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Languages: Dutch, English, French

Seller: Leister Productions, Inc

Fixed a crash on startup that several users were experiencing.
People list - fixed "Birthdays in the next week" option.
People list - fixed a crash when searching on person ID.
Relatives list - capitalized some of the subtitles.

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To use this application, you must have either Reunion 9 or Reunion 10 installed on your Macintosh. You must also have a wireless connection to your Macintosh.

This application was designed as a companion product to Reunion, the highest rated genealogy software for the Macintosh.

Take all of your family tree data with you; names, events, facts notes, logs, sources and even images. View, navigate, search, and edit your information on the go. You'll always be ready to add people, document new information, and make corrections to your data. Then bring the changes back to your family file on the Macintosh.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Gen App

    by Rockinbox Ranch

    I've used Reunion on my computer for over 17 years. It has always been a great program. I use the Reunion App on my iPhone and it has been extremely helpful and handy! The data syncs beautifully between the two versions.

  • Worth every cent!

    by Trinityann

    My fiancé put this app on my phone. I wouldn't have spent the $ since I would have figured I already have it on my laptop, but I am so glad he did! I use this app all the time while researching on another computer. Almost all the tools from the full computer version are there. The best thing is when people ask "How far back did you get?" you can just show them the "treetops." If there are any pedigree charts, I don't see them. I know the screen is small, but if there was a way to incorporate them, that would be the only possible improvement.

  • Long time user

    by Andrei Austin

    We have used numerous genealogy programs on PCs and Macs. And we just keep staying with REUNION. We wish iCloud syncing was available...

  • Amazing app!

    by Sammy, l

    I am just a beginner and over one thousand people in my date base and it handles in seconds!! Best genealogy app ever!!!!

  • Exceeds my expectations

    by BGgen

    This app is up to the great standards Leister Productions has for its desktop application. Syncing is easy. My family file now goes where I go. Don't expect this app to do all the things the Mac version will do. Having said that, it has many of the features and has wonderful ease of use. Most of the apps do not have any maual that comes close to the manual for the Reunion app. It is well worth the money and the support is great.

  • Great app

    by jpsteve

    The best genealogy app out there. I love this product. So easy to use and navigate.

  • Why isn't every App this good?

    by djodcolo

    If you have a Mac and do genealogy, you should be using Reunion software. If you are and are looking for an excuse to by an iPhone or iPod Touch, this is it! The app mimics the desktop version seamlessly, syncs new additions, provides a stellar search routine, has a family tree mode, displays relationships, lets you scan sources... I could go on and on. How Liester managed all this in an app is amazing! I'm going to a reunion next month and will be seeing cousins I haven't seen in decades. This app will allow me to add information on the fly and then upload it to the database when I get home. It may even save me from having to ask how they are related! I can't say enough good things about this app!

  • Wow!

    by bassisland

    A GREAT app. The set-up/sync between iPhone and my laptop was easy and only took a few seconds. Photos, too. I love being able to tap a photo in Reunion on the iPhone to enlarge it. And being able to make changes to family records on the iPhone is fabulous. This was worth the wait. Apple should advertise it in their TV ads. It'll make genealogists of many iPhone users. I'm thrilled with this app.

  • Excellent!!!

    by BuzzSE

    This just has to be THE best iPhone App for Genealogists! Man, my PC-friends says "This here piece of software is reason enough to buy a Mac and the desktop version of Reunion!" That says it all doesn't it! :)

  • My favorite family history app

    by Mountaineer Russ

    I have happily used the Mac desktop version of Reunion for quite a few years. I have tried out a number of other Mac and PC genealogy programs, but Reunion is my favorite. I was pleased to see this iOS app developed so that my family history information in my desktop version could be available on my iPhone/ iPOD Touch and my iPAD. I haven't used many of the Reunion features, but the ones that I have used work great. Loading my existing large family history file on my Mac into the iOS device was straightforward and easy. iCloud synching would be a nice feature, but not essential. The Reunion support people are outstanding with their assistance if you need help. I love this app.

  • Do me a favor...

    by Audio-phile

    I love the reunion software suite. Mac, ipad, iphone, all are outstanding. The only thing missing is cloud support. Could you imagine how much easier this workflow would be if I could sync changes to a master file on Dropbox, or iCloud, or any other cloud provider? Oh well, maybe someday the reunion crew will have enough requests to make it a priority. Write them and ask for it !

  • Wow! Love the new updates

    by TexasRalph

    Reunion on iphone used to simply be a way to view your data on your iPhone. Now it is a beautiful fully featured app. I love the new pop up menu because it makes navigating between people and features so easy. Give me better functionality with sources and its 5 stars!

  • Crashes on opening

    by Bradley in DC

    I'm a long-time fan of Reunion and love the program and the app. When I went to use the app this morning, it crashed on opening every time. Reunion reports the need to change the settings from "open on startup" the first time. Changed it, and everything works great now.

  • Field use

    by The nickname "Metalsmith" is taken, because it's MINE!

    I'll make the decision tree simple: If you do genealogy; and if you use Reunion (and you SHOULD!); and if you own an iPhone, iTouch or iPad: then:: BUY THIS! No need to bother yourself with any other factors. Just get it and install it. I've been using Reunion since a beta version on HyperCard (and whatever happened to HyperCard? Great program.) and this companion program is awesome! I spent a lot of time and money with a MacBook Pro, Jotto stand, movement alarm, cable locks, add-on batteries (HEAVY), back packs and carrying cases... Worrying about someone "acquiring" my beloved Pro. Arggggggg! Now I just put my iPhone in my pocket if I need to go to the stacks. In fact, instead of lugging heavy books and folio's around, I often just do the entry in the stacks. Taking a picture (with permission!) really saves on field time (I always shoot the page before and after). In the field it is a great companion. A bit awkward to use sometimes, but I can't imagine a better way of recording and protecting data. This might be better on an iPad, I don't know—because SOMEONE won't let me buy one. There is a benefit that is not apparent. People, people who normally won't share information, become so entranced with SEEING what the questions are all about, are suddenly full of "you know, Daddy had two middle names, for both of his Uncles..." ; "This isn't on your computer thing... But Daddy's Uncle Francis married that CAMPTOWN woman from over at the county seat where they got married. Can you believe... they had nine kids, Let's see, the oldest, Burt, was borned on my second daughters birthday, only in 1947. His next brother, Albert, grew up to be the County Sheriff..." [This was copied from a transcript, less the actual names. And, Yes, tape recorders are wonderful tools as well] All this from a woman (cousin) who absolutely refused to share ANY family information and would freak out if I was carrying a computer bag. She went on and on for three days, feeding me and making me sleep in her son's bedroom. Her husband put me in contact with his cousin who was working on their genealogy. She and I have discovered four other links between our families, one six generations back. I've never lost data nor had a glitch or crash. The layout is sensible and easy to understand, the use of color conservative and useful. Frank Leister and his crew have provided a wonderful tool. Use it! It's totally a win-win thing. STEVE

  • Thank you for "Changed minimum requirements from iOS 4.3 to iOS 3.0"

    by itsyourdime

    I got it working on iPHONE last night! I'm so excited. Thanks for "Changed minimum requirements from iOS 4.3 to iOS 3.0". Thanks for listening! P.S. Been with Reunion since FTM wouldn't make Mac version update (a long time ago) Looked at 10 which looks really amazing! NEXT... previous posting: iPhone 3GS still using iOS4.0. WOuld love to regain access to desktop files when out and about.

  • Reunion for iPhone

    by Smoovey

    If you use Reunion for Mac on your home computer you need this app. It's a great tool.

  • Wonderful application for on-the-go

    by Pat in Calif

    I have used Reunion for years and finally I have it with me on-the-go. No more note pads, copying information in libraries, making notes on napkins and in cemeteries, lost information when I get home. Reunion updates my home file in seconds, then I can download this "master" file back onto my iPad and have up-to-date info wherever I go and o share with others. I love the program and its convenience. FYI: Frank is a great musician and Leister's albums, Pendulum and Timepieces, are also great.

  • The perfect mobile genealogy tool

    by harringg

    I too am a long time Reunion user, and have 2300+ names in my database. I am often asked while out with relatives information about family and have in the past had to tell them I'll look it up when I get home. My initial sync to the iPhone was flawless and I added some notes and other data on the iPhone and sync back the desktop was quick and easy. Having the current ages next to names in the list is a very nice feature. The Overview feature is amazing and the ability to 'drill-down' via tapping on a name is great. In short, the Reunion iPhone companion application is a must have!

  • Great Genealogical Tool

    by DrJFred

    I have been using Reunion on my Mac for a very ling time. This interface works great, both on my iPhone and my iPad. It's great to be able to take my data with me as I research additional branches in remote locations. I've never had a problem with either the operation of the iOS app on the iPhone or the iPad nor the interface between my Mac and my mobile devices. A "must have" for Reunion users!

  • Reunion - One of My Favorite Apps

    by belarus73

    I have been using Reunion on my Mac since it was first available. The same goes for the Reunion app, which syncs perfectly. Having my entire genealogy database, with photos and references, is so useful when I don't have my laptop with me.

  • Reunion App - will not open

    by MarlaMM

    This app worked fine at first now it won't even open. It's gone from OK to worthless.

  • Amazing App

    by MacMike37

    Leister Productions has done a great job with this app. Within 10 minutes after downloading the app, I was accessing my family file on my G2 iPhone that I recently inherited from my son when he upgraded to a G4. The user interface is easy and intuitive and the app does just about everything I can do with Reunion on my Mac. I can't wait to show this off to my relatives. It sure beats lugging around a laptop.

  • Fantastic Genealogy Advancement

    by Yfool

    Mac OS 10.6.6, Reunion 9.0c – Mac iPod touch OS 4.2.1 – Reunion 1.02 This has to be the most fantastic genealogy advancement in years. Seniors are intimidated with a computer in the room, BUT talk freely when I’m holding my iTouch. It works and works well. Down loading to the iTouch was simple. However, when you upload back to your computer be sure to read the instruction (3) THREE TIMES, follow them, and there should be no problems.

  • Has helped me a lot

    by NewPol

    in doing research. No matter where I am, if I have my iPhone I can work on family trees. Family members I speak to are not as intimidated by an iPhone as they are by a MacBook when I'm inputting information while talking to them. Now make an iPad app!

  • Will not sync!!

    by OrangeGeek

    I have been using this at countless family events, talking to people, adding & correcting entries. I went to sync this with my laptop and IT WOULD NOT SYNC!! I had to manually enter the changes I remember off the top of my head, but I'm going to have to review most of my entries to make all the same corrections. I would have been better off saving the money and just using my laptop.

  • Update to "Fantastic! 4.5 Stars" by fivedollars...

    by Confused.....

    There is a single step for going to the index... Per the Tools menu - Preferences - Gestures (at the bottom of the preferences). You can drag your finger bottom to top while in a family card to go to the index in one stroke (and there are 7 other one-stroke gestures listed -- and you can re-assign any of these 8 gestures to any of 19 tasks.) I just began working with the app so have yet to fully explore it, but so far so good!

  • Buy the RIGHT version! NOT FOR iPad

    by :LKJ

    If you own an iPAD, run screaming-- this is NOT the version for you. I am a loooong time Reunion user, and bought this 2 months ago to run on my iPad. *Now* Reunion comes out with a version optimized for the iPad--- but refuses to let me change versions. The App Store is no help, either. iPad owners, make SURE to go get the iPad version-- not this one! Reunion is a great program, but LeisterPro and the App Store want to rip me off for $14.99 more, simply because I bought the ONLY mobile version available to me before the iPad version was out! BOO! HISS!

  • Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! - LeisterPro has done it again!

    by GD & WAD

    If you are interested in your families' history or are a professional genealogist, Reunion for the Mac is your reason to buy a Mac. Now Reunion for iPhone and iPod Touch is the only reason you need to buy one of these small wonders. We moved a file with over 18,000 individuals quickly to a responsive program that allows us to carry all of our data with us that works like Reunion on our Mac. Now its off to do more research with your data at hand, in our hand ready for reference and new enter or update. Again - Huzzah!

  • Awesome app.

    by Curvesflorida

    I do a lot of library research to confirm sources for my Internet research. It is Great to have the files on the iPhone and not have to cart the laptop for a short,specific visit. I can enter new data and update when I get home. Also because it is only phone, I can take photos of data and it is all in one place when I get home to download. I was very pleased with reunion for my Mac book pro......I am delighted with this app. Just like having my laptop in the library.

  • Simply amazing

    by ex-jerseygirl

    Intuitive, easy to use, amazing functionality. Many thanks to the developer for producing such a fine product.

  • Does not Do What I was Told

    by Tohlar

    I contacted the company to verify that they had a fully supported iPad version of their software and they said they did. The only one I found on the app store was labeled under iPhone apps but they said it dual supported both devices. That was true in one respect iPad emulates the iPhone with the small screen which I specifically asked if they fully supported iPad - they said yes - THEY DON'T. This is not good business to lie to your customers. I will be requesting my money back and going with another product which has true iPad support.

  • Worth Every Penny!

    by CoffeeMate

    This App was the reason I switched provider, and got an iPhone. I'd been a satisfied user of Reunion for Mac desktop since their first version, but keeping the family genealogy database up to date required regularly sorting through piles of impromptu notes taken while traveling. Now, Reunion on my iPhone enables me to put the information right into the database - where/when ever they pop up - and sync the entire thing with the desktop version. I can't say enough about this App. Looking forward to their timely update.

  • Excellent

    by kimbomn

    Makes research trips a breeze. Also, no longer do I need to wonder if I'm remembering something correctly during an unexpected conversation.

  • Great software - but very slow to change with technology

    by mjcw

    As usual the company is slow to react to changes in technology. They took their good old time upgrading to iOS 3.0. Now with the IPad's large screen to take advantage of it's size to show a more readable view of trees, they have ignored the change. I am sure they have no immediate plans to jump on the iOS4 update!

  • iPad Version?

    by jbkalla2

    Great app! Wish it would take advantage of the iPad's larger screen, though.

  • Worth buying an iPad if this app is available for it

    by KayC77

    Reunion on my iPhone has been really useful at get-togethers with family. It's well worth the price--very easy to use. I'll be looking for it as an iPad app so I'll have a good excuse to buy a new toy.

  • genealogy must-have

    by likes oldies

    I have been very pleased with Reunion on my Mac for some time. I was hesitant about spending the $$ for this app, but I am glad I did. It was VERY helpful on a recent research trip - very easy to look up a name from a headstone and figure out if person was in family tree - and where they fit. Since all info is on iPhone, you don't need to have a cell or wireless signal available - great when one is out in the boonies.

  • This app embodies what the Apple Experience should be!

    by Terry R Hill

    I have long been a user of the Reunion software - for over 12 years now! But this app shows the perfect union between a fantastic piece of genealogy software and the best operating system around coupled with mobile technology. Brilliant use of the iPhone as a method of collecting data and transferring it back to your database on the computer. And by providing the option of what you want to update from the iPhone - Research Logs, data, etc, - it provides you the flexibility of not having to do it all every time. Best and most useful app I have used to date! Keep it up Leister!!

  • Great app!

    by John.AN

    This app is a reason by itself to buy an iphone. Well done!

  • Wow!

    by DharmaPup

    If only all apps were as well done as this! Absolutely worth the price.

  • Priceless - Outstanding

    by StudioStu

    I've been a satisfied user of Reunion since version 4. The price at $14.99 is a bargin for what you get. The mobile features, interface and speed our outstanding. It pays for itself the first time you're around any family member as close as a sister/ brother or as distant as a newly identified relative. It's extremely useful at adding all of the little tidbits of info from a niece's dob & pob to a 3rd cousin's spouse's information. A great compliment to the desktop version and an all around great value.

  • Upgraded just for this app

    by tac hammer

    A satisfied user of Reunion 8 since 2003. When I learned about this iPhone app, I upgraded to Reunion 9 just so I could get and use it. I am very satisfied. An iTouch/iPhone is much easier to tote around in my research than my Macbook. Somehow iTuns put the app on my iTouch and the first time I synced was a snap. Funny; over 10 years and hundreds of hours of genealogy research results went from my Macbook to my ITouch in seconds. Wow!

  • Superb implementation!

    by ProsperoDGC

    It's incredibly convenient to have our complete family tree in our pockets when doing research, and for gathering information in unexpected conversations. This really does put a huge amount of Reunion's power in your pocket. Highly recommended.

  • Worth every penny!!

    by Nascentday

    I originally bought the Mobile Family Tree app, only to have to buy their Mac software too at $50! Their software crashes all the time and simply can't handle my huge gedcom. Thus, I never got to sync it with my iPhone. This Reunion app works easily with the mac app, syncing wirelessly with a quick click of a button and tap on the screen. Despite the fact that my tree is astronomical in size, it had no trouble syncing everything - including media and sources! It does take a good 20 seconds to load up on my iPhone when I open the app, due to the size of the file. But once open, it breezes through clicks even faster than the mac software! This is such a help to have! I no longer have to drag my laptop with me to the library every time I go looking for information. My only wish is that it would have the option to sync with my Ancestry account, as that is where I do all my work. It would be great to sync between Reunion on both my mac and iPhone with the ancestry site so that I could easily have a backup and the most current information at my fingertips at any given time. Unfortunately, that is up to Ancestry to make things more user friendly with offsite syncs.

  • Reunion, Genealogy to Go

    by Solar Bill

    No praise is too high! Frank Leister and his dedicated team have done an another giant service for the family history and genealogy fans of the world. As a long term user of Reunion, Leister Productions's fabulous genealogy program for the Mac, my expectations were unabashedly high. However, Reunion for the iPhone exceeded those expectations in every respect, especially the intelligent way the app handles syncing back to Reunion on the Mac. Even if you're a PC user, this program on the iPhone is so great that even you should consider buying it for gathering family history on the road away from your PC.

  • Terrific app

    by bchaplin

    I really liked this application. I'm just getting into genealogy and both the desktop and iPhone version of this program are well-designed and very solid. The tech support is quite helpful. It's great to have all my family information with me.

  • Excellent portable implementation of Reunion

    by glewbel

    Amazingly useful despite having been ported to the small screen of the iPhone. Highly recommended.

  • Reunion for iPhone

    by AnnBolton

    This was the best $15 I ever spent. Wish I had had it sooner. Reunion on my iPhone held my 9k+ person database easily. My new computer came with airport although I wasn't aware of it until I checked, so everything ran seamlessly. It should be pointed out that you need a wireless connection to run this.

  • Best iPhone app I've seen

    by Web Ace

    I'm amazed at the features on this iPhone app. I've used Reunion for the Mac for years but never dreamed you could load an entire database on the iPhone. I've 5100 people in one file and it loaded to my iPhone in two minures. When I bring it up on the iPhone 3GS it comes up in two seconds. I'd read that the index was slow with over 3000 people but on my 3GS it comes up instantly. Now I can take my data with me and update it on the spot. Worth every penny.

  • A Beautiful App -- The Way You Wish All Apps Were

    by ErikaHerzog

    I am a newbie to the iPhone / the App Store and have sort of splurged on downloading as many apps as possible in the hopes that they would enhance my iPhone experience. Generally the apps usually fail to meet expectations or are pretty but don't do much / disappoint. But not thIs app. Of ALL the apps I have downloaded this is the one that is almost parallel in functionality to the desktop version. It is shockingly great. You can have multiple trees, too, which I love.

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