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Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Hian Zin Jong

- Fixed UI glitches

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Downloads Lite is a fully featured download manager that allows you to download files to your iPhone or iPod touch, you can then view/play the downloaded files right on your iPhone or iPod touch, or transfer them to your computer. Downloads Lite has all the essential features of the full version of Downloads except that it is limited to store up to 7 files.


√ Full portrait & landscape mode support

√ Passcode lock

√ Web browser
- Provides a user experience very similar to Mobile Safari
- Tabbed browsing
- Tap and hold on an image to download it
- Tap and hold to force download
- Save web pages with images for offline viewing
- Full screen mode
- Bookmark manager
- History support
- Address bar auto-completion
- HTTP basic authentication
- Form-based authentication
- Integrated Google or Yahoo! search
- Ability to spoof browser's User-Agent string to display web pages like Firefox

√ Download manager
- Fast downloading speed
- Supports resuming of interrupted downloads reliably
- Live download progress bar and speed indicator
- Active downloads badge number
- Add arbitrary download link
- Always download with correct filename

√ File manager
- Full screen document viewer that supports .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .txt, .html and .rtf file formats
- Folders support
- Move, rename and delete files
- Editing of ID3 tags
- Search by file name
- Extract RAR archives
- Unzip ZIP files
- Remember document scroll position
- Attempt to open file of unrecognized format
- Import photos from camera roll

√ Dropbox integration
- Upload, download and manage files
- Sync what you want, keep files on your device

√ Advanced PDF viewer
- Huge PDF files work flawlessly
- Text search
- Tap PDF links to jump across the file

√ Photo viewer
- Tap or swipe to move between images in a folder
- Zoom in and out with pinch gesture
- Ability to save images to photo album
- Thumbnails view

√ Audio player
- Music playback of .aac, .mp3 and .m4a formats
- Ability to play all MP3 files in a folder like a playlist
- Repeat and shuffle songs
- Audio playback continues with the screen locked
- Playlist support
- Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

√ Video player
- Video playback of .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats
- Supports TV-Out (pre iOS 4.x only)
- Save videos to Camera Rolls
- AirPlay support (iOS 4.2 or above)

√ File sharing
- Supports HTTP and FTP protocols
- Supports iTunes USB File Sharing (iOS 4.x)
- Transfer files to and from computer in Wi-Fi network
- Send files as email attachments (size under 15MB)

√ Mobile Safari Integration
- Bookmarklet for Mobile Safari that lets you open any link in Downloads Lite

√ Multitasking (iOS 4.x)
- Background audio
- Background downloading

√ Inter-app document interchange (iOS 4.x)
- Other apps can save their files to Downloads Lite (e.g. Email app can save attachments to Downloads Lite)

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by 2progames


  • Great app!

    by Elz204

    wish i could download more than 3 things tho

  • Awesome

    by Michaelkk14

    Man I love this App. Let's me do things I can't normally do.

  • Works

    by Fabian3210

    It actually works

  • Good app

    by Dementortraxx

    Nice app

  • Awesome!

    by Rock227

    Super fast and easy

  • Awesome!

    by Rock227

    Super fast and easy

  • Radrodman

    by Radrodman

    This app is cool but it needs an update for IOS 7

  • Great app

    by Stud#10

    It's great!!!

  • Porn!!!

    by HORSEtheman

    Nuf said. But really though, great app. Very easy to use

  • MikeG

    by Tubuscas

    Too good

  • Cool..

    by Big Tas Money

    It works for now... iGuess

  • I just wanna watch porn when I don't have WIFI

    by Dirty_ass_crack

    I can finally watch porn with out using my imagination I can spend the night at my friends house and master ate in his bathroom and wipe my hands on his clothes a proud but at the same time disappointed man thank you every downloader app that has the same name I can touch myself again. I can't wait to spend the night at my friends house this weekend.

  • Amazing app

    by Love U! :)

    Very good app thanks

  • Best

    by Cmdpr

    Le doy cinco por qué pude bjar música. A. Mi iPhone

  • Download lite

    by Stop raking my nick

    This is a really cool. App i hope i can get the full one.

  • 100% excellent

    by _pipoyolo


  • Good app

    by Peteredet

    The app is good if u want mixtapes or any music

  • Love it!

    by Yassitazzu

    Really works! Wow! I love it!

  • Happy

    by Angry!!!!!!!

    Thanks now I can watch Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by Nique569

    When a download is finished it doesn't play the video or movie . FIX IT!!!

  • Goog

    by Good I hate perla gonzale

    This app is

  • Best app ever

    by Whiteflame13

    Cool app the best app out there

  • Oreiby

    by Mhmd oreiby

    Greaaaaaaat one

  • Yay

    by Jjkkff

    Thanks for mp3

  • MMG

    by Gregory the wanted

    Good 1

  • Amazing!!!!

    by ChukwudiOmobare

    Amazing x 10000

  • Awsome app but could improve

    by Ggg124689

    Great fast downloading speeds but I would like to be able to leave the app and my movie keep downloading

  • Downloader

    by Imperfectlyjay1

    Cool , I'm just rating this because these freaking pop ups

  • Downloads

    by frida & snoopy

    Great music player

  • Very good app

    by Naruto696900

    Excellent app and really useful

  • Best App Ever!!!

    by Mrlee01

    It is one of the best apps there is. It is fast and so easy to use.

  • Great App!!!

    by MR. X-OM

    So easy and you can enjoy your favorite tunes without the hassle of going through iTunes. Thanks guys!!!!

  • Fast n easy

    by Germicide101

    This was so fast n easy I love that!

  • So far so good

    by Nameko159

    I would have to say that this app is really nice but i kinda hope if they can make a update for ios 7.00. But hey I like it still.

  • Awesome

    by Dhdfjcgbh

    Awesome app! No problems so far

  • Exactly what's needed!

    by Zip45069


  • Cool

    by we$leyz

    This is amazing. K bye

  • Love it for music

    by Alexsssss

    I use mp3 skull for my music downloads and this lets download my favorite songs. I only wish I could download more than 7 songs at a time. Other than that I love this app. ❤️

  • My favorite downloads app yet

    by Rocpie1

    I have tried a ton of other apps for download management and this one is the best! An interface update for iOS 7 would be great though.

  • App

    by ForbiddenArtist

    Great app, very smooth .

  • Awesome!

    by thali2012 (snapchat)

    I love it :) I'm glad I found this!

  • Amazing

    by Danymamفففف

    A great easy to use app with which u can pretty much download anything fast!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Lacey Red

    Love it! Works great

  • Best MP 3 Ever

    by Madden4life

    This app is easy to download & easy use.

  • Great

    by Blackmixmad

    The best download app

  • cub

    by paudelle'm

    Limited space but i like it. Good for files maybe adding torrent would be very useful

  • Music

    by Kt_cool

    Great I got mixtape

  • The Best!

    by SuperPixelator

    This app is sooooo good the downloading works just like a computer

  • Thumbs up!

    by #1 Music Lova

    Thank u...finally a good music app dat really works!

  • This is just perfect! -ww

    by Sweet Daddy D XD

    First time I've listened to devil in a new dress in a long time.

  • Good

    by Roku-Z

    Could have a little more details on how to download the music but other than that it a good app

  • Good

    by Roku-Z

    Could have a little more details on how to download the music but other than that it a good app

  • Horrible

    by HBear95

    This app was terrible. Every time I tried to download something it would take me to a porn site.

  • The BEST

    by love13xx

    This is one of the best apps I've found that you can use to manage your downloads on the internet. It's really great to listen to your mp3 files too. It's just amazing...

  • Awesome

    by choko2

    Nice app

  • Love it

    by Brian Norris

    Legit as it gets!

  • Omg fast

    by Rellimnelle

    So fast I thought it hadn't worked!

  • Armin Bishop

    by Armin Bishop

    Please update the interface for ios 7

  • Best downloader ever!

    by Chael & Regret


  • Awesome!

    by Rainmaker0079


  • great app

    by gervac

    this app is the best downloader than the others !!!!!!!!!I love it

  • :)

    by Dark Knight :P

    I really thought this was a really good app for downloading things like music. And this is why I give it 5 Stars!!!!

  • Amazing app

    by bigmamma(:

    Very good app!

  • love this!!

    by MayBez.91

    perfect app!! thank!

  • Good download app

    by Fritz P JR

    Nice app to quickly download files. Music, documents, pics and videos. I really like it

  • La mejor

    by JMGR48

    Muy buena la recomiendo. La mejor en su clase

  • Amazing!!

    by Isaacfleming

    This is the best music app ive ever used

  • Absolutely phenomenal, eeeezzzeee to use!!

    by RN/MASON

    Absolutely phenomenal, eeeezzzzeee to use!

  • Great

    by Dr=Cr

    The app works great! I would recommend!

  • Dope app

    by JavierM3484

    Love it about time

  • Remove

    by Jointlho

    How do I uninstall this app!! It doesn't show up on my home screen

  • Awesome

    by Mon3y_gfd

    This is so beast it works

  • Great

    by Deshawnnnn

    Awesome app but wish lite version could store alot more

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