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Use Xbox 360 SmartGlass to enhance your entertainment on Xbox 360.
Xbox 360 SmartGlass lets your device work with your Xbox 360 console to bring rich, interactive experiences and unique content about what you’re watching or playing, right to the device that’s already in your hand. Interact with your favorite TV shows, movies, music, sports, and games, and bring remote control to a whole new level.

You can also connect with your Xbox friends, track and compare your achievements, and change up your 3D avatar.

Got an Xbox One? There’s an Xbox One SmartGlass app too.
Xbox 360 SmartGlass lets you:
• Navigate your Xbox 360 with swipe and tap
• Use your phone’s keyboard to type to your Xbox 360
• Browse the Internet on your Xbox 360 with full keyboard and zooming
• Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop videos and music on your Xbox 360
• Search the full Xbox catalog of music, video, and games
• Enjoy rich, interactive experiences from select game and entertainment content creators
• Track and compare your achievements with your Xbox friends
• Change up your 3D avatar
• Message your Xbox friends
• Edit your Xbox profile

Customer Reviews

  • Make this a controller for gaming

    by DJ YBC

    I love the app but I would love to use it to play actual games!! Please consider this sometime

  • Love it

    by Zombie 5000

    I got this app first for just achievements. Then I started exploring and it was awesome. I hated typing from the xbox. It sucked. So I use the keyboard on my iPad instead. Love this app. Great job!

  • Great

    by Yep...awesome

    It's a great app. One thing, in my opinion, should be added. Make it so you can use this app in-game as a controller. That would be epic!

  • (^ ^)

    by Killjoy Bettie

    This app is probably great for very casual Xbox users, but for hardcore gamers, maybe not so much. You can't add friends through it, for example. I do love that Waypoint pops up when you have a game of Halo running. Except that it doesn't seem to refresh very often. I'm not sure if that would be Smartglass' fault, though. Obviously if you don't already have a keyboard or anything, this app is super helpful. Be aware, however, that you will probably have to wait a few seconds to reconnect to your Xbox every time your phone falls asleep. Overall, Smartglass can be useful, but it isn't a necessity (yet).

  • We need Arabic language in this app

    by MA897231

    We need Arabic language in Smart glass for Xbox 360 And Xbox one . Please don't forget us

  • Problem

    by Spenny1020

    Need to be updated and fix the privacy settings part of the app , I try to put me online status to blocked and says it can not be done

  • Audio but efficient

    by It's 2014

    My only problem is that I can't access audio messages. Other than that, I like the app but it gets a 4 until the audio messages are added

  • by ~BornToBeWild(;

    This app is amazing! I love everything about. I wish you could use your camera for kinect and use audio to send voice messages. But since I'm a girl, the less the guys know the better.

  • Crashing

    by Vh2465337

    When ever I get on my Halo 4 stats the Smartglass app crashes. Please fix this if you can.

  • Sparkle

    by Nick keck

    Best app ever!!!

  • Great app

    by Joshua Wernigk

    I love the app don't get me wrong i just wish u can turn it on or off through it.

  • Xbox

    by Toriko86

    Good Smart App For The Xbox 360 to Check you're Achievmemts & Friends.

  • Sleek & Nice

    by Vailed

    If you regularly buy Gold subscription, you should definitely get this.

  • Excellent

    by Awesomeboy97

    I like everything about it, especially the fact that you can chat with friends much easier and view achievements quickly. But the only problem is you can't see your pins or pin anything else.


    by Saide24

    I like being able to change my profile when I'm at school or something lim that and also like being able to send FREINDS messages. One thing I would like added is the ability to play video games with this app. If you add this ability it will be the BEST APP EVER!!!!!

  • Great app

    by rusty4life

    I use this mostly for reading messages and checking up on my achievements. I have to say, it's pretty well-made. It has some cool features that most apps that offer the same thing don't have. I highly recommend this app over its competitors, by far.

  • Great app

    by Headshot 4071

    Great app but could be better by 1.better remote 2.could turn on the xbox with it

  • Xbox live on your hands

    by Chuchoxbox

    Xbox Smartglass is like a tool if you have Xbox Live.This app makes typing easier and let's you know which friends are online.What I really like about it are the messages,it makes it easier to type and view your messages.It would really make it the app of the future if it would let you be in an xbox live party from your mobile device.I would really recommend this to all Xbox Live users.

  • Just Enough

    by Lauren G.

    I like how the app is very simplistic. You can do just enough for it to be worth your while, but not quite 5 stars. I really like the basic controller ability via your idevices. Great for before bed and preventing having a controller in bed with you.

  • Awesome app!

    by Miguel Lopez

    I don't normally rate or write reviews, but I just had to on this one. This app does everything it says and more! Makes navigation easy and quick. So far no lag between connection. Great for messaging and use with Netflix!

  • Eh

    by Jestf haffff

    It takes forever to connect. It's okay with fable anniversary and netflix. And the remote feature is kind of slacking

  • Doesn't connect.

    by ㄗЯΔΞ┼ΩЯÏΔł\ł 死神

    Ever since Xbox one was released the Xbox 360 smartglass app will not connect to console. Spent over half an hour talking to support and they did nothing to fix the issue. Don't download. Doesn't work

  • Awesome

    by Corbin Miles

    Amazing app but just one suggestion you should make it where you and send and hear audio message thanks

  • Amazing

    by True_gamer_bro

    I love this app it helps so much and is amazing for big gamers like me. I'm such a big gamer that's what I'm going to school for and now I can send messengers super fast love it!!!!

  • Need to add

    by Daknes

    The ability too put redeem codes in Listen to audio message Tracking achievments

  • Awesome

    by Tanner Barker

    Great app add where you can use it as a controller to play games.

  • Love it

    by G.sing13

    Love it but it need a new look so it can go well with iOS 7

  • WOAW

    by D4rkf4n

    This is really the next gen of xbox but I am wanting to see a controller part of the app. Pleeeeeeeeeease

  • Notificaton

    by App store 123

    The app is really good but they should add notifications.

  • Sort of Ok...

    by Mr. Marvin44

    It's really great but you guys should add more stuff and plus the iOS 7 looking design. It's not fair the xbox smart glass for Xbox 1 is better than the 360

  • Xbox Live Parties

    by iPwnMyPeePs

    For the next update u guys should make it so if your friends are in a party u could join them from any electronic.

  • Bad

    by 4663588427884

    Please come out with an update for this I can't connect to my Xbox I have xbox smartglass turned on in the settings and its on and it still won't work HELP!!!!! There is only one good thing right now I can see who is all online

  • Seriously?

    by Cooldude123127

    This app would be great.... If it ACTUALLY DOWNLOADED!!


    Trying to log in!!! DOESNT LET ME

  • Poor usability

    by DavidChristophr

    The remote control buttons are stupidly small, especially when there is so much screen space wasted on pointless content.

  • iOS 7 Update

    by Saultanius

    This app should be updated for iOS 7. Over all a great app!

  • Didn't work

    by Mrbartz

    It didn't even work for my xbox and my iPhone

  • Great

    by Cheese whip

    The idea is genius and everything about it. The only thing is that every time you open the app it has to connect and sign it. It would be better if it just stayed signed in unless you didn't want it to.

  • Garbage

    by Daniel Roose

    This app was awesome until the latest release doesn't connect or find my xbox!

  • Flawless

    by Cyndilouwho29

    I see all these bad reviews and it blows my mind. This app has worked like a dream for me. I have had no problems. It's so much better than investing in a remote and/or keyboard for your xbox.

  • seems like a good idea...

    by Tatdaddyoh

    This might be a pretty cool app. If it would connect to service. I downloaded the app just fine. after that! Nothing.

  • :D

    by Connie Brown

    This is really cool

  • Awesome

    by Lord pop tart

    People complain way to much about this app not being on older devices because it works really well. I don't suppose people want this on their NES too :p

  • Don't connect need to update

    by Princejron

    App doesn't connect, please fix

  • Just "okay"

    by Kiera L.

    I may as well pick up the controller and use it.

  • Get the Xbox One

    by arod3494

    The Xbox One Smartglass app does so much more than this one.

  • Tourltles

    by Creeper dude 04

    I like toutles

  • If it worked right...

    by SSMannie2006

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with connection issues. I love the idea of a second screen and the supposed functionality of this app, but I can never get it to connect to my Xbox 360. At this point it seems like M$ has moved on to Xbox One and wants nothing to do with this app, let alone 360.

  • iPhone + Xbox Live = :)

    by Tony Face

    Very fast and fluid app. I love it!

  • Great BUT...

    by Whatnot62

    The browser cursor lags a ton... It barley moves when I swipe on my phone.

  • Won't connect PLEASE FIX

    by FrequentUser5913

    After update, my iphone 5 will not connect to my xbox.... Even deleted the app and tried again. Same result. PLEASE FIX IT

  • I really liked it.

    by DannyPeru

    But the app stopped connecting to my xbox suddenly. There's no fixing it as of now so for the time being, it's completely useless.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by z&

    Glad I'm switching to playstation on the 14th. They are clearly not updating this any more.


    by Mufinz01

    It has all of your normal Xbox stuff (when you don't have your Xbox available) you can connect to your Xbox and this app will find DLC'S for it!! The avatar is kinda low graphics but who cares!!! You can send messages get dlc's and MORE!!!! You need this app

  • Needs Xbox one compatibility

    by Gooly72

    Make it work for Xbox1!

  • Notifications

    by Alexfigue14

    Please make it so you can receive notifications when you get a message on your xbox

  • No update since April??

    by Billfromfw

    C'mon. The app doesn't work and needs updates. Cannot connect to xbox, the message feed is too slow/won't show new messages.. Most xbox users are still on 360. Support us.

  • I can't connect

    by Rock star 28

    I can't connect my iPod touch 4g to the Xbox and It does not say that it's connect to the Xbox either

  • Not working

    by Roler mane

    Won't connect to my sexbox 360 please fix now!

  • Great App BUT Needs Improvement

    by KTJB99

    Needs to be improved as far as quality and format. Also bad connections to Xbox 360.

  • Broken

    by CptStabs

    The app doesn't work at all, I can't connect what so ever. I've checked everything, reinstalled, and it will not work.

  • Awsome

    by Dubstepkiid

    This app is great I think it would be better if it atleast mirrored the image on the tv to the phone but otherwise great up I love it

  • Worked once now it's crap

    by Rayf81

    The one time it managed to connect to my 360 it was amazing, but the 50 times other times it couldn't connect to my box and was a useless waist of time.

  • Three words..

    by Son Goku SS God

    I love it!! <3

  • Still not compatible with Just Dance 2014

    by Mikey_Bloop

    This app still won't connect with The Just Dance 2014 party master mode-_- please fix and will rate 5 stars

  • Doesn't work

    by Fjvrjbfddgv

    I was playing forza and I tried to get the GPS and it just stood on the screen drive to activate GPS so I drove set my gps and it just stayed on that screen

  • Love it!

    by Macbook02

    I absolutely love this app. I just got my xbox, and I use this app when I want to tell if my friends are online. And the best part: controller dead?=built in remote. Ou can use the remote when your xbox is turned on. It could use an update for the joysticks but it comes In handy. I really like this app and I recommend it to anyone with an xbox.

  • Does not work

    by WiredEFX

    Deleted and redownloaded 8 times and has yet to connect to my xbox. Use to work fine 7 months ago.

  • Usually pretty cool

    by Rassler84

    As of 2 days ago it stopped connecting to my Xbox. Very frustrating.

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