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Yes, this is great!

A cash register for any purpose, temporary or full time business.

It keeps records of all transactions and current inventory of bills and coins at any time, just like a bank.

It helps the user keep account of how many bills or coins of each type are needed to give for simplicity.

Exclusively designed for iPhone, iPad and iPhone.

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Customer Reviews

  • This app would be great

    by GlaDos123456879052

    This app would be decent but it's all so confusing

  • Great concept but major flaws

    by Eenonymous

    I agree that this app could be great if it didn't have a few flaws. When I put in a new transaction, the app crashes. I noticed that this wasn't happening anytime I had to give change. So to fix this I put two extra cents in the amount given section and give change of those two cents to override the crash and keep the correct amount in my register. It worked but is still a little tiresome. I use this for yard sales so this app is ok, if I needed to email or export my info I'd choose another app.

  • Hey, it works

    by Nick47m

    Some suggestions: I think under transactions you should change these things: -"No. of items" to "QTY" -"Total Amount" to "Total" -"Amount Given" to "Tender" -"Amount Paid Back" to "Change" Then in settings change: -Needs an "edit" feature instead of just reset -Have it add bills and coins not denominations -Make it more fluent and appealing -More options

  • What's everyone complaining about?

    by Electronic-Curse

    I mean, I get it, it can be a LOT better, but why give it one star? Being a developer myself, I feel really sorry for the developer of these apps. Every app he makes has been given a low rating, mostly 1 stars. Guys, give him a break, seriously. The point is, it works. To the Developer: Listen, all of your apps work, but that doesn't make it appealing to your audience. For a start, make them more VISUALLY appealing, and then make updates for bugs that have been reported. I personally find this app very useful.

  • not a game

    by robbie1092

    for those who think this is a game should not get this app because it is a business app but it is confusing with minor problems otherwise still works pretty well

  • HORRIBLE!!!!

    by CMavrik

    Doesnt open when you press it and when you can get into it just logs you out! Get this fixed or you will keep getting bad reviews!!!

  • Works Fine For Me

    by ProdigyATD

    First go to settings and type in dollar, euro, yen, etc. Then the money symbol like $ or £ or ¥. Afterwards, for the denomination or whatever, type in "dollar" and value "1" or "quarter" value ".25" or hundred value "100. Then ur set. The rest is easy to figure out. Just click on the item paid to add money

  • wow u guys

    by bowlinmoney

    yall is weird it works like crazy. wats wrong wit yo ipod but its confusing lol

  • Really confusing, I couldn't get it to work!

    by Scuttable

    I fiddled with it for nearly 20 minutes and couldn't get it to work at all. I could only make one transaction? And it didn't even save my money total anyway. I wish I could give a better review, the idea behind it is great, but I just couldn't get it to work.

  • Dumbness

    by Hotdogstick

    I just wanted a GOOD cash register to play with and I thought it looked cool but no! All I wanted was to play with a cash register that WORKS! And I can't find any others. So yeah this was a waste of time you want to know why well because IT DOESNT EVEN WORK!

  • This is the worst game I have ever played in my life

    by mmieamore

    I hate this game and who ever gets this game someone should tell that person that this game is a ripoff and is a dumb game to play and it also just waste your time

  • Ridiculous

    by Ufyfgifix

    Do not get this app it is ridiculous

  • Not good

    by Hdychdycheusd

    Does not make any sense

  • Don't make sence

    by Hergar

    From drawer, the app should automatically give option to create a transaction with the info entered. It does not make sense to go to drawer, exit and then go to transaction and re-enter info to make a sale. Needs lots of improvement. Where is the help button?

  • Real bad apps

    by E10209

    Missing a help menu, I will delete from my iPad.

  • ŒßŒŒßŒßŒ

    by J006006

    This app makes no sense And person who said I want my money THIS APP IS FRĘĘ

  • Not friendly

    by Oldscout

    What a dumb app. If you want a simple calculator with tax don't try this. If you want to spend 30 minutes learning how to ad 2 plus 2 and ad in the tax it's perfect.

  • This is so bad

    by Pfdngdd

    I do not like this game at all!!

  • No bad but...

    by Lilyyacoub

    This app only crashes.

  • Waste of money! SCAM!

    by Bailey Alexis mitchell

    This app is a ripoff! Don't waste your money! The app crashes as soon as you open it! I want a refund!

  • Worse app ever

    by Ilovemyboykin

    This is the biggest waste of time!


    by Robbie Vincent

    This software installed banner ads on my springboard!

  • fuuuuuuuu!

    by me gusta meme

    my child tried to practice but she kick out of it so i tried to write a review before deleting it. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Peice of crap

    by 46802515

    This so called 'game' is a crappy game

  • Cash register

    by Jrmffp

    I downloaded this with an open mind. Couldn't get past first base with answering the simple questions as for the name of denominations. So I unloaded it still looking.

  • It's ok

    by Christina Flynn

    Whenever I get to amount paid back, it CRASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phooey. I really thought this was great. I wished it worked.

  • Not a Register at all

    by Ahead of time

    I think sometimes a negative review deserves a look. Written in RPG probably and was intended for anger management or something.

  • Need way more work on this app.

    by Spuddawud

    What ever you do just don't down load this app. It will confuse you to no end......TRU Story


    by SMcCan

    You can't do anything!

  • Sad app.

    by Katbudw

    I was happy to find this app and now I'm sad that it's not working right. It logs me out when I'm entering a transaction. Please fix this.

  • Don't get!

    by Lgreen421

    Doesn't work at all.

  • What kind of game is this?

    by Milliesan

    U shod get fired because u mak grown up games not kids games wat iz tha matter with u?

  • Stupid

    by Loveyoumama

    Stupidest game ever I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stupid!!!!

  • Dont install

    by TapTap Girl101

    Doesnt work

  • Hate it

    by Robert Hawkins

    It doesn't even work and even if it did I still wouldn't download it!!!!!!!!!! Don't EVER try this app un less u just wanna waste ur money!!!!!! It was just 99 cents but it still wasn't worth it!!!!!!!!!

  • App Crashes Constantly

    by cscoggs

    This app continues to crash before you can even record one complete transaction. Do not get it!

  • CRASH too much

    by christopher 1234


  • Boooooo

    by Selenafan667

    That was the dumbest game ever booooooooo

  • Cash regiater

    by Dew an

    Doesn't work. There is no support on their web site and no help files. Useless.

  • Poopish App

    by Cakegem

    This app is so confusing!!! If anyone can work it, I'd be amazed, you have to add a currency and denomination, and I don't know what that is!!! I don't think anyone should get this app!!!!! Even if you do understand it, I think it's useless for anyone under 21. I would rate it zero stars but I can't.

  • This is horrible

    by Cupcake uv

    This app is so and my friend tried to use it for like a lemonade stand and it didn't work at all!!! I definitely don't recommend this for anyone under 18 because it makes no sense at all!!!! Don't buy ur money for something useful!!!!

  • No good

    by Norangeebul

    It's not working pls fix

  • Cash register

    by PDartist

    I agree, this does not work. What a waste of a good idea,

  • Don't waste your time

    by Macgyver309

    App don't work

  • Stupid

    by Is this thing on???

    This is just wired it does not Ben work I press something it just goes bake to home screen

  • Terrible

    by Searchweb

    It is not good at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Piece of junk

    by SavannahSundrop567

    The worst thing ever. It doesn't even work. Garbage!!!!!!!

  • Garbage!!!!

    by Rhino8487

    What a waste, you can only enter one transaction. I tried to enter additional transactions several times with no luck. Do not waste your time with this app!

  • Wht the heck! 

    by Person 

    What the heck it doesn't even work! I get the game thinking oh ok maybe it will be good but NOO!!! it's got some stupid glitch thing i guess!? What happens is when I go to it and when i try to click on the first two things it says you need a trasaction so i go to settings an it just leves that page! WHAT THE HECK!! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO START MAKING GAMES THAT ACTUALLY WORK CAUSE IF PEOPLE GOT THE ONE THAT COST MONEY AND IT DIDNT WORK THAN THEY JUST WAISTED THERE MONEY!! YOUR GETTING MONEY WHEN WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING A GAME IN RETURN AND THE GAME YOU GIVE US IS ONE THAT DOESNT WORK!! YOU GOTTA START FIXING THAT!! P.S. the only reason I'm rating it is cause you have to rate it to send a review! I wasn't going to rate it cause this deserves a zero but since I have to I'm giving it a one!

  • The worst program

    by USMC65

    I've installed it twice and still nothing!!

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