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Please note: Office Mobile for iPhone requires a qualifying Office 365 subscription. (See requirements below.)

Microsoft Office Mobile is the official Office companion optimized for your iPhone. You can access, view and edit your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint documents from virtually anywhere. Documents look like the originals, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes. When you make quick edits or add comments to a document, the formatting and content remain intact.

Access documents from virtually anywhere:
* Cloud – With your phone, you can access Office documents that are stored on SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, or SharePoint.**
* Recent Documents – Office Mobile is cloud-connected. The documents you’ve recently viewed on your computer are readily available on your phone in the recent documents panel.
* Email Attachments – You can view and edit Office documents attached to email messages.

Office documents look stunning:
* Great-Looking Documents - Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents look great on your phone, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics, and shapes.
* Optimized for phone - Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been optimized for the small screen of your phone.
* Resume Reading - When opening a Word document from SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro on your phone, it automatically resumes at the place where you left off reading, even if you last viewed the document on your PC or tablet.
* Presentation Views - The Slide Navigator view in PowerPoint lets you browse slides faster, while speaker notes help you practice your presentation.

Make quick edits and share:
* Edit - You can make quick edits to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
* Documents Remain Intact - Formatting and content remain intact when you edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on your phone.
* Edit While Offline - Your device doesn’t have to be continuously connected to the network to work on an Office document that is stored online. You can view and edit recently used documents even while you’re offline. Your changes will be saved online when your device reconnects to the network or to Wi-Fi.
* Create – You can create new Word and Excel documents on your phone.
* Comments - You can review comments that have been made in Word and Excel documents on your phone and add your own comments.
* Share - When you’re done with your edits or comments, simply send the document in email or save it to SkyDrive or SharePoint.

* A qualifying Office 365 subscription is required to use this app. Qualifying plans include:
- Office 365 Home Premium
- Office 365 Small Business Premium
- Office 365 Midsize Business
- Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 (Enterprise and Government)
- Office 365 Education A3 and A4
- Office 365 ProPlus
- Office 365 University
- Office 365 trial subscriptions

NOTE: If you don’t have an Office 365 subscription you can buy Office 365 Home Premium right from the app. With Office 365 Home Premium, you also get the latest version of Office for up to 5 PCs, Macs, and Windows tablets - and an additional 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage and Skype world minutes***.
* Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, and 5, iPod touch 5th Generation (32 GB or higher only). Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

***SkyDrive storage and Skype world minutes are not available in all markets.

Customer Reviews

  • Buena pero incompleta

    by Shemas274

    Están Word Excel pero power Point no deja crear documentos

  • Needs Update for iOS 7

    by Tacosrcool

    This has a lot of potential, but there needs to be an update for iOS 7. Specifically, clean interface, multiple font choices when editing/creating a document, and more editing features. Nice idea, though. A good companion with the software.

  • Awesome!

    by Amilfunes

    If you know how to use it and when to use it, this app is can make life a lot easier. Love it!

  • iPad Please

    by iPhoneBabies

    It would be nice to have a version for iPads.

  • iPad Version Please

    by CAP001

    This app would be best on the iPad. Although I downloaded it, I can't really use it a the iPhone's small screen and it doesn't take advantage of the amazing retina screens on the Mini or Air. Come on Microsoft - lots of us are already paying a subscription for Office and SkyDrive; give us Office for the iPad to keep us tied into your ecosystem. ...I hear iWork and iCloud aren't so bad ;-)

  • Nice! Bigger screen

    by Metabolicgpu

    Very nice! The only thing I wish was that my iPhone 5 had a bigger screen! Haha

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    I like it

  • Need subscription

    by Xhindi

    This product works absolutely perfectly with my Office 365. I don't know why others are having problems. It is easy to set up and if you have a subscription (a legitimate one) the app works flawlessly.

  • Cannot access????

    by MpCarlin

    Did you go to the office 365 site and register your mobile device?

  • Said What?

    by TheKejjo3

    I just need to have the option to edit ducuments on skydrive, and Im not planning on taking photos but it says that i cant install this app because my device doesnt have a 'camera with autofocus' wth..? ._.

  • Security Flaw

    by SuperVela

    There is no passcode or security mechanism for the app so anyone using my iphone can access all my files. Please add feature ASAP.

  • Works Perfect

    by ashton91230

    I don't know what everyone is saying about not being able to log in. I logged in with my microsoft account from my PC and it worked great. No issues whatsoever.

  • Must have for any student/professional

    by Sunshinee3

    If you have the subscription to Office365, this app is a must have. Easily allows editing documents. Creating a qui k spreadsheet on the go! I give it 5

  • Not sure why all the crying!

    by Busybee Mommy

    Works great and effortlessly got started. All those haters just need to follow what the instructions actually say and not what they think it should say!

  • worked as expected

    by jjeenn

    I went to logged in- went to downloads - picked iPhone- put in phone number- I received a link via text- touched it- phone when to App Store I downloaded and installed- entered login info and it worked just fine- created and edited an excel worksheet. It was actually a pretty good interface for such a small screen to use excel on. however- the fact that it is by available for iPad 2 makes me mad. especially since it is also using ios7. And for that I take away a star.

  • Not sure what people are doing wrong.

    by StevisPaul

    I have a university subscription, logged in first try no issues. Not really sure what's so difficult for others...

  • WORKS! Possible fix here:

    by Rocio Ramirez

    Worked fine for first activation on my iPhone 5. After renewal I could not log back in on the iPhone but I could on my PC. TO FIX THE APP, I DELETED IT, THEN REINSTALLED IT AND I WAS ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY LOG BACK IN.

  • Hi.

    by MoDy_9797


  • Needs Updated Features

    by Tedove

    This app is great for the ability to hot down notes or do papers from the palm of your hand. However, if the app crashes when your typing, work is lost. Needs new features such as print view or email attachments. Would be nice if a lot of other word settings were accessible too. Definitely needs an overhaul but it has potential.

  • Pretty good for mobile

    by David Smelser

    I had no trouble getting my subscription to activate on my iPhone 5s. It does what you need but of course functions are limited on mobile device.

  • Office slides toward irrelevance

    by greensgod

    Overpriced bare-bones app with minimal formatting support. Reformats your Word documents when you view them. PowerPoint editing is a joke, limited to text modifications. It's time to switch to Google Docs or Apple iWork. After milking every last penny out of their file format monopoly, Office got too comfortable. They slept through the mobile revolution. And now they've shown up late to the party without any pants on. The truth is that there may never be a decent Office app for any mobile device. Their whole franchise rests on decades-old code that's rotting away inside of their bloated Windows desktop apps. Despite the appearance of openness, their file formats are obscure by design – only the sacred cobwebs inside Office for Windows can decipher the full details of your document. And so Microsoft is struggling to rewrite their secret sauce from scratch on other platforms. In trying to lock out competitors, they managed to lock themselves out, too. Karma hurts. Rest in peace, docx, pptx, and xslx. To anyone whose data is trapped in these formats: I'm sorry. Get out while you still can.

  • Disappointed

    by stefanm_96

    I seriously expected a lot more.

  • Seriously needs an update

    by 11221190

    This app is a great idea. But has basic functions... And by basic I mean nothing. You can create word and excel docs. But can't do power points. You can open existing power points from skydrive but can barely edit them, can't add new slides or anything. And viewing a word document has it look weird to fit the screen. Give the zoom features that normal office has and it'd be much better. I love the app and the idea is great. Simple and easy way to edit documents and transfer them to my computer to continue editing. But this app seriously needs to be updated with the features we know and love from ms office. Especially since we need a paid subscription to access this app.

  • Billion $$ company needs a money trap?

    by Cvisking

    Didnt realize I had to pay to use? ...Sorry Google docs. I didnt mean to cheat. Coming back

  • Ipad? hello???

    by KnightAngelic

    Why is this app only for the iphone??? its useless on my iphone! Make an Ipad version (that works in landscape, for god's sake.) and ill give five stars!

  • ?

    by TowerWinner

    I can't seem to sign in saying that my account doesn't have active subscription, I have word, PowerPoint, ect. And I can use them with the email I am trying to use the app with but it just says it's not active. I didn't purchase office 365 , my friend did so I think that's the problem. Please fix this so users with access to office 365 can use it themselves with their email, I don't want to ask for someone's password and email every time I would use this app so pleas fix.

  • Bad

    by استغفرالله واتوب اليه

    I have subscribe but not allowed

  • Garbage

    by Headlydotcom

    0 star, sad and pathetic would be an improvement

  • iOS7 epic fails

    by Th3Mimi

    A lot of bugs on iOS7

  • Log in credentials invalid

    by Jay Marino

    You guys are crazy. I'm looking at my login information from your site and entering it here and the app still won't log me in. Garbage. The whole system and layout is so unlogical.

  • Doesn't work.

    by otsegoflake

    App won't even start.

  • Same problem as everyone else

    by ThatBlackNerd

    Says I don't have a subscription when I do.

  • Royal crap

    by RicoSuaveGuy

    Rated 1/10 of 1. It says I don't have an account but they already took my money; jerks! Reminds me of ObamaCare minus $680B's boondoggle but equally disfunctional

  • Does not recognize login credentials

    by jasontarazi

    As with just about everyone else, the app will not recognize my login credentials even though I purchased a subscription several months ago. Utterly useless app.

  • Don't download this app

    by Deanna Shen

    Seriously. It's awful. For a software company, I cannot believe how awful these apps are. Save yourself the frustration and just don't download

  • Does not let me log in

    by Tlicious

    Please note- I am the global admin and cannot access our account. Using my organizational account for my E3 subscription and it doesn't work. Have tried several times and still not getting anywhere with it. Very disappointed in the quality of this app for a paid account. Please fix this ASAP!

  • Office 365

    by Harleigho

    Unable to sign in. At least a dozen tries including at least four with the "assistance" of an official Microsoft tech.

  • Doesn't add SkyDrive as a place

    by iPod 777

    Doesn't add SkyDrive as a place

  • Can't log in

    by Durf Diggler

    Used to be able to. Can't log in now.

  • Do not have permission

    by The Family 2009

    Like so many people says do not have permission to access account. Tried calling support but only do support for office via live chat yet I’ve tried live chat every single day for the past 32 days and no agents are EVER available so just cancelled my account and asked for a full refund as totally ridiculous.

  • No permissions even with a subscription

    by Licentius

    I have a perfectly valid functional subscription to office 365 but thus app refuses to acknowledge that fact. "No permission for content". My account has two factor authentication turned on and for a while the office app didn't deal with that so I created a specific password. That worked until they updated the app and it lost the credentials. Now it asks for the generated auth key as a second step but refuses to grant me access. I am left wondering if Microsoft actually tests done basic stuff like, you know, users can log on, before publishing unusable software!?!

  • Doesn't work

    by 13thjuror

    Total crap.

  • Poor excuse for document app

    by Jgarner9410

    I can log in. However I have to save the document once it is open to a new name to open it. When I go to my computer I have to do the same thing. Also, ipad support is a complete joke. It's the iPhone version blown up. You would expect it to at least be an ipad size view. Update: Open a document that used an outline with multiple tabs on my phone. Looks pretty nice on the computer; unreadable on the iPhone because it does not hold the size of a paper.

  • Disappointed

    by EdTX

    Microsoft Mobile won't open password protected documents from Word. By the way, how about password protection for Skydrive?

  • Login

    by Ehjghhhj.bdk.

    Wont let me login to my school account

  • Terrible app!!!

    by CynT260

    Login error every time. I deleted it, you should too and so should Apple. Completely useless crap app.

  • Does not support Arabic Language

    by pop2013r

    In windows systems (XP, 7, 8 and 8.1) the Arabic Language is supported why it is not supported on here???!!!!. Whenever I tried to copy any Arabic text from my iPhone 5 Notes to this app the fonts are coming not in good way. Please fix this.

  • Login invalid

    by jb57309

    I have an E3 subscription and it continues to say I am using an incorrect email address or password. Since I use the account every day, I am sure that the error is not mine, but the app's.

  • No access

    by ATudor

    Like 99% of the reviews I here I cannot access my account. My university made the switch to 365 this school year and it has been a nightmare, 365 would be my last choice for an email service but unfortunately the school decides.

  • I have Office 365 and still doesn't work!!!

    by MichoM

    I have Office 365 and this app still won't work! It says I have no subscription. What garbage! Trash like the company that created it.

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