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Seller: Hana Mobile LLC

- Support for iPhone 5 and iOS6

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Compatible with iPad!

Best clock with all features you want: wake up to music from your iPod library, multiple alarms, vibration alarm, weekday/weekend repeat settings, digital/analog theme, customize color and time/date format, auto-dim, portrait/landscape mode, travel time zone mode. It even comes with a bonus flashlight! High definition UI for iPhone5/iPhone4!

** ALARM **
- Wake up to music from your iPod library (3.0 only)
- Direct access to all your musics (3.0 only)
- Sleep timer. Fall asleep with your favorite music!
- Multiple alarms
- Alarm in iPhone sleep and silent mode
- Weekday/weekend repeat settings
- Vibration alarm
- Non-stop alarm music
- Whole-screen touch snooze
- Customize snooze interval
- Customize alarm duration
- 7 built-in alarm sounds

** CLOCK **
- Whole-screen touch Snooze
- More than 16,000,000 colors
- Portrait and landscape modes
- Screen auto dim, tap to see the time
- Four beautiful Digital/Analog themes
- Show/hide seconds, AM/PM
- Show/hide date, weekday
- 12/24 hour format
- Disable/enable auto-lock
- Optional Travel time zone mode
- Slide finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Compatible with iPhone 3.0 and iPad

- Double tap to turn on
- Tap again to turn off

** HINTS **
- Slide your finger up/down to adjust brightness
- Set alarm duration to non-stop to enjoy music
- Enable autolock or auto-dim to save battery
- Recommended to keep iPhone on external power

** FAQ **
- Q: How to adjust the backlight (background glowing)?
A: Go to iPhone Settings->Brightness to adjust backlight.
- Q: Why can't I use iPod music as alarm?
A: To use iPod music as alarm, iPhone/iPod OS 3.0 is required. Make sure the iPhone/iPod Touch is in portrait mode when selecting music as alarm from iPod library.
- Q: Why doesn't alarm go off?
A: Like all alarm clocks in app store, the app must be running to use the alarm. Make sure the volume is not zero and repeat flag is set to everyday or any weekday you want.

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Customer Reviews

  • Music alarm

    by Wilburboy

    The music setting doesn't work since I upgraded to iOS 6 there isn't a setting for the iPod

  • This alarm clock works super well!

    by Wake up O' Sleeper

    I don't try and use the flashlight or see a ton, but it works super well as an alarm if you want to wake up to your own music!

  • Good resource !!

    by App for the simple one


  • Not too reliable

    by shelton debra

    It's ok, not always true for alarm.

  • Excelent


    Best alarm clock!

  • Review

    by Peter Wiedmeyer

    It works very well, but the iPad has to be plug in for it to be reliable. Nice features though.

  • Pros and cons

    by Jjaakkeess

    Pros: when it works it is great. Looks cool and like picking songs from iPod to wake up to. Cons: not reliable. Sometimes the screen randomly goes dark and the only fix is to reset iPhone or memorize the layout. Also the song you pick will change back to the quiet little ding sound they have randomely.

  • Great!

    by Kmbf1411

    It's just what I needed

  • Good App

    by Iselectit

    Works great

  • I got it, loved it and...

    by Fidgeting ferret

    It had a black screen!!! Pls fix!!

  • 3sa64h

    by 3sa64h

    Nice needs more tunes like revelry or bonanza theme song

  • Great app worth the money

    by ryangrubbs

    Only things I would fix, when you select music from the iPod you can only scroll in the song view, I can't get to the search function, or artist, playlist or another way to find a song without scrolling through my whole songs playlist, there is not even a alphabet list on the right side like when you search through contacts.. And, the orientation for the setup page is only in portrait view in one direction, minor, but the iPad should be able to handle it. Overall just what I needed and I use it a lot!

  • OK

    by GrammieNorine

    Works fair

  • best clock app ever

    by Capt Red Bear

    I use this every night, always works. You need it

  • good

    by sydney hiroto

    it should be able to play more songs

  • Good

    by Sdjfkfj

    Needs to work when app is off though.

  • Love it!

    by Shasta47

    Great ap!

  • Great

    by Ronald Hall

    Use it every day.

  • Danreedosjl1

    by Danreedosjl1

    Excellent app, wake to it each morning

  • Alarm clockHD

    by Vball luvr

    This clock app is awesome it takes a lot for me to wake up to an alarm clock and this alarm clock wakes me up fast to my favorite songs right on my iPod its awesome

  • Very unhappy with the alarm music clock

    by Florida LCSW

    First, it showed as a free app. Today, I just found out I was charged .99 for it. I couldn't use it on my IPad. Too hard to see and it didn't work well. That is why I chose a Free app. I'm trying out alarm clocks. I downloaded it yesterday and I deleted it last evening. So, 99 cents for nothing.

  • Terrible for iphone

    by Emtp1124

    After downloading over a month ago, the music alarm, from my iTunes went off for the first time. Doesn't go off when programmed. If you want to make it to work, use a different app!

  • EPIC FAIL!!!


    Very unreliable. I have no alarms set, yet it goes off every morning @ 3:25 am. Sometimes the alarms work, sometimes not. Sometimes it plays music, sometimes not. Great concept, poor execution.

  • Music clock

    by Lola1953

    Bad bad bad the alarm goes off randomly, not when it is set. I am deleting the app as soon as I write this review, not worth uploading!!!! I gave it a one star but actually it should be a minus 4 star!!

  • Not reliable : (

    by boobie101

    I have multiple alarms set. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. Phone must be in the application to have any chance of working which drains the battery. So clock must be showing on the screen to work it appears. I need a new clock app.

  • Review

    by Braidy21

    This app doesnt work the first time it went off was the only time it went off

  • It crashes!

    by elegein

    It crashes on my iPad! iOs 4.2.1.

  • Not that great

    by RedPixie345

    The app is a huge power hog. You cant use it without a power cord of some type or it will run your itouch down and shut it off before morning. Obviously if the itouch is off, the alarm cant go off... I wish i could get my 99 cents back.

  • alarm does not turn off

    by tc in dc


  • Don't buy this

    by CaliAggie10

    It doesn't save my alarm times, what a shame I bought this useless alarm!!

  • Great app

    by Tuna chaser

    Color is vivid, easy to adjust. Wish it would integrate better with ihome system but otherwise great.

  • Flawed

    by Freakdaddy

    Works as advertised. I will give this app 5 stars if redesigned to allow music alarm without the app needing to be on in the background.

  • Can't figure out

    by Wizard36

    Can't figure app out. Rarely does song play that I set it to in test checks. It just plays default. First real try, I set up regular clock app to go off after this app and this app never went off to wake me up.

  • Black screen

    by ValBirdy

    10/2010 update: THIS STILL is an issue. I hate this app. Previous review: I consistently have to delete the app, and then reinstall it due to getting a plain black screen. I have had to do this 6 times since I purchased the app...please fix this.

  • Great app!!

    by Arod1017

    Too bad you have to leave it open though. But at least I can put my iPod to sleep when I use it!

  • Useless

    by ejg1229

    Doesn't work properly & having to leave the app open makes this USELESS!

  • Terrible--don't bother!

    by SongbirdLR

    This app didn't work with 3.0, and it doesn't work now with 4.0. I was trying to avoid buying a new alarm clock when I got my iPhone by buying this app, but I could never make it work right. More problems: you have to leave the app running and the screen on, which wastes battery, and then when the alarm goes off the screen goes blank so you can't see the time. The clock comes back as soon as you touch the screen, but that's Snooze. The last time I tried it, the music never came on at all. What. Waste of time and money!

  • Great waking to music

    by gifroc

    I can't get it to work when app not launched...otherwise it is GREAT!

  • Yeeehaaa

    by Orehitna

    Great app!

  • Awesome

    by jceaves

    Works great! Has never failed to wake me up

  • Useless

    by Oiled Pelican

    I've tried everything and this ap has never worked for me at all.

  • Works fine!

    by tootsk

    Takes a bit of finessing but works well. I like being able to put iPad into sleep mode and the alarm still comes on. Love waking to MY song.

  • Has become my Go To wake-up clock

    by JG Fussell

    This is great little app. Performs just as advertised. I use it everyday. Never fails to wake me even though I use a very gentle song from my music collection - Blue Hawaii - by Arthur Lyman. I have my app set to an early alarm on week days and a later one for weekends and holidays. It has never let me down. I have my charger on my bedside table which lets me charge the iPad while the app waits to wake me. And the flashlight feature is great if you need extra light during the night. Just tap the screen and it's like you turned on a bedside light.

  • It's great

    by Pee Nus

    Pick songs for me to sleep with and wake with. Gives me a boner

  • Awsome app

    by Larthendale

    This is a great ipad app. I wake up to it evry morning and it works great. The one thing about it is ( and this is an apple problem) the sound doesnt work while the ipad is charging. As far as not playing the song you have to click done after youve chosen what song you want and done to get out of options and save your changes. Thiss is a great app and i highly recomend it for anyone who needs an alarm

  • Horrible

    by swb in canada

    Doesn't work. Wakes u up witk obnoxious sound instead of the chosen song. Dont buy.

  • Alarm

    by applenanny

    This is the worst program I spent my $.99 on. The alarm worked only once. I did everything 4 or 5 times but alarm didn't go off. Don't you test the programs before sending them out?

  • Not happy

    by Shug's Dad

    The alarm came on, but I could not turn off the music without turning off my Ipad. I did not have the option to hit snooze or turn off the music. It works great just to set the alarm for a short period, but not over night. Fix that, and it would be a very good alarm clock.

  • Terrible

    by Mellyv104

    Didn't work. Don't waste your 99 cents!

  • The worst EVER!

    by ticklemep!nk

    Does not allow me to set the alarm time. It's bs cuss now I gave you my money for nothing. I could have at least had some more fun by getting a soda or lotto ticket with the dollar you took firm me.. DONT BUY THIS APP! This is no alarm clock. >:-(

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