Cocktail Calendar (To do+Schedule) Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: jang sehoon

bug fixed

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"It is a cocktail calendar which is the easiest one to write."
Tip: You can use six calendars by pressing a button of the upper left side
★ Functions ★
☞Two calendar concepts. (Normal calendar and vertical calendar.)
☞Provide a variety of fonts and font sizes.
☞Support the synchronization of i-Phone calendar. (Each calendar's matching is available)
☞Support the automatic synchronization.
☞To do view support
☞ D-day function support
☞Recurrence events
☞Badge function provide

Customer Reviews

  • Major Bug Issue

    by WonRN

    It looks like a decent prospective app but right now I cannot see the recorded schedule. There's no button for me to actually submit my schedule. Please fix this bug.

  • good app

    by qiliu1

    very simple to use.

  • Love it!

    by Starcinder

    I LOVE this calendar! It is easy to use, colorful and the best personal calendar around. The only thing I could ask PLEASE make this calendar for the iPad. When using it on the iPad the calendar is the size of the iPhone. Yes, it can be X2 but then the calendar loses the clarity. Fingers crossed!!!!

  • 음력지원이 강점

    by Seiyouchyan

    전체적디자인이 포켓인포먼트와많이 흡사해서 포켓인포먼트를 사용해봤던 분이라면 쉽게 적응될거에요. 일, 요일, 년 단위로 반복일정도 가능하고 게다가 음력달력지원까지! 버그!! 아래에 있는 메뉴 중에 두번째걸로 일정만든 후에 첫번째걸로 가서 그 일정을 지우면 두번째 메뉴에 삭제한 일정이 계속남아있는 문제도 있습니다.(배지가 계속 남아 있더라구요)

  • 봄이다!!

    by sunappE

    쓰던 캘린더를 버리게 만드는 어플이네요~~~~~편하고 좋네요!!

  • 너무 깔끔해요^^

    by Miracle Flower

    필요한 일정들이 한번에 보기 편하고 편리하네요^^ 이름부터가 귀엽네요

  • Good!

    by ogong1515

    우선 굉장히 깔끔하고 사랑스러운 디자인이구요 폰트도 굉장히 다양하네요 또 Todo 기능까지 있어서 별도로 다른어플 쓸일이 없네요 음력과 공휴일표시도 되구요 추천합니다!

  • 최고입니다.

    by 이정민

    인터페이스 깔끔하고 동기화 기능이 참 편하게 되있습니다. 로딩만 조금 짧아진다면 정말 좋을것 같습니다. 추천해요

  • Good update!

    by satanghero

    Lovely design cocktail calendar! I love it!

  • Awesome!!

    by keithnolran

    This app is very simple and very intuitive. It's very fast to add edit and has the potential. I love it :p

  • Good

    by fine tree

    This displays about the same my personal calendar. But it has something missing key.I can find any where the end time setting it has only due time setting. It's very important to me.

  • Love this app

    by tinyTJ

    Actually this app was not good, but after the latest upgrade fixed so many things changed. Now I really satisfied this app.

  • Terrific

    by fighter9

    The app is fantastic. colors and every details.

  • It's good

    by test driver X

    This was just what I was looking for very nearly. I think it's a really good app that let's you categorize your entries. I recommend you.

  • Great App!

    by Formattinglife4

    It's incredibly easy to use. Much better than any other calendar app I've bought.

  • 업데이트 이후 좀 나아졌네요.

    by 숨어야산다

    업데이트 이후 좀 나아졌네요. 아직 달넘어갈때마다 로딩이 많이 긴거같아서 좀 불편하네요 기존엔 수동으로 구글과 동기화 해야됐는데 이제 기본캘린더와 자동동기화 되서 편해졌구요.

  • good~

    by Izzy_Storm

    simple & awsome! good app!

  • 팅김버그좀

    by 마루치알았어

    개선부탁드려요 5.0.1 버전이 안맞는건지 4S하고 안맞는건지 해결부탁드려요

  • Beautiful but not work

    by songpolsan

    When sync with ical , events not shown. Confuse about how to adjust function.

  • POS

    by Howard Kwong

    I uploaded this and it was working fine, then I synced my calendars to it, now it doesn't work. So I have to give this a bad rating.

  • Can't add events

    by Bba4765

    I can't add more than one event in a day but it's a beautiful and useful app so please update, I'd love to give 5 stars

  • Dates are off!!

    by Alysha williams

    Since the update all my birthdays are scheduled on two days in a row and when I attempt to delete the wrong day it deletes both days! Also when I choose a day on the calendar the day on top is totally different. Getting frustrated and looking for new calendar app.

  • Won't open

    by ThonsterTheMonster

    Updated it and now it won't open.

  • Crashes

    by Jmom28

    Can't open since the update!!! Please fix!!!!!


    by DeskMom

    You updated it. Now all it does is CRASH. Fix it.

  • Rip Off! Doesn't have any function.

    by NeeStar

    **DO NOT BUY*** This application does not look anything like the screenshots shown above. None of those features are available and best of all- there is no save button. You cannot enter anything into the calendar because once you enter a "todo" item and return to the calendar view, it isn't saved. I want my 99 cents back. What a joke. This is basically fraud.

  • Worst schedule app ever!

    by bchc

    Always bug in the essential part of a schedule app! I type words, choose labor, set recurrence,etc, but when I finish and go back to the calendar, the event is gone! Is there a save button! I cannot find it everywhere!

  • 버그투성이

    by bluelionstar

    로딩속도 최악. 월일정마다 계속 로딩을 하지않나 전체일정 삭제시 체크버튼 누르면 삭제되질않나 구글캘린더 연동도 로그인 및 가져오기할때 튕기고 버그투성이. 오늘로 돌아가기라던지 기본적인 기능도 전무. 진짜 돈이 아깝다.

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