3D Builder Brix Productivity App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Corey Redlien

• Added connector elements for iPhone 4 devices. Makes use of all that new memory and power!
• Fixes bug where transparent pieces may not have been saved/displayed correctly

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3D Builder Brix is like having your favorite LEGO or Mega Bloks model building and construction kit in your pocket!

With a fun and easy to use 3D interface, 3D BuilderBrix lets you choose from over 70 different pieces in 16 different colors to build whatever your imagination dreams up. No more looking for that lost piece under the sofa; now they're all in your pocket!

Now updated to take advantage of iPhone 4 hardware! Because of the improved memory and processor of the iPhone 4, 3D Builder Brix models now show their "connector dots". Please note that this is a iPhone 4 option ONLY. Old devices (including iPad) will not display these connector dots.

Want to have your creation highlighted in the App Store? Email your snapshot to BrixBuilder@mobilegamegarage.com and we'll post the best ones here!


• A user interface designed from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Intuitive and quick, the interface gives you the controls you need to navigate through 3D space easily and efficiently.
• A beautiful, intuitive and contextual interface that gets out of your way and lets you build your models and scenes with ease.
• Choose from over 70 different pieces; plates, blocks, slopes, wings and more
• Each piece can be one of 11 different solid colors or 5 different transparencies
• Add some fun and personality to your scene with customizable minifigs that can be posed just like the real thing! Choose from 11 different head designs, torso and leg color combinations
• Pieces connect up easily -- just drag a piece to another and they'll automatically connect up just as if you were connecting them together in real life. Disconnect objects just as easily.
• Rotate your pieces using an innovative and easy to use interface that lets you see how that piece will work with all the other pieces in the scene.
• Save up to 12 different scenes. Don't worry about taking that phone call or getting back to work; 3D BuilderBrix will automatically save your progress so that when you come back to your scene it'll be just as you left it.
• Take snapshots of your scenes and add them to your photo library or email to your friends.
• Use a photo from your own photo library to use as a backdrop, or choose from one of 3D BuilderBrix's built-in photo's or background colors
• Add dozens of pieces to your scene; The only limitation is your imagination.

To see some videos of the app in action, please visit our support page at www.brixbuilder.com. There you'll find some quick tips, images and videos that show off how 3D BuilderBrix can let you build your imagination.

Customer Reviews

  • Half and Half

    by swimmersruletheearth

    I like it...it's fun to build stuff, and I'm making a model of the Titanic (don't ask lol) and I was done with my third funnel when all of the sudden my other funnels besides on block disappeared...you probably need to work on that...

  • Ok good but glitchy

    by Nave4121

    Well I love this app but I have to close out of it because it FREESES!!!!!!! Make it work!

  • Lighting

    by -Mango Man-

    Well, the game is good, but one of the problems that I have with it is that the lighting is too dark. It really should be brighter.

  • Loading

    by Supervillain 5000

    This app only loads 1 out of 100 times. please fix this!

  • Good but glitchy

    by Spy97

    Glitchy but good. If I were you I would buy it.

  • good

    by loopy268

    i think that ill keep this app. its good, not very good, but good! :)

  • Waste of $1

    by Jbh79

    Didn't work. Waste of $1. Disappointed.

  • A problom

    by Frankie neri

    It needs a update :)

  • Load or not 2 load

    by BabySon1220

    What's up with this app?!!! It loaded on the initial start up & now it won't load for anything!!! Can I have my daddys' $.99 back?? I want an app that works

  • Update

    by Demon Killer 50,000

    It would be nice if you could use any kind of brick, or look up a set and use the bricks in that set or ones related.

  • Review

    by SorFour

    I like it but it crashes a lot and I can't turn the bricks. Not the best app.

  • Glitchy

    by Heath Family


  • Glitchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Goaliemkl123

    Very very glitchy, first day I bought it, I had to close out more times than I can count because it froze. Fix that problem and it would be a fun game.

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