iDraw Productivity App Review (iOS, $8.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Indeeo, Inc.

Photoshop PSD Import/Export.
• Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects.
• Shape layers are imported as editable vector paths.
• Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, glows, etc.
• Export designs as layered PSD files.

Redesigned for iOS 7
• Redesigned from the ground up featuring an intuitive new interface.
• Optimized for the new 64-bit A7 processors of the latest iPads.
• New fast-entry value input popovers.
• New color picker and gradient editor interfaces.
• Document status bar with current tool and zoom info.

Export Scale and DPI Options
• Scale PDF, SVG, PNG, or JPEG files when exporting.
• Output image resolution can be set to 72 dpi, 144 dpi, or 300 dpi.
• Create high-resolution print quality images.

Hex Value and HSB Color Pickers.
• Hex value color picker interface with RGB value fields.
• Hue, Saturation, Brightness sliders.
• Saved color and saved gradient palettes.

New Dimension Label Settings
• Create technical designs, floor plans, and schematics using customizable dimension labels.
• Fractional numbers can now be displayed as decimals or fractions.
• Adjustable levels of precision.
• Feet, inches, yards, and metric unit format settings.

New Blend Modes.
• 8 new blend modes including Linear Burn, Linear Dodge, Vivid Light, Linear Light,
Pin Light, Hard Mix, Subtract, Divide.
• Existing blend modes (such as Color Dodge) have been improved to ensure they match
the appearance of imported PSD files.

Per-Shape Blending.
• Apply blend modes to individual shapes and groups.
• Apply blend modes to strokes and fills in the Appearance Effects Pane.

Angle Gradients.
• New 'Angle Gradient' setting in the gradient editor pane.
• Redesigned Gradient Editor with touch gradient editing.

Inner and Outer Strokes.
• Set strokes to be positioned centered, inside, or outside of a path.
• Set line cap and line join styles for strokes.

Scissor Tool.
• Cut a path into multiple sections, at anchor points, or anywhere along its length.
• Available from the Pen Tool's options.

Join Multiple Paths.
• The 'Join Paths' command can now combine multiple paths together at the same time.
• Select several paths and choose 'Join Paths' to join all of paths together at their endpoints.

Connect Endpoints
• 'Modify > Connect Endpoints' links the nearest endpoints of each path with line segments.
• The endpoints of multiple selected paths can be connected to create a single path.

Disconnect Path
• Explode an entire path into separate disconnected segments.
• Reconnect a path after editing it using the 'Connect Path' or 'Join Path' commands.

Erase Images and Gradients
• The eraser tool can now be used to erase portions of images and gradient fills.
• Boolean combinations can also now be used in the same way to trim images and gradient fills.

Improved Text to Path
• Converting text objects to editable paths now creates individual shapes for each glyph.
• Image and gradient fills applied across a text object are accurately cropped to each shape.

Copy/Paste Styles
• Quickly copy the appearance settings of an object.
• Easily re-use the same image and gradient fill settings among different shapes.
• Copy the font and style attributes of the currently selected text range.

Other Improvements
• Import larger images with sizes up to 4096 x 4096 pixels.
• Text kerning and line height settings.
• Justified text alignment.
• Resize Artwork and Resize Canvas panels.
• New App Mockups and App Sketches shape libraries.
• Many additional bug fixes and improvements.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
45 Ratings
All Versions:
1443 Ratings


iDraw is the most feature-packed vector drawing and illustration app available on the iPad!

"...the iOS’ answer to Adobe Illustrator" - Padgadget
"Finally, Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad; 9/10" -
"Numerous options; easy to use" - Macworld

Recently a Top 10 and #1 Graphics & Design App on the Mac App Store!
Share designs with the Mac version of iDraw using iCloud or Dropbox.

iDraw has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create complex designs quickly and easily, even on the go.

Latest features:
- Photoshop PSD import/export
- PDF and SVG import/export
- Appearance Effects - shadows, glows, multiple strokes and fills, etc.
- Multi-color linear, radial, and angle gradients
- Shape libraries
- Dimension labels with precision settings
- Boolean path combinations
- Canvas scale, Rulers, and units (mm, cm, inches)
- Pen tool multi-point selection and editing
- Smart alignment guides and point snapping
- Magnifier Loupe
- Dropbox Integration
- Autosave

Layers, Text, Images, Object Groups, Multi-color Gradients, RGB / HSB / Hex color pickers, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid and Smart Guide Snapping, Image Masking, vector-based PDF and SVG file import/export, and much more!

- Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching
- Essential set of shape tools (with customization options)
- Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs
- Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes
- Color picker wheel / RGB and HSB sliders / Hex colors
- Linear, radial, and angle multi-color gradients
- Multi-style text support, TrueType (.ttf) font import
- Text gradients and text path clipping
- Convert Text to Paths, Place Text on Path
- Apply shadows and effects to shapes, text, and images
- Rotate, scale, and shear transform tools
- Snap to Grid, Smart Alignment Guides, and Point Snapping
- Line dash and arrow styles
- Image fill masking and cropping
- Canvas Styles

- Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files
- Export layered Photoshop PSD files
- Export transparent PNG or JPEG images
- Save and Import from Dropbox
- Sync designs using iCloud
- Save designs to your Photos Library
- Send designs via email
- Send designs directly to other iPad application
- Copy and paste to and from other iPad applications
- AirPrint document printing

New in 1.3:
- Beautiful high-resolution graphics for the Retina display on the new iPad
- New Shape Libraries Pane
- Redesigned Documents Browser
- Image Crop tool
- Color Eyedropper
- Compound Paths
- Distribute Objects
- Layer Opacity & Blend Modes
- Import Image Files from File Sharing and Dropbox
- Import Fonts
- 'Constrain' Gestures
- Export multiple selected documents
- Added smoothing setting to Pencil and Brush tools
- Improvements to SVG import

New in 1.2.1:
- Magnifier Loupe
- Eraser Tool
- Outline Stroke
- Unlimited Layers
- Pen Tool: tap path endpoint to remove or edit end direction handle
- Two Finger Tap: quickly switch between tools

New in 1.2:
- Redesigned toolbar and interface
- New 'Appearance' pane
- New 'Styles' library
- New 'Line Dash' editor
- Rotate, Scale, and Shear Tools
- Redesigned Pen tool
- Anchor point tool
- Duplicate shapes while applying transforms
- Settable origin point for transform tools
- Join Paths
- Shape Opacity
- Enable/disable pixel-aligned strokes
- Outline editing mode
- Customizable selection color
- Increased zoom levels: 10%-6400%

New in 1.1.2:
- Dimension lines
- Customizable shape labels
- Canvas scale settings
- Improved import of Inkscape-created SVG files

iDraw 1.0 launched with the iPad, and we're continuing to make it the best illustration app available. We're looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can always send us an email at:

Customer Reviews

  • Brushes!

    by Daylight savings

    If there were more brush settings or options than I would never have to use another app. Fingers crossed someone down at indeeo is working on this.

  • Great

    by Silversurfer1

    I use this all the time and have used it for professional purposes. There are other apps that have more features but I keep going back to this one...just easier to use. I've never had any crashing issues or buttons that don't work...I paid my money and got an app that works.

  • Excellent tool for designers

    by Joshua Parenti

    This is as close as it gets to Adobe Illustrator for iPad. The only two things I would like to see is an editable image mask and the ability to export as an .ai file.

  • Nice work

    by scooter29

    I hate the icon but love everything else.

  • A Professional Tool

    by DChamplain

    I've been using graphics software professionally for over 20 years. To do what I can do with this app on an iPad is amazing. The improvements on iDraw have made it a professional graphics tool. Handles a 160mb multiple layered Photoshop file with no problem. The ability to add fonts, and export file format options to dropbox are just a few features that make this app amazing. I hope they don't get bought by Adobe.

  • Awesome update

    by Long words

    This is now the best vector app in the store.

  • Great Update

    by headbirths

    Great update guys! Thanks for all the hardwork!

  • A Perfect App for Designers

    by Jaredbelcher

    As a creative professional, this is one of the most powerful and effective tools for designers of all kinds. My creative team loves this app so much, we rarely use Adobe Illustrator for graphic design anymore - which really speaks to the power of this app. And this new version is even better. Worth every penny. I hope this company continues to develop such powerful apps for creatives.

  • True Illustrator Replacement

    by KingDiamond

    iDraw is now my go to app for web AND print graphics! The addition of print resolution (300 dpi) output makes this app a true Illustrator/desktop replacement in my book. Also, the ability to import and export PSD files puts this iPad app leaps and bounds above the rest. Designers, get it now!

  • Best App I use!!

    by Nomystyle

    This app is incredible. Most functional well designed flawless app I have used. Support is first class. Wish I could have paid more for it. This new update is huge and all inclusive. Can't wait to use it more!

  • Amazing

    by ZenLizard

    For an iPad app, this is a powerhouse. I am a professional graphic artist and I am blown away by how this app compares to Illustrator and CorelDRAW. There's only so much that can be packed into a vector drawing app on iOS, and it has been done expertly here.

  • Pro level

    by Cforcalvin

    this is 1 of 3 apps that make the ipad a serious productivity device. Before this update, I used this as a second to illustrator- its standalone now.

  • New version is perfect!

    by Guilcarsan

    I always loved this app, but some things in it held the productivity back, even some annoying bugs. But now, it's really perfect! With new options to use different blend modes in everything, not just layers, improved options on strokes, new canvas and artwork resizing tool, and I'm not even taking the new PSD support in account! Thanks, guys, you realley did it right this time!

  • Great update to an already great app

    by Brentt

    I've made ~1,000 documents with iDraw and it continues to be such a joy to use. This latest update brings tons of small and large feature additions which really make it a powerful vector editor. I'm especially excited about having precise control over stuff like line outlines/caps/etc. Also better typographic controls like kerning/line spacing. Eeeee! *must not list every feature* Thanks everyone at Indeeo and keep up the good work :D

  • Wow !!!

    by aka2k1

    This is by far the best vector drawing app in the App Store. Because of this app I stopped using illustrator several years ago. It's that good !!!

  • Great but.....

    by szerelmes

    It's a great app I love it but sometimes when I click on an object it moves to the left on its own and won't stop. Please fix that, but above all it's a great app.

  • I would recommend this app

    by Nasssssssssss

    Great app but not the best so far! Very easy to use, depends on what you are using it for. I would still recommend it to anyone who is trying to take their work on the go.

  • Dimensional drawing is easy

    by Tim Olson

    I use this app to draw out complex designs and the scales and dimension tools are very useful. Has become a daily go to after a rough sketch. Cloud saving and the companion Mac app are a nice touch as well.

  • Pretty solid

    by Brian Mountford

    Just wish it had a few more transformation options.

  • extremely useful

    by Jsp375

    I use this all the time for illustrations for technical documents. I am also starting to use it for some patent drawings. It exports both svg and pdf files which are useful to me. One of the best features is the pencil tool which does a good job of converting hand-drawn lines into continuous vector art (splines). These are easier to edit and tweak than in most other programs I have used. Suggestions for future development: - multiple copy/repeat (create an array or pattern of a copied item) - trim tool to trim one curve to another (currently you have to drag an endpoint back to attach it to a curve. Trim and split tools would be nice especially for complex curves)

  • Psd bug.

    by iProxicide

    Having problems opening a psd file. The psd file is on my drop box, every time I try to open it iDraw crashes.

  • Measurement broken?

    by The Cflex

    It's as good as other apps I've used, and has some things other apps don't have. However, the rulers do not measure in correct increments, they measure in weird decimals. For example, rather than measuring pixels in 1, 2, 3 etc..., it measures 3.12, 6.25, 9.38 etc... and I cannot for the life of me get any of the options on canvas dimensions to fix change this. Basically, don't buy this if you are planning on positioning objects on the canvas relative to the canvas size.

  • Disappointed

    by Emkenad

    Not worth the money when you can find so many apps that so much of the same. Disappointed I spent the money for this app.

  • Awesome illustration app

    by Gchicc

    Remind me of Xara Xtreme Pro, if the developers incorporate 3d,extrusion,and bezel tools it would be unbeatable.

  • Just when you think it can't get better

    by Lonsomkker

    Illustrator for dummies. Use this all the time for projects that I would normally sub out to my graphics person. Anything you need to do, it does. Also exports files in any format so it's a file converter too. Powerful apps like this make the iPad a serious tool.

  • Best Drawing App

    by DRGray1970

    I'm an app freak, and therefore have like five or more drawing apps, but every time I open one for a project or just fun, I always end up using iDraw because it has all the features I need (and like), and it's fairly easy to use! Thanks! DRG

  • Great Product!

    by philip the Evangelist

    And more importantly, customer service via EMail, in a timely manner. I am not new to programs for artistic work, but am new to scalable vector concepts. iDraw is very intuitive, user friendly, and when I had a question, received a reply promptly. I hve iDraw on my iPhone, iPad Mini, and my MacbookPro... Philip

  • Awesome

    by billmeneses

    Great program. Well designed. Lots of features. It's like Illustrator for the iPad but much easier to use, intuitive. Highly recommended.

  • Great app, but...

    by Petefrak

    I've had it freeze up and crash a few times lately. There are also a few little bugs. Time for an update guys!

  • Super buggy since iOS 7

    by L 'n' J

    I LOVED iDraw until iOS7 came out, since then iDraw has been extremely buggy, almost unusable. I've waited patiently for an update but wow, this company had gone stealthy silent with no updates at all. It is also strange that the last review was May 2013. Am I missing some news or announcement that they've gone out of business or something? Once there is a fix I'll upgrade my rating to 5 stars since this is truly a powerful app. I upgraded from iPad 2 to Air for this app alone. Right now I'm just peeved by the lack of activity from these guys lately.

  • Works well for me

    by ReaderNow

    Thanks for an extremely effective app.

  • Favorite lock screen maker

    by buckarroo

    My goto 90% of the time... Make your self a Lock screen template and add images of all your little ongoing projects and interests. If you experiment and get it just right you wont have to reposition at all. Just open photos, hit set and you have an amazing lock screen.

  • Fantastic & Inexpensive

    by NY8w

    This app is a great value. It is easy to use and probably has all the features the iOS platform can support. Something like a full featured Adobe Illustrator would be a bit to large and processor intensive, not to mention the development costs. I experienced no learning curve with this app.

  • Pretty decent for technical illustrations...if you don't need text

    by jyh_

    Not much changed since my review of Version 1.5 almost a year ago. The developer fine-tunes stuff that already works well (at a glacial pace, though: no update in more than 6 months!) and does not go after the actual limitations of the software: - Typography is for all purposes non-existent; - Images don't get exported in HD quality; - No folders to organize one's documents; - Dropbox support is very weak (save/load one file at a time???) In addition, there is no documentation to speak of (5 small pages included with the app, and zero additional info on the web site, only ad material). The app *is* useful, but the lack of progress is really disappointing.

  • Update?

    by banderson81

    Since updating to iOS7 I can't use the app! When it opens, the graphics are not right. Help! Is there an update coming?

  • Well, I am a long time user of Microsoft stuff but now!

    by Thelaird15

    This software I so convenient, perhaps it has something to do with the apple venue, I always feel as though I'm using a futuristic product. It simply works, it has every function I could possibly use, it is easy to find out how to use functions without being overwhelmed with terminology. The rendering is without limitations. And the price is right. I am a web developer. I use Idraw in all my work, on my iPad and my Mac.

  • Underwelming

    by Presto S.

    Needs a better select tool that allows user to cut and remove or edit different parts of a single object.

  • What Adobe Ideas Wished it Was

    by seafreak62

    I have had iDraw for quite sometime and only recently got into heavy use professionally. So no I feel I can give a fair review. If your looking for Photoshop like tools you will be disappointed. This isn't that. What this is though is the best vector drawing program for iPad. It works wonderfully on iOS7, with no crashes for me. The only critical thing I can say right now it I would like to be able to control the end of the line thickness, similar to Illustrator, to help build a sense of volume.

  • Great App but having crashing issues w/ iPad Air

    by Abdul

    I love this app but it keeps crashing with my iPad Air. I've been using this program since the iPad 1 and I am really hopefully that this crashing issue will be resolved soon!!!

  • I can't praise this app enough

    by TSTRDRD™

    I also have the Mac app and they both work excellent. The absolute best app for drawing. UPDATE: V1.6 stretches a few UI icons along the top - not important, but irritating :p

  • It's a good start

    by Lulubell138

    I love the idea of this app and I can make it work for basic stuff but it really needs the ability to create outlines on the text do text warp or envelope distort. Another thing that is a real bummer is you cannot open.AI files or.EPS files in this app. I tried creating a dropbox file with the thousands of vector illustrations that I have created over the years but I guess if I'm going to be able to use this app I have to go and resave every single one of those AI or EPS files as PDF files? I design about 10 T-shirt designs a day and was hoping to find something that I can at least edit my working files from illustrator if I have a client who needs changes on the fly or even if I'm feeling lazy on the couch maybe I could design a T-shirt from the ipad using the illustrations that I have built up over the years. So for this to work at all I would have to be able to open an AI or EPS files and also I'm not seeing the ability to save as an AI or an EPS file. I really do look forward to see what comes in later updates :-)

  • Stylus Support

    by isral Duke

    Please bring Adonit Script stylus support! I love the app. It's smooth, reliable, and has lots of features.

  • Awesome tool!

    by Cody-o

    Great vector editing app! Using it all the time

  • My Best

    by SpeedGeezer

    This is, perhaps, the best app I have ever purchased. (It's neck and neck with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Deluxe.) Take the very best parts of CorelDRAW and Illustrator, make them faster and more intuitive, then sell them at an amazingly low price—voila: iDraw! Do not neglect to download the PDF Manual. Except for the occasional errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar (your tax dollars at work: thanks, "public" "education"), it is an absolutely first-rate e-manual. Whoever created this digital manual deserves to be commended, not to mention the iDraw app.

  • Love it

    by 41sucker

    Tia is a great .....great substitute for illustrator...waiting for more updates

  • No complaints


    I have bought all the major drawing programs available. This is probably the most feature rich.

  • Ver nice

    by Danaluki

    Good vector art app. Does what I'm looking for

  • Great App!

    by W34th3R

    I love everything about this app because one can do most illustration and design work in this program. The only problems I encountered were some of the blending modes don't stay if you have more than one or used hard or soft light. Also no text path. Wish there was text path. But yea, other than that it really does just about everything I need!

  • Great App

    by mkbrady

    I've tried many and love iDraw.

  • Beware, it doesn't work on iOS7.

    by judo0

    it use to works well with iOS6. but now I cannot use. I try to contact customer support, but they didn't respond at all. Don't buy until fixed compatibility issue with iOS7.

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