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SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can always have them with you. When you upload photos or videos from your iPhone or iPad to SkyDrive, you can get to them whether you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. With SkyDrive for iOS, you can easily access, manage, and share files on the go:

• Automatically upload photos and videos to SkyDrive using Camera Backup.
• Browse all your own SkyDrive files and files shared with you.
• Share files by sending a link in email or getting a link to copy and paste.
• Move, delete, and rename files, and create new folders.
• Open your SkyDrive files in other iOS apps, including Office Mobile for iPhone.
• Quickly access documents you've recently opened.

Customer Reviews

  • Video downloading

    by Yoai fangirl river

    Would be nice if you were able to download videos, other than that it's a good app.

  • Amazing, just one flaw.

    by CDaera

    Great app, securely uploads files to the cloud. Offers more storage than other similar apps. Great interface and easy to use. But moving files around is kind of annoying, it's a small problem, but it can easily be fixed by allowing users to drag files into folders.

  • Work

    by Ridik1099

    Actually makes an iphone semi useful beyond email/media device.

  • How do I More Memory

    by iprincessann

    I read some of the reviews, and it says that it has 27GB worth of memory. However, when I downloaded it, it said I only have 7GB?

  • Love it!

    by RwiinBo

    love interface and better than Dropbox!

  • So so

    by Dr. Le Roy James

    Not too bad, but definitely not the 27 gigs one guy is touting on here. Only 7. As far as I can tell you cannot load things from the iPad to Skydrive. I may be wrong cause I have not played around with it to much, but I do love that I can view everything on my XBone!

  • Need more features

    by nuphan

    Need sorting feature!

  • Pretty Good App

    by Vxwtch

    Latest updates are roll backup and it works with Office 365 subscription nicely. I wish it would backup pictures without the app being open...that option seems to be reserved for iCloud. Onenote seems to be the lonely child in all of this. It doesn't integrate like word, excel, power point. One day maybe....

  • Please add sorting & search

    by LAX20531

    SkyDrive plays surprisingly well with Windows 8.1 and actually saves disc space instead of building these ridiculous Office caches like it did with Windows 7. To exploit the full functionality of the tool the iOS version needs to have search and sorting capability. Sorting appears to be by DateModified, which can be quite confusing for those of us relying on folder-heavy organization.

  • Lacks basic features

    by Metalcore777

    Needs search, favorites, and passlock like Dropbox.

  • Best app!!

    by katlovesyou5

    This is a very nice app. Like other reviewers have said, it needs a search option. I really love the backup feature, thanks for adding it!!

  • Great for student

    by Studio33713

    Used dropbox, and box. Like this much better. Bc it's a Microsoft product, when installed on Windows computer, it's a matter of drop and drag like it's another folder. Also, other apps that I'm using give me the option to upload directly from the app. One of them is PDF Master which I really like.

  • Please! Ability to upload PDFs to shared folders!

    by Goredough

    I use skydrive and iPad for work and have only one complaint: I absolutely cannot use them together. My main issue is that there is currently no option to upload my PDF notes to my skydrive shared folder. I have to resort to the act of emailing the PDF to myself, saving the PDF to my desktop, then finally uploading the PDF to my shared folder. Seems like a very simple process but for some reason it is not available. Why?!

  • Best cloud storage

    by Blahism

    Works across my iPhone, iPad, windows 8.1, surface tablet and windows phone. Fast sync, lots of storage, image backup and fast.

  • Works

    by Kokohtfhrfjtcbdsvkjbgdxy

    It does what it's supposed to do well. Never crashed.

  • Love the app, but...


    After using Dropbox for years, I've recently moved most of my files over to Skydrive, which was a great switch for me. The only problem I'm having with the app is that I cant open up a file in another app. I've got various zip files that I would like to open in the Winzip App, or photoshop files that I want to open in Photoshop Touch on the iPad. Please add this.

  • One thing missing

    by Yeaimdatcat

    This app needs to be able to background auto upload pics. Please update

  • Great Service

    by RuntyCascade

    Works great, able to save my documents, music, videos and stream them to Xbox Music app on my phone and tablet! One thing I would like added. Could you guys add highlighting support for PDF documents? To where you select a word or words and the highlight option comes up with "define" & "copy"?

  • Stopped working

    by reddestcantu

    This is usually such a good app, but it randomly stopped working. It says I'm not connected to the internet but I am. It would be great if it could start working normally ASAP.

  • Nice App But ...

    by CleverP

    Wonderful iPhone app, the best data storage option. My problem is that when it asks to backup photos, it asks to back up *all* photos. I've already backed up all my photos here. What I want to do is backup all new photos from now to the future rather than re-uploading photos that I previously uploaded.

  • Please Add Option to Create Folder!!!

    by bberding

    First off, I absolutely love SkyDrive! It is hands down the best cloud storage service out there! However, there is one thing that absolutely drives me nuts, and that is the inability to create a new folder when uploading a file to SkyDrive from Safari. I use SkyDrive to save and access all my information wherever I am, and it does an amazing job at that. When I am browsing the internet on my iPhone and I come across a file I need to save, I just hit "Open in SkyDrive." My file pops right up in SkyDrive and I press the Upload button. Up pops the list of existing folders. The only problem is, I just discovered "Underwater Basket Weaving," and I don't have an appropriately titled folder in which to store all the informational PDFs I've found yet. So, instead of simply being able to tap "Add a New Folder" and typing "Underwater Basket Weaving" and then pressing "Upload;" First I must press Back, then I hit Edit, then I press Add Items, and after that I press Create a Folder. Now is the worst part though. Now I have to exit SkyDrive, go back to Safari, find the PDF, press "Open in SkyDrive" again, then once SkyDrive opens, I can now press Upload and select my newly created and appropriately named folder. I don't want to rant about this, but for such a simple function to be overlooked seems like a major oversight to me. I have been using SkyDrive since before it was even available on iOS, I was ecstatic when it got an app, and with each new revision on the app, I have been patiently waiting for someone to pickup on this missing functionality, but alas, on the 4th major version, it still is nowhere to be found. This really makes me wonder if it is some kind of iOS limitation, but I am just not sure how it could be. Even better than a new folder button however, would be an Edit button on the upload selection page that would easily allow you to Add, Delete, Rename or Merge folders, but for now I would settle for an Add Folder button. I love SkyDrive, but if you could please add this very simple functionality, it would possibly save me a whole 1 to 2 minutes a day, but decades worth of frustration!!! ;-) Keep up the great work SkyDrive Team! I Love You! P.S. The new look for iOS 7 is Amazing!!!

  • Xbox video uploads

    by AkProGamer907

    Liked the app but really wish it had an option to upload my Xbox videos directly to Facebook.

  • No win8.1 support??

    by danman28

    I cant use the app on windows running 8.1. Also cant use the app on my ipad, iPhone because of a stupid "connect to wifi or cellular network error... I have verizon lte and cox cable. Both are working fine

  • Won't open

    by Danilopz

    I love this app but as of today will not load any files or pictures whatsoever.

  • Nice App

    by Spartan Puerto

    I like the app and it works perfectly, is perfect for storing documents and then view them on your computer

  • What

    by Beach lover12354

    So I just downloaded this to back up my pictures and the app says it downloaded in the App Store, but it's no where to be found on my phone. I tap open and nothing happens too. Like what the heck

  • Camera Backup Works , but...

    by diamondz123

    This app works well for syncing and accessing my skydive files. Since I use Microsoft software for work and home, it makes syncing my photos and videos simple. However, in order to backup my camera roll on my iPhone 5C, I need to open the app and keep it open until the uploads are complete. Not sure if this is an iOS limitation or not, but I'd be nice to have "automatic uploads" actually be automatic.

  • Editing

    by BroDanny

    Shows excellent on the iPad but if I have to edit it takes you to web version and continually loads and your unable to edit sometimes. Please correct

  • Great App

    by Uturnaroun

    This is definitely great. For those saying that it doesn't have background photo upload, it actually does. You have to have iOS 7 and you need to make sure that you didn't disable it in the iOS Settings app. Whenever I take a new photo in the Camera app, they get automatically uploaded without me needing to launch Skydrive or do anything.

  • Sign in bug

    by LSUfanintigahland

    Why do I have to sign in every time I open the app?? C'mon. That's annoying.

  • Consumer

    by Appuser2313

    Works ok but pretty useless camera roll backup feature if it won't do it in the background. Please correct this.

  • Good, but needs work

    by RockyCarr

    The app works as advertised, but Microsoft insists on displaying my files as tiles in a grid, and I can't change the view. I need to view them in list view - tile view cuts off the edge of the file name, making me have to guess which file I'm tapping on.

  • Love the new update

    by Ants....

    Thanks for the update. It so much better now :)

  • Glitch in latest release and no support

    by Briansd1234

    Getting a message or alert number on the skydrive icon that will not go away. All files sync fine but can not get rid of icon. Microsoft offers no support assistance

  • Nice

    by MelLee in PA

    Very helpful to sync my work docs from laptop to phone to iPad!

  • Better than Dropbox

    by k0rbis

    I've been using Dropbox for many of years and have received lots of additional space over time. After getting Microsoft Office 365, I was told that I also get Skydrive with 27GB space! I downloaded skydive and check it out. I really did have 27GB space. Needless to say, I really didn't need Dropbox anymore because I only had 9GB space with 2GB space left. Now I've got all the space I need for transferring large files between home and work. Great app! Definitely recommend if you are looking to upgrade to Office 365.

  • Awesomeness

    by JonBurson84

    This app is great!

  • Doesn't work

    by maybestephencolbert

    You can view things, but trying to share results in an error every time, no matter the source of the video/image. That's really the only reason I'm trying to use the app to begin with...

  • Needs search feature and more options

    by Redjey

    I use this app regularly for research I have saved. Unfortunately, the lack of a search feature has made it unbearably tedious to find anything. I end up using Outlook with Safari instead. Also, I find it incredibly frustrating that the only way I can properly search the contents of a document is to open it in iBooks or a word processor app. It needs the option to search within documents as well as within the folders. These consistent frustrations are making me consider checking out google drive instead.

  • The File Can't Be Displayed

    by caseyac72828

    "Make sure you're connected..." But even when I am connected, sometimes takes several attempts to open a file before SkyDrive actually decides to load it.

  • Nice but...

    by Mr. Giant

    Every few times you have to login again - so if my login times out my camera roll doesnt get backed up...

  • Lacking in some places

    by Pranxter623

    Good news is the app works. I like how it looks and runs ok. However, when adding photos/backing up my camera roll, I find it annoying that the app must remain open and running in order for it to continue uploading your pictures. Second, I would like to see a sorting option when viewing your files/pictures in the future, i.e. Sort by name, date, etc. Pros: Looks great Runs smoothly Cons: Lacks functionality Seems "outdated" in some aspects

  • Fix the CRASH!!!!!!!!

    by Boogie Bored

    Once I set it to automatically save pictures, it's crashes as soon as you open it!! I bought more storage and I'm regretting it now!!!

  • Need better desktop sharing

    by JL1679

    Skydrive is a wonder except for the ability to access a shared folder on your PC or MAC desktop instead of having to go on to the web and access it. Other than that and the ipad having editing functions through office365, its on its way to greatness, however these are two key functions that are frustrating users.

  • Annoying

    by Twojordans

    You have to sign in every time you use it.

  • Solves my problems...

    by DirkDeLum

    With data sharing between my IPhone and other devices, including Windows 8 PC. Better than DropBox, but missing a search function in the app.

  • Used to be great

    by DancinQT1984

    I used to love this app but I am really frustrated with it now. I use it to share pics with my family but now every time we put something on computer it won't show up on phones at all. Please fix this

  • SkyDrive Works Well

    by CAP001

    App works well and allows one to access files saved on a Windows computer or Mac. I've used the app a lot to access school work or access notes for a presentation. I would give five stars if search and folder unzipping were supported. Search isn't so important since I'm the one who ultimately decides the file structure; however, there have been a few times I save a zipped folder on the computer, forget to unzip it, and end up being in trouble if all I bring along is the iPad. This is really a great app - now if Microsoft could bring Office to the iPad it would be awesome!!

  • Love this app!!!

    by crbama

    This app is awesome computer crashed lost all my pics. So I thought I had backed them up on this app. Wow so thankful.

  • Great App

    by Daisuke3445

    One of the best apps for photo storing only wish you could be able to organize the photos by size that way I can I see if I have any doubles.

  • good, but...

    by MagicalRealism

    Buggy. I am on WiFI! Stop asking me to make sure!

  • Okay but missing features

    by Bakin in Sunshine

    I'd like for the app to be able to recognize that photo has been deleted from the camera roll and delete the appropriate photo from the camera back up accordingly. Also, a 'select all' feature would be nice.

  • Update to create and edit Office documents, offline access

    by yanni2222

    Nice, clean and modern look. What is missing: The ability to create and edit Office documents stored in SkyDrive without the need of Office 365. The desktop browser version of SkyDrive offers this, but not the iOS app. Also, expiration dates for shared file and folder links would be great, and the option to save stored items on the iOS device for offline access.

  • My Only Wish

    by relativeculture

    I love SkyDrive after switching from DropBox, but one thing I really want from this app is a list mode for the UI. The big tiles glitch a lot and don't look clean. If this was fixed, SkyDrive for any mobile OS would be at ten same caliber at the competitors.

  • Its okay...

    by Chris Barsoum

    Good app but it wont allow you to save photos to the camera roll which is extreamly annoying. They need to add this.

  • Need improvements

    by Ivancavalcante

    After a short time stop download in background... Should be improve that and put on password to unlocking... After that I'll give 5 stars!!!

  • yay bug fixes!!!

    by Shinka RX8

    I dl'd this app when it first released and was disappointed due to the number of times it crashed/locked up my iPhone, failing to upload my pics and videos. deleted it until today, dec 25 2013 and couldn't be happier. pushed close to 2gb to my skydive without an issue. bravo M$. bravo!

  • Use it all the time

    by Malc0001

    For work between this and one note I'm covered, desktop or mobile. Now I just need a windows phone

  • Dud

    by Jamwood321

    Please check. Not working for me. Help. I had high hopes for app.

  • Very good!

    by KlevisALB

    Lots of improvements! A password option would be a great idea to be added :)

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