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• Fixes a crash related to undoing a cross connection creation

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MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. This allows you to brainstorm & organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it. 

Being featured by Apple as an “App Store Best”, MindNode has helped students, artists and project managers to be more creative with less effort.

Just Start With Your Ideas

Easily jot down your thoughts and add as many mind maps as you like to MindNode's infinite canvas. You can even cross connect nodes from all your maps.

• Create new nodes with a tap of your finger
• Drag and drop to move or reconnect nodes
• Create multiple mind maps on one canvas
• Have endless ideas on a self-expanding canvas

Think Content, Not Layout

Highlight your thoughts with style and let your mind map auto-magically arrange itself, so nothing gets in your way.

• Simply hide and show entire branches
• Drag and drop nodes to rearrange your ideas
• Automatically reorganize complicated mind maps
• Highlight important nodes using different colors, fonts, and stroke widths

Everywhere, Every Way

With MindNode and iCloud all your mind maps are on all your devices. Need them elsewhere? Just export your mind maps to an open format, text file or as an image.

• Share interactive documents publicly via the web through our new MyMindNode service
• Access all your mind maps from your iPhone, iPad or Mac using iCloud
• Open files from your Dropbox and save them back to it
• Export your mind maps to other apps as PDF, OPML, PNG, FreeMind or text file

More MindNode

• MindNode Pro
The most powerful and flexible version of MindNode includes iCloud sharing. Available on the Mac App Store.

• MindNode Lite
Explore MindNode's basic features before investing in MindNode Pro. Available on the Mac App Store.


If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you! IdeasOnCanvas offers free support: you can reach us by email at support@mindnode.com, or on twitter at @mindnode.

Customer Reviews

  • Simple amazing

    by MrToughEnough

    I love the app. Very simple and everything I it is straightforward. I'm giving it 5 stars but I hope we get the integration with Evernote note very soon

  • What a pleasure to use.

    by Oceanmann

    I had been eyeing up MindNode for awhile and decided to download it a couple weeks ago. After my first project I knew This was going to be an app that was staying on my device. The whole look and feel of the app is an absolute pleasure. It's beautiful design and simple UI make it one of the best productivity apps available. It also has great export option. This app is perfect for me since I like to plan out everything from my weekly routines to my current development projects. If you're even slightly on the fence about this app, jump.

  • Lovely and simple.

    by Frogzen

    Intuitive and beautiful. Very expressive tool for visual people. Solid and practical too. This is a mind map app that "disappears" because it's so easy to use, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Perfect as it is, but I'm sure you're making it even more perfect-er as I type.

  • Best mind-mapping app I've ever used

    by juliaroy

    I have used them all. Didn't think much of Mindnode when I tried it a year ago, but they have made significant improvements to the design, UI and seamless syncing features. Bought it for all of my devices (iPad, iPhone, and Mac). Could not be happier. We'll worth the cost.

  • Pretty great. Just need few enhancements make it awesome

    by Sleuth122

    Ability to add photos or images would really make this an awesome app. Pictures are the true power behind mind mapping. Would also love to have keyboards with subscripts and superscript & ability to write math formulas. Overall the app is pretty easy to use. Easy to draw mind mapping now. Thanks!

  • Best mind mapping app

    by jdubois75

    I don't always use mind maps, but when I do I use Mindnode. It's simply the best.

  • Awesome!

    by Your motherrrrrrrrrr

    Does what it says it'll do. Picked it up right away after reading some of the reviews and it works like a charm. I was able to use it right away thanks to the simplicity. Not to mention that it looks great and you're even allowed to print straight to your printer if your connected via Wi-Fi! Gotta get it

  • So impressed. Works on iPhone perfectly!

    by Passion artists

    So I love mindmaps. I was really heartbroken when it seemed that it would be very difficult to use mindmaps on something small like the iPhone so I stopped using them for years. I figured I's try then out again now that I have an iPad. Turns out this app works amazing for both! I don't even use it on the iPad most of the time and I use this app for mindmaps every day! Honestly I haven't tried the other apps that are out now and I got this one since it seemed good for iOS, but I'm so happy with it. Syncs perfectly and works way better than I would have imagined. Good Job!

  • The new iCloud support is game-changing

    by hessianmercenary

    I have long liked MindNode and MindNode Pro for Mac--clean, simple, and all the import/export options you'd expect. The iOS version was pretty good and got a lot better over time, but I ended up using iThoughts despite its less-than-beautiful UI. The syncing was great--via Dropbox--and the three-tap shortcuts remain fantastic. But now that MindNode's Mac client can work with the super-clean iOS clients seemlessly via iCloud this has just become the best solution. So far it's working great, and now I can do my mindmapping wherever I happen to be working -- without even thinking about it.

  • Best for essay planning

    by whatsavet

    I've only started using MindNode recently, but since then I've aced every essay I've had to write due to planning them with this. Awesome app, I'd love to see a discount so that I can get my friends to use it, too.

  • Easy to use!!!

    by Botijas98

    Easily the best app out there for taking notes and also very easy to use.

  • Needs image support

    by Jrstrg

    Needs image support. This will increase the value of this app exponentially. Please add this in the next update. Otherwise great work. Thanks for making it pretty. (This was the deciding factor for me, by the way. Can you blame me? I'm an artist)

  • Great Integration and fast support team

    by Fabiano Peixoto

    I use both apps (Mac and iOS) and they are very well developed. It's possible to start one mind project in any plataform and move to the other one without any trouble. Has a very simple and useful iclound integration and the support team really acts fast on any issue found while using it.

  • Keeps crashing on iPhone 5s

    by dcharleyultra

    I can't get the app to open on my 5s. Update: App now opens.

  • Voice to text

    by L W Samuel III

    I tried using the speech option that Mac provides in the iOS, but notice that an error Kept Occurring and not allowing me to use it.

  • Very helpful app

    by indeepwinter

    I use this for worldbuilding. It's been very helpful when mapping out story arcs, characters, etc.

  • Exactly what I've needed!

    by XanDroid

    I love the app, and the sync and share options work great!! I would like to be able to password protect the app though. Also, smart layout toggle per node, instead of the whole map, would be great! Thanks and keep up the great work! XD

  • No pics

    by DrTal

    I'm not sure that I prefer any of the three mind mapping apps that I have MindNode thoughts and my nap. The learning curve for some of them is longer or shorter I found it easiest get up and going on MindNode. I wish that there were a app and laugh map that I could use that included pictures right now I am using memoryminer (one word)

  • Best Mind Mapping App

    by 313jrc

    For me, this is the best mind mapping app available. The most recent update is fantastic, it looks great, and it's very easy to use. I have this app installed (and actually use it) on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iMac (I have a problem). I don't normally review apps. The reason I'm reviewing this one is that it's one of the few that has never prompted me to submit a review (at least as far as I remember). I recommend you buy it if you're in the market. You won't be disappointed.

  • Very helpful

    by FuzzyMonkey94

    Very easy to use. It really helps to organize thoughts and put things into perspective.

  • Terrible syncing

    by Jasonqqqq

    I can't sync between the apps, which is one of the main selling points. I want my money back.

  • Baffled

    by MikeK1065

    After using "The Brain" on my desktop, and seeing all the 5-star reviews of MindNode on the App Store, I plunked down 10 bucks for it on my iPad. After using it for 5 minutes, I wondered how I was to attach paragraphs of text and/or hyperlinks to a node. I read the user doc and discovered that you cannot. Images I get. They take up space, and moving them around through the cloud with the map is a pain. Fine. But text and hyperlinks? Particularly for an app I PAID for?? This is the most basic feature possible. I am baffled at all the 5-star reviews. It's pretty, sure. But that's pretty much it. That's worth 2 stars.

  • Overpriced

    by Practical Star

    Easy to use, but too simplistic to be effective for real brainstorming.

  • Out of the park!!!

    by CarloMBA

    Just wow, congratulations on the perfect update. I use it instead of just giving up. So epic.

  • Great feature set, simple to use

    by wjsteele

    I use this app for medical school in preparation for big exams. I love the simplicity, but the program does slow down with multiple large maps in the same file. I'd love to see them speed up the app to work faster!

  • Went from pretty to pretty amazing

    by Rando the Black

    MindNode was the first mind mapping app I used. Ever. I chose it, initially, because it was better looking and less expensive than the big-dog of mind mapping apps at the time, iThoughts. Shortly after getting started with it I started to run into limitations that pushed me over to iThoughts - specifically BT keyboard support and cross connections. The only regret I had at the time was loosing the simple, elegant beauty MindNode offered. That was then, this is now. With the 3.0 update EVERY frustration I had is gone. Cross connections? Check. Keyboard shortcuts? Check. Even more pretty? Check (and that one wasn't even a frustration). MindNode 3 instantly replaced all the options I was using to get my ideas out of my head on iOS (which had been an insane combination of text editors, iThoughts, OmniOutliner and more). I still use many of those tools, but now I'm starting in MindNode, getting my ideas out and THEN moving those ideas to the more appropriate tool to build presentations for work or write articles. Absolute stunner of an update, and easily one of my most used apps (again).

  • Solid App

    by AmyColton

    This works and syncs flawlessly. Nice work!

  • Really love this app!

    by fantomcheung

    i used to depend on omnifocus tp organize my thoughts and ideas about writing. and now, i use this. it's much more intuitive!

  • I love the update!!

    by Jeremiah Rappley

    Great iOS design and functionality. Love it!

  • Tremendous Update, now the leading app of its kind

    by Ryaaaan

    Hardly do I write a review, but here I am, in midst of a bustling Coffee Bean on a rainy day, performing a herculean effort in entering my Apple ID password just to leave a review for this new, updated MindNode. Why do I love this app now? Pros: - Keyboard Shortcut support [cuts out the need for my Macbook Air] - Visually appealing - Simple - Intuitive Cons: - "Syncing" is still push/pull than true sync. Please allow us to target a Dropbox folder and house all documents in there, without worrying about pushing/pulling files through the cloud. (Please fix this) In short, Mind Node does one thing right now, it allows you to apply structure to a miasma of unstructured thoughts and ideas. This recent update hasn't reinvented the wheel. But it's given us a heck of a new wheel. Buy this.

  • Elegant and versatile

    by Yozloy

    I'm a five years user.You rarely found such focus and dedication for this simple but useful tool. I use both Mac and iOS version for taking notes and ideas. The 3.0 version just think a step further beyond, want you can think about this great app can improve.

  • Major bug - documents disappear

    by W122ard0f

    I want to like this app, but for every mind map I create I find the next day that the document is gone, even though I was able to see it in the files view previously.

  • Fantastic

    by poly915

    This update comes so very close to the desktop version! Bravo to the developer!

  • Good, but 10$?

    by blahblahblahblahblahblahAgain

    It's solid and simple, I like that. But seriously, it's really limited for the price.

  • Was perfect... now even perfecter!

    by Sammy Grumbles

    Yes, perfecter. Anyway, mind maps are how my brain works. MindNode is the perfect visual representation of that. All new projects begin with a map in MindNode. Thanks! Quick suggestion: Would love to be able to work directly with files in Dropbox without having to open and then save (I know iCloud docs will do this, but I just don't trust iCloud sync quite yet). Oh... and there's a typo in the second image in the App Store: "OrganiSation" should be "OrganiZation".

  • Stunningly Beautiful, Functional & Useful!

    by jClabo

    I've been using this app for sometime now and it is so extremely useful. I use it for work and at home. I also have the companion app on my Mac at home and work. It's all synced perfectly between my Macs, iPads, and iPhones. It's so user friendly. You will be amazed how much and many different ways you will use this app.

  • My Absolute Favorite Mindmapping tool!

    by bendhall

    This is seriously one of my favorite apps on the iPhone/ iPad and Mac and now with the newest version it is absolutely amazing. The developer keeps the app up to date with the latest technology. I've been using this app for years and it is still me favorite app. Thank you so much Marcus!

  • Stunning

    by Lou Lesko

    Absolutely super tool for outlining and spinning ideas.

  • Brilliant tool at a ridiculous value

    by zvalenti

    This app is an essential part of my process as a writer. The iOS + Mac App combo costs less together than I paid for the last app I used for mind-mapping, way back when I was working on a Dell in the heyday of Windows XP. Only feature I would love to see is adding notes to nodes. Loving the Arrow feature. Most important for my purposes, the iCloud sync is flawless.

  • Beautiful

    by annesarbor

    Very nice work on the update.

  • Was the best, now even better.

    by JHKY

    I've used MindNote extensively in the past and always loved it. The new update adapted the iOS 7 design well and the improvements are great. Can't wait for the Mac version to follow suit.

  • Great

    by Typho0n

    Very nice way to plot out actions

  • Way to Go!

    by pasojeb

    I have been a fan of MindNode for sometime now. Mainly because of the flawless sync across platforms and friendly UI. The missing ingredient was keyboard shortcuts in iOS. Now that is fixed. However, they didn't stop there with some cool updates. If you like apps that work well between a Mac, iPad, and iPhone this is one of the better choices.

  • Very very good program

    by Mind map user

    I really like this program. It has all the functionality I want without the frills which I don't need or want. I also have its companion program for the Mac, MindNode Pro. Both programs are very easy to use. You can do what you need to do without getting bogged down with unnecessary "stuff." You can spend a lot of money on mind mapping software but you don't need to. Highly recommended.

  • Awwwww, yea!!

    by travisneilson

    I never write review, but this is such an awesome update I couldn't help it. This update takes the app from minimally useful, to a great companion to the desktop app (which I use all the time) Thank you so much, ideas on canvas!!

  • Love the udate

    by Mello Fellow

    This app works the way I want to work. It's simple to get started, and grows gracefully as my needs get more sophisticated. Kudos to the design team!

  • Much needed update

    by :)luke:)

    Finally is here. I love the app and taking notes in class is so easy with this app. At the end you already have a map out of it. It's genius, easy to use, to organise and to share. It's the best

  • Great update

    by Dex03

    The interface is clean and modern. More features are available without cluttering the user interface.

  • great

    by changxyu

    very good mindmap

  • Incredible update!

    by @GMCz

    Mind node 3 is one of the best iOS 7 updates. On par with Evernote in that it both looks much much better AND the functionality is much improved. I would have paid again for this update. It's that good.

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