TN3270 Business App Review (iOS, $29.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: MochaSoft
  • Updated: Sep, 14 2008
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 803.59 KB

Languages: English

Seller: Jan Frydendal

- faster keyboard input and screen display
- new icon
- removed icons from the main menu
- general bug fixing

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TN3270 emulate an IBM 3278 terminal for easy access to an IBM Mainframe.

Before ordering, try the free Lite version.

- Supports all standard 3270 emulation features
- Alternate screen size (24x80 or 32x80)
- SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
- Zoom and scroll as the Safari browser
- 3270 keys as PF1-PF24, PA1-PA3 and Clear
- Printer
- VGA output
- Barcode scanner (OPTICON 2002 or camera)
- Support for 10 different EBCDIC code pages
- Colors can be customised
- Clipboard
- Hotspots (Fxx= , PFxx= and URL text in the 3270 screen can be used as buttons)

Customer Reviews

  • Great app from a long time provider of emulation Clients

    by SysProg

    This application successfully provides TN3270 emulation on a touch screen interface. TN3270 is a keyboard based application but with the a combination of the ipod keyboard and 'specialty' keyboards they get the job done. Now I can get my mainframe work done from any WiFi hotspot world wide. MochaSoft is a leader in this market and they have done an excellant job here.

  • Systems Programmer

    by DBertinot

    Works very well. Easy to zoom in and pan around. This is the app I've been waiting for.

  • Works great

    by ski2222

    I'm able to login into our mainframe and perform all the functions.

  • Not for high use

    by mar-val

    TN3270 had very fast response, but that is about all. It was very cumbersome to use, is limited to 24x80 and 32x80, only 8 macros, and does not support TN3270E luname. Using the keyboard and function keys were a chore, Enter is at the top of the screen. TN3270 uses the iOS keyboard rather than providing a 3270 version. An advantage is the iPad and iPhone are same version saving money.

  • VPD for IPAD

    by Belgians99

    Nice Product! Got it configured with SonicWall AES-128 VPN to access MF(s). Plan on trying 3DES from Apple for IPAD. Other than that. Great for MF folks that use IPAD.

  • About That Bluetooth Keyboard Issue ...

    by Way Out Willie

    Disclaimer: I am an iPhone/iPad developer, but I am not affiliated in any way with MochaSoft. In fact, I might someday release my own competing TN3270 emulator. This post is neither a "shill" nor a "troll". But I feel compelled to defend MochaSoft on the Bluetooth keyboard "issue" that was raised in another review. The fact is, this limitation is Apple's responsibility. The iOS keyboard interface does not provide any way for an app to capture the "enter/return" key — so there is NO WAY for TN3270 to treat it as the 3270 "enter" key! As presently designed, the iOS keyboard interface passes only two things to the app: data keys and the backspace (delete) key. Nothing else — no "function" keys other than backspace are passed to the app. The app can configure the "enter/return" key to either (a) move the cursor to the next text input field, if there is one (similar to the 3270 "tab" function) or (b) dismiss the keyboard. But the app is not notified of either of these actions!

  • This needs to integrate better with a bluetooth keyboard...

    by SolarWind

    I first bought this for my iPhone and it worked pretty well. Not wonderfully but considering it is a mainframe in your hand with a LOT of keys piled in there, it is a really, really good effort - and as I said it is quite useable. But I recently also bought an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard so that I wouldn't have to bounce around from virtual keyboard arrangement to virtual keyboard arrangement within TN3270 -- or so I thought. Guess what? The ENTER key is NOT honored on the bluetooth keyboard, so you can type some characters really quickly & accurately on the bluetooth keyboard but then you have to move your hand to the top of the screen to "press" the ENTER key there. Dumb! That HAS to get fixed - SOON!!! (Please? When it gets fixed my rating will definitely improve. Til then its a 3.)

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