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Seller: haha Interactive

- Automatic Background Refresh
: Your device will try to get the latest entries before you open the app. Most of the time, you'll get the entries synced automatically without waiting.

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- New & Noteworthy on iTunes Main page in more than 100 countries including US
- Top 5 Productivity App in US & What's Hot in many countries

"A single day is enough to make us a little larger."
- Paul Klee

We hope you're having a wonderful life and your life gets better day by day. With My Wonderful Goals, make your day better than yesterday and achieve your goals.

My Wonderful Goals

My Wonderful Goals shows your day with your goals.

- Checking to-do note on daily basis
- Original design with analog and comfortable cozy feelings
- Daily view with accomplishment status
- Check, edit, delete your goal
- Pass it to tomorrow or pull it to today
- View stat for repeated goals

- Goals are categorized by Health, Learn, Money, Relations, Work, Event, Travel, Spirit, Home and Fun
- Categories can be ordered your way all through the app
- Repeated goals are tracked by progress and accomplishment
- Calendar shows status on daily base
- Calendar view can be sorted by categories
- Statistics are shown graphically
- Statistics are sorted by time and categories

- 3 Daily notices available
- Passcode lock feature
- Icon badge showing goals to do today
- Customizable accomplishment percentage
- Various fonts available
- Sound on/off

- Cancel to-do's that you don't want to do. Simply X-check on it!
- Concentrate on your to-do's with Eagle Eye. Tap it to see the ones left only!
- Icon badge automatically changes to number of goals for tomorrow on midnight
- Sync your goals with iCloud

- Use it on both iPhone and iPad. :)

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- Contact :

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect on the go App for goal tracking

    by hhtwestcoast

    This app has a nice, clean design, effectively uses iCloud to keep everything in-sync, and most importantly for me, it's perfect for quickly and easily recording my goals as they pop into my mind (before using this app I would forget the goal I was thinking about earlier by the time I got someplace to write it down).

  • Almost perfect

    by Ceci Morais

    I would like to have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly goals. Other that that, it's great!


    by BlessedxB

    Absolutely one of the best apps. Keeps me on track so I don't forget the important things!

  • Awesome!

    by Icebenjet

    I already loved their My Wonderful Days App...this was exactly what I was looking for in a goal setting App! Perfect.

  • Best App Ever!

    by Angel.Hazard

    Over the last year I have tried dozens of organizational apps (to-do lists, goal setting lists, motivational lists, etc.) However this is the first that truly keeps me on track by combine all three types of lists into one. The app is easy to learn and use, and the golden stars make it fun. I love the imagery of the app - it's beautiful and relaxing. Oh and this app uses iCloud really well, so you have a copy of your list on both your iPhone and iPad ;) I really love this aspect!!!!!!!

  • Routine

    by Gai-x

    I'm a person who needs some kind of organized structure in life and this helps me keep some kind of routine in my life. Thank you.

  • ok app

    by Deborah Schauer

    This app it ok. Would like to highlight some of my writing.

  • Very neat

    by CL2011948

    Favorite goal app ever. No complaints so far.

  • Love it!

    by Bre''iar

    Took a minute to understand how to use it but I really love it! Keeps me positive and motivated!


    by Antonio181ful

    This app really helps me keep track of all the daily stuff I have to go through. It helps me get over my procrastinating tendencies.

  • Love!!

    by ***addicted

    Best goal app I have found.. Keeps me on track!

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Brookehb

    Love it great interface.

  • Love it!

    by SlayerAlbert

    Best GTD app ever used. Really useful!

  • Good app

    by Qotyop

    Good to keep anyone disciplined

  • Pretty neat app

    by Planner babe

    I've used lots of planning programs. This one does most everything I need. I wish I could add or edit categories. It needs a "family" category, or maybe a "misc" category.

  • Great

    by Bee'splatellas


  • Nice Start

    by glygon

    Clean GUI and nice iconography makes it fun to use. Backup to iCloud a plus. Could use a goal with milestone feature to really track progress.

  • Great, wish it could do even more

    by ChiroyliQiz

    I love this app and find it to be the best looking and most functional app of its type. I just wish it could do even more, like include a calendar with events on it, sync with Gmail, and offer a way to share on non-Apple products. I've looked everywhere for an app to let me manage to do items and my calendar so I see it all at once. I haven't found anything I like better than this app for goals and to do items.

  • Cutest app to be organized!

    by Lizette Aguirre

    This app is such a great help to keep track of everyday things and great for to do lists. The little icons make it so much funner. Definitely recommend it!

  • Totally worth the money.

    by Starwars_pizza_

    I'm much more productive with this app. And I love that I can lock it with a code.

  • Limited Repeat Task Options

    by gustojones

    I love My Wonderful Days App so bought this app assuming To Do functionality would let me schedule monthly, bi-weekly tasks, etc. very disappointed and surprised that it doesn't.

  • So glad it syncs with my iphone!!

    by slphhtx

    This should be a great app!!

  • Good app

    by KellySA

    Easy to use, nice layout. Would be nice to edit the goals once you've made them, rather than having to delete and create a new one every time.

  • Love it!

    by Mrs.B13

    I love this app! It makes creating "to-do lists" so easy! Plus, it has a feature to create repeating goals, so there is no keying in the same thing over and over.

  • Grade A+

    by MyAppExperience

    This app has given meaning to my life.

  • Intuitive and fun to track your goals

    by PikeIPod

    Easy to use - helps me remain focused on daily and weekly goals

  • Useful goal app

    by drscottkimball

    5 stars for design, interface, and usefulness. 4 stars only because it crashes fairly often. I'm sure bugs will be fixed.

  • Great and easy to use

    by Joeyep

    Good interface, informative yet quick tutorial, just overall a great to-do app.

  • Love this app!

    by MissKrystal

    Love the app! Love the concept! Love the interface!

  • Wonderful App!

    by SJaeckle

    I use this everyday. It's very easy to use, organized and motivational. The only small problem I have with it is the use of the yin yang symbol for spiritual goals. I understand why it was used. Balance and all. And I wouldn't expect everyone else to use a cross or anything. But I'd like the chance to change those icons to something more meaningful to me. But it's not a huge deal. I love it and will continue to use it! Thank you!

  • Great app!

    by Loretta L

    I love this app! It's very useful for attaining my goals! :)

  • Sunshine31

    by Sunshine0732

    Great app for the super organized!

  • Morale Booster

    by judeskey

    A great life lesson tool. What I put into the fertile soil of this app I thereof reap aplenty.

  • Wonderful app!!!!!!

    by ChristyV30

    Best app ever

  • Highly recommend

    by Ghummgdsx

    Love it. I've tried to fulfill so many goals before, but I could never keep true. Turns out that nothing motivates me more than an obsessive-compulsive need to see all stars on a calendar.

  • Good to go I like

    by Katieshsjsbdbsjsmskdbdbcbx

    I like this a lot. A good check list an reminder to stay on task.

  • Pretty good

    by Kagjothlol

    Been using this app,pretty cute and simple to use!

  • Too clumsy

    by castlegirl

    I'd have to agree with the last reviewer. This app seems a little too clunky/clumsy. Icons and layout are not intuitive. And it really is just a to do list.

  • Ugly and clunky

    by djhomeslice

    I used this for a few days but quickly got tired of it. The design is pretty ugly in my opinion, and very poorly put together. Everything is so complicated to accomplish. I prefer Goal Streaks.

  • Simple yet powerful

    by Iowafarmgirl

    Very minimalistic in aesthetics but very powerful. Easy to use and to the extra "stuff" to navigate around. Love it!

  • Easy to set up & use

    by Pastaphil

    I've just started using this app, and I love it's simplicity. Some productivity tools require so much messin' that they decrease your productivity. This one is fast, simple and encourages you to stick to the disciplines you've set for yourself.

  • Love it!

    by CakeTruffleStore

    I love this app, and I've had it and use it daily for about a year. Every update it keeps getting better and better.

  • Value

    by Dadprice

    I see the value and plan on using to keep up my Resolutions

  • Great

    by ayanni

    Just what I need to keep me on track

  • Great app!

    by Christopher Lorn

    Wonderful in all regards Except wish I could edit the ones I made. Would be cool to see some sort of point system

  • Fairly intuitive

    by GGbeme

    I have not had too much to use it but so far it seems productive and helpful looking forward to seeing how well it keeps me on track. This is the only tracking app that I have found that syncs with iCloud which is a MUST!

  • Name is very misleading

    by IGotmailYea

    This isn't a goal app, it is only To-Do app....

  • Great simple app

    by emmy2002us

    Would be nice if you could drag and drop on the calendar but you can change the date individually. Overall great app

  • Encouraging and Fulfilling

    by Tennille Gedeon

    I downloaded this app as well as a couple others for the same purpose, just to see which i'd like more. Well, I tried them out, deleted them all except this one. You can create daily goals and future goals to meet those expectations. It is encouraging for me, b/c it holds me accountable of my daily expectations, and allows me to set daily reminders, as well as goals set for health, exercise, family, etc.. You don't have to look any further, for an app that meets and exceeds your expectations!!

  • Good one

    by Clifton Flowers

    Well done app, great interface. I'd put more thought into the scheduling paradigm--it's a little clunky, but love the fact that you can assign different days and periodicity to different goals.

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