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- Integration with the Office Mobile app and Office Web Apps for editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
- Integration with the OneNote app for viewing and editing notebooks.
- Bug fixes

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IMPORTANT: You need to have a SharePoint Online or qualifying Office 365 business subscription to use this SkyDrive Pro app. (See requirements below). If you are an Office 365 Home Premium user or looking for storage for your personal files, please reference and the associated SkyDrive app.

SkyDrive Pro is cloud storage for organizations and their employees. Upload, browse, and share files across all of your devices. Access your most recently used files. Easily edit files on your iPhone and iPad and select important files to access when you’re offline. This SkyDrive Pro app now interoperates with both Office Mobile for iPhone and the Office Web Apps on the iPad for rich editing on these respective devices. And you will get all of the security and tools that SharePoint offers to help you be more productive at work.

Storing your files is just a tap away with the SkyDrive Pro app.

What’s New
-Integration with the Office Mobile app and Office Web Apps for editing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
-Integration with the OneNote app for viewing and editing notebooks.
-Bug fixes

A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to use this app. Qualifying plans include:
- Office 365 Small Business
- Office 365 Small Business Premium
- Office 365 Midsize Business
- Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E4
- Office 365 Government G1, G3, G4
- Office 365 Education A2, A3, A4
- Office 365 Small Business, Midsize Business, and Enterprise E3 Trials
- SharePoint Online Plan 1, Plan 2
If you are not sure whether you have SkyDrive Pro, speak with your organization admin or IT department.

NOTE: SkyDrive Pro is not the same as SkyDrive. SkyDrive Pro is for your work files while SkyDrive is for all of your personal files. If you’re looking for storage for your personal files, please check out the SkyDrive for iOS app.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by Jinjin xixixi

    Just what I need. Offline and recent features are handy.

  • Designed to view only

    by AlteRocK

    This app allows online and offline view of files and folders. The interface does not allow to create or modify files and folders.

  • Make sure you have the right app

    by P3kelicious

    I downloaded this app n it wouldn't logged in kept saying to verify log in. So I read the details and it says is for employees no wonder. I installed it an installed the regular sky drive n I was able to log in there and everything I have saved on my pc was there. This app is not the problem it was just the wrong app for me...

  • Needs improvement

    by Lovethegamedave

    Wish it did more. For instance, you can create folders, but not delete them. Good start Microsoft, but you can do much better, and should if you expect businesses to really adopt this mobile product Microsoft Certified Professional and Partner

  • Great App

    by Burt144

    Great App. However you need to have a Skydrive Pro account (duh) to use this app. Skydrive Pro is NOT included in ALL Office 365 subscriptions!

  • Home users DONT USE this!

    by Nugyd3

    This app requires 365 for business and enterprise. Home user 365 subscription wont be able to log in. To Microsoft, misleading app name. Change it and you will get less negative reviews.

  • Great

    by drjvs

    Perfect addition to MS cloud

  • Great step forward!

    by celts_fan822

    I've only just started playing around with this app, but one thing I saw that really impressed me is the offline mode. One of my biggest concerns with the cloud is the possibility of not being able to access my important documents due to connectivity issues, but this feature eliminates that worry. Good stuff.

  • Do not get!

    by Worth the $$$

    This app needs some serious updating done. There needs to be iOS 7 comparability and my documents always show up all messed up and in different font sizes. Also, please make it so you can edit your documents in the app without taking you to safari.

  • No shared file access.

    by WhineyDog

    Can't access my company's shared documents. Worthless to me without this ability.

  • Personal Files Only

    by CSA68

    No team site access from this application.

  • Horrible!!

    by CynT260

    Doesn't work, multiple bugs and errors, cant save, upload and login issues. Useless, waste of time and money.

  • Needs serious improvements.

    by justinDchang

    My company previously used box for cloud sharing services but transitioned to office 365. The skydrive pro app seems like it is in beta mode. 1. The biggest advantage with box app for iPad was other people on iPad could see the same files if you shared them. Skydrive pro app only let's you view your own files. This is a huge problem for my work. 2. It does not let you upload to a specific folder from the iPad. 3. It doesn't let your move or delete files on the skydrive app. 4. When I upload documents from my desktop to skydrive through the browser, there are numerous times where it doesn't sync with the skydrive app. Therefore my fix to this was to log off and of in on the app and that seemed to sync the files. Which is a huge inconvenience when you are on the field and need to show a client a construction drawing and it does not show you the latest and greatest update. It was definitively an embarrassing situation. My overall take in sky drive is that this seems like a beta version and should not have been released as an option to businesses. Right now all the competitors to skydrive are very productive. Sadly I review this product as a horrible. And do not recommend other businesses to use. Please stick with box or Dropbox they get it.

  • Folders Useless

    by Neal Clevenger

    You can create a folder. You can create a folder in a folder. But you can't upload a document to any folder, nor can you move a document to a folder.

  • Worthless

    by Phillies2014

    I guess it's only for business subscribers. They forgot about all the college kids who need it. This is the exact reason Apple is so much better! I hate Microsoft.

  • Problem to log in

    by Adriano Silva

    I can't access my account. I've put the login/password but the app don't recognize them.

  • SkyDrive Pro Downgrade of SkyDrive

    by Dankchi

    Name is misleading. 'SkyDrive Pro' should be renamed to 'SkyDrive Basic' and 'SkyDrive' to 'SkyDrive Pro'. The Pro version has less features. Can't viewed shared folders for an example. A sad, sad embarrassing app. I can't imagine Google and Dropbox releasing such an incomplete app.

  • Does not work for student account either!

    by Heather0315

    This does not work if you have a university type account either.

  • Useless

    by Tubbilicious23

    All you can do is view the files, it doesn't let you make changes to any of the documents.

  • Doesn't allow access to SharePoint libraries

    by JHopper28

    Since this app doesn't provide access to SharePoint libraries, it's pretty useless unless your organization only stores documents in each user's document store.

  • Doesn't work on iPhone but does on iPad

    by Threejoons

    So, this app doesn't work on iPhone. It does work with iPad. 365 doesn't have an iPad app because it competes with the "surface" tablet. Lame! Apple competes and wins because they work with everyone. MS which I am buying simply to do office work pp on my iPad is really making like my pc more and tempting me to buy a surface.

  • No Shared Files

    by RSB KY

    Why not have one click access to shared files like the original SkyDrive app? My school just made the switch to Office 365 and I have been extremely disappointed with how cumbersome accessing shared files is compared to the original SkyDrive. Editing documents on the iPad, but I guess the whole Office app debacle is another topic.

  • S Rouse

    by Boobs099

    Just typed a review and it disappeared! Having same problem as everyone else!! No sign in problems on my computer, but CAN NOT SIGN IN ON THIS APP!!!

  • Office365 for home

    by Dinersash loverrrr

    What's the point of this app if I can't use my office 365 for home on my iPad. Useless.

  • Can't log in

    by patseanryan

    Yeah. No good if I can't log in. Where's Office 365 with the red icon? I can log into that just fine.

  • Awful

    by RichDolfan

    Every time I try to upload an excel spreadsheet from my iPhone or iPad it crashes. Makes it completely useless.

  • MS shoots self in foot AGAIN

    by TexAg1989

    As other have noted, SkyDrive already falls short of other storage services by not offering an offline option for iOS. They finally DO offer an app for it, then flip the bird at people with HOME subscriptions? Really? I'm paying you for your storage space, but you won't let me use my own space for the same files. It costs you NOTHING (except a minor amount of bandwidth, at most! BTW, this is the first review I have ever written for an app. I have simply never come across something so mind-bogglingly stupid and frustrating.

  • Won't Log In w/365 Account

    by .....iK

    App crashes each time I attempt to log in.

  • Freezes on launch

    by Brian Peters

    Tried the app on both iPad and iPhone and it freezes on initial launch screen and never finishes "loading..."

  • Can't login

    by Angel Garcia Bonilla

    I have an E3 account but the app will not let me log in.

  • What kinda...

    by Matcdc

    Crap is this. Seriously?? Totally misleading!

  • I think it is great idea!

    by Sherap6


  • Can't even log in!

    by MorlanJ

    I have the subscription but the app won't let me log in. Waist of time!

  • Won't Work with Office 365 for HOME

    by drjwr

    If you subscribe to Office 365 for HOME -- even if you have MS software running everywhere, including SkyDrive and the Office 365 app -- this app will not work. Apparently, the Office 365 subscription has to be a corporate subscription. This is why MS is so annoying: they finally upgrade their products, price a reasonable version for home customers, and then price-tier products away from the regular person. So MS: my Office 365 app review was 5 starts; this is 1 star.

  • Cannot login

    by d0gmasTail

    I have an Office 365 subscription, verified account login info, but cannot access the app.

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