Objective-C Coder - Write Objective C on the move Productivity App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Karl Grutzner

Additional features:
- Added access to the file manager in portrait orientation for the iPad

Bug fixes:
- Fixed the saving of code from the editor screen

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
4 Ratings
All Versions:
5 Ratings


With Objective-C Coder you can write objective-c on your iPhone/iPad while you are on the move or away from your development machine. Writing code couldn't be more convenient.

- Auto code completion
- Quick character buttons
- Full iOS keyword library
- Code snippets (900+)
- File management
- Share code via email
- Auto Code Completion:

Coding will be lightning quick with the code completion function. Just start typing a word and the code completion bar will suggest the closest matching keyword. If the keyword you are looking for isn't selected then you can either type more of the word or you can hit the list button which allows you to select any of the keywords that start with the characters you've just typed. This app supports all objects from all libraries on the iOS platform have been added to the keyword library.

Quick Character Buttons:
Switching between keyboards to find the square bracket, parenthesis or semi-colon can be a real pain. Rather use the quick character buttons to insert the character you desire.

Code Snippets (900+):
Instead of remembering all the method definitions, rather use code snippets. We currently support the whole UIKit framework, that's over 900 method definitions. We are adding more and more code snippets with every update.

File Management:
Create, edit, copy, delete or organise all your code into folders. Getting your code to your develop t machine couldn't be easier, email any of your file right from the file manager.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Mohawke

    But needs a couple of things to make it really shine. Syntax highlighting would be awesome and Dropbox or some type of sync between devices. iPad version: need to have access to the folders and files view in portrait mode. I know this is a stretch on iOS, but if these could be ran in a sandbox so you can see code results, that would rock. I won't hold my breath. Save not working on my iPhone 4s. Hope the next update fixes that. Good price and autocomplete works flawlessly. Nice to have something to store ideas when they come to mind no matter where.

  • Horrible

    by Rothschilde

    You can't even create a new file and give it a name. There is no integration with popular cloud services. Contrary to the lie in the details...you can't share folders. Piece of junk.

  • DO NOT BUY!!

    by ScepteredIsle

    I wish I'd read the last review before I bought this app. I spent hours working on my code only to lose it! The save function only works sporadically. I wish I could get my money back!

  • Horrible app

    by omar doe

    I Spent an hour writing code only for it to be erased by the app when I tried saving it. The developer himself needs programming lessons cause this app is garbage. DO NOT BUY!

  • Loses work

    by Jay Wardell

    I bought this so I could write up quick code when away from the computer. I spent 20 minutes outlining a class interface in a header file. I hit the + button to create the implementation file, and then went back to the header file. All my work was lost. For an iPad app, data persistence is usually assumed, but if you're going to require the user to save, then you should prompt them before they could potentially lose their work. For $6, all I have is a better idea of the code i now get to write again, probably in notes this time...

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