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Seller: Luminant Software, Inc

Faster loading, ROUNDUP and ROUNDDOWN functions, clearer errors for unknown functions.

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Save yourself come cash!

Designed from the ground up for optimal use of the touch interface, Discount spreadsheet has the number crunching power you need and doesn't make you jump through hoops to use it.

Our expanded keyboard keeps the operator and number keys available so you don't have to switch back and forth to write an equation.

Capabilities include formula dragging, limited graphing, and import/export of csv files over WiFi.

Has built-in support for the following functions, with more to come in future updates!


Customer Reviews

  • Discount Spreadsheet

    by The Breeze 88

    Great spreadsheet for the money. Can adjust column width, cell height, does sorts, cut & paste and etc..

  • Great, fast spreadsheet

    by jminpa

    I love this app and use it on both the iPad and the iPhone. There's a brief learning curve as you accustom yourself to the interface, but it's quick and efficient to work with, once you're used to it. Three wishes: 1) date math! 2) syncing between devices 3) password protect individual files/worksheets. The developer has responded quickly and considerately the couple times I've reached out to him. If it would do date math, I'd be able to use it for even more.

  • I5

    by Blf2red

    Would be better if you could freeze cells. Much too difficult to keep track of multi columns or rows on a small screen if you have to keep scrolling back and forth.

  • Good Spreadsheet for Low Price!

    by Sailin' Rig

    First, we have to realize that the Apple "Numbers" spreadsheet has hidden flawed logic and MAY NOT ADD CORRECTLY! So kudos to the Luminant Spreadsheet for being able to SUM correctly. All users of the Apple Numbers program must port over their data and build new formulas in order to have reliable SUM calculation! We can trust this Luminant spreadsheet, and cannot trust the Apple product.

  • Great, easy to use

    by mathelite

    This serves my purposes well, and is a great little app for relatively simple spreadsheets. My ONLY issue is that formatting for colors vs numbers should not undo each other. Color formatting should not affect current number formatting, and vice versa... instead of over-writing what's already in place.

  • Great App

    by kpenske

    Does plenty. Lots of useful functions. Same formula structure as Excel. Lacks most of the non-essential bells and whistles (thankfully). Simple, thorough, without being complex. Paid the $1.99 to eliminate ads n get another row on screen. Only negative - large spreadsheets take more time loading.

  • Great but....

    by Master Cabinetmaker

    Absolutely a Great little spreadsheet app overall. I have been using it for 2 months now to track my mileage. Improvements I would like: Having a DATE format would be helpful. Being able to lock rows and columns would help too. That way I could keep my headers visible on the small iPhone screen while I scrolled around.

  • Wow

    by Shadww

    I'm impressed! So easy to use! I've done extensive programming in the past, on Lotus 123. I understand fully the capabilities of spread sheet software. This spread sheet is just the way it should be. Simple to use. Easy to get around. Easy to adapt too. I cannot say enough good things about this software. I used it for work and in one day I knew that it was a no brainer to spend $1.99 to purchase this. Keep up the good work computer programmer(s).

  • Love this spreadsheet

    by nvchicky

    This is a little workhorse spreadsheet. I rely on it so much and it just works like a charm!!!


    by Roger Trask

    I love this app. It is so much faster than going into an Excel app. I give it a 5 star rating.

  • Be Careful

    by Fuse232

    If you upgrade from free to the no ad version you lose all your previously saved files. Not a good upgrade feature. Other than that, the sheet functions ok. Correction! The existing files are not lost. They remain accessible by the free version and can be transferred to the no ad version by using the "File / Open in another application" function. Sorry.

  • How can you go wrong for $2.

    by TheFloridian

    Does the job for me - allows me to do simple data manipulation and printing from spreadsheet. If you use an external keyboard, it is even better! (Be sure to see reviews for previous versions!)

  • Spredsheet

    by FireFox_2

    Great program, easy to use. I would like see be able to use a smaller key board and number key that shows when you tap a key. The use of print preview would be nice.

  • Excellent utility, simple to use

    by HaroldFF

    Provides good functionality for creating simple spreadsheets. I like that I can export and import to Excel using email. Best to use in portrait mode on the iPad. I would like to see a smaller keyboard so you could see more of the spreadsheet. You could switch between the numbers and the alphabet. Have a setting to keep the large keyboard. Would also like more formatting like commas in numbers and number of decimal places.

  • Great for what it is.

    by Gordito Picado

    For a mobile phone spreadsheet, this works great. I would like to see more cell formatting options in the future, but there is always room for improvement.

  • JFC

    by Joe Cutler

    I have only used this app for a few days, but I am pleased with it. There are limitations, but it is still very helpful.

  • Excellent

    by Depuzzler

    Use this spreadsheet daily on my tablet, does the job that I need done, financial calculations, and it keeps getting better.

  • Good Simple Spreadsheet

    by 4071

    As a retired Microsoft Excel applications programmer, I can say that this is a fairly good App for the money for simple, non-critical calculations and data that are non-sensitive and don't require security protocols. As compared to a full-fledged Microsoft Excel software design, users should be aware that extremely sophisticated use should be reserved for computers connected to a network that performs daily backups. I've worked for engineers who failed to observe that rule, which cost the organization millions of dollars!

  • The best I've tried

    by WJaac

    I really like that it's very simple. I just made our family budget on it. It was just the thing I was looking for.

  • Very Good Start

    by The Otter 1970

    And getting better all the time...

  • Useless

    by Nurse Jo

    No instructions = no use.

  • Discount spreadsheet

    by Just Guma

    It is a total waste of money. Savvy yourself the trouble and do not get it

  • Free or not Free ; That is the Question

    by BXGirl55

    Free or not Free ; That is the Question This app is ok. It does function but lacks in formatting. It is simple, no font sizing , bold, or any fancies. Buying the upgraded version changes nothing!!!!!! That was a waste. All the app upgrades do nothing. It's their way if charging you. So I. Reality nothing is free!

  • only one

    by 4BigDaddy7

    This is a piece of crap. I only gave 1 star because it is the lowest you can go.

  • No Better than free SpreadSheet

    by Viscount

    This would be much better app if it were easy to import sheets from the free version into the $1.99 version. Having to redo a sheet over is a downer. Also, the listed price is not the price charged. I’m not sure how that worked, but at any price this App is a waste of money. It doesn’t do anything that the free version doesn’t do.

  • Very Good Spreadsheet

    by Greg McClelland

    Does what it should. Would like to be able to freeze the first column so the title could be read across the row. Also the email feature does not transfer formulas, only the current value. These are small issues. I have used spreadsheets for years for budgets and financial planning.

  • Twobizzybz

    by Twobizzy

    Great app! Would like to see a password on this as I have my entire budget and life information on my iPad using this app! Would like to see the formatting to be saved .

  • Well designed for ipad

    by MukulB

    Spreadsheets are not easy on touch devices. This app has done a great job of keeping it simple and intuitive. Much better than”Numbers" in my opinion

  • Not working on import/ export

    by Noworky forme

    The import does not function... Browser just says Spreadsheet on my computer . I downloaded again and still the same :0(

  • Nice App

    by ssncsny

    Just made a Simple spreadsheet to calculate my vacation hours, came out fine, no problems, Just what I was looking for!

  • Great app for the money

    by dyvking

    This one did just what I wanted. I made up a quick sheet to calculate my driving costs. Easy stuff. A couple of minor gripes that should make this a little better: 1. When I upgraded from the freebie version, the paid version would could not find the files I created with the freebie. I was able to workaround with the file sharing capability within iTunes.. but this was still kind of a pain. The "upgrade" should have recognized the files already saved on my phone. 2. A cell should open "blank" without the = sign. Other than that, this one is a great value. Easy to use on the iPhone, and handy as heck!

  • Does not work

    by Joe&Jay

    I want a refund this doesn't even work... It keeps crashing every time I try to open it. I had the free version and worked just fine... I want a refund and I will continue to use the free version.

  • Good, but needs more

    by Texasstew

    It is great to have a mobil app to track expenses, but how about locking panes and formatting cells such as currency formats.

  • Ok to use but pretty cumbersome

    by Indiana Houseman

    Don't really care for the interface, but for $1.99 I'm not going to complain too much. I would like to see a "RMB" button on the keyboard screen or at the top by the graph button. The menu should be less sucky. How bout some icons rather than using text in a rectangle.

  • Spread Sheet

    by tmcquade

    Spread sheets are hard to use on a touch pad. This one works great. It's not Excel, but I would do that on a desk top not an iPad. For quick computations this is the way to go.

  • Great spreadsheet

    by Jonathan Martin

    Definitely room for improvement formatting-wise, but I find it very helpful. I use this app mostly as a planner for my ever-changing appointment based schedule. **I haven't used this app's calculation and formula abilities** Ideas: text color options, templates, cell borders, and a format painter.

  • Good app

    by Dpfan84

    Good app I just wish there were a few more functions such as cell freeze. But otherwise serves its purpose.

  • Useless and difficult to navigate

    by Sj9293

    Terrible, hideous design and it's hard to use. Does not open excel files. Worse than a free app. I'm deleting it just so the icon won't be there to remind me of the bad purchase.

  • Simple to learn and does the job.

    by Live and Grow

    For the past month or so I have been struggling with various spreadsheet apps. Many of them have serious bugs that render them either difficult to use or just plain useless. This one does the job and does it easily and well. I have no need of complex calculations but just need a spreadsheet for basic arithmetical tasks, and this one serves my purposes. Thanks!

  • Awesome app

    by Saugerties12477

    So far this app has met my needs but beware----when you upgrade you will lose the information you entered in the free version. It's worth just buying it because once you pass the learning curve of how to navigate the app you will love it.

  • Great responsive support

    by La Belle Jolie

    I had a problem and their tech was right on it

  • Easy to use

    by Snowbunny324

    It is easy to use on iPad. Like this app! :)

  • Maybe just tired

    by ShawnJ013

    But this app doesn't work on my iPhone 4, maybe I miss read that it's only for the iPad or something. But can't get functions to correspond & can't get the graph to graph, save ur money unless there's help to show me that I did something wrong..,?

  • Great potential

    by Quakebum

    Good for quick and easy spreadsheet use. No instructions. No cell merging. Easy for quick entries. I like the simple format. Has a misspelling and the info icon pulls up an ad.

  • A novice could use it.

    by Diana Steele

    I have a small service based business. I use this app to keep track of individual client revenue. Beats having to write it down. I am on the move all day, and I use my iphone for as many things as I can. This eliminates having to have a log with me.

  • Scrat

    by Gizmo5146

    Easy to use

  • Good

    by Wisham

    Nice app.

  • just what I wanted

    by MakiShimbo

    This app is being used to keep track of parentage of hips in my rose hybridising program. It does exactly what I want, in just the way I want. Bravo!

  • Handy Spreadsheet to Have

    by Cutthroattrout

    The program is handy to have around. It needs improved file naming and storage capability, though. The graphing facility is pretty nifty.

  • Great for on the go

    by tradle

    I truly have no issues with the app. Granted - if you go in expecting full Excel functionality, you very likely will be disappointed. But - for on the go, on the spot spreadsheet work, it is a great tool.

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