Animated Emoticons for SMS/MMS and Email Productivity App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Gp Imports Inc, Software Development

iOS 5.0 compatibility.

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Our emoticons app is much better than EMOJI (since they are bigger and animated). You can use them in your texts (SMS/MMS) and in your emails!

We provide a large collection of our own animated emoticons!


✓ Select animated emoticon.
✓ Emoticon will be stored in your clipboard (You can paste it in your SMS messages (MMS or TEXTING) or in your emails).
✓ To paste the image simply double tap on the screen (text section) and then tap on "paste".
✓ Add some flavor to your messages!
✓ Our daily life has become so habitual and sometimes even plain that a simple gesture can add some flavor to it! Sometimes words aren’t enough to express emotions in our emails; that is why we have introduced this simple yet great application of emoticons for your iPhone! We have a list with over a thousand emoticons that will help you express yourself and add some flavor to your emails! Want to express your love to that special someone? Want to send a joke to your friends at work? What about wishing luck on that job interview to your spouse? You can do that and much more with this great application. It is very easy to use: just go to the application and choose from our emoticons to use on your email. Your message will then open automatically, letting you write as in a regular message. You can add as many emoticons as you want to the same message. And best of all there is no additional charge; the whole library is available with this application! We are sure you and your recipients will love this software that has finally arrived to the iPhone!
We are constantly adding new features and emoticons to our library as well as working on future versions. Please feel free to send us any suggestions or comments you may have! Have an emoticon filled day.
Instructions to add more than 1 emoticon per email.
✓ While writing an email tap on your iPhone's home button.
✓ Go to your emoticons application and select your additional emoticon.
✓ Paste it again.

Don't forget that most of our emoticons are "animated".

Customer Reviews

  • Im?

    by jnnymnk

    How do you put them in an im? I tap twice and the menu only has two options, Select or Select All? HELP!!!

  • Nice

    by tojasonhoo

    Had problems at first but read description again and now I get it. You must start your email first , exit, pick emoticon and then exit app back to started email. Paste it and there it is. I don't text but if you email from the app it only works when you edit then forward message in the app. The bigger ones are here too.

  • Wow!!

    by Carolj1983b

    Excellent application. Exceeded my expectations. I am very satisfied. Emoticons look great, just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Really happy

    by MonoUSA

    The emoticons from the screenshots see there.. Just check all categories.. I'm so happy.. All my friends are jelous

  • Not worth it

    by heliomovil

    Can't copy to clipboard, free version very limited, a waste.

  • Such a SCAM!

    by NightMary

    I have attempted to write to the developer, with no response- and asked for my money back, too- also with no response! As everyone else has mentioned, after the update the developers of this app has eliminated the good and truly UNIQUE smileys I have ever found- only a few different options, repeating throughout categorized headings. Now, VERY UGLY smileys! I have attempted to write to the developer, with no response- and asked for my money back, too- also with no response!

  • Doesn't work with new OS

    by Sonia Dekker

    Don't waste your money if you have updated your iPhone software!!!!!

  • Bummer

    by Atcchief

    Worked great....until I upgraded to the iOS in my iPhone 4. Now, it doesn't work at all. Very disappointing. :(

  • Not so good

    by Maxiekaren

    Dont get this if u got an itouch. U cant really use it

  • Banana

    by 855 Wichita

    At first I like it and then they upgraded on dancing bananas.

  • Animated emoticons for SMS

    by Lilybeafox

    This was so much better before the update. I have not used it once since the change. Please at least INCLUDE the old ones so there's a choice! New "smileys" are grotesque!

  • Last update

    by Boobear kat

    I liked the older emtioncons so much better. I wish they would add them back in. Please!!! 

  • Love this app

    by Jleroy68

    Works easily and flawlessly, maybe not if your challenged like some reviewers appear to be. ***Recenty updated*** Terrible, much better before update. Live and learn. 5 star original version. 1 star after update.

  • Recent update

    by Short but sassy

    If ur goin 2 update the app then make sure the categories still have the proper smileys in them. I think this last update ruined the app

  • What?

    by mAtTrOiD

    I sent one of these to my friend, she has a brand new iPhone 4, and she never got it, lame. I want my money back, I hate this app u get no stars

  • Considering the quality it should be free

    by Cvhk

    Poor Quality

  • Ok

    by Greenteayogamama

    This app is fun but difficult to use partly because you can not access the animated faces through text. You actually have to go to the application through the home page. Then TRY and navigate through the application to find the one you want. Then go to your text message and paste it in. I do love the big smiley faces, but there is only a small selection of the big faces. I would love to see them even bigger or at least an option to click on it to make it bigger. Also I would love for you to make all of your smiley faces big and animated. Also I would love to be able to access them from my text message application. Please also at least put a word search box in your application so that we can find what we are looking for easier right now they are hard to find. And if it's not too hard please allow other recipients without iPhones ability to see them. Thanks a lot I am looking forward to the new additions and upgrades.

  • ?

    by SoCalYaAll

    Can't insert into text messages

  • Difficult to find

    by Sewingirl

    Cute animations but very difficult to navagate and find an applicable character. I wish that there was a search by keyword or more subcategories. There are too many random icons to sift through to find the right one.

  • Not what I expected

    by Audrey222

    i feel like i wasted $.99 images are not able to be viewed on non-iPhone devices.

  • Junk

    by txyankee1111

    Pure junk ... absolute trash ... I wish I could get a refund

  • I can't believe how bad this is

    by LadyKillah

    names are not related to the image and there's no way to see the animation until you send it, so how the heck am i supposed to know what i'm texting? this is really a hack job.

  • Waste of money!

    by Uli Petzold

    VERY complecated and does not animate...

  • I see them in the messages but

    by Skyhawk72265

    Others I text don't see them?! Ugh!

  • It's ok

    by Snop 1

    It's alright. Wish it was an easier way to go through all of the faces.

  • Nothing Special here

    by ninjaron

    I was actually looking for something different than the same ole emoticons; something more animated. I guess I will just have to keep looking because this is not what I was looking for. Nothing special here.

  • Got It as a Promo

    by Fire 'n Ice

    - Lot of cute little icons - I use TextPlus since I don't have regular texting but it works - Would like to see an option to choose what opens after selecting an icon - Took me a little while to figure out that selecting an icon copies it to the clipboard

  • If 10000 people make the same mistake

    by Crazydcrc

    99 cents is a lot of money when 10,000 people make the same mistake. Not like it looks in add

  • Glad I did not pay for this

    by Vvlover

    I got a promo code for it, and now I see why there are still a bunch of codes left!! The screenshots show really big cute animated ones, to paint a pretty picture. What I mostly got was small pixelated-bad quality smileys o_O!!!!!

  • NOT Happy

    by UsernameOverload

    The faces you actually get are NOT at all like the ones in the screen shots on app info!!!!! False advertising!! Ok… I found the smiley faces they used, but there is only like 15 that look like that.

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