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Languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Microsoft Corporation

* Support full iPhone 5 screen size
* Support iOS 6 native Facebook integration
* Bug fixes

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The Microsoft Tag app lets you instantly connect to a whole new world of information and entertainment. This latest version now reads Microsoft Tag barcodes and QR Codes. No need to type long URLs or text short codes; simply scan a 2D barcode wherever you see one. Tag recognition technology transforms traditional marketing, such as print advertising, billboards, packaging and LCD displays, into live links that immediately access info, videos and other materials online… no typing required.
The Tag app also gives you a visual history of your last 15 scans and allows you to flag and organize your faves in multiple ways, as well as view content in an embedded browser and share items via email, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it allows you to save and edit contact information.

Customer Reviews

  • Super fast & Microsoft tag format

    by jbolden1517

    I have a more feature rich QR reader. But this one finds codes and scans fast. Much more robust. In addition to QR this also supports “Tag barcodes” which are these full color triangle patters that people use instead of QR codes. Anyway the app works fine for me and it doesn’t deserve the low rating. It does basic scanning quite well and saves the addresses.

  • Convenient, works....

    by Yes Plz

    Sometimes you have to be patient in order for it work but when it does it works great. I love that it reads more than 1 type of tag too!! Good app, just a little temperamental, worth the price ;-)

  • Works

    by Icezzzz

    Works without a problem on my iphone 4

  • by Hms63

    Works on iPhone 4s w/ iOS 7 fine

  • Microsoft Tag ⭐

    by Dudes 15r

  • Good but not the best out there

    by Elin flint

    I prefer the scanlife app

  • Works great !

    by Lost in East Bay

    Uploaded fast, opened easily, scanned the code in my Wine book even in low light. Took me to my video :) I have an iPhone 4 w latest updates.

  • No problems

    by MissJai08

    Works fine on my iPhone 5. Microsoft wants your location, ha ha ha, nope.

  • No Problems

    by Hollydc5

    I downloaded this to my iPhone 4 and have had no problems with it. I decided to try it anyway, even with the negative reviews, and am glad I did. I bought a plant from Lowe's and it recommended to download this app to access care instructions for my new plant. I did and it worked beautifully! Very easy to use. Nice to have on hand.

  • Works as intended

    by Solix24

    Only App I found for iPhone that would read these barcodes!

  • So far, it works fine

    by BP060374

    I installed this app on my iphone 4 today while I was in the gardening department at Lowe's. I scanned a few tags and it worked fine.

  • works just fine

    by breebaby711

    not sure why so many people are complaining. my iphone 5 easily scanned the tag for some lowes succulents i bought

  • Seems to work well

    by GuyInWarsaw

    Reads QR codes but not bar codes. So it won't scan UPCs like Ebay's Red Laser does so well. It is fast though.

  • Very good

    by MG1218

    I too, don't understand the low ratings, in less than minutes it was up and going and already scanning and I should mention, there was less than a 3 second wait time for it to load the site I had scanned, for that reason alone I deleted the other scanner I had, which was very trying to the patience to say the least!

  • Works great for me on my ipad

    by Anne Lockwood

    I had no problem at all scanning and getting to my channel. Very cool.

  • It works great for me.

    by H2BMad

    I'm not sure there are so many bad ratings for this application. It works perfectly for me. It took 2 minutes to install. I immediately scanned a MOBI code and a QR code and the reader did exactly what it claims to do!

  • Worked Perfect

    by ARSunshineRoss

    I just downloaded and it worked perfect for flowers at Lowes. Not sure yet how it will work elseswhere

  • Works fine for me

    by Stack-a-lack

    I don't know why the hell everyone is having trouble with it. Perhaps the app's I.Q. is higher than some users'?

  • Works great

    by Rickaavv

    Reads tags very quickly, better than the other readers I have tried. Glad I tried it instead of just listening to all the negative reviews.

  • very good!

    by Mandamen

    Installed it in one second. Worked perfectly first time I used it. A.

  • Does not work on iPad

    by iblbrew

    Despite the bad reviews for this app on a iPad I hopefully tried it. It does not work. I am not even sure it installed correctly, since I can't get it to open. Too bad!

  • Doesn't work on my iPad2

    by Meandmineinasmalltown

    I bought something and it had a link to this app. To see step by step projects it said to scan the tag. Well, I downloaded it and it won't get passed the I initial screen. Going to delete it.

  • Totally worthless

    by DH 35

    I would give it a "0" if it was possible. Not sure who created the app, but they need to be fired.

  • Instant Crash

    by Zinnnman

    Shortly after I open this on an iPad Air it crashes

  • Doesn't work on iPad..

    by Twinymom

    For those who criticize bad reviewers as being too stupid to run the app, you are too stupid to know it doesn't open on iPad to even run. Microsoft, will you please fix or explain why. I bought a map with these codes just to have the added feature, but iPad does nothing, not even open. Please know, bad reviews are from apple products not being entirely compatible.

  • Not working

    by Ammq64

    Is not working for. The application is on my iPhone4 used it several time in the past week with nothing, Going to remove it !!!!!!!

  • Can't identify content in history

    by Lisagh

    I am using this to catalog items. The problem is, I'm getting only blue squares with numbers in my history. No pictures or descriptions. To make matters worse, once I open an item in the history, everything shifts position. So I identify an item as the third one...not for long! Once I open a tag or add another, that position has changed. I can't even preview without my phone jumping to the Internet, which means exiting from that and re opening Tag to start over the whole process. An easy fix would be to allow ME to title the tags and control placement. Good for one-time reference, but could be so much more useful!

  • Junk

    by Xtdr

    Don't bother with the ipad. Should have known better when it said Microsoft.

  • Scans before ready

    by Mnuvgt

    This app is awful. It scans before you can get the camera properly placed for an in focus picture of the tag. Half of the time, it never loads where it is supposed to go

  • Horrible

    by Pixistik04

    Had no problem using the scan go register for the Allure August contests but now when I go to enter the first one, it won't scan at all. It will take a picture before I'm even on the tag or won't let me focus the camera. Even the one in focus picture I took didn't work. Total crap.

  • Didn't work

    by DeanoWuzHisNameO

    Didn't work in my iPhone 5. Useless...and the maker of the item I purchased (Danco) didn't have the foresight to give a web address to use as an alternative... So i guess i eill try and find their website so i can find their great online tutorial regarding the product I purchased. What a waste!!

  • Did not work!

    by Aamer-zarzar

    Got the intro screen and nothing happens after. Typical Microsoft product :)

  • Does not work

    by David soltau

    I only get the intro screen. Nothing happens.

  • Does not work

    by Quiltkathy

    Does nothing! No scan screen for my iPad. Does not rate any star.

  • Doesn't follow schemas like all the others

    by Anony45

    My Facebook URL schema tags don't work. No reason to recommend it if it can not work with social content that other scanner apps work without issue. Wake up Microsoft, you are not the sun.

  • DO NOT GET!!!

    by Vanillaiceice

    This app is just plain bad especially on iPads -_-

  • Worthless

    by The REAL REAL Me

    Does not work.

  • Worthless

    by netboss789

    Waste of time. Doesn't work AT ALL.

  • Doesn't Work And No App Support

    by jweaver1982

    I downloaded this app to use on both my iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Well on my iPod it works great. I have never used it on my iPad. But when I try to use it on my iPhone; it doesn't work at all. I have tried scanning QRcodes, Color QRcodes, even the ones used on various item on my Xbox 360 Dashboard! It doesn't work at all. The App is up to date, my iPhone has the latest iOS and it just doesn't scan anything! Then when you try to contact App Support you get a mailing address which who would take the time to sit down, write a letter, pay for a stamp, and have to wait for it to arrive! Then you get a phone number; so you call and have to go through HELL to reach a live operator! Then your placed on hold only to get hung up on; not once, not even twice, but three times! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!! It's a waste of time and space! You have been warned!

  • Does not work on iPad 3

    by TexasPharm

    The app installs and opens but it not shows the intro screens and goes no further. No buttons to do anything else and does not display a camera image or anything else like other scan apps. Don't waste your time getting this app.

  • Disappointing

    by PaulNotPaul

    Given Microsoft's history of fabulous software, I immediately downloaded this tag reader. Often times I would hold my phone over a tag with no results. I've now deleted this app from my phone.

  • Great idea, BAD app!!!

    by MissTuesy

    I love the idea of saving pages it's so easy and looks very organized to view. BUT 90% of the time that I use my iPhone to scan the code, the next page never loads right. If the page does load... I fill in my info and every time the app won't load the next page after! Grrrr!! Wasted a lot of my time! Fix this app come on Microsoft what you all sleeping?

  • Yet another "Me too!" Microsoft thing

    by TARDISPilot

    Does it work? Yes. It does scan the codes and take you to the appropriate web sites. Is it necessary? No. This is another one of Microsoft's "But… But… But… We have a [fill-in-the-blank] too!" things. QR codes work just fine and are a widely available standard. There really was no reason to create this other than to lock people into the "Microsoft way."

  • This app is trash aweful

    by Uncle Beat Down

    This here app is useless because it fails to do the ONE thing it's supposed to. A complete waste of time and it doesn't surprise me that Microsoft is paying to have people write good reviews. Maybe just save money and make a product that works? Eh?

  • Does not work on the new iPad.

    by ChefCote

    Microsoft fails yet again. Not surprised.

  • Wow!

    by J Tisle

    This app really works for scans that are not QR Codes. They actually work for Microsoft tags.

  • Cool

    by niniflys

    Cool. It works fine for my iPhone 4.

  • Works just fine for me!

    by KaitlynPro

    Don't understand the problems other people are having. It works just fine for me! =]

  • Doesn't work.

    by Cavetrollhead

    Tries to scan and reports an error and gives no time to aim before it scans.

  • Crashes

    by Jacs48

    Just downloaded this app... Every time I push the tag icon it crashes... Shut my iPhone down for awhile... Still does not work...!?!?! I download this a couple of days ago... Still have the icon but nothing else works...????

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