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Microsoft OneNote for iPhone is your digital notebook for capturing what's important in your personal and professional life. Jot down your ideas, add pictures, update your shopping list, and check your to-do's from this Microsoft Office app.

Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, your notes travel with you. They are automatically saved and synced in the cloud, so you always have the latest on all your devices.

Share notes with friends and colleagues. Plan vacations, share meeting minutes or lecture notes with people around you.

Recent updates include:
• Updated navigation makes it easier to view and find your notes
• Improved note formatting and consistency across your devices
• Edit existing tables
• Ink annotations and rich text formatting now viewable
• Automatically sync your notes to SharePoint Online and on-premises
• Most recently used notebook lists sync across devices
• Optimized for iPhone 5 display
•Major reduction in download and installation size
•Improved Japanese typing responsiveness
•Automatic list detection

•iPhone must have iOS 6.1 or higher
•A free Microsoft account is required to use OneNote for iPhone
•To connect your notes to SkyDrive Pro, sign in with your organization's Office 365 or SharePoint account
•OneNote for iPhone opens existing notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote 2010 format or later

Now available for free for a limited time

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Customer Reviews

  • almost there

    by jaxnole04

    The app works great, and looks pretty good. But it's inability to recognize a phone number is making me switch to Evernote. This is an app for notes and To Do lists. Most to do lists involve phone calls. the fact that this app for Iphone does not recognize phone numbers and dials them out is pretty ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the app.

  • Need to Open Embedded Files


    The whole point of OneNote is to be able to access notes and associated files remotely. The inability to open embedded files, particularly PDFs, is ridiculous. Printing the PDFs in OneNote desktop version is not practical because 1) we need to be able to save edits to the file itself and 2) it takes way too long for OneNote app to sync with printed files in OneNote. With all of the pdf readers available on iOS, it's frustrating that this functionality is not integrated into the iPhone and iPad apps. Please include this functionality.

  • No password protection support!

    by JeffShaw

    I have pw protected sections I can't access. Please add support for pw protected sections.

  • Awesome

    by Natymam

    The best app ever!!

  • Please add password protected options

    by Joned447

    Love the App- but please add the option to view password protected sections on it. That is the last essential piece that would make this a five star app

  • My go to multi device notes synch

    by Whyucrash

    I use on windows and iOS for both work and personal and I am happy.

  • drawing

    by Yohomys1

    you should add drawing to this app for iPhone and iPod this would make this app a lot better for editing

  • Great App for Desktop

    by Michael Ziminski

    I love the application for windows desktop. But it's not so good on iOS ESPECIALLY because it's not updated for iOS 7. I mainly want the iOS 7 keyboard.

  • Should be better

    by OmerZ

    Need to integrate tasks on IOS that syncs with outlook

  • App takes forever to load!

    by Aras87

    OneNote App takes too much time to start. This makes it not very useful for quick note taking. Still this is the best note app out there.

  • SLOW startup

    by azurepalm

    As a note taking app, having to wait seconds for the app to load and syncs is a pain. The SLOW startup makes this unsuitable for quick note taking.

  • My go to for open work issues

    by Malc0001

    Desktop, mobile between this and sky drive I'm covered

  • Great idea but not practical

    by I've had it over a year

    It's a great idea, but the loading time to get my notes isn't practical. 15 minutes to load and if my phone's screen turns off I have to wait a couple minutes for it to load. But I think that it's a great idea.

  • Great app, love it on Desktop too

    by Gund1234

    Great application on Desktop, would appreciate if we can get some more options to edit stuff on iOS app.

  • Eww

    by Ashhhhh11

    Poor in editing - all such apps share this con. But win note's UI is really appealing.

  • Great if I could access password protected notebooks

    by Apple0sx7

    This app would be great Microsoft if I had the ability to access password protected notebooks on iPhone and iPad.

  • Nice

    by MechaSonic

    Needs iOS 7 update. Also, allow me to change colors within the app. The ampersand (&) symbol does now show up properly in my Notebook titles.

  • Need to open Password protected Sections

    by cswsteve

    I love OneNote and it works very well except you cannot open Password protected sections using iOS. If they add this then it would be the best note taking application with the ability to include passwords or sensitive data.

  • Everything good but search

    by Claude Sans

    I have used for over a year syncing with a win 7 computer. Works well. Haven't had a sync issue in months. Interface very useable. The one real short coming is the search function. It only takes you to the page that the entry is on not to the actual entry. Even on the desk top version the search is weak due to a poor user interface.

  • Good but improvement needed

    by orescb

    The app is good but has room for improvements. Please, add audio (and video) recording. Also reduce app size

  • This app stinks

    by Psa97531

    I'm running iOS 7. It crashes within 3 seconds of opening it. Classic terrible quality control from Microsoft. Don't waste your time until they wake up and fix it.

  • Really?!

    by Xvanroe

    Really?! C'mon Microsoft! It's time to get a move on it! As a busy college student, I count on OneNote to have all of my organized notes on all of my devices. Everyday I get more and more frustrated by this app. You would think after Apple released the ever so beautiful and speedy iOS7, Microsoft would want to step up their game and update their apps... I guess not!! It's a nightmare waiting for the app to open up... I leave it open all day long so I can reach my notes quicker. Other apps open up in less than a second, whereas OneNote takes exactly 10 seconds to open. Really, Microsoft?? It makes me wonder how much the company really knows the needs of its customers! Or if they care! After making us wait SO ridiculously long, they better not disappoint. My eyes hurt from looking at the ugliness of OneNote's iOS6 style. And my frustration without the ability to swipe or open the app in less than 2 seconds is growing. Let's get a move on it, Microsoft! I'm tired of waiting!! It's almost a punishment using your app.

  • Diea bit sync

    by Power User 3

    It seemed to work fine until my notebooks got big. Now it does not appear to sync anymore. It shows it is syncing but new notes pages and edits are not picked up.

  • Terrible

    by Bossa Groove

    Onenote is truly awesome for PC users. Even the Skydrive web app is pretty good. But for iPhone and Mac, there is zero support. This app doesn't sync at all and when you open a Onenote file from Skydrive app, it just loads forever only to fail.

  • Terrible

    by Bossa Groove

    Onenote is truly awesome for PC users. Even the Skydrive web app is pretty good. But for iPhone and Mac, there is zero support. This app doesn't sync at all and when you open a Onenote file from Skydrive app, it just loads forever only to fail.

  • Terrible

    by Bossa Groove

    Onenote is truly awesome for PC users. Even the Skydrive web app is pretty good. But for iPhone and Mac, there is zero support. This app doesn't sync at all and when you open a Onenote file from Skydrive app, it just loads forever only to fail.

  • Password Protected Section.

    by Severina Georgieva

    This is ridiculous! Why the app doesn't support password protected sections? I can creat them on my PC, but then, my iphone can't open anything!!! Obviously people use password for information they consider important! Why would Microsoft just leave it out?! And what annoys me the most is that this problem is known from them for years, and they don't care. There's a post on their website asking the same question on January 26th 2011. MS answers then that they're "tracking the request and appreciate the feedback" . Since 2011 78 other users have asked the same thing and 50 left a comment expressing the same second answer though. That doesn't sound so appreciative MS, does it!

  • Print?

    by Livielo

    Please make it easer to print! That is the biggest pain.

  • Used to work

    by hulkewing

    Can't sync notebooks. The app is useless without being able to sync. Not sure what changed but please fix it.

  • Not good...

    by su58643

    Doesn't sync as it should with my iPhone. I was going to make onenote my default app but not with this problem. Sick of Google, Microsoft and Apple not working well together on purpose!!! These companies have to realize that many people like myself may use Apple for personal use but for business I prefer Microsoft. I feel like I'm being punished for not being totally loyal to one operating system. Ridiculous !!! I would have paid money for onenote if it synced flawlessly.

  • Please fix!

    by TheOnlyDamian

    I love Onenote, but I can't use the app- it Crashes on load every time I open it. I have one very large notebook that I can't block from updating either. The settings don't allow wifi??

  • Update to iOS7

    by Kitosoma

    App needs to be updated to be standard. :/

  • Update to iOS7

    by Kitosoma

    App needs to be updated to be standard. :/

  • Update to iOS7

    by Kitosoma

    App needs to be updated to be standard. :/

  • Great Thought But ...

    by Undone000

    Each time I open the App, it re-syncs many of the folders yet I have not changed anything in any of them. In addition, the sync time is horrendous for each folder though many have few notes at this point. Sync times exceed 5 minutes and normally exceed 15-20 minutes. My monthly cellular data usage has risen sharply with the latest versions of the OneNote App. Likely because the switch enabling "WiFi only" for syncing has been removed and the sync times have increased.

  • Can't open password protected

    by Rebekah Foster

    This app doesn't offer any security features. Notebooks that are password protected on the PC can't be opened with the app. Kinda limits what type of info you can store with it. Super disappointing :(

  • Junk

    by More crapppp

    I could not get the app to sync between an IPhone and IPad. It finally did tonight and erased a years worth of info, what a piece of crap

  • Latest version crashes every time

    by Noahsw


  • Can't create notebook in iPhone

    by Teesmar

    It is such a shame that inspite of the good UI and overall functionality, users cannot create a new notebook from the iPhone app. MICROSOFT - PLEASE GO ONE MORE STEP FURTHER AND ALLOW COMPLETE MANAGEMENT OF NOTEBOOKS VIA IPHONE.

  • Crap since the update

    by Mememe!!!!!!!!

    Keep getting error message "this notebook hasn't synced yet" I'm unable to use any of my notes with the cloud based feature.

  • Crashes

    by Luisito el Gordito

    App crashes before it opens! Fix and I'll change my rating.

  • Half-assed.

    by .jay

    Why can't I create notebooks? Seriously? Update: Still can't. And iOS 7 exists... so... you should probably update the app.

  • Really?

    by cmal92

    Can't open one note attachments from email or previously made notebooks? What the hell is the point of this app? If I can't view my files, what's the point. Thanks for more disappointment and failure, Microsoft.

  • Awesome One Note

    by JSoyemi

    This is absolutely awesome plus sync with my SkyDrive.

  • Can't open additional notebooks since new update

    by Nycmtltransplant

    I used to really like this app but ever since the new update I can't open additional notebooks from my iPhone. Defeats the purpose of the app. Completely useless now. I get an error message every time. Extremely frustrating!!!

  • Bring back RTL alignment

    by Bonga Bonga

    Please bring back the right-to-left alignment for languages such as Arabic. It was working well before, but somehow this feature was removed in the latest updates.

  • Worth a Look

    by DoctorRose217

    The scope of this app is unlimited.

  • Good, but bloated

    by jbdfw

    It works well enough, but 129 MB? Whaddya got in there, Jimmy Hoffa?!? By comparison, Evernote is a relatively svelte 32 MB.

  • Great App

    by 3athlete213

    I use this app on my iPad, iPhone and work windows system. It's seamless !!! Always have access to my "stuff".

  • 4 Stars + Update = 5 Stars

    by XVoilAutograph

    This app has everything but the iOS 7 update. Otherwise, it would be perfection.

  • Add ability to embed audio and voice notes to the page

    by Josh 11264

    OneNote would be even more amazing if functionality for recording audio notes, with a >10 minute recording limit, were added. The audio recordings would ideally be saved onto the page for easy playback access (on the iPhone and OneNote desktop) and contextual reference.

  • Smooth

    by Bscscsc

    On iPhone 5 the app is smooth. One old note was cropped short by half an inch but other than that this app works great as a reader for notes created on my desktop.

  • Great Application, but missing ability to create Notebooks and Sections within the App

    by Jayj2200

    Great App, but it is missing the ability to create Notebooks and Sections within the App. This makes it very inconvenient. As of Nov. 5, 2013 iPhone users need to connect to a desktop or laptop computer to create notebooks and sections which will then sync through sky drive and become available for use on iPhone. This makes it very impractical and hinders organization on the go. I do not see the logic behind this move. Microsoft, please add this feature to OneNote for iPhone. I will then make OneNote My Note App of choice.

  • Please update Halo Waypoint!

    by SaviorFaithful

    No wonder nobody likes the Xbox One! Microsoft doesn't care about gamers anymore! Please update Halo Waypoint! You update all your other apps!

  • Perfect!

    by Queenie145

    Keep a grocery list, things to do, copy clippings from web sites, keep a diary, write out or copy recipes and a dozen other tasks in an app that instantly puts it across all your devices, whether they are desktops, tablets , phones and PCs or Macs. Easy to do and has functioned perfectly. I love it!

  • Useful but slow and space-eater

    by Louisiana Southpaw

    One Note is one of my more useful apps, but it takes at least 30 seconds to load (not good for any app but especially for a note-taking app) and takes up 120+MB of space. Evernote also slowed considerably with the iOS 7 update, and it's no longer noticeably faster than One Note.

  • Awesome app

    by Kinga123

    Can't live without it, I use it every single day, works perfectly!!

  • Not working with IOS 7.0.3

    by Jackooo Lantern

    After signing in message will prompt and won't go away even after doing what it said. Here's the msg. Problem with OneNote go to settings>OneNote>reset OneNote>Delete all notebooks>ON. then quit and reset OneNote.

  • Love it on my phone

    by drpc2010

    I use this to integrate my life and my family. From grocery lists to important information it keeps my paper to a minimum and everything at my finger tips. It is a blank slate when you start so plan wisely. I have it sync on 3 computers and 4 iPhones without issue. I can keep a real time grocery list that can be updated at home while someone is at the store.

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