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- Improves the user interface.
- Minor bug fixed.

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If you are looking for a smart, full-featured and easy to use App to manage your bills, Bills Monitor is the one.

Use this app to ensure that never late to pay bills.

Bills Monitor – Bill Manager & Reminder is designed to manage all kinds of your bills. Log your bills in this app, you can track or check them from time to time visually and conveniently, also it will remind you to pay your bill after setting its reminding days. Bills Monitor will help to make your schedule easier and every bill in control.

The design and UI face is clear and tidy, which makes you manage the bills very easy and comfortable.


- Be Compatible with iOS 6.0.
- Calendar view of bills.
- Identify the state of bills by individual icon on them.
- Add bills with their categories, amount, due date, pay account, recurring or not, recurring end date if available, paid amount, and note.
- Remind when bill due date approaches or bills are over-due.
- Mark payment to bills in full or in part.
- Add recurring bills with frequency and end date conveniently.
- Show number of unpaid bills on icon.
- Twenty system own categories and you can customize your own.
- Report function to show categories (allocation) of bills by pie chart.
- Customize period to email bills to your Financial Consultant or others in format of CSV, HTML or PDF.
- Search your bills by key words of name, note, category, and account.
- Passcode function to protect your info.
- Add account’s name, phone No., website, and note.
- History to show all your bills.
- Migrate data to full version.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Jeremey Martin

    Very useful!!!

  • Month to month

    by Jellyfishing1323

    I wish it had an option to keep bills that don't change. This way I wouldn't have to waste time putting them in every month. Other than that love it!!

  • Like

    by Cutie4613

    So far it's good.

  • Very good

    by Getouttahere-2

    I use this to track all my major bills. It helps avoid late fees on my bills, especially credit cards.

  • Love this app

    by Meleigh19

    Saves me a lot of heart ache on late fees. Keeps me updated on bills that I have or haven't paid in my crazy schedule. Just wish it had a balance roll over if u paid more for the month currently in. That would save a lot of time for calculations outside the app and trying to figure out how to adjust the next months payment for bills that are not always the same. Like the utilities, water, gas, etc.

  • Great app

    by Aceman822

    This is a great app that is really helpful and easy to use

  • Mostly happy

    by JustBeckyV

    Little confusing to set up at first but once you have the bills in it does a good job of reminding you. Would like a second reminder but haven't seen anything that allows you to do that. Overall it's a great app.

  • Love this lil thing!

    by Kiko Ellsworth

    Great for keeping me conscious of all the various financial obligations.

  • Fits right in

    by Rogeraps

    A helper

  • Bills

    by Qdeezy1422

    Easy to use. Simple interface

  • Bill monitor

    by Cyta-gfr

    Great app

  • Love the App!!

    by *solrak80*

    Great app that keeps me up to date on what bill is next in line. If only I could add that one more bill in with out making the purchase upgrade. Wish I coil link it to my bank app, that would be awesome!!

  • Awesome

    by luzbaldina Bisono

    Helps me keep up to date with all my bills. H

  • Exactly what I was looking for!!!

    by Toag134795

    Great app

  • Pay bills

    by tonyh54

    Excellent app Now I'm never late on my bills

  • App

    by Milly0308

    Great app to keep track of bills

  • Very useful app!

    by Manimathan

    Very useful app!

  • Good App

    by Grisdru

    Works perfect on my iPod and you can choose from dll to peso, etc

  • Pretty great!

    by DanielleCrawford092212

    I love this app

  • Great app!

    by Skittles720

    Love that it lets me include the confirmation codes!

  • Is this safe?

    by Wthblue

    So you can't make bill reminders unless you put in your bank account and routing number? A bit fishy no? DELETE

  • Demo unuseable

    by Popability

    This claims to allow 50 bills in the demo. It allows only ONE bill entry and then nags you to upgrade constantly. All those 5 star ratings must be fakes - anyone trying this would see that a generous person would give this 3 stars at best. At best, this app makes bill keeping harder, longer, more confusing, and demands filling in fields you probably don't want or need to. Just entering the one bill that it allowed me to enter took twenty minutes. Save yourself some time and useless aggravation and skip this.

  • Junk

    by NaurelIl

    Keeps saying that 'note cannot be empty' and wouldn't let me proceed. I typed in the field and still kept giving me that message. Waste of time junk app.

  • Great app

    by Dva4u2nv

    Love this app helps me to keep up with my bills and stay within my monthly budget!

  • disappointed

    by holly1988b

    I was hopeful about this app after reading the reviews... but I was disappointed. I was attempting to put in my first bill and had everything in. I went to save all the account specifics such as my account number and such and I kept getting a pop-up that said I could not save my info with out putting in an account type which I had already done.

  • Easy app

    by Aneel. Kumar

    Nice to use and it's very handy

  • Great App!

    by Lucy Coe

    This app has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend it. Very user friendly and convenient. Don't know what I ever did without it.

  • Almost perfect!

    by Nhernandez12010

    I love it keeps me on track with paying bills and knowing exactly when they are due... I just wish it would take into account your income.

  • Very limited- forced purchased upgrade

    by KevinOxnard

    Thought this looked good. Allows 50 bills only then you need to upgrade. 50 sounds like a lot, but each bill you schedule monthly counts for 12. So after just scheduling 5 reoccuring monthly bills for the next couple of years, I maxed out. Very deceptive which means I cant trust a company like this. Plus they want (but dont force) you to input lots of private account info in their app. Thats dangerous. I would stay away from this!

  • Effortless App

    by Brian Link

    Have to say that this app actually is a breeze to maneuver. Quite literally one of the best expense apps out there!

  • Awesome

    by Jessica Alvarez

    It's amazing!! Love it!

  • Great help!!

    by NatesBecks

    Love this app I have tried so many others before but this one is by far the best at organizing my bills and reminding me to get them paid on time!

  • Классно...

    by Morriah

    App performs as promised I use basic task only. Of course more can be done! I explore and use

  • Use it Daily

    by LillyB23

    Love this app to organize my bills. Reminds me when they are due and I can mark them paid. Awesome!

  • Great app

    by Donovan Covington


  • business owner

    by Brian tr


  • :)

    by Madly In Love.


  • Great App!!!

    by BBneice

    This App is the best. It helps me keep up with my bills when I'm at my busiest. I also learned that Im spending way too much monthly. I guess you can say its a money saver as well. Get this App! Especially if you have an extremely busy schedule. BB

  • Everyone should have this app

    by Kawasakigal

    I LOVE this app! Ill never miss a bill again!!

  • Get it now

    by Mia love0202

    Best app


    by Missy6479

    This app has helped me organize my bills, and see the progress by month I can make by making my payments on time and lowering my bills per month!

  • Great app

    by L.S

    Awesome app, tracks all the necessary data in a easy way.

  • Bills Monitor

    by G Massey

    Like it work great

  • Great

    by Purplelicous Jay

    So Far So Good!!!

  • Great app

    by C8lin2009

    Perfect way to stay on top of all your bills

  • Ok

    by Marsj225

    Not bad

  • App

    by Forgetful bill payer

    Love it!

  • Helpful

    by Fclotti

    It helps me a lot to remember due dates!!!!

  • Owner

    by Yahusein

    Wonderfully simple and useful.

  • Must have

    by Ish da man

    Great for money management.

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