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Languages: English

Seller: Intellectual Flame Co., Ltd.

- Optimized with the new design for iOS 7.

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Immediately speak all kinds of different languages, voice to voice. Naturally talk to your phone in one language, then hear yourself in another completely different language. It's so amazing. Throw away the language obstacle, you can get foreign friends, date with exotic lovers or even start a new life in a foreign country.


- Instantly speak freely in 100+ countries
Instantly start a voice-to-voice conversation with people living in 100+ countries.

- Free super accurate voice recognition
In addition to daily conversation, tongue twisters can also be recognized with high accuracy.

- Free instant translation
Whenever and Wherever you speak a language, it gets you the translation in the blink of an eye.

- Free share translations with your friends
Can you imagine how romantic it is to text your girlfriend in all kinds of languages to say "I love you"?

Languages Supported
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian

Customer Reviews

  • Dirty words

    by Rossman1rb

    The translation of cussing is the best I've ever heard. Highly recommended for speaking to foreign taxi drivers and law enforcement.

  • excelent

    by ivogabo

    is good

  • Great

    by Riadbd

    I loved it

  • Excellent

    by twentyfourhours

    Great app just wish I didn't have to be connected to use it

  • MGR

    by Hipsters11

    I'm in charge if 67 units,all with the exception of 4, Speak only Korean, So u can imagine the help this app does, I really recommend this App, and it truly works ..

  • Excelente

    by Vitoro Cab

    Es Lo Que Necesitaba

  • Perfect App !

    by cocoaSHANiSE

    This app is perfect ! My boyfriend is Hispanic and every time we fuss he says his little slick comments in Spanish because he knows I don't comprehend , but I just hit record and put an end to all of that lol ! Love it !

  • Hi

    by Mus0527

    You Is cool

  • Almost too good to be true

    by Babyjo18

    This app does let you change languages, you just have to go into the settings to do it. it's perfect it understands what I say and it translates it into speech

  • great app

    by mb1916

    I can speak to others in other languages they can speak back love it love love it

  • Great

    by Arm7239

    Useful apps

  • Brilliant

    by Abdyaser

    Very Nice

  • Jafa

    by Raxa123456


  • Mart

    by Jose mart

    Muy buena

  • M

    by Mia steinhart

    This app is great it helped me alot

  • Impressive

    by Bashondavis7

    This is groundbreaking and highly affordable. It's definitely worth it for travelers like myself.

  • Great app!

    by Robbie y claudsaa

    Works great, and I've got a very spotty internet connection

  • Very helpful

    by Krunchy Rocky

    This app esta fantastica

  • help me

    by cnhsc

    im the robbot on tv n im dying need a recharge 4battery find me on facebook abraham mercado thnk u bye

  • by Kirby7

    It's great !

  • زق

    by ابو القناص

    بلاعة او بلوعة

  • Worst ever

    by Vanz reviews

    Don't down load this dumb app it has been updated and now it only lets u translate 1 sentence and than says u reached ur limit and makes u download the pro version

  • Not good

    by Palestine -1948

    Even don't let me change languages , i have to upgrade to do that!

  • Disappointed

    by Malala4123

    Very disappointed

  • Terrible

    by Merlot07

    This app is Terri le

  • Pretty cool

    by Sblloyd79

    Seems to work good. I'm having some fun with this

  • Good

    by Anthynio

    This think is really nice

  • Recognition problems.

    by Volarus

    The app looks great, but for some reason it can't process my voice. Even 'Hello' was turned away. It says 'I'm not sure what you said' in the box, and I can't edit it to get the translation from text like the preview images suggest. I deleted the app and re-downloaded, but the same problem persisted.

  • Cool

    by napdragon88

    Easier to use with headphones, the French woman's voice is kind of soft.

  • Hay

    by Phuckgi


  • Wont translate all words! Swearing is censored!

    by Dirty Vixxen

    Great app give it five when you un censor! I will not pay to upgrade until it is uncensored!

  • Pro con

    by Kargera

    Its Good i love the good voice recognition and translation is accurate but didn't like that it gives you very few translations to make u purchase. I like to purchase apps that are useful like this one except when creators pressure u into buying. The. I don't

  • Very cool

    by PinniGarbi

    Very nice

  • Great

    by Light peace and love


  • Chinamas

    by Chparo


  • Jxjxj

    by Huevinnn

    Muy buenoooooo

  • Must have for all

    by Desbc22

    I love this! I have never paid money for an app but this will be my 1st one. I'm using it to teach my son & i another language. Its so simple to use. Within time i may find things i would like added with it but so far its a must have. Even the pro version

  • good

    by ftryg


  • Nada como esta aplicación

    by Luismizel

    Es buenísima

  • Rat ta tat Tat

    by Counk

    Very, very cool app!

  • Aprender

    by Jymenez


  • Ty

    by Exelente application

    Es la mejor aplicasion

  • Ryadh

    by S3od_01


  • Translate

    by Gogogogo_gigiboots1234

    I plan for this app to help me with French becuz the last one sucked

  • Ten stars to this apps

    by Acont3

    Thanks a lot it is really very good app, help me so much!!!.

  • Not good

    by Aylinicutie360

    Its good in sum ways but its so limited:( Seriously limited daily

  • I love it

    by zulmileni gordon

    It is a easy way to translate

  • Love

    by Kat $$ !!

    This app is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Me justo mucho

    by Momoysito


  • Muy útil.

    by Necha

    Sirve mucho viajando.

  • This App?

    by Joe 1222

    Stupid, two languages to choose from!

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