya's son

    Keep up ur good work

  • Needs a tad tweeted

    by Review2U

    Can't save copy to a file? Most online applications let you upload a resume file. Can't do this with this app, Would give it 5 stars if could save to a file.

  • Awesome!

    by giovanni tobias

    Near perfection, needs more details.

  • Great app

    by Hard Shell2

    Love the formats

  • Great app

    by Blue Tiara

    Easy, thorough, looks good. Really helpful.

  • Great user experience

    by jasonarm1

    love it

  • Awesome

    by jiggly2

    Love the UI and the resume designs! Great app...

  • Worth the money

    by Tdi2483

    Made applying for jobs very convenient as I don't have access to a computer at my home. Made the time saved and convenience worth every penny. I have noticed a few glitches when previewing my résumé but they are minor with no data loss or anything.

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