Textilus - MS Office® Word, OpenOffice & Scrivener Edition for iPad Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Catalan, English, French, German, HE, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Umanify

--- Thanks for all the helpful feedback! Let us know via mail (feedback@ knowtilus.com) or Twitter @textilus if you run into any problems or have feature suggestions ---

- Fixed the support for international characters in footnotes and comments
- Added a link in the Get Started Help document to our new Video-Tutorials channel in Youtube. Easily learn how to use Textilus by watching short videos.
- Several minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Improved performance and stability


- Designed for iOS 7: An all-new design that's simpler, more useful and powerful and more enjoyable, but still feels instantly familiar to the previous Textilus.
- New feature: Simplified and improved Dropbox document browser and document syncing. Export any document to Dropbox in any of your remote folders.
- New feature: Insert comments (annotations) and footnotes into your documents, compatible with RTF standard for comments and footnotes
- New feature: Customize your folder covers with your own photos and drawings
- New feature: “Save As…” option in the close document menu. Preserves the original document and creates a new one with a new name.
- International expansion: Textilus is available in the following new languages: German, French, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew and Russian
- Tons of minor tweaks and bug fixes
- Improved performance and stability

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
9 Ratings
All Versions:
750 Ratings


Textilus Word Processor Free - Offline Document Editor for Microsoft Office Word , OpenOffice & Scrivener Documents for iPad

- Powerful yet very easy to use rich-text word processor for iPad
- Create and edit documents for Microsoft Word, Open Office, Scrivener, Nisus Writer, etc.
- Insert photos, comments, footnotes, charts, signatures and drawings in your documents. Compose sketches
- Sign your documents realistically with your finger
- Share and mail your work as PDF , RTF , RTFD , TXT, PNG , Markdown and HTML
- Sync your documents with Dropbox , iCloud , Scrivener or Evernote
- Over 32 supported languages including Japanese , Chinese , Arabic , Hebrew

"Textilus is by far the best word-processing app you can get for your iPad. Period. Bar none. You can just about skip all the rest. It’s the only app I even consider using if I expect to write an article with my iPad instead of my Mac" - Ted Landau/MacWorld Senior Contributor

"If you are looking for a comprehensive text editor that offers cloud syncing and has a plethora of formatting options, you can’t go wrong with Textilus" - AddictiveTips

"Thanks to the updates it has received since its launch, Textilus continues its growth as a notable word processing app" - AppAdvice

Textilus is an innovative, fast and reliable word processor designed exclusively for iPad users. Enjoy writing with your iPad and just focus on your creation process not the tool.

· Rich-text formatting: Bold, italic, underline, highlight, subscript/superscript, alignment, line spacing, first-line indent, type size, page breaks, pre-defined styles, text and paper color, etc.
· Insert inline photos, charts and drawings in your documents. Compose sketches.
· Over 60 high quality (Retina ready) fonts included. Insert special symbols, math symbols, date, current GPS location, pictographs and web links in your documents
· Extra keyboard row with direct access to styling and punctuation functions. Quick keys for tab, forward delete, up, down, left, right, etc.
· Easily set custom 25 toolbar buttons to your commonly-used keys, special symbols, text snippets or hard to reach characters
· Multi-language: Over 32 languages supported including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew
· Markdown support

· Create, edit and share your documents effortlessly. No settings. No cluttered interface
· Document Folders: Drag&Drop to create. Use different color covers for different projects
· MagicCursor: Quickly move around the cursor and select text

· Find and replace: Quickly search within a document, and it gives you the option to replace those terms with another
· Instant text statistics and counters: characters, words, reading time, sentences, average word length
· Direct search on Google , Wikipedia , Dictionary , Thesaurus, etc. So finding external online information, synonyms and related words is quick and easy
· Security Passcode: Only you will be allowed to open documents in your iPad
· Create backup snapshots of your documents anytime

· Universal RTF based document file format (Rich Text Format)
· Textilus standard RTF documents are compatible with hundreds of word processors and text editors: Apple Pages, MS Word, Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Nisus Writer, Textedit, Wordpad, Scrivener, Evernote, Mail, Pages, Word, Notes, iA Writer, Bean, Abiword, QuickOffice, TextMaker, Documents To Go, Jarte, etc.
· Export your documents to RTF , RTFD , PDF , Plain text, PNG and HTML

· Includes automated iCloud, Dropbox and Scrivener Syncing, Evernote posting and iTunes File Sharing
· Open-in email attachments (MS Word or RTF documents). Send multiple documents in the same email.
· Open-in your Textilus documents with other apps

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Killraven1999

    With the last up date this app does everything I need it to do. With the save as option I can finally kiss my paper forms goodbye. These guys listen to there customers! A great intuitive app that works and is getting better with every up date.

  • Upgrade fantastic

    by Userzxzx

    upgrade very good, getting better, good job.

  • Best One Yet

    by ZenLizard

    Of all the writing apps I've tried, this one is the best for the following reasons: Nearly seamless integration with my editor's Word, PC edition. Easy to use. Full featured.

  • Great Microsoft Word alternative

    by Kylex5

    Review Update: Great new update! Love the new design! Thanks! The new update is great for iPad mini users because the new text zoom (pinch in/out) can help to read/write easily in the small mini screen. PS: It can import Microsoft Word (doc, docx) documents but if you have problems with your files, try to export in RTF format directly from MS Word then import in Textilus


    by Greggorio

    I'm an author writing a book using Dragon Dictate which leaves many errors. After dictating a chapter I like to edit the chapter on my iPad in bed before drifting off. I store my files in Drop Box making it easy for both machines to access. When you open the chapter from the iPad it places a copy in a local Drop Box folder. Editing this local file is supposed to update the cloud file in the cloud Drop Box folder. No! After updating twice, and making the final edit on my Mac, I opened the local file on my iPad. Textilus stated there was a newer file and asked if I want to download and replace the current. Well of course I want the newest file. Two hours worth of editing was lost and both the local files and cloud Drop Box files were backdated and all new info lost. The good news is, if I disconnect from the Internet before turning on my computer, I can get the info back from my local Drop a Box file on my computer. I just would like the authors of Textilus to better document things. Perhaps a help file listing commands. If you edit in the cloud, open your files from the cloud. It's a great little word processor outside of that complaint.

  • Very Well Written App

    by Sightless Nino

    This app is easy to use and powerful. Has a lot of features that you would expect from a desktop WP. Thinking about buying the full version.

  • EPIC!!!!

    by Jrjewel

    Awesome app!!!!!!!!! Great writing tool!! Amazing variations of fonts!!!

  • Great App!

    by 22 Cuba

    We homeschool, and use iPads. This has been a wonderful app for us. I highly recommend it. When I have had questions or difficulties, I have fired off an email to text support, and they have responded EXTREMELY quickly. Textilus ROCKS!!!

  • It's Great Until..

    by McPhelster

    It's a great app until it EATS ALL YOUR SAVED DATA!! I was trying to write the script for my Boy Scout Troop's court of honor script until the app started deleting all of the text. I had saved right before that had happened and i restarted my iPad. When i launched the app i opened the file and none of the text was there. I Wouldn't recommend this app to anyone who had to use it for important reasons. Just had to clear my rage brain

  • €£¥

    by Sassi3964

    Love this app

  • Great App

    by MadAtInstaGramApp

    I use it almost everyday for school.

  • OMG

    by Cjv1121

    This app is so worth the download! I thought that it would be awful! This is better than Microsoft by 100 miles! GET IT! It's amazing

  • Great App

    by lolly873

    It's easy to type, easy to use, easy to navigate too. All around it's a great app and I would definitely recommend it.

  • Great Microsoft Word alternative

    by Kylex5

    Review Update: The Scrivener (PC version) support is OK now. The new update is great for iPad mini users because the new text zoom (pinch in/out) can help to read/write easily in the small mini screen. PS: It can import Microsoft Word (doc, docx) documents but if you have problems with your files, try to export in RTF format directly from MS Word then import in Textilus

  • Exactly what I was Looking For!

    by Rissa Snepp

    I've been searching for a reliable and easy to use word processor for my ipad...without having to pay a dime for it (lol). This is exactly what I need for school, work, and writing novels. Organized writing, easy to save, simple to convert, and such a no hassle app. Thank you for this amazing app. I'll be telling all my blog buddies, school mates, co workers, and writer friends about this here gem.

  • Great App

    by Adolf21ewqbigd

    This program runs circles around Pages. Has many features and functions you can not do in any other program.

  • Drop box doubter

    by Hollywhiteside

    Think of how much Word costs for a desktop. Then thnk of paying just 5.99. It works great with Dropbox. It is Really worth it!

  • Wishing for a trial run

    by Notenoughinfo

    Haven't actually tried it yet but am a bit peeved that the function I want is $5.99. It's to sync with Dropbox. I don't think I want to pay for it with so few reviews and without testing how the full version works. I think I will wait or search for another app.

  • Cool

    by FinleySpeedy23Z1

    Awesome app but I wish it had more fonts.

  • Very good product

    by Jtitoc

    Overall good product. One issue: when applying the bullet style to a group of paragraphs it will wipe out the paragraphs and apply the style to the next text.

  • Syncing does not work

    by ergonaught

    Maybe the instructions are flawed but customer service is non-existent so I don't know. Files on my computer appear in Textilus on my iPad through Dropbox (I can read them) but changes made to those files on iPad do not sync back to the computer. I guess you can email the files back to yourself but this is awkward and besides, Textilus promises that you can sync. So why won't it?

  • waste of $$

    by Nasdik

    The only reason for 2 stars that its color app. other than that waste of your time and money simple things do not go along with common sense,. shame on you Billi

  • Won't even open a Word document from my e-mail.

    by ShelleyB1982

    Just says "import failed" and shuts down every time. Pointless.

  • Does not work

    by NatKPB

    I downloaded this and got nothing! Waste of time & can't even delete the app.

  • Don't Bother

    by Servant Of The Lost

    What a farce this is. Distorts docx files so badly that they are unrecognizable. Any editing to files has to be saved as a JPEG image in your photos because it doesn't allow you to email or share. What was originally a single document with a crisp clean format was now a JPEG image of a news column width series of script 5 pages long. Whoever said this was the best editing tool must be on the company payroll. I downloaded the Pages app from Apple and the import was seamless and editable. After editing the document I could email the finished form directly without any hassles.

  • Waste of Time

    by Booga73737448

    3 doc max, then you have to pay. I wouldn't mind paying had it been more upfront; now I'll look elsewhere.

  • Lies, no Open Office

    by njd4k

    This editor does not open ODT files, description is false.

  • Misleading About Microsoft Word Compatibility

    by LeonJon

    This app falsely implies that it is compatible with Microsoft Word documents. It cannot correctly import an MS Word "docx"

  • Just enticement to buy premium

    by TC Marsh

    Things were going fine with this app, but it only let me have 3 documents before it prompted me to buy the premium edition. It's just enough to get you lured into purchasing something else.

  • don't waist your time nor space

    by barn650@mad

    you can do nothing with it. You can't export it to anything, you can't email it unless you buy the pro app. WORTHLESS

  • Ugh!

    by Hedgehorn Today is #1

    I can't even read what I'm typing!!

  • Not Even Useable !!

    by disguntled user

    Within 5 minutes I realized this product would not work very well. Took along time to convert a document from dropbox and then the document was completely messed up. No way I could work on the draft I already had going. Wasn't functional. It really bugs me when companies introduce a product like this that isn't professionally ready to be introduced. Now I have to go through the hassle of trying to get a refund from Apple.

  • Almost as described

    by Skyskijunky

    The details show that you can insert a photo, but after you open the app it says to insert pictures you have to upgrade $. A bit deceptive.

  • Ok

    by Booksandbutter

    Like that the app has font styles, and like the basic style of it. But it crashes often, doesn't tell you up front what is under the "lite" version, and isn't reliable enough for me to pay for it. I use mine for random pages and documents I need to run my household. If it gets fixed and gets better reviews, it is the one I have liked best out of 5-6 of them and I would purchase.

  • Horrible!

    by Adisha07

    It is so horrible!

  • Promising...But!

    by Mr. Riley 40 73

    Very promising, but no ability to search for documents by title or content makes this very disappointing; a feature needed if one is to become a heavy user. Also, the loss of formatting when pasting content from other apps is a big negative. Improve these two things and you have a very innovative app.

  • Needs improvement

    by Saranicole1112

    The app is okay after you figure it out. Also, I was very disappointed that I couldn't send my docs to my wireless printer after finishing. Definitely needs wok!!!

  • Started Crashing

    by theConstructiveCommenter

    Very much liked this app until it started getting a little unstable and crashing. Had to move my docs to another app. Little afraid to use it, and won't buy the paid version now. Makes me sad. :(

  • Textilus

    by Worst idea for a app ever!

    This app was horrible! I was just trying to write a novel but the actual document that you write on was completely covered, 20 pages long in tips, ideas and a bunch of nonsense. They except you to delete all 20 pages of information to begin your document. Which makes me wonder what the heck they were thinking. Do not buy this app it's not worth it.

  • Great app, but...

    by JKing300

    This app is very useful, but it needs some support and "How To" of its latest additions. Like how do you insert a picture and where is sketcher? I have the upgrade, but it's not very intuitive!

  • It's Legit and good

    by gansta$

    It's good

  • OK..

    by Prettyzebra123

    What happened to the "Sketch" button?

  • Tops in service and features.

    by mikebrown1067

    This has got be on of the best word processors for the ipad. Feature rich and if you are wanting for anything just ask their customer service. I have contacted them twice in the last six months, once for help using the program and once to request a feature. Quick responses and with helpful input.

  • Problems

    by Jeanne Hanley

    I'm having problems with this app. When trying to print although the font is set to 18pt even tried larger, when printing it's so small you can't read it! I've tried to go to app support and it never finishes loading, so I'm reporting this here. I wish I could get help

  • Perfect...since the update

    by Nalot

    Before the update this app was a mess, but now it's perfect. It's my go to app for all my writing needs...Job well done!

  • Textilus

    by Bic Ballpoint

    Learning curve too steep for this impatient Mac user. Dumped it after two tries.

  • Doesn't work!

    by HavocXIII

    Purchased this app recently and it was great. Now it will not open, please fix ASAP.

  • Fix Please

    by jm123467

    This app was great until it stopped opening, now I can't even review my work or notes for class :( This needs to be fixed as soon as possible! Please. And I have an open note test tomorrow

  • Crashes 2 many times

    by Jaideep77

    Textilus was really great but now every time I try to open the app it just crashes! I've been trying this for 2 days now I expect the crashing to be fixed!

  • Crash

    by Ce-Paige

    This app keeps crashing on me whenever I open it and that happened with the first version and update although the actual app is amazing

  • Need to fix this crap.

    by Zedvane

    Closes immediately on startup. Ipad3 both ios 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 Now I have a chapter of my book held hostage until I can figure out how to retrieve it. 4 star once fixed.

  • Help

    by 3828283

    I write a lot of letters and this app was great for that. Lately though it won't print in the font that I have typed it in. I have tried various different ways to get it to do what I want but nothing is working.

  • I loved it but... NOW HATE IT

    by Notworthtime

    I used it and put passcode on. After opening will try opening it it just closes wouldn't let me put my passcode in need better update and fix it nowwwww!!!

  • Crashed

    by Joannnnnnnnnnna

    Crashed on me after the update :( lost all my class notes from this semester

  • Help

    by Masaimara374

    Please fix odd shutdowns. It closed on me after I placed a pass code

  • Waste

    by Millsksue

    Purchased update and it crashed! Waste of $$

  • It was amazing but...

    by Starak_

    Had this app over a month. It was working great today, being able to multitask and so on. But all of a sudden the app closed and would not open again. Tried opening it about 20 times, uninstalled it and reinstalled it removed everything from the multitasker. Rebooted, restarted, turned off/on, nothing worked. When i did install it again I found out i lost all my notes. I was Very disappointed. This is great app but make sure you back up your files once in a while. There is an option for that. It was too late for me. Out of five similar apps like this that I've downloaded, this came first.

  • Spelling

    by Aga 201

    The app is awesome, butbt would be nice if you'd add the spell checker.

  • Awesome and cheap

    by Equestrian Infantrt

    Great work guys. However my friend has problems with it though I don't so five stats

  • Terrible!

    by Itsokiunderstand

    It's terrible it won't even let me do a new page! Don't get it. If your like me and are doing a research paper it's not worth it!

  • Just what I need

    by Azoran Rakii

    I really like this app. Really great for documents and it has a great organization system. I have not had a lot of problems and the ones I do have, have been fixed. I recommend this for those who write, or need a nice document program.

  • Excellent

    by CharleyC

    Upgrade well worth it

  • Eliran

    by VirtualLevel

    Works great with hebrew! Thx

  • Awesome!

    by Cloegail

    This app is perfect for writing papers if your in high school or college! It is like you are actually using Word document on a computer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Its Great ❤

    by lovinggal25

    My first try I thought that is lazy but my second try I realized that is beautiful like the Microsoft Word in the computer and laptops it is the great Word Processor for iPad and other gadgets! ❤

  • Great app BUT

    by Annie XYZ

    This seemed like just what I was looking for but when I went to email the letter I did it would not let me unless I upgraded to the app that costs dollars. I was going to do this but then I read reviews and it seemed like people were having blackout issues.any suggestions?

  • Thanks!

    by Suzzett

    OMG thanks so much for coming out with this app.. I been trying to find a app like this..now I don't have to use a computer and I can write my stories and upload it online on the ipad! Thanks so much

  • Great

    by KnoW PeiN

    This is a very good app for word processing.its simple smooth and full of options and capabilites

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