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Forget everything you know about Schedule Planner - our premium productivity solution has evolved!

There’s dozens of all-new features, more ways than ever to stay on top of your busy schedule, and a completely redesigned interface geared to help you get yourself organized faster than ever before.

Read on and discover what the next generation of Schedule Planner has in store for you:

Get the power to plan out your daily tasks in mere seconds & guarantee you make the most of every day! You get more done when you start out with a clear plan. Its simple really - productivity comes from structure - and that’s exactly what Schedule Planner gives you.

Seamlessly coordinate important tasks, gauge & control how efficiently you work through different projects, and end your days accomplishing everything you need to!

Schedule Planner aids users in planning out daily activity and tracking what tasks they’ve actually done. Utilizing it’s innovative “Planned versus Actual” tab concept the app gives you a precise understanding of what your priorities are and what you’ve accomplished.

Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories ranging from “Health” and “Shopping”, to “Work” and many others to categorize tasks with. Once you pick your category simply input the nature of each task as a time-block including your desired start & end times, alarms, and additional notes.

You can also plan out and input daily plans, appointments, and events in advance and review them whenever you want via Schedule Planner’s twin-mode graphic calendar. To boot, tasks are color coded by category to enable you to see how your day is going to pan out at a glance.

The world is busier than ever. Get the Schedule Planner advantage, optimize your time to a tee, and become more productive than you ever thought you could be starting now.

Schedule Planner Features:

✔ User friendly “Planned” day planning interface
✔ Well-rounded task creation editor
✔ Ability to color code tasks by category
✔ Calendar (month/list)
✔ Color coded diagram to view tome breakdown
✔ Task categories by focus; Work, Meals, Health, etc.
✔ Arrange options for lists
✔ Swipe to switch between days
✔ Move and duplicate tasks
✔ Reassign categories in edit mode
✔ Repeating task feature
✔ Full-featured list of categories
✔ Alerts and notifications
✔ Google Calendar
✔ iCal integration
✔ Automated data backup

Schedule Planner Pro is developed by INTERSOG LLC.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing app

    by Loo loo xox

    Life is short, this app shows you exactly where your time is being spent/wasted. With alarms and charts you can keep yourself on track of your goals while staying focused and ambitious. LOVE IT!

  • Great

    by M.M.H.33

    Love this app

  • Nice!

    by Freakylsu38

    Very nicely done! Great app.

  • Paste pictures in Notes!please make this a option soon


    I have used this app since it's been in the store. Love how clean looking and fluid performance! It's very appealing when you print out too. ***BUT,I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A UPDATE THAT ALLOWS PICTURES TO BE PASTED IN NOTES SECTION!! You do that and you will double your users.

  • Works nice

    by K rake

    Has a bit of learning that you will need to do. After that it's great. I found it to be like learning quick books once you learn it it's great.

  • Love this app

    by Alex Alfaro

    Works great and helps me keep track of my day

  • Love this app

    by Alex Alfaro

    Works great and helps me keep track of my day

  • Fantastic

    by Rtfgtgs


  • The best!

    by DKForce

    The best planner app I've found. Very user friendly. Helps me keep on track.

  • Perfect

    by Nick and The Night Terrors

    This is the app I was looking for to replace my Palm Pilot. So excited!!

  • Great but Syncing doesn't work

    by Zalex1215

    I love it, but I kind of wish that sync works, hopefully it will, I was depending on sync for syncing between two devices, my iPad and iPhone

  • So far so good..,

    by Smeggy4$7

    I use this to do my daily schedule ..,I'm a service manager.The one thing that could be made easier is for this app to more seamlessly mesh with other devices..,other than that,(printer support would also be cool)not bad!

  • Works great.

    by Farskies

    Hopefully it works out well.

  • Does what it says.


    Can't complain. Very neat and useful.

  • Great planner

    by Akholko

    I like this app a lot! But for some reason, I think that design has to be improved to make it more simple and handy

  • Yup

    by Ceghffjh

    Good app helps a lot!

  • Great app!

    by Jharjjjar

    This is great but it would be even better if like the iOS calender events would pop up in the notifications bar a day in advance and not disappear when clicked on! Its helps me look ahead.

  • Wish there were more sounds

    by mooseb

    Can there be an update to include more sounds? I still give it 5 stars though.

  • Helpful

    by ;ladjsf;lj

    Very useful with decent amount of customization available.

  • Like it

    by StechIpad

    Good app

  • App crashes

    by Nzxcvbnm

    I just purchased this morning. App crashes on sync with gmail. Do not purchase until sync is fixed.

  • Not ready for prime time

    by DisappointedCrash

    Expensive and not adequately tested. This app crashes every time I try to set up a sync with my Google Calendar. Definitely not worth the money. Without the Google sync it's useless. Be warned: this doesn't work as advertized.

  • Planner pro

    by Basejumper32

    I bought this app to merge my google, yahoo, and gmx calendar, it picks bits from each, but nothing complete. I hate I wasted the money. Maybe it will be fixed

  • Google Cal sync does not work

    by tw230

    I bought the pro version because I wanted to be able to sync my Google cal. It doesn't sync properly, only a few random events were synced and it makes the purchase useless. When will this be fixed? I would just stick to Google Cal by itself until this is fixed. Not worth the money.

  • Won't sync to gmail

    by sailmak007

    Just bought pro, it will not sync up with my gmail. I've tried everything

  • Doesnt sync with google calendar smoothly

    by G2akaJT

    Not happy

  • Great App!

    by -Twentyfour-

    Got it a few days ago and so far I love it. Works really well and integrates perfectly with the calendar app.

  • To plain

    by Dariohndz

    It's ok but needs color

  • Great App

    by DMC6er

    Has been a game-changer in terms of productivity. Has every aspect that one would want for a day planner.

  • Wonderful

    by Matt Ohashi

    This is very handy when in a pinch I might say. Good show old chap!

  • Great app

    by Adrienne Violet

    Great app, user friendly, very useful!!

  • Great

    by kev-luv

    It's helping me change my life for the better, one tiny step at a time

  • Best so far

    by Flygirldana

    Easy to use, so far so good

  • Good

    by iGlance

    Great for an intermediate planners

  • Keeps Crashing..

    by itstherobster


  • Great App

    by Alenahosli

    Love it!!!!

  • more cut n paste friend reviews ic

    by Tango Mike

    Could be great. 1. Alarm. could they be any less alarming? 2. Create an item. edit it. doesn't edit the others. 3. Hope you remembered to hit the check instead of back, otherwise you'll just have to do it again. four stars? hokay

  • Fix bugs!!!

    by Benyamin 86

    Used to be able to move task up and down and put in any order I want! PLEASE BRING BACK THAT OPTION!!!!!!!!!

  • Worst app ever !

    by Brightspore

    Complete waste of time, feels like I am back in the 80's. Can't even update the date for the task. Horrible app.

  • Fantastic!

    by Aguilarojo

    Well thought out & practical!

  • Excited for improvements

    by Conradicalistumus

    Hard to navigate, but once they make improvements it should be great!

  • Good app very handy

    by Nani5093

    This is a very handy app. I use it every day.

  • Good, not great

    by Michael Reid

    Could be easier to navigate. Decent app overall.

  • Okay, not as great as I'd hoped

    by AliBcar

    The synching is cumbersome, and the interface isn't the best, but overall a good app.

  • Good app

    by Thunderpants(the original)

    I like this a lot! Great way to stay organized.

  • Helping eliminate guesswork from where I should be and when I should be there

    by Tip4

    At first feeling txting my daily schedules on an iphone keypad would be way too tedious......, now I can't live without it. In all fairness I don't quite understand the utility of the "Category. " Feels like an extra unnecessary step.

  • Okay

    by kbk4Jesus

    Works alright. Could be better but I don't want to get into it because this is another stupid app that asks me to rate.

  • Only 1 Complaint

    by Jeremy Blake

    The only thing wrong with this app is that it takes a frustratingly long time to accept input after you open it. Maybe a 6 second delay. Other than that it has increased my productivity by 90%.

  • Just what I wanted

    by MrsMimiR

    This is the app for me. It's user friendly and provides me with the info that is important to me. This is a keeper

  • Very Good!!!

    by Kristen1096

    I decided that it was time to get my life in order, so I bought this app. As far as now, I like it a lot! It has a nice clean and cool looking design. However there are a few features I wish it had, like a little notes and reminders tab so I didn't have to put them all in separate places.

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